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Named-Entity Recognition & Dialog Systems 2011 | Named-Entity Recognition & Dialog Systems 2012

named-entity-recognition [70x Jul 2014]

  • siqi-liu/udaner .. Biomedical named entity recognition with unsupervised domain adaptation
  • eldams/mXS .. Named Entity Recognition and Pattern Mining
  • AKSW/AGDISTIS_DEMO .. A demo of the Named Entity Disambiguation Framework AGDISTIS. This web-tool provides a language detection and a manual as well as automatic Named Entity Recognition. Additionally, we provide a German, Chinese and English DBpedia Disambiguation/Entity Linking.
  • 40c/tagger .. [NOT ACTIVE] Tagger is a php-basered library, that can be used to autotag texts using Named Entity Recognition and Keyword Extraction. Each tag has a relevancy score. The tags can be tied to URI’s making it possible to enrich and filter your own content using Linked Open Data. The project works…
  • saffsd/geniatagger .. – part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, and named entity recognition for biomedical text –
  • atancasis/AFNER .. AFNER is a C++ named entity recognition system that uses machine learning techniques. It is customizable to various domains. It also allows for multiple and overlapping named entity labels.
  • AKSW/n3-collection .. N3 – A Collection of Datasets for Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation in the NLP Interchange Format
  • sadional/Nerso .. Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation Using Semantic Open Data
  • alexredstone/on-the-record .. Quotes from news articles extracted using named-entity-recognition and visualized using TimelineJS
  • amb-enthusiast/PersonCoreferenceAnnotator .. A UIMA Annotator (including type system) which annotates sentences, tokens, Person named entities and coreference resolution “mentions”. Dev uses OpenNLP coreference and named entity recognition tools, within an apache UIMA Annotator analysis engine.
  • smee/namerec .. Name entity recognition, created at the University of Leipzig, ASV
  • kawu/nerf .. Named entity recognition tool based on linear-chain CRFs
  • lenarishes/NER .. named entity recognition (PA4 of the Stanford Coursera NLP course)
  • liaimi/NLP .. machine translation, parsing algorithm, coreference resolution system, neural network for named entity recognition
  • rockt/ChemSpot .. ChemSpot is a named entity recognition tool for identifying mentions of chemicals in natural language texts, including trivial names, drugs, abbreviations, molecular formulas and IUPAC entities. Since the different classes of relevant entities have rather different naming characteristics, ChemSpot…
  • carfly/bi_ilp .. Bilingual Named Entity Recognition with Integer Linear Programming
  • MvanErp/NER .. Scripts for Named Entity Recognition data preparation
  • munshkr/exploro .. Experimental NLP analyzer with PoS tagging and Named-Entity Recognition and Classification on documents
  • preston/emphasays .. An Open Source Java library of string distance calculators, phoneme reducers, and tools for combining said algorithms into weighted metrics for tailored name-entity recognition.
  • ehsane/rainbow-nlp .. NLP framework for various natural language processing tasks including: supervised name entity recognition and relationship extraction.
  • bnjasim/BioNER .. BioMedical Named Entity Recognition using Naive Bayes Approach
  • d40cht/Careers .. Wikipedia-dump based natural language processing for named entity recognition
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