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Language Identification & Dialog Systems

language-identification [45x Jul 2014]

  • hcadavid/LanguageIdentificationTool .. This is a text documents language identifier, based on Cavnar and Trenkle paper[1]. Author: H?ctor Fabio Cadavid R. This software consists on two tools: the NGrams statistics database generator (1), and the language identifier for documents (2). Both tools provides information about the required…
  • alvations/SuGarLike .. Language Identification for Low Resource Languages (by Susanne, Guy and Liling)
  • maryx/LangID .. Language Identification Project for CIS526
  • XAMPP/Nanigo .. Nanigo ????(What Language) is a native C++ language identification engine. Designed to mainly detect programming languages, it could also be applied to all lingual patterns.
  • ECLabs/Eaton .. Real-time talent identification using natural language processing, machine learning, websockets, and map-reduce
  • Aaryansmith/eDiscovery-Search .. eDiscovery search amalgamates early case assessment, identification, document review, production in one application and collection bringing together most proficient capabilities needed to acquire desired aims. It has been observed that eDiscovery platform have capability to understand and process…
  • slaporte/lidnote-js .. Language identification as an entertainment service (a “game”) (in “language” known as javascript)
  • dcavar/LID .. Language Identification in Python, Java and C(++)
  • overlast/p5-Lingua-Guess .. Lingua::Guess – Language identification module which isn’t only supporting to the European and American languages but also the Asian languages.
  • adbar/flux-toolchain .. Filtering and Language-identification for URL Crawling Seeds (FLUCS) a.k.a. FLUX-Toolchain
  • zhanhuen555/turnt-octo-ninja .. Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004 http://www.apache.org/licenses/ TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE, REPRODUCTION, AND DISTRIBUTION 1. Definitions. “License” shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction, …
  • aykutfirat/cldr .. Package cldr, R implementation of the Chrome’s language identification library (cld)
  • fela/multi-lid .. proof of concept multilingual text language identification
  • BruceJillis/LanguageIdentification .. A new attempt at finding the best language identification algorithm (markov model, cross entropy, graph based, ngramdisplacement and SVM) in python using k-fold cross validation.
  • hatnote/lidnote .. Language identification as an entertainment service (a “game”)
  • marek-stoj/NLangDetect .. C# port of a language detection library. Tags: language detection, language identification, language guessing.
  • nick-b/lidruby .. Language Identification with Ruby: probabilistic language identification with ruby1.9
  • aldld/langID .. Language identification machine learning program written in Python, based on a naive Bayes classifier.
  • fela/rlid .. ruby language identification library
  • baleksan/lid .. This project is mostly a copy of Nutch efforts in language identification area. The code included contains all appropriate attributions.
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