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  • .. methodology to support structured knowledge engineering



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Joker chatterbot re-wochat 2016-shared task chatbot description report
D Duplessis, V Letard, AL Ligozat… – RE-WOCHAT: Workshop … –
JOKER CHATTERBOT RE-WOCHAT 2016-SHARED TASK CHATBOT DESCRIPTION REPORT Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis Vincent Letard Anne-Laure Ligozat Sophie Rosset LIMSI, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, F-91405 Orsay LIMSI, CNRS, Univ. Paris-Sud, Université

Planning, Executing, and Evaluating the Winograd Schema Challenge.
L Morgenstern, E Davis, CL Ortiz Jr – AI Magazine, 2016 –
… chatterbots. The focus is merely on engaging in surface-level conversation that can fool some humans who do not delve too deeply into a conversation, for at least a few minutes, into thinking that they are speaking to another person. The widely reported triumph of the chatterbot …

AI amusements: the tragic tale of Tay the chatbot
E Davis – AI Matters, 2016 –
… But notwithstanding, there are lots Of automated chatterbots. Some serious attempts to try To build a genuine AI. … At Microsoft, a research team Of scientists evolved a dream Of building a new chatterbot Far more intelligent than what Had previously existed. …

X-UDeKAM: an intelligent method for acquiring declarative structured knowledge using Chatterbot
M Ali, J Hussain, S Lee, BH Kang – 16th International Symposium on …, 2016 –
Abstract—Declarative knowledge has a key role in health-care domain, which is hidden in multiple clinical-related knowledge resources. For acquiring and constructing the declarative structured knowledge from unstructured knowledge resources, UDeKAM methodology was proposed that

RD Dharani, AC Suthar – 2016 –
Abstract–Millions of People daily using digital media for getting latest NEWS around the world. In this digital ERA, every person is using his/her multimedia phone to receive NEWS update by some 3rd party applications. Such 3rd party applications are too much bulkier in

VT de Oliveira, EG da Silva, PP Silva –
Abstract With the accelerated growth of cities around the world, the need of learning about our environment becomes inevitable. In the face of such a situation, it would be of great importance to implement an educational software, easy to use and understand, so that

Creating and Testing of Math Bot
AAA Ahmad, A Singh – 2016 –
… Some chatter bots use sophisticated natural language processing systems, but many simply scan for keywords within the input and pull a reply with the … Basically a chatterbot is a computer program that when you provide it with some inputs in Natural Language (English, French …

N Hatwar, A Patil, D Gondane –
… In the future, you could “imagine Chatterbots acting as talking books for children, Chatter- bots for foreign language instruction, and teaching Chatterbots in general”. However, in theeduation domain concluded that “the teacher is the backbone in the teaching process. …

Dialog Structure Automatic Modeling
DL De Luise –
… Keywords: natural language processing. Man-machine interfaces. Chatterbot. 1 Introduction … It implements simple Pattern Matching techniques and was one of the first chatterbots. Some years later, Dr. Colby creates Parry [3], a bot that simulates paranoid behaviors. …

Modeling a Dialog System for Movie Recommendations Based on The Movie Database
KS Nenova –
… In this thesis project we will create a TBDS. A typical case of TBDS are chatterbots which aim to interact with the user in such way that user thinks that the program is human. One of the earliest chatterbot is ELIZA [19], created by Joseph Weizenbaum in the 1960s. …

Comparing system-response retrieval models for open-domain and casual conversational agent
F Charras, GD Duplessis, V Letard… – … on Chatbots and …, 2016 –
… Abstract. This paper studies corpus-based process to select a system- response usable both in chatterbot or as a fallback strategy. … [18]), there are few data available to author social open-domain conversational system such as chatterbot. …

Transforming Chatbot Responses to Mimic Domain-specific Linguistic Styles
S Banerjee, P Biyani, K Tsioutsiouliklis –
… Duplessis et. al, [4] created a chatterbot aimed at selecting the best possible response from a list of pre-populated responses. … Kubon et. al [7] presented a chatterbot that generated responses similar to a politician using manually gen- erated templates. Rushforth et. …

The Post-Modern Homunculus.
E Neufeld, S Finnestad – ECAI, 2016 –
… The Loebner chatterbots, he says, “rely heavily on wordplay, jokes, quotations, asides, emotional outbursts, points of order, and so on. Everything, it would appear, except clear and direct answers to questions!” We don’t disagree …

Optimal Teaching for Online Perceptrons
XZHG Ohannessian, A Sen, S Alfeld, X Zhu –
… Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Madison {zhangxz1123, gorune, ayonsn, salfeld, jerryzhu} Abstract Consider a teacher designing a good lecture for students, or a hacker drafting a poisonous text input against Tay the chatterbot. …

Towards Munchausen Machines
O Bendel –
… First of all they can say, speak or write something as search and answer engines, as chatbots or chatterbots, as intelligent agents with or without avatar, as virtual assistants on the smartphone, or as humanoid robots at home, in museums or trade shows. …

RE-WOCHAT: Workshop on Collecting and Generating Resources for Chatbots and Conversational Agents-Development and Evaluation Workshop …
DM Tweeting –
… Annotation….. Luis Fernando D’Haro, Bayan AbuShawar, Zhou Yu 39 Politician….. David Kubo?, Barbora Hladká 43 Joker Chatterbot….. Guillaume …

ATOM (Artificial Intelligence Talking Omnipresent Machine)
B Santhosh, E Dilipkumar, S Suryaprakash… –
… maker, heater etc. with our voice commands. ? ATOM can toggle multiple electrical appliances at the same instant. ? A chatterbot can be integrated into the model which enables it to interact in a human-like manner. Eg: It can …

Detection of User Escalation in Human-Computer Interactions.
I Beaver, C Freeman – INTERSPEECH, 2016 –
… virtual agents. As a company that deploys chatter bots in customer service domains, such conversations provide valuable insight as to where the agent fails so that language model (LM) improvements can be made. One method …

Comparison of QUARS with Various Question Answering System
L Sharma, V Dhir – Journal of Network Communications and Emerging …, 2016 –
… one season. The classical work has been done by Eliza3. It works as chatter bots and it naturally communicates between human and computer. The best-known early program with restricted domain is the LUNAR system. This …

A Subjective Evaluation of Chatbot Engines
AC Curry, V Rieser –
… References 1. Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis, Vincent Letard, Anne-Laure Ligozat, and Sophie Rosset Joker Chatterbot . Re-Wochat 2016 – Shared Task Chatbot Description Re- port, 2016. 2. Rafael E. Banchs, and Haizhou Li IRIS (Informal Response Interactive System). …

A neural network approach for knowledge-driven response generation
P Vougiouklis, J Hare, E Simperl – 2016 –
… The concept of a system capable of participating in human-computer conversations was initially pro- posed by Weizenbaum (Weizenbaum, 1966). Weizenbaum implemented ELIZA, a keyword-based pro- gram that set the basis for all the descendant chatterbots. …

The Changing Function and Forms of the Media’s Presence in Modern Societies: A Commentary
M Ko?odziejska – Stan Rzeczy, 2016 –
… It also shows that digital technology creates 1 A chatterbot is a type of computer programme, which simulates human interaction. Page 5. / 236 STANRZECZY 2(11)/2016 the communicative environment on a deeper level than simply enabling end-users to interact. …

The Higher Vocational School of Zaglebie Miedziowe ul. Odrodzenia 21, 23 59-300 Lubin, Poland tel.+ 48 76 749 89 29
Z Polkowski –
… ethics”. In 1966 Weizenbaum created ELIZA – an early example of chatterbot software using natural language processing to construct a computer – human dialog. ELIZA was able to … 17. Malmgren, M. and Ahammar, U., Chatterbot with common sense, December 2014, …

A Pipeline For Prototyping Virtual Training Environments
M Xi –
… ACM, 2007. [5] ML Mauldin. Chatterbots, tinymuds, and the turing test: Entering the loebner prize competition. AAAI, 94:16–21, 1994. [6] SP Smith and D. Trenholme. Rapid prototyping a virtual fire drill environment using computer game technology. …

Educatia 21 Journal
C Baciu, D Opreb, S Rileyc – 2016 –
… It was the moment when an artificial intelligence chatterbot (Tay) for the Twitter platform released by Microsoft Corporation caused controversy by releasing inflammatory tweets and it was taken offline around 16 hours after its launch. …

Automated Nursing Agent: A Software Agent for At-Home Elderly Care
AHF Dinevari, O Zaiane –
… Going completely off-topic can make the conversation feel unnatural. This is the case with chatterbots, software agents that are mostly built for fun. To find related topics, we can refer to previous conversations between person and system. …

A Study on English Language Tutoring System Using Code-Switching Based Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition Method
M Mazur – 2016 –
… introduced Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (ALICE). This chatterbot, often described as modern ELIZA, is an open source project that became the prototype of many current chatterbots. When ELIZA held no memory of the …

LF D’Haro, BA Shawar, Z Yu – … Workshop Programme (May 28 th, 2016 … –
… LREC), May 2016. 8 p. Dubuisson Duplessis, G., Letard, V., Ligozat, AL, Rosset, S. (2016b) Joker Chatterbot, in Proceedings of RE- WOCHAT, LREC 2016, Shared Task Report. Gandhe, S., Traum, D. (2008). An evaluation …

Exploratory study: use of instant messaging tactics to increase loyalty
P Witte – 2016 –
… 18 2.4.1 Customer Relationships 18 2.5 Instant Messaging Tactics 19 2.5.1 Different Customer Relationships 19 2.5.2 Chatterbots 20 2.5.3 Tactics 20 2.6 Implementation of WhatsApp 22 2.6.1 WhatsApp Business Applications 22 2.6.2 WhatsApp Business Cases Examples 23 …

Role Based Multi-Agent System for E-Learning (MASeL)
M Hameed, N Akhtar, MS Missen – … JOURNAL OF ADVANCED …, 2016 –
… 255-298, 2011. [4] FM Batista, MGB Marietto, GCO Barbosa, RS Franca, EA Noronha. “Multi-Agent Systems in a Computational Environment of Education: A Chatterbot Case Study”. International Journal for Infonomics (IJI) (Online), 3(3), pp. 285-295, issn: 17424712, 2010. …

How Instructional Feedback Has Been Employed in Instructional Units for Teaching Software Project Management Tools
RQ Gonçalves, CG von Wangenheim – training, 2016 –
… Then, the simulator includes a chatter bot that play the role of different stakeholders, such as team member, client, and sponsor, to whom the student has to provide the proper information based on the EVA information. … Presents different stakeholders behavior by its chatterbot. …

A survey on authorship profiling techniques
TR Reddy, BV Vardhan, PV Reddy – International Journal of …, 2016 –
… They also observed that chatter bots performance contains similar conversations where in they used the similarity measure called Jaccard similarity coefficient on individual conversations and they grouped all the average edit distances in to the analytic data set. …

Automated Discrimination between Genuine and Fake Written Opinions1
P Wo?oszyn, K Wójcik, ? Walewski – KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY … –
… asking additional questions. It could be possible to automate this task by employing artificial intelligence methods in a similar manner as it is done in on- line chatterbots simulating human conversation. Quality assurance system …

Social Interactivity and Its Impact on a User’s Approach Behavior in Commercial Web Sites: A Study Case of Virtual Agent Presence
SB Saad, FC Abida – Journal of Marketing Management, 2016 –
… Two experimental versions of the Web site were developed: without a virtual agent and with a virtual agent named Elizabeth (Appendix A). This agent is Chatterbot type, it has the conversational skills, it aims to inform users about selling clothes online and presents the products …

The Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Autonomous Agents
DJ Gunkel – The Digital Nexus –
… Finally, in addition to sophisticated learning automata and robots, there are also mundane objects such online chatterbots and nonplayer characters that, if not proving otherwise, at least significant complicate the instrumentalist assumptions. …

Making AI Safe for Humans: A Conversation With Siri Andrea L. Guzman Northern Illinois University
AL Guzman –
… via text-based exchanges (Weizenbaum, 1976). Designed to function as a psychotherapist, ELIZA is the technological predecessor to chatterbots and agents including Siri and socialbots. When asked about “Eliza,” Siri registers that the user is referring to the ELIZA. Siri’s replies …

FY2014 IAMU Capacity building project
P John –
… interact with a computer, the (maritime) ChatBot. 2.1 ChatBot technology as an e-learning tool The IAMU-funded VTS-Bot project employs a computer technology known as ChatterBot or ChatBot. ChatBots are computer dialogue systems which build on Artificial Intelligence (AI) …

Non-cooperative Strategies of Players in the Loebner Contest
P ?upkowski, A Rybacka – Organon F. medzinárodný ?asopis pre …, 2016 –
Page 1. © 2016 The Authors. Journal compilation © 2016 Institute of Philosophy SAS Organon F 23 (3) 2016: 324-366 Non-cooperative Strategies of Players in the Loebner Contest PAWE? ?UPKOWSKI Department of Logic and Cognitive Science. Institute of Psychology. …

Intimate Mechanics: One Model of Electronic Literature
S Moulthrop – 2016 –
… WHY AM I ALONE?”; “BOOORIINNG”). Since these statements appear typographically, the work qualifies at least minimally as electronic literature, perhaps as a strange second cousin of chatterbots. Though we might therefore …

I’d Blush if I Could’: Digital Assistants, Disembodied Cyborgs and the Problem of Gender
H Bergen – A Journal of Literary Studies and Linguistics, 2016 –
… Siri is just one virtual cyborg whose feminization acts to justify the unequal dispersal of power that is stacked against her. On March 23, 2016, Microsoft released Tay, an artificial intelligence chatterbot for Twitter whose design was far from gender- neutral. …

The conversational interface
M McTear, Z Callejas, D Griol – New York: Springer, 2016 – Springer
Page 1. Michael McTear · Zoraida Callejas David Griol The Conversational Interface Talking to Smart Devices Page 2. The Conversational Interface Page 3. Michael McTear • Zoraida Callejas David Griol The Conversational Interface Talking to Smart Devices 123 Page 4. …

A Conversational Agent for the Improvement of Human Reasoning Skills
NT Le –
Page 1. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät Institut für Informatik A Conversational Agent for the Improvement of Human Reasoning Skills Bachelorarbeit zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) …

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