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[100x Nov 2017]

  • miso-belica/sumy module for automatic summarization of text documents and html pages.
  • davidadamojr/textrank python implementation of textrank algorithm (https://web.eecs.umich.edu/~mihalcea/papers/mihalcea.emnlp04.pdf) for au…
  • abisee/pointer-generator code for the acl 2017 paper “get to the point: summarization with pointer-generator networks”
  • for-get/know-your-http-well http headers, media-types, methods, relations and status codes, all summarized and linking to their specification.
  • d3/d3-array array manipulation, ordering, searching, summarizing, etc.
  • ceteri/pytextrank python implementation of textrank for text document nlp parsing and summarization
  • oleander/git-fame-rb a command-line tool that helps you summarize and pretty-print collaborators based on contributions
  • ryran/xsos sosreport examiner – instantly summarize system info from a sosreport or a running system
  • abisee/cnn-dailymail code to obtain the cnn / daily mail dataset (non-anonymized) for summarization
  • esri/summary-viewer-template a configurable application template that summarizes the numeric attributes of features in operational layer that are …
  • surmenok/textsum preparing a dataset for tensorflow text summarization (textsum) model.
  • shaildeliwala/delbot it understands your voice commands, searches news and knowledge sources, and summarizes and reads out content to you.
  • sc3/cookcountyjail a django app that tracks the population of cook county jail over time and summarizes trends.
  • sriniiyer/codenn summarizing source code using a neural attention model – codenn
  • emergya/redmine_cmi cmi is a redmine plugin to have a summarized view of the projects. it calculates and shows with graphics different me…
  • adamfabish/reduction reduction is a python script which automatically summarizes a text by extracting the sentences which are deemed to be…
  • philpl/node-tldr node module summarizing web-articles using a naive algorithm.
  • kylehg/summarizer unmaintained: a multidocument text summarizer, the final project for cis-530: intro to computational linguistics
  • mohaps/tldrzr algorithmic summarizer for rss/atom feeds, web urls and arbitrary text. codebase for the application deployed at http…
  • andersjo/pyrouge an interface to and, in time, a python reimplementation of the rouge package for evaluating summarization
  • mikelove/tximport import and summarize transcript-level estimates for gene-level analysis
  • topliceanu/sum js utility for summarizing large bodies of text using a basic sentence relevance ranking algorithm
  • kubernetes/kube-aggregator aggregator for kubernetes-style api servers: dynamic registration, discovery summarization, secure proxy
  • sildar/potara multi-document summarization tool relying on ilp and sentence fusion
  • berkmancenter/internet_monitor the internet monitor is a research project to evaluate, describe, and summarize the means, mechanisms, and extent of …
  • sandeepsripada/summarization performs multi document summarization. includes a method to generate summaries: the method uses a sentence importance…
  • cngldlab/cnglsummarizer this is a mobile summarization tool that uses sentence extraction to generate summaries. the selection techniques are…
  • codelucas/shorten.tv python video summarization. visit the public api at — www.shorten.tv (edit: the domain expired and youtube blocked i…
  • kedz/sumpy sumpy: a python automatic text summarization library
  • wing-nus/swing the summarizer from the web ir / nlp group (wing), hence swing, is a modular, state-of-the-art automatic extractive t…
  • amsqr/naivesumm naivesumm is a naive summarization approach based on luhn1958 work “the automatic creation of literature abstracts” i…
  • olofmogren/multsum summarization system taking multiple sentence similarity measures into account
  • alphatwirl/alphatwirl a python library for summarizing event data into multi-dimensional categorical data
  • pmartr/pmartrqc , specification of groups that are to be compared against each other, filtering of feature and/or samples, data norma…
  • pgodel/podisum application to summarize logstash events built on silex
  • rxnlp/rouge-2.0 java implementation of rouge for evaluation of summarization tasks. stemming, stopwords and unicode support.
  • bobflagg/topic-networks a demo of new approach to automatic text summarization using topic models and bipartite graphs.
  • ellej16/summe an abstractive summarizer for online news articles.
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