Jabber, XMPP & Chatbots

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (originally named Jabber)


XMPP is essentially the protocol behind instant messaging (IM), such as GTalk, MSN, etc.  It is my belief that there is a lack of understanding about the significance of XMPP for communication in artificial intelligence and the need for XMPP-Voice bridging, in the form of an IM – Voice Bridge.  Since XMPP is the open IM standard, it has the potential to be the lingua franca for chatbots, allowing them to interact with all other networked systems, as well as other chatbots.  XMPP interfaces, along with XML APIs, are ideal ways to create pluggable intelligences, whether Pandorabots, Verbots, OpenCog, ad infinitum.

Why is there no web-based voice-in / voice-out solution available for instant messaging (IM)?  I still think a STT-TTS system with a generic IM/XMPP backend would be a very useful product, especially when attached to an avatar system.  Avatar systems need to be modularized to accept *any* XMPP compatible intelligence (chatbot engine) on the backend.  I need a Windows desktop program that can plug any XMPP session into the backend and enable full voice interactivity with any Jabber chatbot.  I’ve been searching for a Windows-compatible desktop avatar (talking head) frontend, which can easily accept any Jabber/XMPP IM backend. 

If Twitter is like a global brain, then the XMPP-Twitter bridge is the way for everyman to connect their artificial intelligence with it.  It seems @chitterim is for GTalk what @TwitOnMSN is for Windows Live Messenger, an XMPP – Twitter bridge.

Unfortunately, IMified.com (@IMified) is to be discontinued 01 September 2012.  Some Jabber/XMPP bots may not be chatbots per se, but rather channel management utilities.  Jabber.org is the original IM service based on XMPP, the open standard for instant messaging, and one of the biggest nodes on the open XMPP network.


  • @CiscoSystems .. what ever happened to the 2001 Nuance-Jabber IM-Voice bridge: “Mobile Instant Messaging Gets Vocal” ?
  • @DragonDictator .. why is there no fully interactive XMPP-VoIP gateway available to speak directly with machines for the Internet of Things? 
  • @googlevoice .. the Internet of Things needs a fully interactive XMPP-VoIP gateway in order to speak directly with machines via #GoogleVoice 
  • @akalsey .. still believe the Internet of Things: voice to machine, and machine to machine natural language would best be mediated via XMPP 
  • @Skype .. fyi, what I want is fully interactive instant message to voice (IM-VoIP) conversation from #Skype voice with any XMPP interface 
  • @RayMuzyka @DoktorZee .. what is needed is an avatar (web & mobile) that can accept ANY plugNplay intelligence on the backend, i.e. via XMPP
  • @zapleetweet .. do you offer a bidirectional XMPP instant message IM – Voice bridge (text to speech <> speech to text) ?!? 
  • @ScreamingBee .. I’m looking for a robust XMPP instant message (IM) <-> Voice bridge (text to speech plus speech to text) ?!? 
  • @iSpeech .. help me out, I’m looking for a robust XMPP instant message (IM) <-> Voice bridge (text to speech plus speech to text) ?!? 
  • @chatbot4u .. FYI, you need a native Twitter binding in addition to your XMPP instant messaging options
  • @SitePal .. I want a *generic* (customizable) iPhone avatar app that can accept any XMPP compatible AI Engine or indeed any IM on backend 
  • @justinawilcox .. are there any @Articulate products for realtime web or mobile XMPP compatible AI applications, like @Pandorabots ?? 
  • @Screenr .. can your product be used on the web in realtime with an XMPP compatible AI Engine on the backend, such as @Pandorabots ?? 
  • @Oddcast .. Re “Odd Avatar” iPhone app .. I want a turnkey (customizable) avatar app for my own AI such as @Pandorabots or other XMPP engine
  • @JeffWalstrom .. I want a talking avatar app for instant messaging, plug n play any XMPP IM account on backend, IM-to-Speech & Speech-to-IM
  • @nedhodge Seems that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is not XMPP compatible .. most off-the-shelf chatbots will require an XMPP gateway 
  • @xtranormal  Is it possible to connect XMPP into your system?  Do you know of anyone using chatbots with your TTS and character animations? 




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