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Even though they may accept natural language commands, IRC bots are often more like “do-engines” and incorrectly referred to as “chatbots”. XDCC now refers to IRC bots running file sharing programs in general. The Swedish lyrics of Boten Anna tell the story of a female IRC user mistaken for an IRC bot by the vocalist. To connect a Pandorabot with IRC, download Eggdrop TCL scripts alice.tcl and egghttp.tcl (may be broken). Twitter bot @suqmuhnutz is an example of a realtime Twitter-IRC bridge using Eggdrop and MegaHAL AI. Twitter bot @scribbington by @tenach is another example of a randomly tweeting Python IRC chatbot.



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  • .. pseudo-AI IRC bot written in Python, uses Markov chain to generate chat, also performs basic IRC channel maintenance
  • .. an IRC to other chat networks gateway, now with native Twitter support .. by @BitlBee
  • .. supercharge your chatroom with webhooks, for Campfire business group chat and IRC .. by @Botriot
  • .. oldest IRC bot still in active development, created in 1993
  • .. an IRC bot written in C++ that allows the user to run several plugins on an IRC server
  • .. PHP-IRC is a modular IRC bot written in PHP5 with a combination of object based/oriented programming
  • .. Ruby IRC infobot framework with a highly modular design based around plugins
  • .. IRC bot that connects to an IRC server and uses the FreeTTS speech synthesizer to read out loud all channel messages
  • .. flexible IRC bot with nested commands, easy configuration and easy plugin system
  • .. presents twitter as an IRC channel, connect to tircd with any IRC client and Twitter as if you were on IRC
  • .. IRC conversation simulator (chatbot) utilising Markov chains, Hebbian networks and information theory
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