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This is far from an exhaustive list of all historical Twitter bots. This is a list of the highlights over the past decade as noted by the popular press. Be aware “Twitter bots” can be different things to different people at different times. There is a range of different kinds automation, and semi-automation, referred to as “Twitter bots”. However, this list should prove a good source of inspiration for building any kind of bot, on any platform.


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  • This Twitter Bot Will Interview You Like You’re Famous
  • How Twitter Bots Help Fuel Political Feuds
  • Pro-Hillary Twitter Bots Illegally Silence Progressives – America’s Lawyer
  • California Lawmakers Want Twitter Bots Branded With Disclaimers
  • Top 5: Harmless Twitter Bots That Won’t Affect Any Elections
  • Bot to tweet random PEI headlines ad infinitum
  • Watch: Engineer’s Twitter bot creates stunning time-lapse video of every Seattle sunset
  • Hackers Are So Fed Up With Twitter Bots They’re Hunting Them Down Themselves
  • These white-hat Twitter bots collaborate to solve chemistry problems
  • Right-wing Twitter propaganda bots pumping up Jeanne Ives campaign for governor, study finds
  • On Twitter, PM Modi has 20 million fake followers – is he about to lose them?
  • Twitter bots are now trying to tip the scales in local elections
  • The Big, Bad Bot Problem
  • Animal Shelter Twitter Bot is Collaboration Between City and Civic Code Group
  • Oscars scams ran wild thanks to Twitter bots
  • Students Build Program That Sniffs Out Twitter ‘Bots’
  • Troll With It – How Twitter Bots Threaten Our Democracy
  • Inside Twitter’s bot purge
  • Newsweek Retracts Story on Al Franken Twitter Bot Conspiracy Theory
  • Twitter is finally working to purge those bots by limiting mass tweets
  • Some prominent conservatives and white supremacists are blaming Twitter’s bot crackdown for wiping out thousands of their followers
  • Pro-Trump Russian Twitter Bots Boosted Anti-Islam Activists
  • Twitter Pornbots Hijack Company Hashtags
  • Online game ‘vaccinates’ users against fake news
  • Newsweek, Raw Story Fall for False Story Claiming Twitter Bots Took Down Franken
  • The GOP Is Conducting Cyber Warfare Against Political Opponents
  • How An Alt-Right Bot Network Took Down Al Franken
  • Twitter bots post fake claims of white people being assaulted to deter ‘Black Panther’ viewings
  • AI manipulation is on the rise
  • Rampaging Twitter ‘bots’ bred in Suffolk farmhouse
  • Russian Twitter bots seize on gun hashtags after Parkland
  • Twitter bot offers a rare look inside the Darwin’s forgotten first newspaper, the NT Times and Gazette
  • The Reality of Twitter Puffery. Or Why Does Everyone Now Hate Bots?
  • A Twitter Bot Uncovered a Long Lost DOS Game From the 90s
  • Twitter’s Bot Invasion
  • Vancouver woman angry she became face of Russian Twitter bot fraud
  • Why social media companies won’t kill off bots
  • Twitter’s Bot Problem Is Worse Than You Think
  • How Twitter bots are recycling Cold War techniques to sow political division
  • Fake follower factory Devumi denies Twitter bots post NYT exposé
  • Inject a little eroticism and video game jargon into your timeline with this Twitter bot
  • How To Find Out If A Twitter Bot Is Impersonating You Online
  • Devumi fakes their Glassdoor ratings as well as bogus Twitter bots
  • Twitter’s huge bot problem is out of the bag
  • Social Media Scams: Public Figures Under Fire for Buying Fake Followers
  • Social media bots are a real problem and California may regulate them
  • Puffing up the number of social media followers is just a click away
  • Twitter influencers suspect a bot ‘purge’
  • Twitter bot sellers probed for pushing ‘stolen identities’ to celebs
  • Twitter Bot Company Devumi Is Under Investigation
  • Twitter bots are stealing social media identities for profit
  • Why Are So Many Israeli Politicians Backed By Twitter Bots?
  • Report On Identity-Stealing Twitter Bots Will Be Investigated By NY Attorney General
  • Trump was almost ten times more popular with Russian Twitter bots than Clinton
  • Trump Liked A Tweet On RNC Chair Sexual Misconduct Allegations, According To Twitter Bot
  • The Follower Factory
  • This bot can tell if your Twitter crush likes you back
  • Russian Twitterbots are blaming the United States shutdown on Democrats
  • Russian Twitterbots Are Blaming the US Shutdown on Democrats
  • #schumershutdown trending with Russia-linked Twitter bots
  • Q&A: Max Bittker’s Twitter Bot Tracks New Words in The New York Times
  • Russian-Linked Twitter Bots Trying to Help Devin Nunes Push ‘Profoundly Misleading’ Memo
  • Check your email to see if you got duped by a Russian Twitter bot during the 2016 election
  • Why Twitter Is the Best Playground for Bot Developers
  • This bot unrolls Twitter threads and turns them into readable blog posts













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