Dialog Systems

Dialog Systems

Ainova Robotics Inc. is a company that focuses on developing software and hardware products in the area of artificial intelligence.

We specialize in customizing the solutions in the field of Text-to-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Speaker Verification, Voice Transformation and Human Machine Dialog System mainly focused in Indian languages.

Bonobo.ai is a platform for Marketing Automation and Behavioral Insights for Conversational Human-Machine Interactions.

Based on the most-popular open source botmaking toolkit, Botkit Studio is a comprehensive toolset for developers to build conversational software (See also: howdy.ai)

BrainShop helps your products understand human words and respond with a human touch. (See also: acobot.com)

Cognitive Code Corporation is a privately-held company specializing in the development and deployment of practical conversational artificial intelligence systems, based on our proprietary patented SILVIA technologies.