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OntoBroker is a comprehensive, extremely efficient and highly scaleable Semantic Web middleware. It is the only commercial inference machine for processing ontologies that supports all of the W3C Semantic Web recommendations. These are OWL, RDF(S), SPARQL, RIF and ObjectLogic.




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Inference Engines

Ontobroker: Ontology Based Access to Documents
S Decker, M Erdmann, D Fensel, R Studer – dfki.de
The World Wide Web (WWW) contains huge amounts of documents rep- resenting knowledge about almost all subjects one can think of. The only tools that exist to support the access of these documents are search engines (using keywords) and manually maintained link lists. Both approaches

SEAN: A System for Semantic Annotation of Web Documents
A Singh, S Mukherjee, IV Ramakrishnan, G Yang… – cs.stonybrook.edu
… Tools such as those pioneered by SHOE [Heflin et al., 2003] and Ontobroker [Fensel et al., 1998] facilitate manual annotation of HTML documents with semantic markups. Figure 1: New York Times front page … Ontobroker: Or how to en- able intelligent access to the WWW. …

A new knowledge representation for managing organisational knowledge objects
CM Toledo, O Chiotti, MR Galli – Computing Conference (CLEI) …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
… PANKOW (Pattern-based ANnotation through Knowledge On the Web) [10], MnM [44], Armadillo [14], SHOE [27], and Ontobroker [19] were the first attempts to semantically anno- tate web pages. SHOE and Ontobroker allow …

Scalable methods to analyze Semantic Web data
V Nebot Romero – AI Communications, 2016 – content.iospress.com
… Related Articles. OntoBroker. Angele, Jürgen. OntoBroker provides a comprehensive, scalable and high-performance Semantic Web middleware. It supports all of the W3C Semantic Web recommendations fo… Semantic Web, vol. 5, no. 3, 2014. …

FGOLD: A Flexible and Graphical Ontology-based Database Ready for Use
A Bakhtouchi – International Journal on Human Machine …, 2016 – ijhmi.asdfjournals.com
… 2008. D. Fensel, S. Decker, M. Erdmann, and R. Studer, “Ontobroker : How to make the WWW Intelligent”, In Proceedings of the 11th Banff Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems, Workshop (KAW98), p. 9-7, 1998. …

Upgrade of a current research information system with ontologically supported semantic search engine
A Bošnjak, V Podgorelec – Expert Systems with Applications, 2016 – Elsevier
… suitable. In this manner, we developed a prototype of a semantically enriched common search engine for local CRIS systems, based on the Ontobroker ontological infrastructure (Ontobroker, 2016), which is presented in this paper. …

A Federated Approach for Interoperating AEC/FM Ontologies
TM de Farias, A Roxin… – LDAC2016-4th Linked …, 2016 – hal.archives-ouvertes.fr
… Examples of bottom-up reasoners are Ontobroker, BigOWLIM and other essentially deductive-based systems [9]. In this case, the implementation of a RS is not necessary. Once we have defined the FC, we should compose the FD. …

Eddy: A Graphical Editor for OWL 2 Ontologies.
D Lembo, D Pantaleone, V Santarelli, DF Savo – IJCAI, 2016 – obdasystems.com
… 1http://protege.stanford.edu/ 2http://www.topquadrant.com/tools 3http://www.semafora- systems.com/en/products/ontostudio/ 4https://www.w3.org/TR/owl2-syntax/ In our demonstration we will present Eddy, a novel tool for ontology editing. …

Resources-Based Ontology Matching to Access Learning Resources
A Elbyed – World Academy of Science, Engineering and … – waset.org
… org/Publication/10003584 Page 6. Framework) [7]. We use OntoBroker system [8] to manage the ontologies. OntoBroker integrates various input formats of ontologies like RDF(S), F-Logic or OWL. The different matchers and …

Methods of creation of intellectual knowledge evaluation system, students in natural language
D Kabenov, R Murathan, V Golenkov – 2016 – rep.ksu.kz
… 43(5, 6). P. 907–928. 18 Decker S. et al. Ontobroker: Ontology based access to distributed and semi-structured information. … 18 Decker S. et al. Ontobroker: Ontology based access to distributed andsemi-structuredinformation, DS-8: Semantic Issues in Multimedia Systems, 1999. …

Chichen-Itza II: a Semantic Framework for Verification and Learning of Pipes and Filters architectural pattern.
FE Castillo-Barrera… – ISW-LOD …, 2016 – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… concepts. Besides, new knowledge can be inferred after applied it. The most popular reasoners are Cere- bra, FACT++, KAON2, Pellet, Racer, Ontobroker and OWLIM. Pellet [17] is an open-source Java based OWL-DL reasoner. …

Distributed Processing of Generalized Graph-Pattern Queries in SPARQL 1.1
S Gurajada, M Theobald – arXiv preprint arXiv:1609.05293, 2016 – arxiv.org
… Engines such as SHARD [19], SW-Store [15] (which is a Hadoop extension of the centralized RDF-3X [17] engine), EAGRE [27], Trinity.RDF [26], our own TriAD [11] en- gine, as well as commercial tools like Virtuoso [5] and Ontobroker [7] evaluate SPARQL queries either as …

Ontology Engineering and Development Aspects: A Survey
U Yadav, GS Narula, N Duhan, V Jain – International Journal of …, 2016 – mecs-press.org
… 4. Import RDF(s), OWL RDF, OWL, DAML+OIL RDF, DAMIL+OIL 5. Storage Files, JDBC JDBC Files 6. Exception handling No No No 7. Reasoner Pellet Prolog OntoBroker 8. Base language OKBC HTML and Java Flogic 9. Merging PROMPT ODE Merge Yes 10. …

Semantic Web, Ontology, and Linked Data
A Basu – Managing Knowledge and Scholarly Assets in …, 2016 – books.google.com
Page 212. 189 Chapter 9 Semantic Web, Ontology, and Linked Data Anindya Basu Maharani Kasiswari College, India ABSTRACT Enormous amount of information is being produced every day and get consumed according to the needs of human being. …

A Framework to Support Developers in the Integration and Application of Linked and Open Data
T Heuss – 2016 – pearl.plymouth.ac.uk
… 70 2.6.3 OntoBroker . . . . . 72 2.6.4 LOD2 Stack . . . . . … 69 2.8 Architecture of WissKI . . . . . 71 2.9 OntoBroker Ontology Layers . . . . . 72 2.10 LOD2 Lifecycle . . . . . …

Knowledge management as the basis of crosscutting problem-solving approaches
C Chandra, J Grabis – Supply Chain Configuration, 2016 – Springer
… integration. Some of them, such as Ontolingua (Farquhar et al. 1997) and OntoBroker (Fensel et al. 2001), investigate ontology narrowly as a standalone discipline. Other projects, such as TOVE (Fox and Gruninger 1999; Fox et al. …

Semantic Disambiguation and Linking of Quantitative Mentions in Textual Content
M Ghashghaei, E Bagheri, J Cuzzola… – … Journal of Semantic …, 2016 – World Scientific
… The semantic tags to HTML pages is embedded in such a way that browsers can still process them and at the same time crawlers eg Ontobroker [16]) can recognize the embedded tags in the pages. 124 M. Ghashghaei et al. Page 5. …

TourTrivia: Semantically Implemented Travel Application for Tourists
JW Seneviratne, KAC Madushan, KAC Thushara… – 2016 – dspace.sliit.lk
… 20to%20start%20using%20semantic%20lang uages%20in%20addition%22&f=false, [October, 4, 2015] [9] Alexander Maedche and Steffen Staab: Applying Semantic Web Technologies for Tourism Information Systems, http://www.semafora- systems.com/documents …

Visualizing ontologies with VOWL
S Lohmann, S Negru, F Haag, T Ertl – Semantic Web, 2016 – content.iospress.com
… Finally, there are 3D graph visualizations for ontologies, such as OntoSphere [9], Onto3DViz [35], and OntoSELF [89], as well as tools that use hyperbolic trees to visualize ontologies, such as OntoRama [23] and Ontobroker [27]. …

An introduction to Semantic Web technologies
M Sabou – Semantic Web Technologies for Intelligent Engineering …, 2016 – Springer
… context of the Web. Such approaches have been investigated from the 1990s onwards, notably by work on SHOE (Simple HTML Ontology Extensions) (Luke et al. 1996) and Ontobroker (Fensel et al. 1998). The term Semantic …

Integrating semantic dimension into openEHR archetypes for the management of cerebral palsy electronic medical records
AS Ellouze, R Bouaziz, H Ghorbel – Journal of biomedical informatics, 2016 – Elsevier
Integrating semantic dimension into clinical archetypes is necessary once modeling medical records. First, it enables semantic interoperability and, it offers a.

A Review of Tools for IoT Semantics and Data Streaming Analytics
M Serrano, A Gyrard – Building Blocks for IoT Analytics, 2016 – books.google.com
… Eyeball is a Jena-based tool for checking RDF models (including OWL) for common problems. It is user- extensible using plugins. • Kaon221 is an OntoBroker designed for managing ontologies. KAON2 is a successor to the KAON project often referred to as KAON1. …

Secure semantic service-oriented systems
B Thuraisingham – 2016 – books.google.com
Page 1. £ Secure Semantic Oriented Systems Service- Page 2. Secure Semantic Service-Oriented Systems Bhavani Thuraisingham Page 3. Auerbach Publications Taylor & Francis Croup 6000 Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite …

Semantic enrichment of DNOTAMs to reduce information overload in pilot briefings
D Steiner, I Kovacic, F Burgstaller… – Integrated …, 2016 – ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. SEMANTIC ENRICHMENT OF DNOTAMS TO REDUCE INFORMATION OVERLOAD IN PILOT BRIEFINGS Dieter Steiner, Ilko Kovacic, Felix Burgstaller, Michael Schrefl, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, Austria …

Visual knowledge graph management tool
A Woska – dspace.cuni.cz
Page 1. MASTER THESIS Bc. Aleš Woska Visual knowledge graph management tool Department of Software Engineering Supervisor of the master thesis: Doc. Mgr. Martin Necaský, Ph.D. Study programme: Software systems Study branch: Software engineering Prague 2016 …

Using a model-driven, knowledge-based approach to cope with complexity in filtering of notices to airmen
F Burgstaller, D Steiner, B Neumayr, M Schrefl… – Proceedings of the …, 2016 – dl.acm.org
Page 1. Using a Model-driven, Knowledge-based Approach to Cope with Complexity in Filtering of Notices to Airmen Felix Burgstaller Johannes Kepler University Linz Altenbergerstraße 69 4040 Linz, Austria felix.burgstaller@jku.at …

Industrial information integration—A literature review 2006–2015
Y Chen – Journal of Industrial Information Integration, 2016 – Elsevier
In the last few years, Industrial Information Integration Engineering (IIIE) has attracted much attention by the information and communications technology (ICT).

Ontology based data integration in life sciences
D Repchevskiy – 2016 – diposit.ub.edu
Page 1. Ontology based data integration in Life Sciences Dmitry Repchevskiy Aquesta tesi doctoral està subjecta a la llicència Reconeixement 3.0. Espanya de Creative Commons. Esta tesis doctoral está sujeta a la licencia Reconocimiento 3.0. España de Creative Commons. …

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