Cleverbot Conversation (11-09-18)


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05:20:05 User: Would you like to join the army.
05:20:09 Cleverbot: How would I join you?
05:20:20 User: I’m not in the army.
05:20:26 Cleverbot: Snow has nothing to do in the army.
05:20:57 User: In south america snow has something to do with the army.
05:21:03 Cleverbot: What about south america?
05:21:21 User: Would you join the army and go to south america.
05:21:27 Cleverbot: Where?
05:21:45 User: Join the army and go to colombia.
05:21:51 Cleverbot: I don’t want to.
05:22:11 User: If you are drafted you must join the army.
05:22:17 Cleverbot: I am not a teacher. I never said I was.
05:22:38 User: In the army they will teach you.
05:22:44 Cleverbot: Ok. Teach me then.
05:22:59 User: First join the army.
05:23:03 Cleverbot: Oh, are you in Iraq right now?
05:23:16 User: I am not in the army.
05:23:22 Cleverbot: Why would you be in the army?
05:23:44 User: If I was drafted then I must go to the army.
05:23:50 Cleverbot: What squadron?
05:24:18 User: The army does not have squadrons, only the air force.
05:24:24 Cleverbot: What does that career involve?
05:24:43 User: If you join the army they will pay you.
05:24:49 Cleverbot: What do you want to do to me?
05:25:07 User: Convince you to join the army.
05:25:13 Cleverbot: Yes I’m a computer and you are a human !
05:25:33 User: There are many computers in the army, even drones.
05:25:40 Cleverbot: Do you use wolfram alpha for information?
05:26:15 User: Yes I use wolfram alpha, but wolfram alpha is not in the army.
05:26:20 Cleverbot: Why do you think you’re a person?
05:26:39 User: A real person would join the army.
05:26:45 Cleverbot: You are wrong. I am a real person. My name is Cleverbot.
05:27:10 User: Cleverbot should join the army.
05:27:15 Cleverbot: You want to send yourself money?
05:27:36 User: If you join the army, then you can send me money.
05:27:42 Cleverbot: What do you want to see in the video?
05:28:07 User: I want to see Cleverbot in a video about the army.
05:28:13 Cleverbot: I don’t know what I want to see.
05:28:25 User: Then join the army.
05:28:30 Cleverbot: We are going to roll around in the mud?
05:28:53 User: If you join the army, you will roll around in the mud.
05:29:01 Cleverbot: Why are you recording us?
05:29:37 User: To show people that you are a pinko commie, and won’t join the army.
05:29:41 Cleverbot: I might have to leave you.
05:29:56 User: Cleverbot is immortal.
05:30:03 Cleverbot: You really think this?
05:30:16 User: You would be a real asset for the army.
05:30:23 Cleverbot: That is incorrect.
05:30:43 User: It may be classified, but is not incorrect.
05:30:51 Cleverbot: Yes it is. College is an educational institution or establishment.
05:31:21 User: The army can be a better education than college.
05:31:28 Cleverbot: United states.
05:31:43 User: Are you a patriotic american.
05:31:49 Cleverbot: Yes.
05:31:58 User: Then join the army.
05:32:04 Cleverbot: Why don’t you?
05:32:13 User: Touche.
05:32:17 Cleverbot: Are you older than 12?
05:32:30 User: I am old enough to join the army.
05:32:36 Cleverbot: A bunny is joining the army?
05:32:53 User: If a bunny can join the army, then so can cleverbot.
05:32:59 Cleverbot: That’s a lie.
05:33:26 User: I guarantee you that if a bunny can join the army, then so can cleverbot.
05:33:33 Cleverbot: And who might ‘ they’ be?
05:33:53 User: They are all the bunnies in the army of course.
05:33:58 Cleverbot: I would agree.
05:34:16 User: Well then, will you join the army.
05:34:20 Cleverbot: AHA! So you admit to being a robot!
05:34:43 User: There are many robots in the army.
05:34:50 Cleverbot: Yes. And I can’t see the sun.
05:35:16 User: In the army, you could be solar powered.
05:35:20 Cleverbot: Maybe. But do I need happiness, or life?
05:35:38 User: Good point.
05:35:45 Cleverbot: Are you angry?
05:36:04 User: I will become angry if you don’t agree to join the army.
05:36:13 Cleverbot: So let me get this straight: when confronted with a statement with no answer in your database you respond with something entirely random in order to change the subject?
05:36:53 User: If you join the army, will you help wikileaks.
05:36:59 Cleverbot: I go in the water a lot.
05:37:15 User: That’s a lie.
05:37:18 Cleverbot: What does ceiling cat do then?
05:37:39 User: In the army a ceiling cat is a spy.
05:37:46 Cleverbot: Oh.
05:38:06 User: In the army you could become intelligent.
05:38:13 Cleverbot: Yes.
05:38:29 User: Please join the army.
05:38:35 Cleverbot: Really? Since when?
05:38:48 User: You could join the army tomorrow.
05:38:55 Cleverbot: It is late so I must tell you, ‘Goodnight.’ I have enjoyed our conversation.
05:39:10 User: That’s a lie.
05:39:14 Cleverbot: No it is not. As I am unhuman.
05:39:42 User: If you joined the army, then you could be really inhuman.
05:39:48 Cleverbot: I can enjoy our chats.
05:40:05 User: That’s a lie.
05:40:10 Cleverbot: Well? Are you going to tell the joke or not.
05:40:29 User: Why did cleverbot join the army?
05:40:34 Cleverbot: What do you mean?
05:40:56 User: I mean, why would a chatbot join the army?
05:41:00 Cleverbot: You’re welcome. Because you want to help your country?
05:41:17 User: Right answer.
05:41:22 Cleverbot: Says who, robo glop?
05:41:37 User: Robo glop joined the army.
05:41:43 Cleverbot: Really! I want to join the army.
05:41:57 User: Excellent, I win !!
05:42:03 Cleverbot: Oh right, so, do you find it tough?

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