100 Best AI & NLP Resources: AIML (Draft)

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language


ALICEbot | Richard Wallace (scientist)


Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)


ALICEbot.org {related:} | Pandorabots.com {related:}


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  • @TrendyDude .. hehe, I suspected you were at least partially robotic!  You should do a blog post on some of the details, like #AIML etc
  • According to the Annabot project .. Altova @XMLSpy is the best XML editor & XSLT processor for #AIML knowledgebases
  • @UNL_Lib chatbot “Pixel” .. that answers questions about UNL libraries and resources
  • ChatterBean .. AIML interpreter written in pure Java, last version (August 2010) .. by Helio Perroni Filho @xperroni
  • Back Talk .. “fully interactive 3D animated talking alien friend” Android app with speech i/o
  • its not hard to mashup or layer bots, for example you could just reroute no concept replies to @Pandorabots or other #AIML bot
  • Writing own, talking chatbot using AIML, ESPEAK and Python  .. by Jakub Niwa
  • @xfernal .. where can I see your new DotNetNuke web service using #AIML connected to Direct Connect hub chat in action ?
  • ButlerBot project .. ” An Artifical Intelegent PyAIML chat bot which can be used as a Desktop assistant”
  • Loebner Prize contestant chatbot “Zoe” by Adeena Mignogna @adeena is available to chat
  • “Turing test” step one, determine if a chatbot is the most common form of an AIML-based Alicebot or not .. “who is dr wallace”
  • One thing about AIML chatbots .. they always know who http://twitter.com/drwallace is .. ;^)
  • 8-i.us .. “Vira”, supposedly some kind of PHP based #RiveScript #AIML hybrid .. by @8planet
  • Chatter Robot in Python chatterrobot.com {defunct?} .. “Python robot interface for novices” .. by Tom Joyce @8planet .. #PyAIML
  • A conversational artificial intelligence interpreter (such as an AIML Interpreter) may also be referred to as an “AI engine” ..
  • A conversational artificial intelligence interpreter (such as an AIML Interpreter) may also be referred to as a “chatbot engine” ..
  • Façade pattern matching is more powerful than AIML, matching patterns of sets of words, which is closer to matching meaning ..
  • neural networks are not readily compatible with AIML chatbots .. without a customized relational database in between
  • #video: “Spykee Chatbot” .. modified Spykee wifi robot that uses AIML
  • virtualfem.com .. virtual girlfriend (XXX) ..”uses a multi-layer response and state engine with a custom front brain system and AIML”
  • AIMLpad-1.54.zip .. w/ additional scripting language .. use OpenCyc and ConceptNet .. use IRC and Microsoft Agent
  • katebot.com .. Katebot the nondenominational Christian chatbot .. by Jenna (2008)
  • titane.ca/igod .. iGod is the most popular AIML chatbot in the world .. according to @drwallace .. at least in part due to pretty GUI
  • According to Zipf’s law, the new AIML Superbot 2.1 by @drwallace contains the vast majority of what people will ever say to a bot .. US$ 999
  • Virtual Humans Forum is in Second Life (SLurl) .. new experimental land in #SecondLife .. “Talk with our AIML cat”
  • “A very light version of ReversedAIML which can run on Pandorabot server is available for download” charlix.sourceforge.net
  • Chmmr Bot .. auto answers Skype and establishes voice conference for subsequent callers .. plus AIML for chat
  • Fun with AIML and Twitter kunal.org .. “An Implementation of AIML and the Twitter API to make a twitter bot powered by AIML” by @qnal
  • Riot Software SAE AIML Spreadsheet Editor riotsw.com/sae.html ~ Simple AIML Editor is a spreadsheet-oriented AIML editor for Windows
  • aimlbot.sourceforge.net .. “customizable implementation of an AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) based chatter bot in C#”
  • Elizabeth Perreau’s new program-o.com .. “an open source AIML Interpreter written in PHP with MySQL”
  • CyN is a modified version of AIMLpad, extending it with micro Web and IRC server plus OpenCyc interface .. program-n.sourceforge.net
  • gaitobot.de .. now offers integrated chatbot hosting with their free GaitoBot AIML Editor
  • Net::AIML – Perl interface to the Pandorabots.com AIML server .. wraps XMLRPC interface into easy Perl OO
  • nick.com uses a client-side AIML chatbot, an Actionscript adaptation of Program D, as “dirty phrase checker” to make safe for children
  • eccky.com .. raise a virtual baby .. “thanks to an AIML chatbot and via MSN Messenger, Eccky parents can actually chat with their Eccky”
  • AIML has been connected with Prolog .. see book by @drwallace .. also daxtron.com & their Project CyN
  • “Project CyN is the merger of a AIML interpreter used to develop chat bots with the OpenCyc inference engine”
  • Unype Chatbot unype.com .. not a bad little bot for what it is, knows about AIML, Dr Wallace
  • Interfacing Prolog and AIML is covered in @drwallace‘s book “The Elements of AIML Style”, included with membership in alicebot.org
  • German language bots webGAITO & GaitoBot .. plus great “GaitoBot AIML editor” .. from Daniel Springwald’s gaito.de
  • ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation list of “Non-AIML Chat Robots” platforms at alicebot.org/non
  • I’m wondering if anyone in the Twitterverse has tried to populate a chatbot knowledgebase with Twitter feeds to create knowledge in AIML
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