Summarizers & Dialog Systems 2015


Open Text Summarizer outperformed Subject Search Summarizer, Copernic Summarizer and Essence.

  • SummariSer
  • Summarization engine (SummariSation engine)




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Sentiment and behaviour annotation in a corpus of dialogue summaries NT Roman, P Piwek, AMBR Carvalho… – Journal of Universal …, 2015 – … whether reports on the dialogue participants’ behaviour varied according to the summariser’s assumed viewpoint … Summarisers were asked to produce both a summary where there was no limit on … was arbitrarily chosen so we could 3 The requests to summarise unrestricted and … Cited by 2 Related articles All 9 versions

Supervised learning of response grammars in a spoken CALL system E Rayner, C Baur, C Chua, N Tsourakis – 2015 – … Abstract We summarise experiments carried out using a system-initiative spoken CALL system, in which permitted responses to prompts are … [13] M. Fuchs, N. Tsourakis, and M. Rayner, “A scalable archi- tecture for web deployment of spoken dialogue systems,” in Proceedings … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions

An Educational Game For Information Literacy And Student Engagement M Kwak, D Casper, C Talmage, S Hollifield… – 2015 – digitalcommons.georgiasouthern. … … Panel (1 hour and 15 minutes presentation total for two or more presenters). … The game has been implemented by using an interactive dialog system and professional game development tools so that students are completely immersed in the game world and learn information … All 2 versions

Using summarization to discover argument facets in online idealogical dialog A Misra, P Anand, JEF Tree, MA Walker – NAACL HLT, 2015 – … Using Summarization to Discover Argument Facets in Online Idealogical Dialog Amita Misra, Pranav Anand, Jean Fox Tree, and Marilyn Walker UC Santa Cruz Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab 1156 N. High. … Page 5. SCU Label Used by summarizer? Tier 1 2 3 4 5 … Cited by 6 Related articles All 7 versions

Towards a Cognitive Natural Language Processing Perspective B Sharp – Language Production, Cognition, and the Lexicon, 2015 – Springer … system in their attempt at addressing the problem that most dialogue systems suffer from … Bone Marrow Transplantation) system which was based on the strategies employed by six human summarisers. … as some metaphor types can signal topic changes and/or summarise a topic … Related articles All 5 versions

Capturing learner’s activity events from a mobile learning system using adaptive event framework J Mutahi, O Bent, A Kinai, K Weldemariam… – Proceedings of the …, 2015 – … Interactive context dialog systems in a learning environ- ment allow learners to share their contextual situations and sentiment, experiences and … Given a dynamic segment, with X number of event logs, the event summarizer may apply summarization to meet compaction needs. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Exploring feedback strategies to improve public speaking: an interactive virtual audience framework M Chollet, T Wörtwein, LP Morency, A Shapiro… – Proceedings of the …, 2015 – … Our evaluation addresses three research questions using the three assessment perspectives: (Q1) the presenters themselves, (Q2) public speaking … A Japanese research group developed a dialogue system called “Automated Social Skills Trainer”, which primarily fo- cuses to … Cited by 10 Related articles All 4 versions

Exploring Feedback Learning Strategies to Improve Public Speaking: An Interactive Virtual Audience Framework M Chollet, T Wörtwein, LP Morency, A Shapiro… – … Our evaluation addresses three re- search questions using the three assessment perspectives: (Q1) the presenters themselves, (Q2) public … A Japanese research group developed a dialogue system called “Automated Social Skills Trainer”, which primarily fo- cuses to improve …

Text Summarization and Speech Synthesis for the Automated Generation of Personalized Audio Presentations S Lawless, P Lavin, M Bayomi, JP Cabral… – … on Applications of …, 2015 – Springer … increased expressiveness of synthetic speech that is beyond what can be currently produced [12], eg audiobooks, spoken dialogue systems, etc … The Multilingual Summarizer component automatically generates summaries for each content slice in the source language of the text … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

The SENSEI Project: Making Sense of Human Conversations G Riccardi, F Bechet, M Danieli, B Favre… – … Workshop on Future …, 2015 – Springer … [52] address the task of summarising reader comments in The … One of the goals of SENSEI is to automatically review and score operator-customer calls, and to summarise the features of the agents’ behaviour in each call by an automatically generated QA form (eg the ACOF). … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Introduction to Intellectual Conversational Agents K Panesar – Epicurious, 2015 – … To summarise, an intelligent agent can have a range of properties including the mentalistic notions (belief, desire, obligations, goals … composed of structural patterns of sentences and pattern matching algorithm for the interpretation, and a dialogue system which considered … Related articles All 2 versions

Big Data–Driven Natural Language–Processing Research and Applications V Gudivada, D Rao, V Raghavan – Big Data Analytics, 2015 – … These results are used in other tasks such as co-reference resolution, word-sense disambiguation, semantic parsing, question answering, dialog systems, textual entailment, information extraction, information retrieval, and text summarization. … Cited by 6 Related articles

Machine learning for dialog state tracking: A review M Henderson – 2015 – … Early spoken dialog systems used hand-crafted rules for DST, keep- ing a single top hypothesis for each component of the dialog state, often with … One key issue with this approach is that it is necessary to extract a fixed dimensional fea- ture vector to summarise a sequence of … Cited by 6 Related articles All 2 versions

Fisher Kernels on Phase-based Features for Speech Emotion Recognition J Deng, X Xu, Z Zhang, S Frühholz, D Grandjean… – … For a spoken dialogue systems, a recent trend is to consider the integration of emo- tion recognition in order to increase the user-friendliness and provide a more natural interaction experience [3, 1, 20, 6, 28 … In spite of this, the phase spectrum is capable of summarising the signal … Cited by 1 Related articles

Coreference Applications to Summarization J Steinberger, M Kabadjov, M Poesio – … The idea is illustrated in Table 15.1, where the summarizer’s input matrix contains two types of terms: terms in the lexical sense (ie … enriched vector-space representation entail- ing not only lexical, but also anaphoric information, which can then be used as input to summarizers. … Related articles All 5 versions

Efficient formalization of railway interlocking data in RailML M Bosschaart, E Quaglietta, B Janssen… – Information Systems, 2015 – Elsevier … Summarising, the geographical model contains the interlocking topology and the aspects of signals but does not define routes, since routes are dynamically determined by algorithms. The tabular model lists a predefined set of possible routes but is unaware of topology. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

A reinforcement learning formulation to the complex question answering problem Y Chali, SA Hasan, M Mojahid – Information Processing & Management, 2015 – Elsevier … A fast query-based multi-document summarizer called FastSum used SVM regression 17 to rank the summary sentences where the goal was to estimate the score of a sentence based on a given feature set (Schilder & Kondadadi, 2008). … Cited by 1 Related articles All 12 versions

Students´ language in computer-assisted tutoring of mathematical proofs MA Wolska – 2015 – … to the format of the study material presentation having a priming-like effect. These results have implications for the implementation of tutorial dialogue systems. On the one hand, more natural language, be it resulting from a verbose … Cited by 4 Related articles

Information Retrieval by Linkage Discovery RS Segall, S Lu – 2015 – … of Columbia multi-document summarization that covers the different component summarizers that handle different document types, the router that decides which summarizer to use … and applications in areas such as text mining, web page retrieval and dialogue systems. … Related articles All 2 versions

Developing Embodied Agents for Education Applications with Accurate Synchronization of Gesture and Speech J Xu, Y Nagai, S Takayama, S Sakazawa – Transactions on Computational …, 2015 – Springer … environments, portable personal navigation guides, interactive storytelling systems, interactive online characters, and automated presenters/commentators [12, 19 … for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), which include a single, TV-style presentation agent, dialogue systems, and multiple … Related articles

Smart presentation system using hand gestures and Indonesian speech command VA Wardhany, MH Kurnia… – Electronics …, 2015 – … It would be more convenient for presenters to deliver their presentations simply by their hand motion, gestures, finger count and also our … of several publicly available automatic speech recognizers (ASRs) in terms of their suitability for use in different types of dialogue systems. … Related articles

The CADENCE corpus: a new resource for inclusive voice interface design MK Wolters, J Kilgour, SE MacPherson… – Proceedings of the 33rd …, 2015 – … Author Keywords Voice interfaces; spoken dialogue systems; dementia; cognitive impairment; repliCHI; assistive technology … In the following sections, we summarise the original aims of the CADENCE project, describe the study that generated the corpus data, outline the content … Cited by 1 Related articles

Scaling RDF Triple Stores in Size and Performance: Modeling SPARQL Queries as Graph Homomorphism Routines VG Castellana, J Weaver, A Morari, A Tumeo… – Big Data …, 2015 – Page 358. Chapter 14 Scaling RDF Triple Stores in Size and Performance: Modeling SPARQL Queries as Graph Homomorphism Routines Vito Giovanni Castellana?, 1, Jesse Weaver?, Alessandro Morari?, Antonino Tumeo … Related articles

How does affective robot feedback influence learner experience in a real-world treasure hunt? ME Foster, A Deshmukh, S Janarthanam, MY Lim… – 2015 – … We first summarise the overall results on the objective and subjective measures, and then measure the influence of the two … M., Isard, A., Matheson, C., Oberlander, J., Knoll, A.: Evaluating description and reference strategies in a cooperative human-robot dialogue system. … Related articles All 5 versions

Argumentation-based scene interpretation using defeasible logic programming C Koc, S Sariel – Advanced Robotics (ICAR), 2015 …, 2015 – … This paper is organised as follows. First, we summarise the literature on Defeasible Logic Programming (DeLP) and its applications in robotic systems. … Later on, we give the experimental results. Finally we summarise our conclusions followed by the future direction of this work. … Related articles

From the virtual to the real world: Referring to objects in Real-World spatial scenes D Gkatzia, V Rieser, P Bartie… – Proceedings of the 2015 …, 2015 – … servable latent variables, such as the complexity of the visual scene (as described in Section 3). Fi- nally, we summarise our work and … Natural language generation as incremental plan- ning under uncertainty: Adaptive information pre- sentation for statistical dialogue systems. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 11 versions

Ontology Authoring Inspired By Dialogue A Parvizi, Y Ren, M Vigo, K Van Deemter… – Language and …, 2015 – … manuals and Nielsen’s (Nielsen, 1986) proposed model of human computer interaction3, we have developed a prototype of a dialogue system. … and relevance between various commands to provide an unambiguous and clear feedback or occasionally summarise the generated … Related articles All 12 versions

Spoofing and countermeasures for speaker verification: a survey Z Wu, N Evans, T Kinnunen, J Yamagishi, F Alegre… – Speech …, 2015 – Elsevier … directions for the future. We summarise previous studies involving impersonation, replay, speech synthesis and voice conversion spoofing attacks and more recent efforts to develop dedicated countermeasures. The survey shows … Cited by 68 Related articles All 10 versions

Discriminative methods for statistical spoken dialogue systems MS Henderson – 2015 – … N-best lists, word lattices and word confusion networks are all structures that summarise the posterior distribution over sentences found by the ASR component. These examples are from Jurafsky and Martin (2008). 7 Page 24. Chapter 2. Overview of Spoken Dialogue Systems … Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

ECIR 2015 Workshop on Gamification for Information Retrieval (GamifIR’15) G Kazai Lumi, F Hopfgartner, U Kruschwitz… – ACM SIGIR Forum, 2015 – … He suggested that current automated dialog systems can be brittle, while involving the crowd in real time settings can provide an effective solution. … 6 Conclusion The workshop brought together excellent keynote speakers, excellent presenters and an ex- cellent audience. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

A Survey on perceived speaker traits: Personality, likability, pathology, and the first challenge B Schuller, S Steidl, A Batliner, E Nöth… – Computer Speech & …, 2015 – Elsevier … Furthermore, we summarise the approaches and the results presented by the participants to show the various techniques that are currently applied to solve these classification tasks. Keywords. … Section 5 aims at summarising what we have learnt from the challenge. … Cited by 13 Related articles All 14 versions

Definitions of engagement in human-agent interaction N Glas, C Pelachaud – International Workshop on …, 2015 – … In this section we summarise the types of high level behaviour that are most frequently associated with engagement in human- agent … you today?: personalised dialogue in a toy to engage children,” in Pro- ceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 7 versions

High-level methodologies for grammar engineering, introduction to the special issue D Duchier, Y Parmentier – Journal of Language Modelling, 2015 – … which makes them a valuable resource for various NLP applications, including natural language parsing / generation, textual entailment, or dialogue systems. … of the current issues in grammar engineering (Section 1.3). Finally, in Section 2, we summarise the contributions of this … Related articles All 4 versions

[BOOK] NLTK essentials N Hardeniya – 2015 – … translation 63 Statistical machine translation 65 Information retrieval 65 Boolean retrieval 66 Vector space model 66 The probabilistic model 67 Speech recognition 68 Text classification 68 Information extraction 70 Question answering systems 70 Dialog systems 71 Word … All 6 versions

Formalising Believability and Building Believable Virtual Agents A Bogdanovych, T Trescak, S Simoff – Australasian Conference on Artificial …, 2015 – Springer … This paper attempts to summarise existing believability research to tackle those issues. … In: van Kuppevelt, J., Dybkjaer, L., Bernsen, NO (eds.) Natural, Intelligent and Effective Interaction in Multimodal Dialogue Systems, pp. 245–262. Kluwer Academic Publishers (2005) 13. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 8 versions

Integrated Questionnaires: Maintaining Presence in Game Environments for Self-Reported Data Acquisition J Frommel, K Rogers, J Brich, D Besserer… – Proceedings of the …, 2015 – … Thus, we expect the presence level to remain at a more bal- anced level compared with overlay questionnaires (see Fig- ure 1). To summarise, we expect that integrating questionnaires as game elements leads to less disturbance of the experience of presence when designed … Cited by 2 Related articles


[BOOK] Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 16th International Conference, CICLing 2015, Cairo, Egypt, April 14-20, 2015, Proceedings A Gelbukh – 2015 – … 335 Alia El Bolock and Slim Abdennadher A Multi-strategy Approach for Lexicalizing Linked Open Data….. 348 Rivindu Perera and Parma Nand A Dialogue System for Telugu, a Resource-Poor Language….. 364 Mullapudi Ch. … Related articles All 2 versions

A Survey of Arabic Dialogues Understanding for Spontaneous Dialogues and Instant Message ARA Elmadany, SM Abdou, M Gheith – arXiv preprint arXiv:1505.03084, 2015 – … Moreover, the research on dialogue acts is increasing since 1999 after spoken dialogue systems become a commercial(Stolcke et al., 2000 … talk o Other o down-player o Back-channel in question form o Maybe/accept-part o Quotation o Tag-question o Summarise/Reformulate o … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

Towards Large Scale Summarization JM Christensen – 2015 – Page 1. c Copyright 2014 Janara Christensen Page 2. Page 3. Towards Large Scale Summarization Janara Christensen A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 2014 Reading … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Unequal Europe. Recommendations for a more caring EU F Vandenbroucke, E Davignon, L Andor, T Atkinson… – 2015 – … and stakeholders must address. We summarise these issues in the following subsections, without claiming to have been able to solve them all, as there remain some ‘tough nuts to crack’. Our discussions nevertheless pointed … All 2 versions

Search User Interface Design for Children T Gossen – Search Engines for Children, 2015 – Springer … Children also use impoliteness and insult more frequently than adults when interacting with spoken dialog system [194], thus making it easier to identify … UI improvements: Based on the findings of the user study we summarise the possible improvements of the UIs as follows. …

Question Generation from Knowledge Graphs D Seyler, K Berberich, G Weikum – 2015 – Page 1. Universität des Saarlandes Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik AG5 U N IVERSIT A S S A R AVIEN S IS Question Generation from Knowledge Graphs Masterarbeit im Fach Informatik Master’s Thesis in Computer Science von / by Dominic Seyler … Related articles

On the linear belief compression of POMDPs: a re-examination of current methods Z Wang, PA Crook, W Tang, O Lemon – arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.00986, 2015 – … may come from different sources, eg noisy sensors in a robotic system, or speech recognition errors in a spoken dialogue system, etc., which … We can summarise this process as (i) initialising F to the linearly independent columns of R, and (ii) in each iteration, multiplying every … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

“C’Mon dude!”: Users adapt their behaviour to a robotic agent with an attention model L Cavedon, C Kroos, D Herath, D Burnham… – International Journal of …, 2015 – Elsevier … THAMBS is on. In the following section, we summarise previous findings regarding influence of social communicative behaviours on interaction participants, for both human–human and human–agent/robot communication. We then … Cited by 4 Related articles All 6 versions

Schultink Lecture LOT Winter school by Evelina Fedorenko, Amsterdam, January 21 2015 LOT Schools, KV Taalwetenschappen – Links, 2015 – … Abstracts should clearly state research questions, approach, method, data and (expected) results. They should not contain the names of the presenters, nor their affiliations or addresses, or any other information that may reveal their authorship. … Related articles

Near-optimal blacklisting C Dimitrakakis, A Mitrokotsa – Computers & Security, 2015 – Elsevier … This signal can be seen as the output from some IDS, summarising the behaviour of that node during that period. Assumption 1. We assume that x i,1 , … , x i,t x i , 1 , … , x i , t are independent, (but not identically) distributed, random variables and: … Related articles All 5 versions

Investigating student interactions with tutorial dialogues in EER-Tutor M Elmadani, A Mitrovic… – … and Practice in …, 2015 – Skip to main content. … Related articles All 3 versions

Automatic ontology generation from patents using a pre-built library, WordNet and a class-based n-gram model Z Li, D Tate – International Journal of Product Development, 2015 – … address the problem more effectively. Typical applications of NLP include information retrieval, information extraction, question answering, machine translation, summarisation and dialogue systems. The application of NLP techniques … Cited by 3 Related articles

Analysis of human lip features: a review N Rathee, D Ganotra – International Journal of Applied …, 2015 – … classification methods. The motive of this review is to summarise and compare the various techniques, which have been adopted in state-of-the-art research papers to solve these issues along with related concerns. In addition … Related articles

E pluribus unum O Kutz, J Bateman, F Neuhaus, T Mossakowski… – Computational Creativity …, 2015 – Springer … Our work on natural language dialogue systems involving spatial language comes to the same conclusion [2], while similar concerns are already well … We will summarise some of the progress that has been made in recent years towards adopting the fruitful idea of conceptual … Cited by 3 Related articles All 6 versions

Probabilistic argumentation: an equational approach DM Gabbay, O Rodrigues – Logica Universalis, 2015 – Springer Page 1. Log. Univers. 9 (2015), 345–382 c 2015 Springer Basel 1661-8297/15/030345-38, published online April 25, 2015 DOI 10.1007/s11787-015-0120-1 Logica Universalis Probabilistic Argumentation: An Equational Approach DM Gabbay and O. Rodrigues Abstract. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 9 versions

Donor Coordination for Effective Government Policies? S Leiderer – Journal of International Development, 2015 – Wiley Online Library … country was far from complete by the end of the 2000s. The following sections summarise to what extent this result has affected aid effectiveness in health and basic education. The analysis is undertaken in three steps for each of … Cited by 5 Related articles All 5 versions

The use of Natural Language Processing techniques to support Health Literacy: an evidence-based review P Moreda, E Lloret – 2015 – … Further 167 on, Section 4 we analyse the potentials and implications that NLP may have 168 for the future of health literacy, and finally, Section 5, concludes the article 169 by summarising its main ideas. 170 2. Methods 171 …

On what happens in gesture when communication is unsuccessful M Hoetjes, E Krahmer, M Swerts – Speech Communication, 2015 – Elsevier Previous studies found that repeated references in successful communication are often reduced, not only at the acoustic level, but also in terms of words and ma. Cited by 3 Related articles All 9 versions

On line bibliographic information retrieval in South Africa AV Herholdt – 2015 – … wish to return to a search aft ra time (sometimes the oert day. or later the same day) without having lost the previous results. To summarise then, the equipment necessary for an online search consists of a terminal which could be a microcomputer itself), a telephone, a … Related articles All 2 versions

SENSEI Coordinator M Kabadjov, EA Stepanov, F Celli, SA Chowdhury… – … Consequently, the range of applications of DA analysis is quite wide and includes conversa- tion summarization (both spoken and written), dialogue systems, etc.; and DAs have been extensively studied in both theoretical and computational linguistics. … Related articles

A computational model of argumentation in agreement negotiation processes M Koit, H Õim – Argument & Computation, 2015 – Taylor & Francis … Abstract. The paper describes a computational model that we have implemented in an experimental dialogue system (DS). … The paper describes a computational model that we have implemented in an experimental dialogue system (DS). … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

Hierarchical reinforcement learning for situated natural language generation N Dethlefs, H Cuayáhuitl – Natural Language Engineering, 2015 – Cambridge Univ Press … Rieser, Lemon and Liu (2010) apply RL to information presentation in a spoken dialogue system that gives restaurant recommendations to users. … S = {s0,s1,s2,…,sN} is a set of states that summarise all information, present and past, that the agent needs in order to behave in its … Cited by 10 Related articles All 7 versions

[BOOK] Teaching minds: How cognitive science can save our schools RC Schank – 2015 – Page 1. TEACHING MINDS HCIW EUENITIVE EEIENEE CAN SAVE l;ll;IR EIZHCIQIIQS; RCIGER SBHA*NK Page 2. Teaching Minds How Cognitive Science Can Save Our Schools Page 3. Page 4. Teaching Minds How Cognitive … Cited by 53 Related articles All 3 versions

[BOOK] Text knowledge and object knowledge A Rothkegel – 2015 – Page 1. BLOOMSEURY ACADEMIC COLLECTIONS LINGUISTICS: COMMUNICATION |N ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TEXT KNOWLEDGE AND OBJECT KNOWLEDGE Annely Rothkegel BLOOMSBURY Page 2. Page 3. Text Knowledge and Object Knowledge Page 4. … Cited by 13 Related articles All 2 versions

Emotional and user-specific cues for improved analysis of naturalistic interactions I Siegert – 2015 – … Through continually improved speech recognition and speech understanding ability in recent years, the efficiency of dialogue systems has increased rapidly. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems get more robust and popular. … Cited by 1 Related articles

[BOOK] Conflict transformation and reconciliation: multi-level challenges in deeply divided societies S Maddison – 2015 – … Guatemala Miguel Ángel Balcárcel is Director of the National Dialogue System and dir- ector of the Multiparty Dialogue project with the UNDP. … I thank all fellow presenters and participants for their comments and questions, which have helped to strengthen this work immensely. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions