ZMET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique)

Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique See also: Computational Metaphorics Using Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique to Assess the Value of Interactive Whiteboard Y Chen – 2011 – … This study used the Qualitative Research Methods-ZMET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique) to dig out the hidden inner ideas from the users, and the Means-End Chain (MEC) to find […]

SemEval & Metaphors

See also: Computational Metaphorics [PDF] Semeval-2007 task 08: Metonymy resolution at semeval-2007 [PDF] from K Markert… – Proceedings of SemEval-2007, 2007 – … In the SemEval corpus the reading distribution mirrored the actual distribution in the original corpus (BNC). Although realistic, this led to little training data for several phenomena. … 1997. Processing […]

Metaphor Project

See also: Computational Metaphorics Conceptual blending, narrative discourse, and rhetoric T Oakley – 2009 – … As an extension of Fauconnrier’s (1994) Mental Spaces Grammar, conceptual blending is a general cognitive instrument capable of performing a variety of discourse functions – from event integration, conceptual change, and metaphor project to humor, literary invention, and […]

MIP (Metaphor Identification Procedure)

Metaphor Identification Procedure  See also: Computational Metaphorics | MIPVU [PDF] A metaphor identification procedure for corpus-based ‘Mental Distance’analysis [PDF] from T Shimizu – Osaka Keidai Ronshu (The Journal of Osaka University …, 2010 – Abstract The purpose of this paper is to reconsider an appropriate Metaphor Identification  Procedure (MIP) for the ‘Mental Distance’analysis in business […]

Master Metaphor List

Second Draft Copy: Master Metaphor List (1991) [PDF] Wikipedia: Conceptual Metaphor | George Lakoff See also: ATT-Meta Project | Computational Metaphorics | CorMet (Metaphor Extraction System) | Hamburg Metaphor Database | MetaBank | Metalude [CITATION] Master metaphor list G Lakoff – 1994 – University of California Cited by 71 – Related articles – Library Search [PDF] Mental metaphors from the Master Metaphor List: […]

METALUDE (Metaphor at Lingnan University Department of English)

See also: Computational Metaphorics [BOOK] Washing the brain: metaphor and hidden ideology [PDF] from A Goatly – 2007 – … List of figures Figure 1. Alternative classifications 23 Figure 2. The sub-themes of the metaphor theme activity is fighting 72 Figure 3. Sub-themes for the metaphor theme human is animal in Metalude 149 […]

Metaphor Analysis

See also: Computational Metaphorics [BOOK] Metaphor analysis: research practice in applied linguistics, social sciences and the humanities L Cameron… – 2010 – Abstract Metaphor is recognised as an important way of thinking constructing analogies and  making connections between ideas and an important way of using language to explain  abstract ideas or to find indirect […]

Metaphor-based Reasoning

Metaphor-based Reasoning (Semantic reasoner) See also: Case-based Reasoning & Dialog Systems | Computational Metaphorics | DECReasoner | Deep Reasoning Systems | Graph-Based Knowledge Representation and Reasoning | HermiT Reasoner | IRIS Reasoner | Knowledge Representation and Reasoning | RADAR (Reflective Agents with Distributed Adaptive Reasoning) | Semantic Web Reasoning An implemented context system that combines belief reasoning, metaphor-based reasoning and uncertainty handling [PDF] from psu.eduJ Barnden… – Modeling and Using Context, 1999 – […]

Metaphor & Cognition

Metaphor (Metonymy) | Cognition See also: Computational Metaphorics [PDF] Metaphor in pictures and multimodal representations [PDF] from turingbirds.comC Forceville – The Cambridge handbook of metaphor and thought, 2008 – Page 478. CHAPTER 26 Metaphor in Pictures and Multimodal Representations Charles Forceville 1. Introduction Lakoff and Johnson’s characterization of metaphor as “understanding and experi- encing […]

Metaphor Extraction

Notes: Metaphor extraction might be defined as hunting elusive metaphors using lexical resources. CorMet is a computational, corpus-based conventional metaphor extraction system from the University of Pennsylvania. CorMet is a corpus-based system for discovering metaphorical mappings between concepts. Metaforager is a highly scalable, minimally-supervised learning system for extracting metaphors from large plain-text corpora. Chinese noun […]