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AlchemyAPI is an the online topic term extraction service. AlchemyAPI is a language processing library which also offers a named entity recognition function. AlchemyAPI Named Entity Extractor (NEE) is one of the state-of-art commercial tools for named entity extraction. Term extraction by AlchemyAPI is based on statistical natural language processing and machine learning. AlchemyAPI may be used for semantic smoothing in twitter sentiment analysis, for example. AlchemyAPI is used for keywords extraction in user interests modeling based on multi-source personal information fusion and semantic reasoning. Documents may be classified using the AlchemyAPI, which categorizes them into news categories such as politics and sports. For instance, the central concepts for the GeoNames API can be determined directly by using the AlchemyAPI. The various services similar to AlchemyAPI may also be combined in a generic manner. Searching for keywords using AlchemyAPI enables the search for concepts in processed documents. The NLP Web service AlchemyAPI also provides HTML cleaning functionality. AlchemyAPI may be used to obtain a web page category. For example, AlchemyAPI retrieves and processes webpages, supporting language detection, text extraction (content minus boilerplate) and document categorization by topic.

There are a number of third-party services to extract entities from training and testing datasets, Zemanta, OpenCalais, and AlchemyAPI. OpenCalais, Zemanta, and AlchemyAPI are NLP Web services. is another new service. DBpedia Spotlight performs named entity extraction, including entity detection and name resolution, in other words disambiguation. Yahoo Content Analysis API also detects and ranks entities/concepts, categories, and relationships within unstructured content. Content enrichment may be achieved by wrapping around established third-party web-services such as OpenCalais and AlchemyAPI. Semantic metadata can be extracted through external libraries and services like OpenCalais or AlchemyAPI. Services like OpenCalais and AlchemyAPI deliver information about keywords and named entities with their respective relevance for the artefact.




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Course InSight: An Application of Natural Language Processing in a Course Browser C Sun, X Zhou – 2015 – … Course inSight integrates a course catalog with natural language processing and cloud database to provide recommendations based on the concepts extracted from a given course … We decide to use AlchemyAPI [14], an online NLP SaaS that parses raw text into concepts. … Related articles All 3 versions

Build a simple face detection web app CB Tang – 2015 – … AlchemyAPI service AlchemyAPI service provides natural language processing and computer vision to help you understand the world’s conversations, documents, and photos. Page 10. developerWorks® …

Supporting the Developmentof Team-Climate-Aware Collaborative Web Applications S Heil, M Drechsel, M Gaedke – International Conference on Web …, 2015 – Springer … Approaches like [6] use sentiment analysis to target market research by identi- fying the mood about products and brands expressed in the web. Others, like [5], 3 loudelement/free-natural-language-processing-service 4 … Related articles

NLP meets the cloud R DALE – Natural Language Engineering, 2015 – Cambridge Univ Press … 1 AlchemyAPI AlchemyAPI ( has been around since 2005, but was acquired by IBM in early 2015. The site’s key message on the main page is Build Smarter Apps with AlchemyLanguage: 12 Semantic Text Analysis APIs Using Natural Language. … Cited by 1

Knowledge Gathering from Social Media to Improve Marketing in Agri-food Sector A Caione, R Paiano, AL Guido, M Fait, P Scorrano – 2015 – … AlchemyAPI AlchemyAPI technology uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to extract semantic metadata from a text, such as, information about people, places, companies, topics, facts, relationships, authors and languages. … Related articles All 2 versions

Detecting Sentiments from Movie Reviews by Integrating Reviewers Own Prejudice K Yadav, SK Yadav, S Gupta – Global Journal of Computer …, 2015 – … entiment analysis or opinion mining is the field of natural language processing dedicated to the computational analysis of opinions for the purpose of … Step 4: Alchemy Api The system makes use of a text analysis tool called ALCHEMY API ( … Related articles All 5 versions

Tracking Student Sentiment from Social Media. D Guo – Journal of Advances in Information Technology Vol, 2015 – … Available: [8] Alchemy API. … Available: http://www. [9] Text-Processing API. … [12] B. Steven, E. Klein, E. Loper, and J. Baldridge, “Multidisciplinary instruction with the Natural Language Toolkit,” in … Related articles All 2 versions

Predicting Opinion Leaders in Word-of-Mouth Communities G Towhidi, AP Sinha – 2015 – … We used the AlchemyAPI Natural Language Processing tool to measure relevancy. The concept tagging API is capable of understanding how concepts relate, and can identify concepts that are not necessarily directly referenced in the text. … Related articles

Personalized Hotel Recommendation Using Text Mining and Mobile Browsing Tracking KP Lin, CY Lai, PC Chen… – Systems, Man, and …, 2015 – … We apply Alchemy API (, a package of natural language processing methods, to search words that contain the connotation on a positive or negative emotion, and to determine which feature the sentence refers to. … Cited by 2 Related articles

Subject-Keyphrase Extraction Based on Definition-Use Chain HM Hsu, RI Chang, YJ Chang, SY Lin… – 2015 IEEE/WIC/ACM …, 2015 – … Therefore, the Alchemy API is applied to determine whether the term is subject or object. The Alchemy API ( is a suite of natural language processing tools and is used here to merge the subject or object information into the DYcomponent. … Related articles

Detecting check-worthy factual claims in presidential debates N Hassan, C Li, M Tremayne – Proceedings of the 24th ACM International …, 2015 – … Length: This is the word count of a sentence. Natural language toolkit NLTK4 was used for tokenizing a sentence into words. … In the example sentence, there are 3 words (came, had, was) with POS tag VBD (Verb, 3 4 … Cited by 7 Related articles All 8 versions

Identification and Ranking of Event-Specific Entity-Centric Informative Content from Twitter D Mahata, JR Talburt, VK Singh – … on Applications of Natural Language to …, 2015 – Springer … Natural Language Processing and Information Systems. … deduplication of tweets, tokenization, POS tagging, detection of slang words, English stop words, feeling words, and special characters 1 . We extracted named entities from the tweets using AlchemyAPI (http://alchemyapi … Related articles All 3 versions

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques B Le, H Nguyen – Advanced Computational Methods for Knowledge …, 2015 – Springer … We used an open data set of Alchemy API to extract these objects. … c) After the pre-processing step, the system extracts subjective features based on Information Gain, Bigram and use AlchemyAPI data set to extract the … In: Handbook of Natural Language Processing, 2nd edn. … Related articles All 3 versions

Sentiment Analysis of Mobile Reviews using Sentiwordnet G Dudeja, K Sharma – … only accurate as compared to actual sentiment labels, but are also comparable to the results obtained by Alchemy API. … [4] M. Sharp, “Text mining,” Rutgers University, School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Allen, J. Natural Language Understanding, Second … Related articles

The Quest to Automate Fact-Checking N Hassan, B Adair, JT Hamilton, C Li, M Tremayne… – world, 2015 – … Length: This is the word count of a sentence. Natural language toolkit NLTK was used for tokenizing a sentence into words. … Entity Type: We used AlchemyAPI to extract entities from sentences. There are 2727 entities in the labeled sen- tences. They belong to 26 types. … Related articles All 7 versions

Investigating the Heterogeneity of Product Feature Preferences Mined Using Online Product Data Streams AS Singh, CS Tucker – ASME 2015 …, 2015 – … … 5 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The features and sentiment scores were extracted using open source Alchemy API built on natural language processing techniques and relevance of the words in the text corpus to process text. … Related articles All 2 versions

Sapiness–sentiment analyser KT Jánosi-Rancz, Z Kátai, R Bogosi – Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, …, 2015 – … Figure 2: Comparison between Sapiness and Alchemy API … EMNLP 2014: Conf. on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, October 25–29, 2014, Doha, Qatar, vol. … Szeged, pp. 219–226 ?189 [17] J. Turian, Using AlchemyAPI for Enterprise-Grade Text Analysis. … Related articles All 3 versions

Comparative study between Part-of-Speech and statistical methods of text extraction in the tourism domain GP Kuntarto, FL Moechtar, BI Santoso… – 2015 International …, 2015 – … AlchemyAPI [23]. AlchemyAPI is a service that helps in terms of text analysis. All of these services can be used to assist developers in creating an application of NLP (Natural Language Processing) based on the text analysis. The … Cited by 1 Related articles

Exploring entity recognition and disambiguation for cultural heritage collections S Van Hooland, M De Wilde… – … Scholarship in the …, 2015 – … Disambiguation is one of the key challenges in Natural Language Processing (NLP), giving birth to the field of word-sense disambiguation, as natural … Several Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) such as AlchemyAPI, DBpedia Spotlight, Evri, Extractiv, Yahoo! … Cited by 18 Related articles All 10 versions

Approaches for High-Performance Big Data Processing O Achahbar, MR Abid, M Bakhouya… – Big Data: Algorithms, …, 2015 – … Several solutions are provided via web services. For example, AlchemyAPI (http://www. alchemyapi. com/) provides natural language processing web services for processing and analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Complex event extraction from real-time news streams A La Fleur, K Teymourian, A Paschke – Proceedings of the 11th …, 2015 – … Entity Extraction Systems: AlchemyAPI3, Zemanta4 and OpenCalais5. Because of the best results for the extraction of entities and entity-concept mappings, we use AlchemyAPI as a Named Entity Recognizer for our system. It is an online natural language processing service … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A Knowledge Extraction and Management Component to Support Spontaneous Participation L Porwol, I Hassan, A Ojo, J Breslin – International Conference on …, 2015 – Springer … 2.3 Natural Language Processing 2.3.1 Information Extraction The goal of Information Extraction (IE) is to derive information structures directly from text with emphasis on … Spotlight12 and Alchemy API13) which hardly identified any public services. … 13 … Related articles All 3 versions

Improving access to archival collections with automated entity extraction K Banerjee, M Johnson – The Code4Lib Journal, 2015 – … We hoped AlchemyAPI or other services could extract relevant entries from extensive EAD documents as these frequently reference people … led to a dramatic reduction in accuracy from tested entity extractors which assume documents are expressed in natural language. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

The application and comparison of web services for sentiment analysis in tourism S Gao, J Hao, Y Fu – 2015 12th International Conference on …, 2015 – … A. AlchemyAPI AlchemyAPI can help a computer understand human language and vision via an easy-to-use SaaS API. It offers 12 API functions as part of its text analysis service, each of which uses sophisticated natural language processing techniques to analyze text content … Related articles

Cognition as a Service: An Industry Perspective. J Spohrer, G Banavar – AI Magazine, 2015 – … augments and scales human expertise, based on cognitive technology that can understand natural language, generate hypotheses … Also: AlchemyAPI, Arria, Automated Insights, Cortica, Cognilytics, Cognitive Scale, Coherent Knowledge Systems, Deep Knowledge Ventures … Cited by 6 Related articles All 3 versions

Report III on Knowledge-based Mining of Complex Event Patterns: Complex Event Extraction from Real-Time News Streams A Hasan, A Paschke, K Tymorian, A La Fleur – 2015 – … Entity Extraction Systems: AlchemyAPI3, Zemanta4 and Open- Calais5. Because of the best results for the extraction of entities and entity- concept mappings, we use AlchemyAPI as a Named Entity Recognizer for our system. It is an online natural language processing service … Related articles All 2 versions

Towards Web-based Semantic Knowledge Completion for Adaptive World Modeling in Cognitive Systems A Kuwertz, C Goldbeck, R Hug… – … of the 2015 17th …, 2015 – … TABLE I RESULTS FOR WEB-BASED OBJECT RECOGNITION USING THE ALCHEMY API [12], REKOGNITION API [13] AND CAFFE FRAMEWORK [14]. … Figure 6. Concept selection for a natural-language label in Cyc [15]. VII. … [12] AlchemyAPI Inc. (2015, Mar. … Related articles All 3 versions

Analysis of named entity recognition and linking for tweets L Derczynski, D Maynard, G Rizzo, M van Erp… – Information Processing …, 2015 – Elsevier … Information Extraction (IE) (Cardie, 1997; Appelt, 1999) is a form of natural language analysis, which takes textual content as input … Note that for AlchemyAPI, Lupedia, Saplo, Textrazor and Zemanta it is not public what algorithms and resources are used … Alchemy API, Lupedia. … Cited by 50 Related articles All 14 versions

Digging for gold with a simple tool: Validating text mining in studying electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) communication C Tang, L Guo – Marketing Letters, 2015 – Springer … VisualText. Text Analysis International, Inc. Functions include information extraction, categorization, summarization, automatic coding, indexing, and natural language query etc. WordStat. Provalis Research. … Cited by 12 Related articles All 8 versions

Semantic Interation, Text Mining, Tools and Technologies C Ekkirala – Software Innovations in Clinical Drug Development …, 2015 – … Provalis research, OpenText, Pingar, AlchemyAPI, Attensity, Clarabridge, Content Analyst etc. Some of the free software available for Text Analysis, TextMining and Text Analytics are given below– • GATE: This is an open source toolbox for natural language processing, and … Related articles All 3 versions

Information Extraction from Medical Social Media K Denecke – Health Web Science, 2015 – Springer … Stanford NLP tools [85], Alchemy API, LingPipe or OpenCalais are some examples for NLP tools that can be exploited for developing text … Evaluations showed that the current natural language processing tools for clinical narratives are effectively enough for practical use [90]. … Related articles

Designing engaging intelligent tutoring systems in an age of cognitive computing SC Sundararajan, SV Nitta – IBM Journal of Research and …, 2015 – … Researchers have made claims regarding learning gains resulting from self-explanations, frequent addressing of errors and impasses, rich natural language understanding and dialog, appropriate degree of interactivity, and use of multiple representations. … Cited by 1 Related articles

An approach to tweets categorization by using machine learning classifiers in oil business H Aldahawi, S Allen – … Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and …, 2015 – Springer … the tweets. Alchemy API (an automated sentiment analysis tool) [1] was used to classify the sentiment in their content through natural language processing. The possibilities … text [45]. References 1. Alchemy API, AlchemyAPI,Inc. (2015), http … Cited by 1 Related articles

A Content Analysis of Customer Support-Related Tweets A McGovern, A O’Connor, V Wade – ECSM2015-Proceedings of …, 2015 – … Named Entities were identified using the AlchemyAPI Named Entity Extractor, while hashtags were identified using a purpose-built program written in the Python programming language. … In Wood and Howlett’s system, customers write their queries in natural language. … Related articles

Sentiment Analysis Methodology for Social Web Intelligence S Bjurstrom, M Plachkinova – 2015 – … Sentiment analysis is a form of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning and its main application is related to analyzing … For this purpose AlchemyAPI (http://www.alchemyapi. com/) was used to extract keywords, entities, and the sentiment of each review that had … Related articles

Ontology-driven Information Extraction WT Adrian, N Leone, M Manna – arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.06034, 2015 – … representation of the documents, (iii) arranges a suite of annotation units (such as named en- tity extractors, natural language processing tools …, although during the tests, we also evaluated Alchemy (, DBpedia … Related articles All 3 versions

Predicting Sales in E-Commerce using Bayesian Network Model E Nasambu Wamukekhe – 2015 – … 20 2.6.4 Natural Language Processing ….. 21 … 48 Page 11. xi ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMNS E- Commerce – Electronic Commerce NPL – Natural Language processing ROC – Receiver Operating Characteristics curve Page 12. xii … Related articles All 3 versions

TwitterViz: Visualizing and Exploring the Twittersphere C Efstathiades, H Antoniou, D Skoutas… – … Symposium on Spatial …, 2015 – Springer … The pre-processor uses natural language processing (NLP) in real time and the processed information is stored in a graph database with a defined data model as well as the … The pre-processing uses the AlchemyAPI 1 tool which is also used in various research works (eg [ … Related articles

Sentiment analysis: a review and comparative analysis of web services J Serrano-Guerrero, JA Olivas, FP Romero… – Information …, 2015 – Elsevier … Thus, Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are essential to achieve good results depending on the task that has to be carried out. … 2.4. Natural language processing and Information Retrieval in Sentiment Analysis. … Cited by 38 Related articles All 5 versions

Review on Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data MSR Kharche, L Bijole – International Journal Of Computer …, 2015 – … Alchemy API is a web service that analyzes the unstructured contents (news, articles, blogs, posts etc.). … The RCB-LDA model can rank a set of reason candidates expressed in natural language to provide sentence-level reasons. … Related articles All 2 versions

DBpedia–a large-scale, multilingual knowledge base extracted from Wikipedia J Lehmann, R Isele, M Jakob, A Jentzsch… – Semantic …, 2015 – … 2.6. NLP extraction DBpedia provides a number of data sets which have been created to support Natural Language Process- ing (NLP) tasks [33]. … There are two more Feature Extractors related to Natural Language Processing. … Cited by 504 Related articles All 13 versions

Internet information triangulation: Design theory and prototype evaluation F Wijnhoven, M Brinkhuis – Journal of the Association for …, 2015 – Wiley Online Library … less formal language. Therefore, we searched the Internet further for natural language processing tools. We found that the AlchemyAPI has a relation extraction method which extracts subject-action-object relations. Most often … Cited by 3 Related articles All 8 versions

A Logic-Based Approach to Named-Entity Disambiguation in the Web of Data S Giannini, S Colucci, FM Donini… – Congress of the Italian …, 2015 – Springer … While disambiguation has been extensively studied in Natural Language Under- standing (NLU), NED is less ambitious—it does not aim to the … The former are represented by links that are not DBpedia resources (the AlchemyAPI10, Extractiv11, OpenCalais12, TextRa- zor13 … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A Classification of Challenges in the Semantic Web Based on the General Architecture JL Martinez-Rodriguez, I Lopez-Arevalo… – … on Database and …, 2015 – … Therefore natural language processing tools are essential. Auer et al. … 6http://www. [visited on march 2015] 7 [visited on march 2015] 8 [visited on march 2015] vocabularies. … Related articles

Observing Republican and Democrat Behavior through Tweeted Articles D Sell, A Altaf, D Maheshwari, H Qaiser – … As the AlchemyAPI restricts each API key to 10,000 requests per day, we requested 3 keys and our sys- tem cycles through them … It then utilizes Mallet, an open source Java-based package for statistical natural language process- ing, to cluster the articles into 40 unique clusters. … Related articles All 2 versions

A Survey on Sentiment Analysis M Saraswat, R Patel – … The other most well-known machine learning methods in the natural language processing area are K-Nearest neighbourhood, ID3, C5, centroid classifier, winnow classifier … 8. AlchemyAPI: Identify positive, negative, and neutral opinions within any web page or textual document. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Towards a Context-Aware Music Recommendation Approach: What is Hidden in the Playlist Name? M Pichl, E Zangerle – 2015 IEEE International Conference on …, 2015 – … WordNet[11], a toolkit for natural language processing (NLP). Furthermore, we exclude playlists, which do not contain any additional (context-based) information. These are mainly playlists named after artists, tracks or genres. For this task we rely on AlchemyAPI’s entity recog … Related articles All 2 versions

Digital Scrapbook–can we enable interlinked and recursive knowledge equilibrium? N Bulatovic, B Saquet, M Schlender, D Wintergrün… – 2015 – … The NTE can be extended to work together with the Pundit for building the CENDARI knowledge base. 13 See 14 Natural Language Processing Services such as AlchemyAPI (, AYLIEN ( etc. … Related articles All 4 versions

Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative and Software Meets People L Ampofo, S Collister, B O’Loughlin… – Innovations in Digital …, 2015 – … 1 Twipolitico extracted tweets referring to each candidate from Twitter’s public streaming application programming interface (API) 2 and calculated each tweet’s sentiment using software provided by a company, AlchemyAPI. This tool uses natural language pro- cessing and … Cited by 10 Related articles All 2 versions

Towards Knowledge-Driven Annotation. Y Mrabet, C Gardent, M Foulonneau, E Simperl, E Ras – AAAI, 2015 – … In the last decade, this topic has been ad- dressed by numerous works and from different perspectives including Natural Language Processing (NLP … available online: DBpedia spotlight10, AIDA11, Wikipedia Miner12, TagMe213, Calais14, Cicero15, FOX16, AlchemyAPI … Cited by 7 Related articles All 8 versions

Reconnecting Digital Publications to the Web using their Spatial Information B De Meester, T De Nies, R Verborgh… – Proceedings of the 24th …, 2015 – … This first contribu- tion is handled by using Natural Language Processing tech- niques to connect unstructured legacy content from Project Gütenberg2 with links on the Semantic Web (in this paper … org/resource/ 4 5 … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

A Logic-Based Approach to Named-Entity Disambiguation in the Web of Data E Di Sciascio – AI* IA 2015 Advances in Artificial Intelligence: …, 2015 – … While disambiguation has been extensively studied in Natural Language Under- standing (NLU), NED is less ambitious—it does not aim to the meaning of a whole phrase, just to correctly link objects to entities—and at the same time more peculiar since the target … alchemyapi. … Related articles

Social media analytics: a survey of techniques, tools and platforms B Batrinca, PC Treleaven – AI & SOCIETY, 2015 – Springer … Natural language processing—(NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. Specifically, it is the process of a … Cited by 22 Related articles All 7 versions

Named-entity-based linking and exploration of news using an adapted Jaccard metric T De Nies, J Verplanken, R Verborgh… – … on Negative or …, 2015 – … Resolving this kind of ambiguity is the main subject of many research efforts in named entity recognition and natural language processing … All articles were semantically tagged with NEs4 using the NER service AlchemyAPI5. From this set, we randomly selected 30 articles, which … Related articles All 5 versions

Feature engineering for tweet polarity classification in the 2015 DEFT challenge FMHE D’hondt – … Over the last few years, twitter (language) analysis has gathered a lot of attention from the Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning research communities (Kong et al., 2014), but the vast majority of existing resources and systems are … 7. … Related articles

Novel Word Features for Keyword Extraction Y Chen, J Yin, W Zhu, S Qiu – International Conference on Web-Age …, 2015 – Springer … In: Proceedings of DL (1999) 3. Mihalcea, R., Tarau, P.: Textrank: Bringing order into texts. In: Proceeding of Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language, pp. … In: Proceedings of EMNLP (2009) 21. Alchemyapi. Related articles All 3 versions

Using the Lively Web To Create Interactive Web Applications H Dawar – 2015 – … 8 2.3 Natural Language Processing Components . . . . . 9 … tion 2.3 to filter and refine the results for high accuracy [18]. 2.3 Natural Language Processing Components Natural Language Processing (NLP) [9] is a field concerned with the interaction be- … Related articles All 2 versions

A novel approach for automatic extraction of semantic data about football transfer in sport news … Dr Maria Indrawan-Santiago, Dr Gabriele … – … Journal of Pervasive …, 2015 – … Keywords: Ontology, Semantic Web, Named entity recognition, Natural language processing, Rule based extraction, Semantic annotation Publisher … a Web page by invoking external application programming interfaces (APIs) from Zemanta, OpenCalais and AlchemyAPI. … Related articles

Ontology and trust based data warehouse in new generation of business intelligence: State-of-the-art, challenges, and opportunities P Wongthongtham, B Abu-Salih – 2015 IEEE 13th International …, 2015 – … AlchemyAPI [23] uses machine learning and natural language parsing technology for text-based content for named entities extraction and sentiment analysis. DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for automatically annotating mentions of DBpedia resources in text. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Are restful apis well-designed? detection of their linguistic (anti) patterns F Palma, J Gonzalez-Huerta, N Moha… – … Conference on Service- …, 2015 – Springer … Source code lexicon is shown to be an influential factor on the understandability, reusability and, overall, on the quality of software systems [12]. APIs designers use related natural names—natural language words—to name software entities [11]. … BestBuy. … Cited by 6 Related articles All 3 versions

Semantic Web Machine Reading with FRED A Gangemia, V Presuttib, DR Recuperob… – … Abstract. A machine reader is a tool able to transform natural language text to formal structured knowledge so as the latter can be interpreted by machines, according to a shared semantics. … 3 2. Transforming Natural Language Processing output to OWL/RDF graphs … Related articles All 4 versions

An Approach for Learning Expressive Ontologies in Medical Domain AB Rios-Alvarado, I Lopez-Arevalo, E Tello-Leal… – Journal of medical …, 2015 – Springer … Unstructured information continues been generated, this information is text in natural language contained in journals, books, technical reports, notes, blogs, web-pages, or emails, such information represents an important source of knowledge. … Related articles All 5 versions

Entity and Aspect Extraction for Organizing News Comments RE Prasojo, M Kacimi, W Nutt – … of the 24th ACM International on …, 2015 – … and Subject Descriptors H.3.3 [Information Storage and Retrieval]: Informa- tion Search and Retrieval; I.2.7 [Artificial Intelligence]: Natural Language Processing … such as DBpedia.5 Some of the unsu- pervised NER tools are available online, such as AIDA,6 AlchemyAPI,7 NERD … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions

An evolutionary game model for the spread of non-cooperative behavior in online social networks S Rajtmajer, C Griffin, D Mikesell… – Proceedings of the 30th …, 2015 – … To determine the post’s sentiment, we rely on the AlchemyAPI tool [1]. Alchemy is a text mining platform with advanced natural language pro- cessing capabilities for semantic analysis. It is widely used both in academia and industry. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Semantic Search D Shahi – Apache Solr, 2015 – Springer … Vendors such as Open Calias and AlchemyAPI provide a variety of annotations for text processing but require licenses. … It also uses Apache OpenNLP for natural language processing and Apache Clerezza and Apache Jena as RDF and storage frameworks. …

RDFaCE-Lite: A WYSIWYM Editor for User-Friendly Semantic Text Authoring E Simperl – The Semantic Web: ESWC 2012 Satellite Events: …, 2015 – … Starting to annotate a document from scratch is very tedious and time consuming. There are already some Natural Language Processing (NLP) APIs available on the Web which extract specific entities and relations from the text. … alchemyapi. com, Extractiv-http://extractiv. … Related articles

An Efficient Approach to Construct Object Model of Static Textual Structure with Dynamic Behavior Based on Q-learning AM El-Said, A ELDESOKY, HA Arafat – Journal of Information …, 2015 – … This stage seeks to represent text in object model based on the Natural Language (NL) concept and the Object Oriented (OO) concept. … The text analysis studies Natural Language text from different lin- guistic levels, ie words, sentence and meaning. … Related articles All 6 versions

Ontology building and maintenance in collaborative virtual environments M Missikoff, F Smith, F Taglino – Concurrency and Computation: …, 2015 – Wiley Online Library … voting. Proposing contents allows content providers to introduce new pieces of knowledge at each activity of the ontology building process (eg, suggesting a new term, proposing a natural language definition for a given term). … Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data using: Hadoop AP SHIRAHATTI, N PATIL, D KUBASAD, A MUJAWAR – … II. LITERATURE SURVEY Sentiment analysis has been handled as a Natural Language Processing task at many levels of granularity. … Their experimental results showed that AlchemyAPI performs best for entity extraction and semantic concept mapping. … Related articles

Smart CDSS: Integration of social media and interaction engine (SMIE) in healthcare for chronic disease patients I Fatima, S Halder, MA Saleem, R Batool… – Multimedia Tools and …, 2015 – Springer … After this step, we process the plain text containing replacement of slangs and abbreviations for generating the knowledge by using natural language processing techniques. 4.1.2 Knowledge generator. … 1–8. 2. Alchemy API [Online]:, Dec. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 4 versions

Find the butterfly: a social media based arterial incidents detection and causality analysis system K Fu, W Zhong, CT Lu, AP Boedihardjo – Proceedings of the 23rd …, 2015 – … tweets. In order to ful- fill this target, we applied the AlchemyAPI1. It uses ad- vanced deep learning methods to solve many problems in natural language processing. For example … VATraffic #DCTraffic 1 2.1 … Related articles All 4 versions

LinkZoo: A collaborative resource management tool based on Linked Data M Meimarisa, G Alexioua, G Papastefanatosa – Citeseer … For example, URL resources are fed to the Alchemy API before importing to LinkZoo. … Keyword search is implemented in a close-to-natural- language way, based on the characteristics of a user’s available resources. … 6 … Related articles All 2 versions

A Unified Framework for Creating Domain Dependent Polarity Lexicons from User Generated Reviews MZ Asghar, A Khan, S Ahmad, IA Khan, FM Kundi – PloS one, 2015 – … the algorithms presented in section “Updating Term Polarity” and section “Results and Evaluation” using python and Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK … reviews are obtained from publically available dataset (available at (http://www … Cited by 3 Related articles All 11 versions

A Feasibility Study of an Approach to Extend Research Footprints F Osuna, B Gurijala, P Esparza, M Akbar, A Gates – 2015 – … For the purposes of this study, such limitations did not hinder the computation or analyses. The natural language processing REST Web service was used because it is specifically geared for semantic textual analysis. … References AlchemyAPI. (2015). Alchemy API. … Related articles All 2 versions

Who Are You? We Really Wanna Know… Especially If You Think You’re Like a Computer Scientist R Semmens, C Piech, M Friend – … of the Third Conference on GenderIT, 2015 – … The Natural Language Processing commu- nity has produced a substantial amount of research on Sentiment Analysis [14]. … The model that we use was trained by AlchemyApi using a dataset of 200 billion words and is especially adept at “noisy” data (eg words with slang, mis … Related articles

A Novel Computer-Assisted Personality Profiling Methodology: Illustrating Psychological Analysis via Former Egyptian President Morsi’s Speech to the United Nations. Y Neuman, Y Cohen, G Shahar – American Intelligence …, 2015 – … gained though human expertise per se or through common tools of automatic keywords or topic extraction (eg, http:// … idea of “vectorial semantics” (Turney and Pantel, 2010) and the way it is used in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP … Cited by 1

A Lexical Resource for Identifying Public Services Names on the Social Web IA Hassan, A Ojo, L Porwol – Social Media for Government Services, 2015 – Springer … reality. 2.3 Natural Language Processing. This section presents an overview of the core and related aspects of Natural Language Processing application to our study. … events. 2.4.2 Natural Language Processing in e-Government. … Related articles All 3 versions

When can social media lead financial markets? IN Zheludev – 2015 – Page 1. UK Ph.D. Centre in Financial Computing UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Ph.D. in Financial Computing Thesis When Can Social Media Lead Financial Markets? Ilya Nikolay Zheludev Supervisor: Dr. Robert Smith Secondary Supervisor: Dr. Tomaso Aste March 2015 … Cited by 25 Related articles All 15 versions

Social big data mining: a survey focused on opinion mining and sentiments analysis I Guellil, K Boukhalfa – Programming and Systems (ISPS), 2015 …, 2015 – … 3) Sentiment Analysis: According to [41], sentiment anal- ysis is a natural language processing task to identify the subjective content (containing … 12 13 14https:// 15www.alchemyapi. … Cited by 6 Related articles

Agenames a stratigraphic information harvester and text parser R Huber, J Klump – Earth Science Informatics, 2015 – Springer … govenmental geological surveys. Compared to the identification of keywords in natural language, the names of stratigraphic units are relatively easy to identify. All names of stratigraphic units follow rules de- fined by ICS. In the … Related articles All 8 versions

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A Secure Authorized Nlp Based Duplicate Check Scheme For Data Deduplication MS Venkatraman, D Srinath, MC Prasanth – 2015 – … When the user wants to upload a file, he can select the file from the system. When the file is ready to be uploaded, it undergoes Natural Language Processing (NLP). The NLP is performed using an online tool called Alchemy API. … Related articles

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TwitterNEED: A Hybrid Approach for Named Entity Extraction and Disambiguation for Tweets MBH andMAURICE VAN KEULEN – Natural Language Engineering – … Natural language processing (NLP) tasks are commonly composed of a set of chained sub tasks that form the processing pipeline … Many tools and services have been developed for the NER task (such as Stanford NER, AlchemyAPI, DBpedia Spotlight, OpenCalais, Zemanta and … Related articles

OLLDA: A Supervised and Dynamic Topic Mining Framework in Twitter S Jaradat, N Dokoohaki… – 2015 IEEE International …, 2015 – … We could have used some natural language processing tools such as TweetNLP 5 for preprocessing steps and enhancing the analysis results. … 2 api.aspx 3 4 5 … Related articles All 2 versions

Claim What You Need: A Text-Mining Approach on Android Permission Request Authorization M Wei, X Gong, W Wang – 2015 IEEE Global Communications …, 2015 – … software/applications available. In our study, we tested three candidates: AlchemyAPI [1], a natural language processing service provided by Alche- myAPI. Inc; Yahoo Content Analysis [3], which is provided by Yahoo! and could … Related articles All 2 versions

Twitter Blogs Mining using Supervised Algorithm GS Potdar, RN Phursule – International Journal of Computer …, 2015 – … competitors. Sentiment analysis is a type of natural language processing for tracking the mood of the public about a particular product or topic. … 14]. The entity extractor like Alchemy API, Zemanta can be used to extract entity and concepts. … Related articles All 5 versions

A Focused Web Crawler Driven by Self-Optimizing Classifiers D Sobania – 2015 – … or business decision systems [43] – eg the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre1 used Watson to calculate a person’s risk of lung and breast cancer [1]. Furthermore, IBM provides with the AlchemyAPI2 a cloud-based service for a lot of natural language processing tasks … Related articles

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PALTask: An Automated Means to Retrieve Personalized Web Resources in a Multiuser Setting P Jain – 2015 – … various open source text analytic tools for sentiment analysis and stemming of words. A few of the tools are Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK),9 R Text Mining module (R … Retrieved Jan 2015, 9Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK). … Related articles All 2 versions

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Choosing your weapons: On sentiment analysis tools for software engineering research R Jongeling, S Datta… – Software Maintenance and …, 2015 – … 1 sentiment-analysis/ … analysis tools with each other we obtain low values of ARI: Alchemy API and NLTK … level sentiment analysis,” in Human Language Technology and Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing … Cited by 4 Related articles All 8 versions

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Social Sentiment Analysis Financial Indexes MR McDermott, MK Cortis, MS Fernandez, J Kleibrink… – … 42 3.3 Case Study 3 (Lionbridge): Improving sales performance and reducing risk by using natural language processing ….. 42 3.3.1 Introduction … Related articles

Semantic Views of Homogeneous Unstructured Data WT Adrian, N Leone, M Manna – … Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule …, 2015 – Springer … of the documents, (iii) arranges a suite of annotation units (such as named entity extractors, natural language processing tools … In KnowRex we include the following annotation tools: Alchemy (, DBpedia Spotlight ( … Related articles All 3 versions

Unsupervised Modeling of Users’ Interests from their Facebook Profiles and Activities P Bhargava, O Brdiczka, M Roberts – Proceedings of the 20th …, 2015 – … Thus, our con- tributions in this paper are: 1. We propose a novel unsupervised algorithm and sys- tem, that utilizes several Natural Language Process- ing (NLP) techniques, to model an individual user’s explicit and implicit interests from her social … 5 … Cited by 2 Related articles

Mapping assisted by the semantic web and social media integration JAB Perera – 2015 – … is a very complex task, usually involving the use of natural language processing, text analysis … on the Alchemy API [7] to identify positive or negative sentiment within reviews and tweets … AlchemyAPI uses unsupervised approaches to document-level sentiment analysis, which are … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Semantic Abstraction for generalization of tweet classification: An evaluation on incident-related tweets A Schulz, C Guckelsberger, F Janssen – Semantic Web, 2015 – … A location mention is defined as a named entity mention of a location (eg, “Paris”). In natural language, names are not necessarily unique, eg, there are 23 cities in the USA named “Paris”, and therefore have to be disambiguated. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Analysis of business ranking for a connected group of Yelp users by aggregating preference pairs R Bhoompally – 2015 – … same, we take the review text and perform sentiment analysis using Alchemy API [4]. This API returns a simple sentiment value between -1 … However, if the rating for both businesses is equal, then we do a sentiment analysis on the review text using Alchemy API [4] to decide the … Related articles All 2 versions

Using microtasks to crowdsource DBpedia entity classification: A study in workflow design E Simperl, Q Bu, Y Li – … For semantic annotations, one of most cited works is [32], which elaborates on the quality of crowd-generated labels in natural language processing tasks, comparing … W2.1) Automatic tools addressing the same task (such as GATE,4 NLTK,5 Standford NLP,6, Alchemy API,7 and … Related articles All 2 versions

Continuous Improvement Model For Enhancing Student Engagement And Interaction In E-Learning Using Web Usage Pattern Analysis N Vivekananthamoorthy… – International Journal of …, 2015 – … sentiment analysis. Opinion mining is the area of research that attempts to determine human opinion from text written in natural language in the field of Information Retrieval and Computational Linguistics [2,4,5,10,27]. According … Related articles All 2 versions

What do cMOOC participants talk about in Social Media? S Joksimovi?, A Zouaq, V Kovanovi?, D Gaševi?… – 2015 – … eg, [28-30]), we made the following decision: short posts (tweets and Facebook messages) were annotated using TagMe, while Alchemy API was used for … ca/outline.htm 5 http://tagme.di.unipi. it/ 6 7 … Related articles All 4 versions

Expanding The NIF Ecosystem M Brümmer – 2015 – … Natural language corpora, collections of texts in different domains (like newspaper texts or literary prose), play an important role in … 5 opencalais:Person , semitags:person , 6 saplo:Person , zemanta:person , 7 extractiv:PERSON , yahoo:person , 8 alchemyapi:Person , wikimeta … Related articles All 2 versions

Extending the OLAP Technology for Social Media Analysis NU Rehman – 2015 – … The underlying dataset is enriched by using numerous methods from Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Page 8. … To derive better value from the data of social media, this chapter details various data enrichment methods, mainly from natural language processing … Related articles All 3 versions

An Approach For Sentiment Analysis Of Punjabi Text EPAEB Kaur22 – … [9] Sentiment classification has pulled in expanding enthusiasm from Natural Language Processing. … utilized our Senti Word Net plan to register the record level assumption for every motion picture looked into and contrasted the results and results got utilizing Alchemy API. … Related articles

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A syntactic approach for aspect based opinion mining TC Chinsha, S Joseph – Semantic Computing (ICSC), 2015 …, 2015 – … In the pro posed method he product features commented by the customer in the review are mined using natural language processing and Data mining. … the document-level sentiment for each movie reviewed and compared the results with results obtained using Alchemy API. … Cited by 11 Related articles All 2 versions

Pundit 2.0 C Morbidonia, A Picciolib – Citeseer … 12 13 14 15 … Posts in your blog contain information about movies directors, actors, genre, year of release, etc., but this is expressed in natural language and you … Related articles All 2 versions

Improving similarity measures of relatedness proximity: Toward augmented concept maps E Sasson, G Ravid, N Pliskin – Journal of Informetrics, 2015 – Elsevier … To uncover hidden patterns in the corpus and to generate a conventional concept map, information extraction (IE) is applied to the corpus, using a text mining (TM) technique based on natural language processing (NLP) followed by co-word analysis. … Related articles All 5 versions

Semantic Sentiment Analysis of Microblogs H Saif – 2015 – … ever worked with. Her extraordinary expertise and techniques in mathematics, machine learning and natural language processing inspired my work on this dissertation. … 96 Table 12 Evaluation results of AlchemyAPI, Zemanta and OpenCalais. 103 … Related articles All 2 versions

A chance discovery-based approach for new product–service system (PSS) concepts H Park, J Yoon – Service Business, 2015 – Springer … For grammatical analysis and word (or phrase) extraction, we can introduce open application programming interfaces for natural language processing (NLP) tools including Stanford parser and LinkGrammer parser and use commercial tools including AlchemyAPI (http://www … Cited by 6 Related articles All 8 versions

Mining and Analysing Social Network in the Oil Business: Twitter Sentiment Analysis and Prediction Approaches HA Aldahawi – 2015 – … URL – Uniform Resource Locator ROC – Receiver Operating Characteristic MLP – MultiLayer Perceptron CCT – Correctly Classified Tweets NLP – Natural Language Processing NT – Number of Tweets TF – Term Frequency CT – Characterization Toolkit … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Context-aware framework for collaborative applications CV Lima – 2015 – … of context information available of social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and real-world sensing sources to aggregate the con- text information to the user (see Chapter 6); • Support the increment of existing context information by Natural Language Processing and …

Improving Geolocation of Social Media Posts E Williams, J Gray, B Dixon – … 8 9 extraction … real world in social media: twitter, geolocation, and sentiment analysis,” in International Workshop on Mining Unstructured Big Data Using Natural Language Processing, San … Cited by 1 Related articles

Student model module specification M van der Schaaf – … Section 5.2, Natural Language Processing, paragraph 3 has been added as an explana- tion for the selection of the NLP Tool. … MTheories MEBN Theories NER Named Entity Recognition, a NLP technique NLP Natural Language Processing SM Student Model … Related articles

Text-Mining With Linked Data M Dostal – 2015 – … common. They may have different reasons but now we are focused on the fact that these SRS are widely adopted using just natural language without any additional semantic markup for automatic evaluation and inspection. … Related articles

MaLCoN: Machine Learning analysis on Copyright Notices MR Kothari – 2015 – Page 1. … Related articles

Development of an online reputation monitor GJC Venter – 2015 – Page 1. Development of an online reputation monitor GJC Venter 21735514 Dissertation submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Magister in Computer and Electronic Engineering at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University … Related articles

Service Research J Cardoso, B Schmitz, A Kieninger – Fundamentals of Service Systems, 2015 – Springer … Since information about services publicly available on organizations’ web sites (eg, customer references,2 technology3 and alliance partners lists,4 and business reports5) or in academic studies (eg, [28, 31]) is mainly expressed in natural language it is nowadays extremely … Related articles

The TagAdvisor: Luring the Lurkers to Review Web Items A Nazi, M Das, G Das – Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGMOD …, 2015 – Page 1. The TagAdvisor: Luring the Lurkers to Review Web Items Azade Nazi Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Texas, Arlington Mahashweta Das? HP Labs Palo Alto, USA … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

Leveraging User-Generated Content for Enhancing and personalizing News Recommendation. Y Meguebli – 2015 – Page 1. Leveraging User-Generated Content for Enhancing and personalizing News Recommendation. Youssef Meguebli To cite this version: Youssef Meguebli. Leveraging User-Generated Content for Enhancing and personalizing News Recommendation.. … Related articles All 3 versions

[BOOK] Health Web Science K Denecke – 2015 – Springer Page 1. Health Information Science Health Web Science Kerstin Denecke Social Media Data for Healthcare Page 2. Health Information Science Series Editor Yanchun Zhang More information about this series at Page 3. Page 4. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions