JSON & Rule Engines 2014

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Business rule learning with interactive selection of association rules S Voj?r, PV Duben, T Kliegr – RuleML Challenge, 2014 – ceur-ws.org … Abstract. This paper presents the implementation of a classification system based on learning of association rules in conjunction with Drools rule engine. … The system uses Drools Expert classes and the functionality is accessible through REST web services in XML or JSON. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Design of cloud services platform based on JSON Y Qun, Z Jianbo – … Science & Education (ICCSE), 2014 9th …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … [6] Pascalau, Emilian , Giurca, Adrian, “lSON mles – The lavaScript rule engine”.in CEUR … using lSON”.in 2010 7th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference.20 10; [8] Petitpierre, Claude, “Bottom up creation of a DSL using templates and JSON”.in SPLASH … Cited by 2 Related articles

Computerized Radiology Scheduling Support Using A Rules Engine JBD Expert – researchgate.net … such as Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to consume and send information. The use of a JSON-based web service to expose the rules engine ensures that the development of interfaces will be … Related articles

Scalable and High-Throughput Execution of Clinical Quality Measures from Electronic Health Records using MapReduce and the JBoss Drools Engine KJ Peterson, J Pathak – AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2014 – ncbi.nlm.nih.gov … 2.6 Measure Execution using the JBoss ® Drools Rules Engine. The JBoss ® Drools Rule Engine provides the execution framework for the clinical quality measures. Given the input HQMF/QDM XML, the intermediary JSON representation is then compiled into Drools Rules. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Event Processing over a Distributed JSON Store: Design and Performance M Enoki, J Siméon, H Horii, M Hirzel – Web Information Systems …, 2014 – Springer … 15. Node.js v0.10.24 manual & documentation (2013), http://nodejs.org/ 16. Pascalau, E., Giurca, A.: JSON rules: The JavaScript rule engine. In: Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering (KESE) (2008) 17. Peng, D … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Design and Implementation of a Rule-based Recommender Application Framework for the Semantic Web Data T Rattanasawad, M Buranarach, YM Thein… – 2013 Linked Data in …, 2014 – ceur-ws.org … view, edit, and delete recom- mendation rules, import other rules in format of the rule template, and export rules to interchange formats, eg, RDF, JSON, and RIF [4 … 5. The Apache Software Foundation: Apache Jena-Reasoners and rule engines Jena inference support, http://jena. … Related articles All 4 versions

A Design of Web-based Services Using RESTful API for Vertical Farm S Sivamani, K Kwak, Y Cho – Life Science Journal, 2014 – lifesciencesite.com … The rule engine tab helps in the assignment of new schedules and crop stimulation process. The information is obtained by using the REST API which returns a JSON response. Page 5. Life Science Journal 2014;11(7) http://www.lifesciencesite.com … Related articles

On M2M Software Platforms SS MANFRED, N DMITRY – International Journal of Open …, 2014 – cyberleninka.ru … Developers can extend the rules engine using Axeda’s Scripting API to “mash up” platform capabilities with other cloud-based services. … At the same time, we should mention the shift towards REST API and more developers-friendly formats: JSON (JSONP) vs. XML [17]. … Related articles

Constructing Narrative Visualizations as a means of Increasing Learner Engagement B Yousuf, O Conlan – ceur-ws.org … 4.2.2 Rules Engine The Rules Engine uses the formatted query results and the data slice metadata to determine appropriate visualization … 4.2.3 Visualization Builder The current set of visualization techniques supported by VisEN requires data to be formatted as JSON objects. … Related articles

Developing microservice-based distributed workflow engine. H Kurhinen – 2014 – theseus32-kk.lib.helsinki.fi … language, usually xml, which the business rules engine then follows and performs tasks speci- Page 8. 4 … Jersey provides automatic encoders for example if it is specified that method should return JSON, method can return any serializable java-object which is then … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

A Cross-Platform Benchmark Framework for Mobile Semantic Web Reasoning Engines W Van Woensel, N Al Haider, A Ahmad… – The Semantic Web– …, 2014 – Springer … such as (not-)exists, optional, minus and union, are currently not supported, since it is difficult to convert them to all rule engine formats, and … The object is added to a folder called setups and listed in a mapping.json file, which maps combinations of process flows (eg, Frequen … Cited by 3 Related articles All 5 versions

Research and Implementation of the Collaborative Learning Platform Based on Liferay YQ Shi, JW Zhou, P Wang, R Tao – … Systems Conference (ES), …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Liferay Portal supports REST style and JSON lightweight Web services, so easy to maintain the code, also supports Ajax-based user … By ESB, we can integrate SharePoint,BPM(eg JBPM workflow engine, Intalio | BPMS engine), the rule engine (Drools), BI XFORMS report, JCR … Related articles

A Proposed Mobile Based Health Care System for Patient Diagnosis using Android OS MKD Bodhe, RR Sawant, MAN Kazi – 2014 – ijcsmc.com … Keywords: Android OS; ECG; Diabetes; JSON … An enterprise application-server framework, combined with a rules engine and statistical analysis tools, is used to analyze the acquired telehealth data, searching for trends and shifts in parameter values, as well as identifying … All 2 versions

Flexible IoT middleware for integration of things and applications J Boman, J Taylor, AH Ngu – … : Networking, Applications and …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … If you want a rule engine that can interpret the data, you will either have to develop one yourself or find one that is compatible with Xively. … Once the data is interpreted, the devices send the results as a JSON document and host the document on Firebase. … Related articles All 2 versions

Keeping you in the loop: Enabling web-based things management in the internet of things L Yao, QZ Sheng, AHH Ngu, B Gao – Proceedings of the 23rd ACM …, 2014 – dl.acm.org … The Rule Engine includes three main components: the Rule Builder, the Rule Interpreter, and the Rule Parser. … The APIs are represented using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which is developed from the JavaScript for repre- senting simple data structures and associated … Cited by 1 Related articles

SPARQL Template: A Transformation Language for RDF O Corby, C Faron-Zucker, F Gandon – 2014 – hal.inria.fr … syntactic extension to SPARQL in order to facilitate the writing of transformation rules and an implementation of a generic transformation rule engine. … It is provided with several syntaxes (XML, Turtle, JSON-LD, TriG, N-Triples, N-Quads, RDFa) to rep- resent and interchange data … Cited by 3 Related articles All 9 versions

Intelligent System for Optimisation in Golf Course Maintenance JM LOPEZ – … Research and Development: Recent Advances and …, 2014 – books.google.com … Intelligent Systems, Rule Engine, Golf Course, Image Processing, Decision Support Systems 1. Introduction Recreational water takes up a growing percentage of total water use and … It accepts JSON and XML as input encoding and use JSON as output encoding (also XML-ready … Related articles

Developing eXtensible mHealth Solutions for Low Resource Settings Y O’Connor, T O’Sullivan, J Gallagher… – Mining Intelligence and …, 2014 – Springer … Editio Controller framework w communication between th through RESTful requests underpinning eCCM is dep has been constructed to su tests have been created to e support rule engine. … D he Android device and the cloud-based server is facilita s using JSON data structures … Related articles All 3 versions

Approaching the Internet of Things through Integrating SOA and Complex Event Processing J Boubeta-Puig, G Ortiz… – Handbook of Research on …, 2014 – books.google.com … In addition, Xively provides a RESTful API that offers data as XML, CSV and JSON feeds. This API allows us to easily write applications which pull data from any number of feeds in real time. … The use of a CEP engine instead of a rule engine provides substantial benefits. … Cited by 1 All 2 versions

Handbook of Research on Demand-Driven Web Services: Theory, Technologies, and Applications Z Sun, J Yearwood – 2014 – researchgate.net … In addition, Xively provides a RESTful API that offers data as XML, CSV and JSON feeds. This API allows us to easily write applications which pull data from any number of feeds in real time. … The use of a CEP engine instead of a rule engine provides substantial benefits. … Related articles

NLP Based Retrieval Of Medical Information For Diagnosis Of Human Diseases G Dhole, N Uke – esatjournals.org … Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON- like documents with dynamic schemas (MongoDB calls the format BSON … The Intellect rule engine is a rule engine which can maintain a list of rules. … Related articles All 2 versions

A Web Platform to Collect, Manage and Share Heterogeneous Sensor Data A Piras, D Carboni, A Pintus – Sensors, 2014 – Springer … blocking Web server and tools; NGINX, the load balancer used in conjunction with Tornado; and MongoDB which natively stores schema-free, JSON-like documents … For each connection, the system is responsible to process user-defined rules by a JavaScript-based rule engine. … Related articles All 4 versions

Online Map Games–playful interaction with complex real-world issues O Ahlqvist, R Benkar, B Mikula, K Vatev, R Ramnath… – geogames-team.org … Data exchange using JSON ASP .NET MVC, REST, ASP .NET SignalR … The game engine and the assessment module integrate the WebRule rules engine (http://rule.codeeffects.com/) for game rules in combination with .NET interceptors for pushing event-driven assessment … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Expert System for the LHC CMS Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC) detector V Rapsevicius, E Juska – Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics …, 2014 – Elsevier … They produce outputs ranging from loosely defined literal or JSON files to well-defined and structured binary, XML or tabular formats … the system, facts have to take many forms – namely XML while transporting, Java objects while supporting business logic (rules engine, GUI, etc … Related articles All 5 versions

Rapid development of smart parking system with cloud-based platforms Z Suryady, GR Sinniah, S Haseeb… – … Technology for The …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … The raw data of the parking sensors is streamed to Carriots IOT Platform in JSON format, and stored in NoSQL storage. … Hence the Groovy Scripting Environment also enables us to create rules engine for rule based processing of incoming data feeds from sensor parking. … Cited by 2 Related articles

Adaptive digital resource modelling for interactive system D Sawadogo, R Champagnat… – Control, Decision and …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Students might take a diagnostic test on the first day that will be fed into a rules engine to lay out that individuals path and content; • Adaptive Learning(true adaptive) is data-driven and continually … The user profile data are retrieved using web service restful API in a JSON file. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

Quality of experience-enabled social networks A Abouzeid, M Hormati, R Glitho… – Proceedings of the 10th …, 2014 – dl.acm.org … It supports multiple data representations for resources (JSON, XML, etc.) and its mapping rules allow the server to implement a single interface. … Meanwhile, the Retrieve Engine and the Rule Engine have the exact same functionality as the Post Engine, but on the retrieving and … Related articles All 2 versions

Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2014 NR Sturtevant, J Orkin, R Zubek, M Cook… – … and Interactive Digital …, 2014 – cs.du.edu … representing knowledge about each unit and about the world • Rules of the simulation expressed in a succinct domain- specific language • Rules engine itself to … Finally, the last piece of the puzzle was expressing these rules in a domain specific language built on top of JSON. … Related articles All 3 versions

A Proactive Approach for Information Sharing Strategies in an Environment of Multiple Connected Ubiquitous Devices RA Dobrican, D Zampunieris – … and Data Engineering (USDE 2014) in …, 2014 – orbilu.uni.lu … The Rules Engine is a mechanism in charge of executing Proactive Rules. The Proactive Rules, queued in the Rules Queue, which are triggered iteratively by the Rules Engine. … Fig. 5. An example of JSON-based message exchanged between UPDs … Related articles All 4 versions

Towards pattern-based architectures for event processing systems R Bruns, J Dunkel – Software: Practice and Experience, 2014 – Wiley Online Library … of EPAs in [5]. According Luckham, an EPA is a software component specialized on event stream processing with its own dedicated rule engine and rule base … A translation step can be used to convert event data to the format needed by a special CEP engine (eg, XML or JSON). … Cited by 4 Related articles

Using Complex Event Processing to support data fusion for ambulance coordination R Bruns, J Dunkel, H Billhardt, M Lujak… – … (FUSION), 2014 17th …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Luckham introduced the concept of event processing agents (EPA) [3]. An EPA is an individual CEP component with its own rule engine and rule base. … The two distributed tiers of the system communicate with each other by exchanging JSON messages: assignment mes- … Cited by 3 Related articles

Empowering end-users to develop context-aware mobile applications using a web platform D Martin, C Lamsfus, A Alzua-Sorzabal… – Future Internet of …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … This way, the architecture of the platform has been designed in order to generate outputs (eg text, data, JSON, URL) triggered by logical rules, that will be sent to mobile applications based on the user’s … “Context-Based Tourism Information Filtering with a Semantic Rule Engine”. … Related articles All 5 versions

Handling smart environment devices, data and services at the semantic level with the FI-WARE core platform F Ramparany, F Galan Marquez… – Big Data (Big Data), …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … In particular, a specific syntax for using JSON called JSON- LD has ben recently introduced to serialize LinkedData with the motivation to … These reasoning task can be implemented using rule-based systems enacted with generic rule engines and fed with domain-specific rules. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Wordcraft Final Report A DeSouza, D Anand, S Sharma, V Starostenko… – getwordcraft.com … also allowing for multiple combinations of sentences. The model in our Model View Controller (MVC) structure is the JSON data structure, which drives the rules engine. There are three main sections in the data structure: Noun, Verb, and Adjective. For every … Related articles

ARTIST Technical Feasibility Tool: Supporting the Early Technical Feasibility Assessment of Application Cloudifications JA Ibarra, L Orue-Echevarria, ZC Seoane… – artist-project.eu … The strategy suggestion process is handled by the rule engine which is implemented using JBoss Drools • Effort Estimation component: This component estimates the effort required to … Besides, it also provides exporting features to convenient formats like XML or JSON. … Related articles

A framework for evaluating Internet-of-Things platforms: Application provider viewpoint O Mazhelis, P Tyrvainen – Internet of Things (WF-IoT), 2014 …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Web: The platforms’s MOSAIC environment offers APIs for connectivity, data streams, and rule engine. A community version of it (openMOSAIC) shall be available in future. … Web: The platform offers RESTful APIs (HTTP/JSON) and libraries for Node.js, Ruby, PHP, and Python. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 5 versions

Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Managing Resources in a Multi-Domain Infrastructure-as-a-Service Environment Y Xin, I Baldin, J Chase, K Ogan – arXiv preprint arXiv:1403.0949, 2014 – arxiv.org … Third, rule engines can be used to perform additional processing on the models in a declarative, rather than procedural fashion, which makes them … The alternatives, as used today in many systems [17, 13, 4], are JSON or XML-based schemas, encoding only the syntax rules … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

A context-aware mobile web middleware for service of surveillance video with privacy J Shen, YJ Cai, L Luo – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2014 – Springer … These rules are explicitly updated and changed by users using user interface and implicitly learnt by the rule engine itself. & Context DB. … And the actual data like texts in the payload may be one of many different kinds of format that can be XML, JSON or even the customized. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Enterprise integration of smart objects using semantic service descriptions M Thoma, T Braun, C Magerkurth – … and Networking Conference …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … On one hand, enterprise IT backend systems are based on service oriented architectures (SOA) and driven by business rule engines or business process … On the IPI we support CoAP REST RDF, CoAP REST XML, SOAP WSDL, HTTP REST XML, and HTTP REST JSON. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

A cloud-based car parking middleware for IoT-based smart cities: design and implementation Z Ji, I Ganchev, M O’Droma, L Zhao, X Zhang – Sensors, 2014 – mdpi.com … Figure 11 shows the UML diagram of the Drools main recommendation classes, used in the rule engine part. … When the response arrives, it is formatted with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and is sent back to the Android client application. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 10 versions

ProcessBase: a hybrid process management platform MC Barukh, B Benatallah – Service-Oriented Computing, 2014 – Springer … Federated Engine Generic Service-Access Layer ServiceBus Reactive Rule Engine BPEL Engine y … REST); as well as in message-interchange formats, (eg JSON, XML, CSV, or Media files, etc.). Moreover, APIs are constantly subject to change, (eg due to system updates, … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

DIA2: Web-based Cyberinfrastructure for Visual Analysis of Funding Portfolios K Madhavan, N Elmqvist, M Vorvoreanu… – Visualization and …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … The JSON/RPC services allow for better consistency, maintenance, and security of the data components. … Furthermore, the rules engine also tracks and provides appropriate processing frameworks to other DIA2 visualization services (such as the treemap visualization) and … Cited by 5 Related articles All 5 versions

Web-based multimodal multidomain spoken dialogue system R Jiang, RE Banchs, S Kim, KH Yeo… – Proceedings of 5th …, 2014 – rbanchs.com … With the developed database plug-in, rule engine plug-in and information retrieval plug-in, the dialogue framework is able to access … server from the dialogue services by direct persistent communication between web browser and dialogue proxy server in JSON format through … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

XRAS: Allocations software as a service in XSEDE DL Hart, A Schuele, E Soriano, M Dahan… – Proceedings of the 2014 …, 2014 – dl.acm.org … HTTP POST and PUT requests accept the body of the request in JSON and return the same three- stanza JSON response, with the new or … XRAS uses a rules engine is so that a client organization can easily maintain their existing business logic within the allocation process [25 … Related articles All 3 versions

Accessibility through Preferences: Context-Aware Recommender of Settings A Iglesias-Pérez, C Loitsch, N Kaklanis, K Votis… – Universal Access in …, 2014 – Springer … A reasoning module and rule engine undertake decision-making about selecting appropriate and concrete interaction elements. … that collects, stores and process the data from sensors and when some triggers are fired it sends the processed data to a client in JSON format. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

IoTLink: An Internet of Things Prototyping Toolkit F Pramudianto, CA Kamienski, E Souto, F Borelli… – researchgate.net … Voting Fuse MinMax Average Esper Engine Relational Database SOAP Output Rule Engine … RESTInput allows the users to poll a resource on a specific URL. It also uses XPath and JSONPath to parse the incoming XML and JSON respectively. … Related articles All 2 versions

Towards a Unified and Modular Approach for Visual Analysis of Enterprise Models D Naranjo, M Sanchez… – … (EDOCW), 2014 IEEE 18th …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … In the other two cases, we calculated the breadth tree of the graph, and translated it to the JSON format. … scope is just Change Impact Anal- ysis, they exploit the graph structure of these ontologies, and leverage analysis with the use of ontology tools and inference rule engines. … Related articles All 3 versions

A Mobile Assistant for Turkish G Çelikkaya, G Eryi?it – TÜRK?YE B?L???M VAKFI B?LG?SAYAR B?L?MLER? …, 2014 – bmbb.info … Both the request and response messages are encoded with JSON format on our messaging protocol. … 1) Rule Based Classification: In this work, we have developed a rule engine to directly create and modify sets of classification rules. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A digital repository with an extensible data model for biobanking and genomic analysis management M Izzo, F Mortola, G Arnulfo, MM Fato… – BMC genomics, 2014 – biomedcentral.com … Client and server exchange messages using JSON [33] through JSON-RPC protocol whenever possible. … An autonomous iRODS system – named iRODS Zone – is constituted by at least an iRODS Server, a metadata catalogue and a Rule Engine Server. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 9 versions

Design and evaluation of a conversational agent for the touristic domain A Niculescu, KH Yeo, LF D’Haro, S Kim… – Asia-Pacific Signal …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … of pluggable modules: audio recording, voice activity detection, speech recognition, language understanding, language generation, speech synthesis, database access, socNet communication, rule engine to web … The communication protocol consists of various JSON objects. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A Flexible Framework for Adaptive Knowledge Retrieval and Fusion for Kiosk Systems and Mobile Clients S Bergweiler – Language (WADL) – researchgate.net … A consideration of the Rule Engine relies on a set of predefined rules that are stored in a local rule base. … Depending on the user’s query and the type of client application (smartphone, tablet or desktop) the output format is specified (RDF, XML, JSON, eTFS, etc.). … Related articles

Conclusion and Outlook V Stiehl – Process-Driven Applications with BPMN, 2014 – Springer … We now have tools such as collaboration software, rules engines and process engines, and analytical applications at our disposal; these, paired with the … and the same resource can have different representations, for example, as an HTML or XML file, in JSON (JavaScript Object … Related articles

Correlation and Consolidation of Distributed Logging Data in Enterprise Clouds S Reissmann, D Frisch, C Pape… – … Volume 7, Number 1 & 2, …, 2014 – researchgate.net … VM VM VM VM VM VM monitoring/ reporting & log analysis storage log correlation & aggregation (Drools Fusion) NoSQL storage (ElasticSearch) JSON JSON central logging server (rsyslog+ liblognorm) Syslog data (TLS) Syslog correlation prototype Fig. … Related articles All 2 versions

Implementing judgement and analysis rules for comparative data analysis in oracle D Steiner, B Neumayr – 2014 – dke.jku.at … 51 4 Rule Engine Implementation 52 … [2011] and further elaborated in Neuböck et al. [2013]. In this work the implementation of a rule engine prototype is described, which implements the core functionalities of judgement and analysis rules, as described in 7 Page 8. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

Design comparison of traditional application and SaaS R Vidhyalakshmi, V Kumar – Computing for Sustainable Global …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Java Script Object Notation (JSON) Used for serializing and transmitting secure data over network. … Involving a light weight open source rule engine and a work flow component with a clear separation between the two is the desired solution to enhance reusability [10]. … Related articles

Blueprint for Business Middleware as a Managed Cloud Service P Dettori, D Frank, SR Seelam… – Cloud Engineering (IC2E …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … 2. IBM Decision Server: runtime components including the rules engine to automate decision logic, enabling the detection of business situations and precise response based on the context of the interaction. … Manage (Rest I/F) JSON JSON RSRC POOL PERSIST LOGGING … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Validating Documents of Web-based Metalanguages Using Semantic Rules M Kálmán – 2014 – doktori.bibl.u-szeged.hu Page 1. University of Szeged Faculty of Science and Informatics Department of Software Engineering Validating Documents of Web-based Metalanguages Using Semantic Rules Ph.D. Dissertation Candidate Miklós Kálmán Supervisor Prof. Tibor Gyimóthy … Related articles

[BOOK] AngularJS Services J Lavin – 2014 – books.google.com … Servicesunderlie everything? they provide crosscutting functionality, request and manipulate data, integrate with external services, andincorporate businesslogic, andyetthey’reas simple as a JSON object. Services arelike thefoundation ofabuilding. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 8 versions

A model-based security toolkit for the internet of things R Neisse, IN Fovino, G Baldini… – … and Security (ARES) …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … (JSON) format and HTTP. In … granularity. Our PDP component is a rule engine that keeps track of all time step granularities for the existing rule instances, observes the events, and evaluates the rules at the end of each time step window. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 5 versions

IRAR: Smart Intention Recognition and Action Recommendation for Cyber-Physical Industry Environments J Haupert, S Bergweiler, P Poller… – … Environments (IE), 2014 …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Such data is gathered by Web services providing data in standardized XML- or JSON-format. … Figure 5 demonstrates how the interaction between rule engine, rules and the collected facts, stored in the context ontology, works. … Related articles All 2 versions

A comprehensive framework for detecting and preventing VoIP fraud and misuse D Hoffstadt, E Rathgeb, M Liebig… – Computing, …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … The techniques include a rule engine, call profiling, geolocation profiling, Top-k, and Neural Networks Self Organizing Map (NN- SOM). … 4. This interface uses HTTP requests for transfer and the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format [18] for representing the data. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 6 versions

Legacy Software Integration in Service-Driven Environments: An Intelligent Agent-Based Framework CY Pang – Handbook of Research on Architectural Trends in …, 2014 – books.google.com … and implementation methodology that facilitates the integration of service clients with the mainframe legacy systems by detailing the service agents, enterprise service bus, scripting and rule engines, that enable … Context data can be in the form of JSON, XML, DOM and POJO. … All 2 versions

Versatile form validation using jSRML M Kálmán – Acta Cybernetica, 2014 – inf.u-szeged.hu … 558 Miklós Kálmán updated the rule engine itself will not change, only the rules, reducing the possibility of error. This is a very large benefit compared to the pure JavaScript approaches. … Async post to validation server Validate all fields Return JSON results Client Parse JSON … Cited by 1 Related articles

SemantEco: A semantically powered modular architecture for integrating distributed environmental and ecological data EW Patton, P Seyed, P Wang, L Fu, FJ Dein… – Future Generation …, 2014 – Elsevier We aim to inform the development of decision support tools for resource managers who need to examine large complex ecosystems and make recommendations in the fa. Cited by 6 Related articles All 6 versions

A Notification Service for an Open Data Service P Eichhorn – 2014 – dirk.riehle.org … This mismatch becomes even more apparent when looking at the other components that are part of Drools, such as the web UI for managing rules (Drools Workbench), the rule engine (Drools Expert), the business project management suite (jBPM) or the business resource … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

MERRA analytic services: Meeting the big data challenges of climate science through cloud-enabled climate analytics-as-a-service JL Schnase, DQ Duffy, GS Tamkin, D Nadeau… – … Environment and Urban …, 2014 – Elsevier … As part of each resource server, a distributed rule engine is implemented that provides extensibility and customizability by encoding server … HTTP methods explicitly, is stateless, exposes directly structure-like URIs, and transfers XML, JavScript Object Notation (JSON), or both. … Cited by 11 Related articles All 3 versions

A social analytics platform for smarter commerce solutions M Desmond, HL Guo, FF Heath, S Bao… – IBM Journal of …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … solution layer. The solution layer exposes its results to the presentation layer via basic web services with data in JSON (JavaScript** Object Notation) format allowing them to be ingested by a variety of front-ends including the IBM … Related articles

Helping Developers to Look Deeper inside Game Sessions MTCF Albuquerque, G Lisboa Ramalho… – … Games and Digital …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … digit> ::= 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ::= EntityManipulation ::= ToCreate | ToMove | ToOwn | ToShoot | ToCollide | ToRemove ::= MAZE | PACMAN | BLINKY | PINK | … 5. Refactor the resulting DSL to use the JSON standard syntax … Related articles

Helping developers to look deeper inside game sessions MTCFAG Lisboa, RV Corruble, ALM Santos, F Freitas – sbgames.org … digit> ::= 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ::= EntityManipulation ::= ToCreate | ToMove | ToOwn | ToShoot | ToCollide | ToRemove ::= MAZE | PACMAN | BLINKY | PINK | … 5. Refactor the resulting DSL to use the JSON standard syntax … Related articles All 2 versions

Combining User and Context: Living Labs Innovation in Digital Services T Tang – 2014 – aaltodoc.aalto.fi … framework for Android [25] as the REST middle- ware because it provides HTTP connectors, URI routers and XML/JSON/ATOM formats … Figure 8 Valpas WoT gateway system consists of three main processes: ThereCore, Valpas Server, and Valpas Rule Engine in addition to … Related articles All 2 versions

Twitter analytics: A big data management perspective O Goonetilleke, T Sellis, X Zhang, S Sathe – ACM SIGKDD Explorations …, 2014 – dl.acm.org … All three APIs limit the number of requests within a time window and rate-limits are posed at the user and the application level. Response ob- tained from Twitter API is generally in the JSON format. … It is a java-based open source tool developed using the Drools4 rule engine. … Cited by 8 Related articles

Standardization and Flexibility-Field of tension of the Research Management Domain T Hoellrigl, J Maier, P Purnell – researchgate.net … Through the use of a flexible rule engine CONVERIS allows to map the internal data model of the institution it is implemented in to … Gateway to Research web portal include the GtRAPI and CERIF and both are capable of producing outputs in XLM and JSON formats9, (Gateway … Related articles

READ: Rapid data Exploration, Analysis and Discovery. U Khurana, S Parthasarathy, DS Turaga – EDBT, 2014 – openproceedings.info … READ users supply data specification through a web-based front- end which stores them as JSON objects within the file system … a variety of data preparation steps (eg, joins and filters) as well as univariate feature creation are specified in the JBoss Drools Rule engine within our … Related articles All 8 versions

Spatial dimensions of big data: Application of geographical concepts and spatial technology to the internet of things E van der Zee, H Scholten – Big Data and Internet of Things: A Roadmap …, 2014 – Springer … GML Geography Markup Language. GPS Global Positioning System. IDW Inverse Distance Weighted. IoT Internet of Things. JSON Java Script … These actions or scenarios can be defined using business process models or business rules engines in an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB … Cited by 5 Related articles All 3 versions

The New Medical Frontier: Real-Time Wireless Medical Data Acquisition for 21st-Century Healthcare and Data Mining Challenges D Lubliner, S Kudyba – Big Data, Mining, and Analytics: …, 2014 – books.google.com … htm.) D Interoperability/Cloud Commuting Cloud as a Service (CaaS) Business Intelligent Compatibility Service I aa s P aa s S a as Knowledge- base editor Rule Translator Storage Rule Engine Rule Object Classes for rule Knowledge-base metadata Expert System Shell Client … Related articles All 2 versions

HealthyLifeHRA: Web Application N Xia – 2014 – etd.ohiolink.edu Page 1. HealthyLifeHRA: Web Application by NING XIA Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Thesis Advisor: Dr. Gultekin Ozsoyoglu Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science … Related articles All 3 versions

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Designing an architecture for monitoring patients at home: ontologies and web services for clinical and technical management integration N Lasierra, A Alesanco, J Garcia – Biomedical and Health …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … rules usually contains a set of if-then rules (which indicate what should be done according to a situation) and a rule engine used to … Stateless behaviour of data using XML and/or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and explicit use HTTP methods (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE) to … Cited by 12 Related articles All 3 versions

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Benchmark Design for Reasoning V Alexiev – ldbcouncil.org … The reasoners evaluated with the above tests were grouped into three categories according to their underlying reasoning techniques: tableau-based algorithms (HermiT [57], RacerPro and Pellet), datalog engines (KAON2), standard rule engines (Sesame [13] and OWLIM [37]). … Related articles

Innovation Goals in Software Development for Business Applications R Arnold, R Shadnam – Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing, 2014 – iapress.org … AJAX, JSON do not rely on cookies. … Dynamic Data Store (DDS), short term data store, to support rule inference • KPI manager that computes variables to feed dashboards and reports; • mining tools, to extract relevant patterns out of the data streams; • rule engine that monitors … Related articles All 2 versions

Context aware room comfort monitoring using commodity sensor stations D Karzel – 2014 – dakami.at … 24 2.3 Introduction to Rule Engines . . . . . … The rule engine (2.3) section provides an intro- duction into an important technical aspect of the system. The related work section (2.4) lists and classifies projects, that introduce systems similar to the room monitoring system. … Related articles

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Towards GeoSpatial semantic data management: strengths, weaknesses, and challenges ahead K Patroumpas, G Giannopoulos… – Proceedings of the 22nd …, 2014 – dl.acm.org … GeoJSON [11] is a geospatial data interchange format based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and can encode a variety of shapes (points … This research prototype includes a rule engine, but not a query processor, so it is typically deployed with a third-party processor (eg … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

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Semantic Publishing Challenge–Assessing the Quality of Scientific Output C Lange, A Di Iorio – Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge, 2014 – Springer … RML, which has so far been capable of mapping CSV, XML and JSON to RDF, was extended to process non-XML HTML input. … The system is based on a rule engine and offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to search, browse and filter results by using facets. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions

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Exploring Major Architectural Aspects of the Web of Things IC Pérez, AMB Barbolla – Internet of Things, 2014 – Springer … is the use of the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style [4] and the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for representation … Simple filtering mechanisms are typically defined by means of first- order rule engines or data source combination (eg aggregation or … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

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Semantics-based Indexing of Historical Entities J Allinson – 2014 – geekscruff.me … readable conceptual map of a domain of knowledge” (Burrows, 2010, p.). For serialization, XML, Turtle and N-Triples are all widely supported, with the newer JSON-LD offering a more Web friendly alternative 14. The other pieces … Related articles All 2 versions

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NoSQL Data Store Technologies J Klein, P Donohoe, N Ernst, I Gorton, K Pham… – 2014 – DTIC Document … Document databases store collections of objects, typically encoded using Javascript Object Notation (JSON) or Extensible Markup Langauge (XML). … The key becomes the column name, and the value can be an arbitrary data type such as a JSON document or a binary im- age. … Related articles

Service architecting and dynamic composition in pervasive smart ecosystems for the Internet of things based on sensor network technology MSF Cabero – 2014 – e-archivo.uc3m.es … Con el fin de minimizar la sobrecarga en la transmisión y procesamiento de datos se propone el uso del estándar JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) como formato ligero, independiente de lenguaje y auto- descriptivo de representación e intercambio de datos. … Related articles All 2 versions

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