Natural Language Processing and Information Systems

Natural Language Processing and Information Systems (2011) .. NLDB 2011

Horacio Saggion:
Invited Talks. 1-2

Full Papers

Elena Lloret, María Teresa Romá-Ferri, Manuel Palomar:
COMPENDIUM: A Text Summarization System for Generating Abstracts of Research Papers. 3-14

Maha M. Al-Yahya, Hend S. Al-Khalifa, Alia Bahanshal, Iman Al-Odah:
Automatic Generation of Semantic Features and Lexical Relations Using OWL Ontologies. 15-26

Alexandra Balahur, Jesús M. Hermida, Andrés Montoyo, Rafael Muñoz:
EmotiNet: A Knowledge Base for Emotion Detection in Text Built on the Appraisal Theories. 27-39

André Freitas, João Gabriel Oliveira, Seán O’Riain, Edward Curry, João Carlos Pereira da Silva:
Querying Linked Data Using Semantic Relatedness: A Vocabulary Independent Approach. 40-51

Ashwin Ittoo, Gosse Bouma:
Extracting Explicit and Implicit Causal Relations from Sparse, Domain-Specific Texts. 52-63

Harry Chang:
Topics Inference by Weighted Mutual Information Measures Computed from Structured Corpus. 64-75

Minh Le Nguyen, Akira Shimazu:
Improving Subtree-Based Question Classification Classifiers with Word-Cluster Models. 76-87

Hector Llorens, Estela Saquete, Borja Navarro, Liu Li, Zhongshi He:
Data-Driven Approach Based on Semantic Roles for Recognizing Temporal Expressions and Events in Chinese. 88-99

Daniel Micol, Óscar Ferrández, Rafael Muñoz:
Information Retrieval Techniques for Corpus Filtering Applied to External Plagiarism Detection. 100-111

Yoan Gutiérrez, Sonia Vázquez, Andrés Montoyo:
Word Sense Disambiguation: A Graph-Based Approach Using N-Cliques Partitioning Technique. 112-124

María Teresa Romá-Ferri, Jesús M. Hermida, Manuel Palomar:
OntoFIS as a NLP Resource in the Drug-Therapy Domain: Design Issues and Solutions Applied. 125-136

Short Papers

David Tomás, Claudio Giuliano:
Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Question Classification. 137-144

Laura Alonso Alemany, Rafael Carrascosa:
A System for Adaptive Information Extraction from Highly Informal Text. 145-152

Christina Unger, Philipp Cimiano:
Pythia: Compositional Meaning Construction for Ontology-Based Question Answering on the Semantic Web. 153-160

Rui Sousa-Silva, Gustavo Laboreiro, Luís Sarmento, Tim Grant, Eugénio C. Oliveira, Belinda Maia:
‘twazn me!!! ;(‘ Automatic Authorship Analysis of Micro-Blogging Messages. 161-168

Eugenio Martínez-Cámara, Maria Teresa Martín-Valdivia, Luis Alfonso Ureña López:
Opinion Classification Techniques Applied to a Spanish Corpus. 169-176

Sukanya Yimngam, Wichian Premchaiswadi, Worapoj Kreesuradej:
Prosody Analysis of Thai Emotion Utterances. 177-184

Sandeep Purao, Veda C. Storey, Vijayan Sugumaran, Jordi Conesa, Julià Minguillón, Joan Casas:
Repurposing Social Tagging Data for Extraction of Domain-Level Concepts. 185-192

Isidro Peñalver-Martínez, Rafael Valencia-García, Francisco García Sánchez:
Ontology-Guided Approach to Feature-Based Opinion Mining. 193-200

Nicolas Kuchmann-Beauger, Marie-Aude Aufaure:
A Natural Language Interface for Data Warehouse Question Answering. 201-208

Yihe Zhu, Haofen Wang, Xixiu Ouyang, Yong Yu:
Graph-Based Bilingual Sentence Alignment from Large Scale Web Pages. 209-216


Imran Sarwar Bajwa, M. Asif Naeem:
On Specifying Requirements Using a Semantically Controlled Representation. 217-220

Antonio Fernández Orquín, Josval Díaz, Yoan Gutiérrez, Rafael Muñoz:
An Unsupervised Method to Improve Spanish Stemmer. 221-224

Rubén Izquierdo, Armando Suárez, German Rigau:
Using Semantic Classes as Document Keywords. 225-229

Angelos Hliaoutakis, Euripides G. M. Petrakis:
Automatic Term Identification by User Profile for Document Categorisation in Medline. 230-233

Azadeh Zamanifar, Omid Kashefi:
AZOM: A Persian Structured Text Summarizer. 234-237

Mohamed Outahajala, Yassine Benajiba, Paolo Rosso, Lahbib Zenkouar:
POS Tagging in Amazighe Using Support Vector Machines and Conditional Random Fields. 238-241

Rune Sætre, Mohammad Ullah Khan, Erlend Stav, Alfredo Perez Fernandez, Peter Herrmann, Jon Atle Gulla:
Towards Ontology-Driven End-User Composition of Personalized Mobile Services. 242-245

Thomas Scholz, Stefan Conrad:
Style Analysis of Academic Writing. 246-249

Enrique Flores, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Paolo Rosso, Lidia Moreno:
Towards the Detection of Cross-Language Source Code Reuse. 250-253

N. Kiran Kumar, G. S. K. Santosh, Vasudeva Varma:
Effectively Mining Wikipedia for Clustering Multilingual Documents. 254-257

Fernando Enríquez, José A. Troyano, Fermín L. Cruz, F. Javier Ortega:
A Comparative Study of Classifier Combination Methods Applied to NLP Tasks. 258-261

Fermín L. Cruz, José A. Troyano, F. Javier Ortega, Fernando Enríquez:
TOES: A Taxonomy-Based Opinion Extraction System. 262-265

F. Javier Ortega, Craig Macdonald, José A. Troyano, Fermín L. Cruz, Fernando Enríquez:
Combining Textual Content and Hyperlinks in Web Spam Detection. 266-269

Fernando S. Peregrino, David Tomás, Fernando Llopis:
Map-Based Filters for Fuzzy Entities in Geographical Information Retrieval. 270-273

Daniel Sánchez-Cisneros, Isabel Segura-Bedmar, Paloma Martínez:
DDIExtractor: A Web-Based Java Tool for Extracting Drug-Drug Interactions from Biomedical Texts. 274-277

José M. Perea-Ortega, Miguel Ángel García Cumbreras, Luis Alfonso Ureña López, Manuel García Vega:
Geo-Textual Relevance Ranking to Improve a Text-Based Retrieval for Geographic Queries. 278-281

Juana María Ruiz-Martínez, Rafael Valencia-García, Rodrigo Martínez-Béjar:
BioOntoVerb Framework: Integrating Top Level Ontologies and Semantic Roles to Populate Biomedical Ontologies. 282-285

André Freitas, João Gabriel Oliveira, Seán O’Riain, Edward Curry, João Carlos Pereira da Silva:
Treo: Best-Effort Natural Language Queries over Linked Data. 286-289

Javi Fernández, Ester Boldrini, José Manuel Gómez Soriano, Patricio Martínez-Barco:
Evaluating EmotiBlog Robustness for Sentiment Analysis Tasks. 290-294

Hector Llorens, Estela Saquete, Borja Navarro:
Syntax-Motivated Context Windows of Morpho-Lexical Features for Recognizing Time and Event Expressions in Natural Language. 295-299

Rafael Muñoz Gil, Fernando Aparicio, Manuel de Buenaga Rodríguez, Diego Gachet, Enrique Puertas Sanz, J. Ignacio Giráldez, Maria Cruz Gaya:
Tourist Face: A Contents System Based on Concepts of Freebase for Access to the Cultural-Tourist Information. 300-304

Isabel Moreno, Rubén Izquierdo, Paloma Moreda:
Person Name Discrimination in the Dossier-GPLSI at the University of Alicante. 305-308

Eugenio Martínez-Cámara, Luis Alfonso Ureña López, José M. Perea-Ortega:
MarUja: Virtual Assistant Prototype for the Computing Service Catalogue of the University of Jaén. 309-312

Doctoral Symposium

Mohamed Outahajala:
Processing Amazighe Language. 313-317

Omar Trigui:
How to Extract Arabic Definitions from the Web? Arabic Definition Question Answering System. 318-323

Partha Pakray:
Answer Validation through Textual Entailment. 324-329

Wei Wei:
Analyzing Text Data for Opinion Mining. 330-335

Lahsen Abouenour:
On the Improvement of Passage Retrieval in Arabic Question/Answering (Q/A) Systems. 336-341

Jorge Cruanes:
Ontology Extension and Population: An Approach for the Pharmacotherapeutic Domain. 342-347