ZMET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique)

Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique See also: Computational Metaphorics Using Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique to Assess the Value of Interactive Whiteboard Y Chen – 2011 – … This study used the Qualitative Research Methods-ZMET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique) to dig out the hidden inner ideas from the users, and the Means-End Chain (MEC) to find […]

SemEval & Metaphors

See also: Computational Metaphorics [PDF] Semeval-2007 task 08: Metonymy resolution at semeval-2007 [PDF] from K Markert… – Proceedings of SemEval-2007, 2007 – … In the SemEval corpus the reading distribution mirrored the actual distribution in the original corpus (BNC). Although realistic, this led to little training data for several phenomena. … 1997. Processing […]

Metaphor-based Reasoning

Metaphor-based Reasoning (Semantic reasoner) See also: Case-based Reasoning & Dialog Systems | Computational Metaphorics | DECReasoner | Deep Reasoning Systems | Graph-Based Knowledge Representation and Reasoning | HermiT Reasoner | IRIS Reasoner | Knowledge Representation and Reasoning | RADAR (Reflective Agents with Distributed Adaptive Reasoning) | Semantic Web Reasoning An implemented context system that combines belief reasoning, metaphor-based reasoning and uncertainty handling [PDF] from psu.eduJ Barnden… – Modeling and Using Context, 1999 – […]

Metaphor & Cognition

Metaphor (Metonymy) | Cognition See also: Computational Metaphorics [PDF] Metaphor in pictures and multimodal representations [PDF] from turingbirds.comC Forceville – The Cambridge handbook of metaphor and thought, 2008 – Page 478. CHAPTER 26 Metaphor in Pictures and Multimodal Representations Charles Forceville 1. Introduction Lakoff and Johnson’s characterization of metaphor as “understanding and experi- encing […]

Metaphor Extraction

Notes: Metaphor extraction might be defined as hunting elusive metaphors using lexical resources. CorMet is a computational, corpus-based conventional metaphor extraction system from the University of Pennsylvania. CorMet is a corpus-based system for discovering metaphorical mappings between concepts. Metaforager is a highly scalable, minimally-supervised learning system for extracting metaphors from large plain-text corpora. Chinese noun […]

Metaphor Generation

Metaphor Generator (Metaphor Generation System) Wikipedia: Computational creativity (Linguistic creativity) Pop music automation (Lyric composition) See also: Computational Metaphorics Product metaphor generation: mapping strategies of designers N Cila, E Özcan, P Hekkert – 2012 – ABSTRACT When generating product metaphors, designers select an entity to associate with the product they intend to design and transfer certain […]

Metaphor Network

See also: Computational Metaphorics The cohesive role of cognitive metaphor in discourse and conversation D Ponterotto – Metaphor and Metonymy at the Crossroads. A …, 2003 – … follows: Page 305. The cohesive role of cognitive metaphor in discourse and conversation 291 PERSUASION IS POLICING Figure 2. Cognitive metaphor network: dialogue extracted from the […]

Metaphor Project

See also: Computational Metaphorics Conceptual blending, narrative discourse, and rhetoric T Oakley – 2009 – … As an extension of Fauconnrier’s (1994) Mental Spaces Grammar, conceptual blending is a general cognitive instrument capable of performing a variety of discourse functions – from event integration, conceptual change, and metaphor project to humor, literary invention, and […]

MIP (Metaphor Identification Procedure)

Metaphor Identification Procedure  See also: Computational Metaphorics | MIPVU [PDF] A metaphor identification procedure for corpus-based ‘Mental Distance’analysis [PDF] from T Shimizu – Osaka Keidai Ronshu (The Journal of Osaka University …, 2010 – Abstract The purpose of this paper is to reconsider an appropriate Metaphor Identification  Procedure (MIP) for the ‘Mental Distance’analysis in business […]

Master Metaphor List

Second Draft Copy: Master Metaphor List (1991) [PDF] Wikipedia: Conceptual Metaphor | George Lakoff See also: ATT-Meta Project | Computational Metaphorics | CorMet (Metaphor Extraction System) | Hamburg Metaphor Database | MetaBank | Metalude [CITATION] Master metaphor list G Lakoff – 1994 – University of California Cited by 71 – Related articles – Library Search [PDF] Mental metaphors from the Master Metaphor List: […]