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SIDoBI: Indonesian language document summarization system B Prasetyo, T Uliniansyah… – ARTIKEL ILMIAH …, 2013 – turned into the typical characteristic of modern society today causes good and user friendly automatic text summarization system a must. Indonesian Language Document Summarization System (SIDoBI) is the first web based application that creates summary … Cited by 2 Related articles Cite Save More

Absum: a knowledge-based abstractive summarizer PE Genest, G Lapalme – Génération de résumés par …, 2013 – This paper introduces a flexible and scalable methodology for abstractive summarization called K-BABS. Following the analysis of the source documents a knowledge base called a task blueprint is used to identify patterns in the representation of the source documents … Cited by 1 Cite Save More

A Comparative Study of Automatic Text Summarization System Performance M Vlaini?, NM Preradovi? – Proceedings of the 7th European Computing …, 2013 – Abstract: This paper provides a comparative study of commercial and academic automatic document summarization tools: Microsoft Word, SweSum, SHVOONG and Online Brevity Document Summarizer. Also, these automatic systems are compared to human … Cited by 1 Cite Save More

Intricacies of an Automatic Text Summarizer LM Mathews, E Sathiyamoorthy – International Journal of …, 2013 – Abstract—The creation of an abstract over a text document prepared by a computer program is defined as an Automatic Text Summarizer. This abstract of the text document must however contain all the salient features of the original document. This paper tries to cover … Cite Save More

A Cognitive Interactive Framework for Multi-Document Summarizer A Srivastava, D Vaidya, M Singh, P Singh… – Proceedings of the Third …, 2013 – Springer In this paper, we present a generic interactive framework based on human cognition, where the system can learn continuously from the Internet and from its interaction with the users. To show the utilization of this framework, Iintelli, an agent based application for multiple text … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Tabsum: A New Persian Text Summarizer S MASOUMI, MR FEIZI-DERAKHSHI, R TABATABAEI – Abstract With the rapid increase in the amount of online text information, it became more important to have tools that would help users distinguish the important content. Automatic text summarization attempts to address this problem by taking an input text and extracting … Cite Save More

Demo paper: Summarization system for movements of multiple objects NT Pham, K Leman, J Zhang, I Pek… – Multimedia and Expo …, 2013 – ABSTRACT In visual surveillance applications, information about the movement patterns of detected objects is useful to end-users. However, to have these information is not a trivial task. In this paper, we introduce a system for summarizing movements of multiple objects … Cite Save

Machine Learning-Based Soccer Video Summarization System. AE Hassanien – Multimedia, Computer Graphics and …, 2013 – Abstract: This paper presents a machine learning (ML) based event detection and summarization system for soccer matches. The proposed system is composed of six phases. Firstly, in the pre-processing phase, the system segments the whole video stream into … Cite Save More

The Study on Multiple Document Automatic Summarization System. J Liang, M Jia, X Li, S Guo… – International Review on …, 2013 – Abstract Multi-document summarization is a technology of natural languages processing, which extract important information from multiple texts about the same topic according to ratio of compression. Multi-document summarization becomes new research spot with … Cite Save

The application of automatic summarization technology in document management X Wang, X Chen, C Yao, W Wu… – … Engineering and Service …, 2013 – With the fast development of information technology, office automation, information and document numbers are rapidly growing. It is difficult for professionals to cover all the information in the document even though they kept reading, so they turned their attention to the abstract. Abstract is a … Cite Save

Design and Implementation of News-Oriented Automatic Summarization System Based on Chinese RSS J Wang, J Ma, Y Li – Natural Language Processing and Chinese …, 2013 – Springer G. Zhou et al. (Eds.): NLPCC 2013, CCIS 400, pp. 378–385, 2013. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013 … Design and Implementation of News-Oriented Automatic … Jie Wang1, Jie Ma1,*, and Yingjun Li2 … 1 College of Software, Nankai University, Tianjin, China 2 Collage of … Cite Save

sArAmsha-A Kannada abstractive summarizer VR Embar, SR Deshpande… – Advances in …, 2013 – Abstract Abstractive summarization has been explored only to some extent in recent years in English, Japanese and other foreign languages. This paper shows that abstraction can be accomplished for Indian Languages, specifically Kannada, using guided summarization … Cite Save

An Ontology-based Summarization System for Arabic Documents (OSSAD). I Imam, A Hamouda… – International Journal of …, 2013 – Abstract With the problem of increased web resources and the huge amount of information available, the necessity of having automatic summarization systems appeared. Since summarization is needed the most in the process of searching for information on the web, … Cite Save

Automatic Summarization based on Field Coherent Passages. M Rokaya – International Journal of Computer Applications, 2013 – Abstract Today the internet and WWW had caused an information explosion. Readers have no time to explore lengthy documents and passages. Text summarization is the process of getting a shorter version of a document that have the main points and important … Cite Save

Automatic Summarization Of Clinical Abstracts For Evidence-Based Medicine RL SUMMERSCALES – 2013 – I thank my advisor, Dr. Shlomo Argamon. He provided the original inspiration for this project. I am grateful for his guidance and time spent reviewing my papers and presentations. I thank Dr. David Grossman and Dr. Jahna Otterbacher for serving on my thesis proposal … Cite Save More

Summarizing Conceptual Graphs for Automatic Summarization Task S Miranda-Jiménez, A Gelbukh, G Sidorov – Conceptual Structures for …, 2013 – Springer Abstract. We propose a conceptual graph-based framework for abstractive text summarization. While syntactic or partial semantic representations of texts have been used in literature, complete semantic representations have not been ex- plored for this purpose. … Cited by 1 Related articles Cite Save

The Content Summarization system AP Divya, S Leela – International Journal of Advanced Research in …, 2013 – Abstract The documents that are published in the internet are represented in the chronological sequence. Any interesting part of this document is called as topic. Topic is the sentence which captures the attention of the readers, and the core parts of the topic will be … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Extrinsic evaluation on automatic summarization tasks: testing affixality measurements for statistical word stemming CF Méndez-Cruz, JM Torres-Moreno… – Advances in …, 2013 – Springer Abstract. This paper presents some experiments of evaluation of a sta- tistical stemming algorithm based on morphological segmentation. The method estimates affixality of word fragments. It combines three indexes associated to possible cuts. This unsupervised and language-independent … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

COMPENDIUM: A text summarization system for generating abstracts of research papers E Lloret, MT Romá-Ferri, M Palomar – Data & Knowledge Engineering, 2013 – Elsevier Abstract This article analyzes the appropriateness of a text summarization system, COMPENDIUM, for generating abstracts of biomedical papers. Two approaches are suggested: an extractive (COMPENDIUM E), which only selects and extracts the most … Cite Save

Multilingual summarization system based on analyzing the discourse structure at MultiLing 2013 DA Anechitei, E Ignat – MultiLing 2013, 2013 – Abstract This paper describes the architecture of UAIC1’s Summarization system participating at MultiLing–2013. The architecture includes language independent text processing modules, but also modules that are adapted for one language or another. In … Cite Save More

Automatic Summarization of Events From Social Media FCT Chua, S Asur – 2013 – Abstract Social media services such as Twitter generate phenomenal volume of content for most real-world events on a daily basis. Digging through the noise and redundancy to understand the important aspects of the content is a very challenging task. We propose a … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Research and Implementation on Event-Based Method for Automatic Summarization T Liao, Z Liu, X Wang – … of The Eighth International Conference on Bio- …, 2013 – Springer As the basic unit of human knowledge, the event reflects the movement, behavior and changes in the real world. The event associates with some of the concepts such as actors, time, place and so on, and is a greater semantic unit than the concept. A large number of narrative … Cited by 1 Related articles Cite Save

Automatic Summarization and Annotation of Videos with Lack of Metadata Information DP Papadopoulos, VS Kalogeiton… – Expert Systems with …, 2013 – Elsevier The advances in computer and network infrastructure together with the fast evolution of multimedia data has resulted in the growth of attention to the digital video’s development. The scientific community has increased the amount of research into new technologies, … Cited by 1 Cite Save

An Automatic Legal Document Summarization and Search Using Hybrid System SD Kavila, V Puli, GSVP Raju, R Bandaru – Proceedings of the …, 2013 – Springer … 6 Rhetorical Roles In our paper, we focused on developing a fully automatic summarization system for a legal domain. The fundamental need of a legal judgement is to legitimize a decision from authoritative source of law. In our concept different rhetorical roles presented. In … Related articles Cite Save

Automatic Text Summarization System for Punjabi Language. V Gupta, GS Lehal – Journal of Emerging Technologies in …, 2013 – Abstract This paper concentrates on single document multi news Punjabi extractive summarizer. Although lot of research is going on in field of multi document news summarization systems but not even a single paper was found in literature for single … Cited by 1 Cite Save

Automatic Summarization Algorithm Based on the Combined Features of LDA D Wu, Z Yuan, X Li – 2013 – Abstract: Automatic summarization can help people to get the main information from the massive amounts of information more quickly and efficiently. In this paper, a document summarization algorithm based on LDA is proposed. Firstly, we calculate the similarity of … Cite Save More

CIST System Report for ACL MultiLing 2013–Track 1: Multilingual Multi-document Summarization L Li, W Heng, J Yu, Y Liu, S Wan – MultiLing 2013, 2013 – … Firas Hmida and Benoit Favre, 2011. LIF at TAC Multiling: Towards a Truly Language Inde- pendent Summarizer. TAC 2011 Proceedings. … Hongyan Liu, Ping’an Liu, Wei Heng and Lei Li, 2011. The CIST Summarization System at TAC 2011. TAC 2011 Proceedings. … Cite Save More

Automatic text summarization: Past, present and future H Saggion, T Poibeau – Multi-source, Multilingual Information Extraction …, 2013 – Springer … languages and the MUSE system is a language independent summarizer which has … Hence, automatic summarization is not just another natural language application: it raises important … 6. Bossard, A., Généreux, M., Poibeau, T.: Cbseas, a summarization system – integration of … Cited by 6 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Using Gene Expression Programming in Automatic Text Summarization PK Dehkordi, F Kyoumarsi – Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 2013 – … (F4) Similarity to Title: According to the vectorial model, is about the proposed automatic summarization model, … (F5) Similarity to Keywords: This feature is obtained framework defined for the trainable summarizer, including analogously to the previous one, considering the … Cited by 1 All 2 versions Cite Save More

Automatic Abstractive Summarization A Systematic Literature Review. HAM ELSIED, N SALIM – Journal of Theoretical & Applied …, 2013 – … E-mail: 1TUhadia_abbas@hotmail.comU1T, 1TUnaomie@utm.myU1T ABSTRACT Automatic summarization systems condense documents by extracting the most relevant facts. … 159–165, 1958. [15] U. Hahn, “The Challenges of Automatic Summarization,” no. November, pp. … Cite Save

A Four Dimension Graph Model for Automatic Text Summarization R Ferreira, F Freitas, LS Cabral, RD Lins… – Web Intelligence (WI …, 2013 – … required. Graph-based approaches for automatic summarization have provided encouraging results [2], [3], [4]. In such methods, the importance of each sentence is regarded in relation to the other sentences in the document. … Cite Save

A Visualization System for Multi-document Summarization JBP Lima, T Li, TAS Pardo – … It is important to notice that the proposed interface might present the results generated by any summarization system. In the figure, the prototype is displayed using the RSumm system. … Mani, I. (2001). Automatic Summarization. John Benjamins Publishing Co., Amsterdam. … Cite Save More

Literature Review of Automatic Multiple Documents Text Summarization M Haque, S Pervin, Z Begum – International Journal of Innovation …, 2013 – … et al [8] in 2012 presented a new statistical approach to automatic summarization based on the Kernel of the source text called KernelSum (KERNEL SUMMarizer). … This literature review explore the recent trend in summarization system that comes from novice procedure to … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

A Study of Automatic Text Summarization using Extractive Techniques SCA Jaya – … [1] U. Hahn and I. Mani,”The challenges of automatic summarization”, IEEE-Computer … 40-44 [6] V. Moscato, F. Persia and A. Penta, ”iWIN: A Summarizer System Based on a Semantic Analysis of Web Documents”, IEEE Sixth International Conference on Semantic Computing … Cite Save More

A Computationally Efficient System for High-Performance Multi-Document Summarization S Sovine, H Han – The Twenty-Sixth International FLAIRS Conference, 2013 – … content. Figure 1 outlines the architecture of our summarization system. The … summarization. Future Work In future efforts, we plan to investigate methods for incorpo- rating query-focusing information into our summarization system. We … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Using clustering and a modified classification algorithm for automatic text summarization A Aries, H Oufaida, O Nouali – IS&T/SPIE …, 2013 – … It explores the use of self-supervised learning techniques for improving automatic summarization methods … It is a trainable summarizer, which takes into account several features, including position, positive keyword, negative keyword, centrality, and the resemblance to the title, to … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Summarization of legal texts with high cohesion and automatic compression rate MY Kim, Y Xu, R Goebel – New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 2013 – Springer … alternative procedures, which have led to improved performance of the summarizer in content … We have presented an approach to the automatic summarization of legal texts. Our approach focuses on a new graph-based summarization system, which constructs a directed graph … Cite Save

Automatic Twitter Topic Summarization With Speech Acts R Zhang, W Li, D Gao, Y Ouyang – 2013 – … believe that Twitter text normalization [16] [17] is necessary for various NLP tasks. Automatic summarization on Twitter or microblogs in general is a special kind of multi-document summarization. An early successful multi-document summarizer is SUMMON [18]. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Keeping an Eye on the Context: An Eye Tracking Study of Cohesion Errors in Automatic Text Summarization E Rennes – 2013 – … There are various ways in which automatic summarization may be con- ducted, for example through … automatic text summarization systems is explained, and more specifically the summarizer used in … The goal of an automatic text summarization system is to produce a sum- mary … Cite Save