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Extracting news web page creation time with DCTFinder X Tannier – … Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, 2014 – Abstract Web pages do not offer reliable metadata concerning their creation date and time. However, getting the document creation time is a necessary step for allowing to apply temporal normalization systems to web pages. In this paper, we present DCTFinder, a … Cited by 3 Related articles All 7 versions

Extracting news blog hot topics based on the W2T Methodology E Zhou, N Zhong, Y Li – World Wide Web, 2014 – Springer Abstract Although topic detection and tracking techniques have made great progress, most of the researchers seldom pay more attention to the following two aspects. First, the construction of a topic model does not take the characteristics of different topics into … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

BizPro: Extracting and categorizing business intelligence factors from textual news articles W Chung – International Journal of Information Management, 2014 – Elsevier Abstract Company movements and market changes often are headlines of the news, providing managers with important business intelligence (BI). While existing corporate analyses are often based on numerical financial figures, relatively little work has been … Cited by 7 Related articles All 3 versions

Argument extraction from news, blogs, and social media T Goudas, C Louizos, G Petasis… – … Intelligence: Methods and …, 2014 – Springer Abstract Argument extraction is the task of identifying arguments, along with their components in text. Arguments can be usually decomposed into a claim and one or more premises justifying it. Among the novel aspects of this work is the thematic domain itself … Cited by 5 Related articles All 3 versions

Toward Selectivity Based Keyword Extraction for Croatian News S Beliga, A Meštrovi?, S Martin?ci?-Ipši? – arXiv preprint arXiv:1407.4723, 2014 – Abstract: Preliminary report on network based keyword extraction for Croatian is an unsupervised method for keyword extraction from the complex network. We build our approach with a new network measure the node selectivity, motivated by the research of … Cited by 6 Related articles All 5 versions

User profile extraction from Twitter for personalized news recommendation WJ Lee, KJ Oh, CG Lim, HJ Choi – … Technology (ICACT), 2014 …, 2014 – Abstract—Extracting personal profiles from various sources such as purchased items, watched movies, mailing records, etc. is important for recommender systems. For personalized news recommendation, in particular, existing methods mostly utilize … Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions

Node Selectivity as a Measure for Graph-Based Keyword Extraction in Croatian News S Beliga, S Martin?i?-Ipši? – … of the 6th International Conference on …, 2014 – Abstract: In this paper, we introduce selectivity-based keyword extraction as a new unsupervised method for graph-based keyword extraction. Node selectivity measure is defined as the average weight distribution on the links of a single node and used in … Cited by 2 Related articles

Extracting socioeconomic patterns from the news: Modelling text and outlet importance jointly V Lampos, D Preotiuc-Pietro, S Samangooei… – ACL …, 2014 – Abstract Information from news articles can be used to study correlations between textual discourse and socioeconomic patterns. This work focuses on the task of understanding how words contained in the news as well as the news outlets themselves may relate to a set of … Cited by 2 Related articles All 14 versions

HiEve: A corpus for extracting event hierarchies from news stories G Glavaš, J Šnajder, P Kordjamshidi… – Proceedings of 9th …, 2014 – Abstract: Narratives in news stories typically describe a real-world event of coarse spatial and temporal granularity along with its subevents. In this work, we present HiEve, a corpus for recognizing relations of spatiotemporal containment between events. In HiEve, the … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Utilizing Microblogs for Automatic News Highlights Extraction Z Wei, W Gao – 2014 – Abstract Story highlights form a succinct single-document summary consisting of 3-4 highlight sentences that reflect the gist of a news article. Automatically producing news highlights is very challenging. We propose a novel method to improve news highlights … Cited by 4 Related articles All 6 versions

Using corpus linguistic software in the extraction of news frames: towards a dynamic process of frame analysis in journalistic texts M Touri, N Koteyko – International Journal of Social Research …, 2014 – Taylor & Francis The article seeks to demonstrate the contribution that corpus linguistic software can make in news frame analysis and how it can help address some of the methodological challenges in the extraction of news frames. With the employment of corpus linguistic software … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

CTSUM: extracting more certain summaries for news articles X Wan, J Zhang – Proceedings of the 37th international ACM SIGIR …, 2014 – Abstract People often read summaries of news articles in order to get reliable information about an event or a topic. However, the information expressed in news articles is not always certain, and some sentences contain uncertain information about the event. Existing … Cited by 4 Related articles

Web News Portal Content Personalization using Information Extraction Techniques and Weighted Voronoi Diagrams J Ševa – 2014 – ABSTRACT News web portals present information, in previously defined topic taxonomy, in both multimedia as well as textual format, that cover all aspects of our daily lives. The information presented has a high refresh rate and as such offers a local as well as a … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Extracting News Information Based on Webpage Segmentation and Parsing DOM Tree Reversely J Li, Y Lu, X Zhang – Trustworthy Computing and Services, 2014 – Springer Abstract A new method of extracting news information based on webpage segmentation and parsing DOM tree reversely is presented and implemented in this paper, which intends to effectively extract news information for data mining. The method is proposed to get …

Extracting News From Server Side Databases By Query Interfaces H Han – The Journal of Computer Information Systems, 2014 – Abstract Web news has become an important information resource, and we can collect and analyze Web news to acquire desired information. In this paper, an effective and efficient Web-based knowledge acquisition approach is proposed for extracting Web news full … Related articles All 2 versions

Extracting the prosodic information for Turkish broadcast news data and using on the sentence segmentation task D Dalva, ID Revidi, U Guz, H Gurkan – 2014 22nd Signal Processing and …, 2014 – In this study, extracting the prosodic information for Turkish Broadcast News Data using the open source tools and comparing the sentence segmentation performances of these grouped prosodic information on the raw data obtained as an output from the Automatic … All 2 versions

Extraction and comparison of various prosodic feature sets on sentence segmentation task for Turkish Broadcast News data D Dalva, ID Revidi, U Guz… – Computer Science and …, 2014 – Broadcast News (BN) data are extracted using an open source prosodic feature extraction tool based on Praat. The profiles and effectiveness of these features are also investigated for the sentence segmentation task on the Turkish BN data. We not only used some … Related articles All 3 versions

Topic-Focused Summarization of News Events Based on Biased Snippet Extraction and Selection P Lin, S Xu, Y Zhang – Information Retrieval Technology, 2014 – Springer Abstract In this paper, we propose a framework to produce topic-focused summarization of news events, based on biased snippet extraction and selection. Through our approach, a summarization only retaining information related to a predefined topic (eg economy or … Related articles All 3 versions

Automatic news extraction system for Indian online news papers YW Wanjari, VD Mohod, DB Gaikwad… – … (ICRITO)(Trends and …, 2014 – Abstract—Now a day’s Web technology is getting an emergence importance in day to day life! Everyone is familiar with surfing the Web, uploading personal or important data on the Web, sharing data with friends on social communities. Indian online news Web papers are … Related articles

Extracting key sentiment sentences from internet news via multiple source features F Liangzu, L Ruifan, Z Yanquan – Network Infrastructure and …, 2014 – Abstract: Extracting key sentences with sentiments from discourses plays an important role in sentiment analysis. Different from general discourses, Internet news has its own fashion of sentiment expression. In this paper, we attempt to extract key sentiment sentences from … Related articles

A Genetic Programming Approach for Learning Semantic Information Extraction Rules from News W IJntema, F Hogenboom, F Frasincar… – Web Information Systems …, 2014 – Springer Abstract Due to the increasing amount of data provided by news sources and the user specific information needs, recently, many news personalization systems have been proposed. Often, these systems process news data automatically into information, while … Related articles All 3 versions

Event thread extraction from news and social data I Manolescu, X Tannier – Objective: event thread extraction. The purpose of the internship is to design and implement a software capable of extracting the thread of propagation of an initial news item as it is repeated, amplified, commented upon, cited etc. across a set of Web and social sources. … Related articles

Extracting Low-density and Valuable Association Semantic Link from Domain News S Zhang, P Zhou, Z Liu, Z Xu – Future Information Technology, 2014 – Springer Abstract Association Semantic Link (ASL) can provide theoretical support for many web intelligent activities. However, when we extract the keywords-level Association Semantic Link (k-ASL), a kind of low-density and valuable k-ASL is easy to be discarded because of … Related articles All 2 versions

IVRS Based News Extracting System R Sharma, N Dubey, N Thoutam, S Pathan – Abstract In today’s era, the human being is very concern about to know its circumstances behavior whether it is environmental, politics, current affairs, sports or the weather condition of upcoming days ie News, which can be easily available through television or internet … Related articles All 3 versions

Towards Large-Scale Event Detection and Extraction from News B Fortuna, T Demeester, C Develder – Workshop on Large-scale …, 2014 – Understanding and reasoning about textual data is one of the important topics in artificial intelligence and is being addressed by various research communities, ranging from knowledge representation, over natural language processing to text mining. Each … Related articles All 4 versions

Unsupervised Event Extraction from News and Twitter Z Xuan, H Wei, W Ji, G Tianyu – 2014 – Living in the age of big data, we are facing massive information every day, especially that from the mainstream news and the social networks. Due to its gigantic volume, one may get frustrated when trying to identify the key information which really matters. Thus, how to … Related articles

Apply the Dynamic N-gram to Extract the Keywords of Chinese News RX Lin, HL Yang – Modern Advances in Applied Intelligence, 2014 – Springer Abstract The explosive growth of information on the Internet has created a great demand for new and powerful tools to acquire useful information. The first step to retrieve information form Chinese article is word segmentation. But there are two major segmentation … Related articles

NLP based intelligent news search engine using information extraction from e-newspapers M Kanakaraj, SS Kamath – Computational Intelligence and …, 2014 – Abstract—Extracting text information from a web news page is a challenging task as most of the E-News content is provided with support from backend Content Management Systems (CMSs). In this paper, we present a personalized news search engine that focuses on …

A Novel Two-stage Framework for Extracting Opinionated Sentences from News Articles P Rajkumar, S Desai, N Ganguly, P Goyal – TextGraphs-9, 2014 – Abstract This paper presents a novel two-stage framework to extract opinionated sentences from a given news article. In the first stage, Na?ve Bayes classifier by utilizing the local features assigns a score to each sentence-the score signifies the probability of the … Related articles All 5 versions

Unsupervised Techniques for Extracting and Clustering Complex Events in News D Rusu, J Hodson, A Kimball – ACL 2014, 2014 – Abstract Structured machine-readable representations of news articles can radically change the way we interact with information. One step towards obtaining these representations is event extraction-the identification of event triggers and arguments in text. With previous … Related articles All 9 versions

Rule-based and machine learning approach for event sentence extraction in Indonesian online news articles TF Abidin, R Dimyathi… – … Technology Systems and …, 2014 – Abstract—With the rapid maturity of internet and web technology over the last decades, the number of Indonesian online news articles is growing rapidly on the web at a pace we never experienced before. In this paper, we introduce a combination of rule-based and machine … Related articles

News-oriented Emotional Key Sentence Extraction and Polarity Determination H ZHAO, H LIU, J REN, H LIN – Journal of Shanxi University (Natural …, 2014 – The great majority of news articles have tendentious in portal websites, blogs and forums. Judging the tendentious of news articles plays an important role in understanding of the social dynamics and the public opinion situation. In this paper, based on the relevance of … Related articles

An Algorithm to Extract Jamaican Geographic Locations from News Articles–Using NLP Techniques JM Wright, G Mansingh – 2014 – Abstract Natural Language Processing (NLP) has long been used to extract information from large bodies of text. NLP is often used to intelligently parse large volumes of data where the manual alternative may be infeasible. Named Entity Recognition (NER) is used to extract … Related articles All 2 versions

Extracting a Repository of Events and Event References from News Clusters S Julinda, C Boden, A Akbik – COLING 2014, 2014 – Abstract In this paper, we prose to build a repository of events and event references from clusters of news articles. We present an automated approach that is based on the hypothesis that if two sentences are a) found in the same cluster of news articles and b) … Related articles All 7 versions

Information Extraction from plain Text in News M Nanda – Abstract-With the advancement in technology, various options to get latest news updates have increased significantly. News updates are easily available on web. So many users have shifted from traditional newspaper to digital news. This poses serious challenges to … Related articles

Study on Phrases Used for Semi-automatic Text-Based Speakers Names Extraction in the Czech Radio Broadcasts News M Kucha?ová, S Škodová, L Šeps, M Bohá? – Text, Speech and Dialogue, 2014 – Springer Abstract In this paper we introduce a methodology leading to the extension of speakers’ database used in the process of automatic transcription of spoken documents stored in the largest Czech Radio audio archive. We address the issue of the conversion of spoken … Related articles All 4 versions

A Novel Hybrid Method for Text Detection and Extraction from News Videos MDA Asif, UU Tariq, MN Baig, W Ahmad – Middle-East Journal of Scientific …, 2014 – Abstract: Modern era has observed an enormous development in media information in the manifestation of audio, video and image data. Retrieval and Indexing of content-oriented video has evolved as an intriguing research zone with the colossal development in the … Cited by 1 All 2 versions

Research on Automatic Keywords Extraction Method in News Programs Leads X HE, J ZHU, J LING – Video Engineering, 2014 – A method of extracting keywords in news leads is proposed in this paper using multi-feature information of thewords in the text as a measure of the relationship between the text topic and the words, and these features inclusstatistical feature, position feature which …

How to enable automated trading engines to cope with news-related liquidity shocks? Extracting signals from unstructured data SS Groth, M Siering, P Gomber – Decision Support Systems, 2014 – Elsevier Abstract Financial markets are characterised by high levels of complexity and non-linearity. Information systems have often been applied to support investors by forecasting price changes in securities markets. In addition to the asset price, liquidity represents another … Related articles All 3 versions

Web News Portal Content Personalization Using Information Extraction Techniques And Weighted Voronoi Diagrams FOI INFORMATIKE – The last decade has witnessed an explosion of information accessible through online information resources. According to [1], there are 295 Exabytes of data accessible through the Web interface. The amount of the available information leads to the absurdity of … Related articles