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Automatic Summarization / Automated Summarization / Summarization System / Summarizer

Automatic Summarisation / Automated Summarisation / Summarisation System / Summariser


  • Extraction-based Summarization
  • Graph-based Summarization
  • Keyphrase-based Summarization



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Comparison of automatic summarisation methods for clinical free text notes
H Moen, LM Peltonen, J Heimonen, A Airola… – Artificial intelligence in …, 2016 – Elsevier
Objective A major source of information available in electronic health record (EHR) systems are the clinical free text notes documenting patient care. Managing this information is time-consuming for clinicians. Automatic text summarisation could assist clinicians in obtaining

Automatic summarization of real world events using twitter
N Alsaedi, P Burnap, OF Rana – 2016 –
Abstract Microblogging sites, such as Twitter, have become increasingly popular in recent years for reporting details of real world events via the Web. Smartphone apps enable people to communicate with a global audience to express their opinion and commentate on

Hybridization Between Scoring Technique and Similarity Technique for Automatic Summarization by Extraction
MA Boudia, A Rahmani, ME Rahmani… – International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract To generate a summary automatically, the theory gives three approaches: by classification, by understanding or by extraction which is the most used and easy to implement. The current literature presents three basic techniques in the extraction approach:

Towards high performance text mining: a TextRank-based method for automatic text summarization
S Yu, J Su, P Li, H Wang – International Journal of Grid and High …, 2016 –
… Text Mining: A TextRank-based Method for Automatic Text Summarization: 10.4018/IJGHPC. 2016040104: As a typical unsupervised learning method, the TextRank algorithm performs well for large-scale text mining, especially for automatic summarization or keyword. …

Variations of the similarity function of textrank for automated summarization
F Barrios, F López, L Argerich… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2016 –
Abstract: This article presents new alternatives to the similarity function for the TextRank algorithm for automatic summarization of texts. We describe the generalities of the algorithm and the different functions we propose. Some of these variants achieve a significative

Automatic source code summarization of context for java methods
PW McBurney, C McMillan – IEEE Transactions on Software …, 2016 –
… We then performed two user studies to evaluate our approach. First, we compared our generated summaries to summaries written manually by experts. Then, we compared our summaries to summaries written by a state-of-the-art automatic summarization tool. …

Automatic Arabic text summarization: a survey
AB Al-Saleh, MEB Menai – Artificial Intelligence Review, 2016 – Springer
… In addition, although the field of automatic summarization is over 50 years old (Luhn 1958; Edmundson 1969), many problems still need solutions. For example, managing summary evaluation challenges is an open issue in text summarization (Saggion and Poibeau 2013). …

High quality information extraction and query-oriented summarization for automatic query-reply in social network
M Peng, B Gao, J Zhu, J Huang, M Yuan, F Li – Expert Systems with …, 2016 – Elsevier
In this paper, we propose a new method for automatic query-reply in social network. Information extraction and query-oriented summarization method are applied h.

An automatic event-complementing human life summarization scheme based on a social computing method over social media content
K Ntalianis, N Doulamis – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2016 – Springer

Automatic summarization of privacy policies using ensemble learning
N Tomuro, S Lytinen, K Hornsburg – … of the Sixth ACM Conference on …, 2016 –
Abstract When customers purchase a product or sign up for service from a company, they often are required to agree to a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service agreement. Many of these policies are lengthy, and a typical customer agrees to them without reading them carefully if

Automatic summarization of student course feedback
W Luo, F Liu, Z Liu, D Litman – Proceedings of the 2016 Conference of …, 2016 –
Abstract Student course feedback is generated daily in both classrooms and online course discussion forums. Traditionally, instructors manually analyze these responses in a costly manner. In this work, we propose a new approach to summarizing student course feedback

An automated summarization assessment algorithm for identifying summarizing strategies
A Abdi, N Idris, RM Alguliyev, RM Aliguliyev – PloS one, 2016 –
Background Summarization is a process to select important information from a source text. Summarizing strategies are the core cognitive processes in summarization activity. Since summarization can be important as a tool to improve comprehension, it has attracted interest

Automatic Extractive Multi-document Summarization Based on Archetypal Analysis
E Canhasi, I Kononenko – Non-negative Matrix Factorization Techniques, 2016 – Springer
… 245–254. 4. CB Lee, MS Kim, HR Park, Automatic summarization based on principal component analysis, Progress in Artificial Intelligence (Springer, Berlin, 2003), pp. 409–413CrossRef. 5. J. Yeh, Text summarization using a trainable summarizer and latent semantic analysis. …

A survey of automatic text summarization techniques for Indian and foreign languages
P Shah, NP Desai – Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization …, 2016 –
… has been described. We can notice that good work has been done for various foreign languages like English, Turkish, Arabic, etc. But automatic summarization system for Indian languages is still lacking. We can also conclude …

Automatic short text summarization method based on multiple mapping
L LU, W YANG, Q CAO – Journal of Computer Applications, 2016 –
… evaluation, proving the effectiveness of the method. ?Key Words?? automatic summarization short text summarization multiple mapping mapping rule ?Fund?? ?????????????(KJ1500903)~~ ?CateGory Index?? TP391.1. …

Extraction Method of Automatic Summarization Based on Event Elements Network
T Liao, Y Sun, Z Liu – … Intelligence and Design (ISCID), 2016 9th …, 2016 –
Abstract: When adopting traditional automatic summarization, it emerged information redundancy and incomplete content covering, but currently the mainstream automatic summarization turned towards to extracting words. This paper studied the effectiveness of

Research on Automatic Summarization of Personal Events Based on CR-PageRank Algorithm
Y GAO, Y WANG, Z MA – Computer Engineering, 2016 –
Automatic document summarization is an approach to obtain important information of microblog, but with the characteristics of short text, high redundancy and high noise of microblog, cause great difficulties for automatic summary. For this problem, an event

Tweet Contextualization using Continuous Space Vectors: Automatic Summarization of Cultural Documents.
EL Pontes, JM Torres-Moreno, S Huet… – CLEF (Working …, 2016 –
Abstract. In this paper we describe our participation in the INEX 2016 Tweet Contextualization track. The tweet contextualization process aims at generating a short summary from Wikipedia documents related to the tweet. In our approach, we analyzed

Automatic Summarization of Bug Reports
TS Prakash, SS Kumar – Software Engineering and Technology, 2016 –
Abstract Software developers access bug reports in a project’s bug repository to help with a number of different tasks, including understanding how previous changes have been made and understanding multiple aspects of particular defects. A developer’s interaction with

CaseSummarizer: A System for Automated Summarization of Legal Texts.
S Polsley, P Jhunjhunwala, R Huang – COLING (Demos), 2016 –
Abstract Attorneys, judges, and others in the justice system are constantly surrounded by large amounts of legal text, which can be difficult to manage across many cases. We present CaseSummarizer, a tool for automated text summarization of legal documents which uses

Automatic Semantic Summarization of Technical Texts on the Basis of a Pragmatic Semantic Model
MN Mokrousov – Bulletin of Kalashnikov ISTU, 2016 –
… Semantic Model. Mokrousov MN. Abstract. The article presents a hypothesis about the application of the pragmatic semantic text model that is based on the Plex-grammars to automatic summarization of scientific-technical texts. …

The Mixture of Textrank and Lexrank Techniques of Single Document Automatic Summarization Research in Tibetan
A Li, T Jiang, Q Wang, H Yu – Intelligent Human-Machine …, 2016 –
Abstract: Today is an era of knowledge economy and information dominated. Automatic summarization is an important research in the field of natural language processing, its purpose to explore human obtain valuable information from natural language texts. As the

TextSum: An Automatic Text Summarization Tool using Bayesian Classification
G Rohini, PKS Rao, C Avinash – Recent Trends in …, 2016 –
… has to read the document(s) in full. Although automatic summarization is around for many years, there is a renewed interest in this area from the government, industry, and academia. The reason is the availability of large quantities …

Combining Relevance Clustering and Graph Model Methods for Automatic Summarization
LI Mingli, L Sun, X Han – Journal of Residuals Science & …, 2016 –
Abstract With the exponential growth of Internet information, the application value of automatic summarization continues to improve. Automatic summarization is an important research direction, which based on the relationship between sentences. This paper

Assessing the Quality of Automatic Summarization for Peer Review in Education.
F Pramudianto, T Chhabra, EF Gehringer… – EDM …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT Technology supported peer review has drawn many interests from educators and researchers. It encourages active learning, provides timely feedback to students and multiple perspectives on their work. Currently, online peer review systems allow a student’s

Text Automatic Summarization Generation Algorithm for English Teaching
L Cuiling – Intelligent Transportation, Big Data & Smart City …, 2016 –
During the process of English teaching, the teachers should have the ability to extract the English text summarization rapidly and analyze certain type of information comprehensively. While in the process of summarization automatic generation, perfect similarity computation

The method of automatic summarization from different sources
N Shakhovska, T Cherna – ECONTECHMOD: an international …, 2016 –
Abstract. In this article is analyzed technology of automatic text abstracting and annotation. The role of annotation in automatic search and classification for different scientific articles is described. The algorithm of summarization of natural language documents using the

Comparative Study of Two Approaches to Automatic Summarization of Arabic Documents
W Gui, K Alwesabi, A Ayedh – International Journal of Hybrid Information …, 2016 –
We present an automatic summarization of Arabic texts. In this context, two methods for automatic summarization of Arabic documents are proposed and comparatively analyzed. The first method is based on rhetorical structure theory RST that uses linguistic knowledge.

3.5 Paper E: Comparison of automatic summarisation methods for clinical free text notes
H Moen, LM Peltonen, J Heimonen… – … Semantic Models for …, 2016 –
Managing the information in EHR systems tends to be time consuming for clinicians (Farri et al. 2012, Hirsch et al. 2015). Automatic text summarization could assist in providing an overview of the free-text information in ongoing or finished care episodes, as well as in

Indexing and searching of judicial precedents using automatic summarization
A Ordóñez, D Belalcazar, M Calambas… – … Conference on Artificial …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract With the aim of democratizing access to justice, the Colombian legal system has recognized the importance of judicial precedent. Judicial precedent allows citizens to request judicial decisions based on previous sentences (court rulings). Some tools are

Automatic summarization of basketball sport video
D Chauhan, NM Patel, M Joshi – Next Generation Computing …, 2016 –
Abstract: An effective method for highlight generation from basketball sports videos is proposed in this paper. Video shot classification is done which classify video into three categories that is close-up view, far view and replay. For close-up and far view detection we

A Survey on A hybrid method for query based automatic summarization system for text
S Leuva, APP Jardosh, GTU SOCET –
Abstract Text summarization is the part of Information Retrieval system which comes under the area of Text Mining. This is the most popular application for information compression. Text summarization is a process of generating a summary by reducing the size of original

Bilingual automatic text summarization using unsupervised deep learning
SP Singh, A Kumar, A Mangal… – Electrical, Electronics …, 2016 –
… information. In this algorithm we are exploring the features to improve the relevance of sentences in the dataset. Keywords: Automatic Summarization, Deep Learning RBM, Bilingual, dataset, unsupervised. I.INTRODUCTION …

Automatic Summarization of Highly Spontaneous Speech
A Beke, G Szaszák – International Conference on Speech and Computer, 2016 – Springer
Abstract This paper addresses speech summarization of highly spontaneous speech. Speech is converted into text using an ASR, then segmented into tokens. Human made and automatic, prosody based tokenization are compared. The obtained sentence-like units are

Automatic Summarization Considering Time Series and Thread Structure in Electronic Bulletin Board System for Discussion
R Kitagawa, K Fujita – … Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI), 2016 5th …, 2016 –
Abstract: On electronic bulletin board systems for discussion, a topic diversifies into multiple subtopics, and the entire structure becomes complicated. It is helpful to show users summarizations of the arguments because they can help in understanding the contents

PrivacyCheck: Automatic Summarization of Privacy Policies Using Data Mining
RN Zaeem, RL German, KS Barber –
Research shows that only a tiny percentage of users actually read the online privacy policies we all implicitly agree to when using a website. It also suggests that users ignore privacy policies because they are lengthy and, on average, require two years of college education to

Latent Topic-Semantic Indexing Based Automatic Text Summarization
J Yu, XW Chen – … and Applications (ICMLA), 2016 15th IEEE …, 2016 –
… Abstract—Automatic summarization, a difficult but pressing problem in natural language processing, aims at shortening source documents while retaining main information. In recent years, more statistical machine learning methods …

A New Approach to Automated Summarization based on Fuzzy Clustering and Particle Swarm Optimization
RK Yadav, S Singh – International Journal of Computer …, 2016 –
Abstract Automated Summarization of the text is now become an important aspect as it makes the meaning of documents easy to understand and easy to read. Automated summarization is the process of decreasing a text document with a computer system to be

Automated Summarization of Publications Associated with Adverse Drug Reactions from PubMed
J Finkelstein, Q Chen, H Adams… – AMIA Summits on …, 2016 –
Abstract Academic literature provides rich and up-to-date information concerning adverse drug reactions (ADR), but it is time consuming and labor intensive for physicians to obtain information of ADRs from academic literature because they would have to generate queries,

ResQu: A Framework for Automatic Evaluation of Knowledge-Driven Automatic Summarization
N Jaykumar – 2016 –
Abstract Automatic generation of summaries that capture the salient aspects of a search resultset (ie, automatic summarization) has become an important task in biomedical research. Automatic summarization offers an avenue for overcoming the information

Compact Video Description and Representation for Automated Summarization of Human Activities
I Mademlis, A Tefas, N Nikolaidis, I Pitas – INNS Conference on Big Data, 2016 – Springer
Abstract A compact framework is presented for the description and representation of videos depicting human activities, with the goal of enabling automated large-volume video summarization for semantically meaningful key-frame extraction. The framework is

On Automatic Summarization of What and Why Information in Source Code Changes
J Shen, X Sun, B Li, H Yang, J Hu – Computer Software and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Accurate and complete commit messages summarizing software changes are important to support various software maintenance activities. In practice, these commit messages are often manually submitted by individual software developer to provide

Search and Automatic Summarization of Relevant Features in Forensic Scenarios
EVCL Borges, ILP Andrezza, RAT Mota, V Tecnologia… –
Abstract—Methods and tools that perform the analysis and the automatic monitoring of environments are increasingly needed due the growing presence of video recording devices. This work aims to extract some relevant features of forensic scenes, performing

Single Document Automatic Text Summarization using Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF)
H Christian, MP Agus, D Suhartono – … Computer, Mathematics and …, 2016 –
… 2002). There are three important aspects that characterize research on automatic summarization from the previous definition. … METHODS There is various kind of algorithm which can be used to create an automatic summarization. The …

Automatic summarization of the Arabic documents using NMF: A preliminary study
AA Mohamed – … Engineering & Systems (ICCES), 2016 11th …, 2016 –
Abstract: The exponential growth of the Internet produces a huge amount of documents online. Finding the desired documents from amongst these huge resources is a difficult task. This problem is known as “Information Overloading”. Automatic Text Summarization

Software documentation through automatic summarization of source code artifacts
L Moreno – 2016 –
Abstract Program understanding is necessary for most software engineering tasks. Both internal and external documentation help during this process, since they might summarize valuable information about the software system, including its purpose, programmers’

An Ontology-based Automatic Text Summarization: Survey
B Azman, IA Al-Baltah –
… One of the drawbacks that we recognized in the reviewed models is the shortage in rhetorical figures cognition and processing them, as well as lacks of paraphrase the selected verbosity sentences. Keywords—ontology; automatic summarization; summarizer …

Automatic Arabic Text Summarization for Large Scale Multiple Documents Using Genetic Algorithm and MapReduce
SN Al Breem, RS Baraka – 2016 –
… Luhn (Luhn, 1958) was the first to talk about automatic summarization based on selection … (McKeown & Radev, 1995). They released a system called SUMMONS. Recently there have been many models for automatic summarization of multiple …

Automatic text summarization using fuzzy inference
M Jafari, J Wang, Y Qin, M Gheisari… – … (ICAC), 2016 22nd …, 2016 –
… Acknowledgement The authors wish to thanks from deputy of research of Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch for its support of this project and Dr Mohammad Mehdi Esnaashari from ITRC. REFERENCES [1] Mani, Inderjeet. Automatic summarization. Vol. …

DMN Mubarak –
… Because the discourse structure of a sentence varies from different domains. 2.1.3 EDMUNDSON METHOD (1969)[11] Edmundson developed a new method in automatic summarization. … The challenges of automatic summarization. [15] Hahn, U., & Mani. I. (2000). …

SS Naik, MN Gaonkar –
… Process in which computer program gives concise version of source document by preserving its overall content and meaning is called automatic text summarization and such systems are called automatic summarization systems. …

Analysis of complex network methods for extractive automatic text summarization
D Cao, L Xu – … and Communications (ICCC), 2016 2nd IEEE …, 2016 –
… backward. Erkan, Gunes, and DR Radev [22] employed a similar approach to multi-document automatic summarization. … node. Mihalcea [13] applied this method to score sentences in the text document for automatic summarization. …

A Chinese Automatic Text Summarization system for mobile devices
F Ren – Citeseer
… the resource of news collection. In the last few decades, researchers have brought up a number of automatic summarization methods[2][3][4][5][6]. Basically these methods fall into two categories. One is called human-imitation …

An automated knowledge-based textual summarization system for longitudinal, multivariate clinical data
A Goldstein, Y Shahar – Journal of biomedical informatics, 2016 – Elsevier
… of care. Methods. We have designed a new, domain-independent, knowledge-based system, the CliniText system, for automated summarization in free text of longitudinal medical records of any duration, in any context. The system …

A Publicly Available Indonesian Corpora for Automatic Abstractive and Extractive Chat Summarization.
F Koto – LREC, 2016 –
… Uthus, DC and Aha, DW (2011). Plans toward auto- mated chat summarization. In Proceedings of the Work- shop on Automatic Summarization for Different Genres, Media, and Languages, pages 1–7. Association for Com- putational Linguistics. Uthus, DC and Aha, DW (2013). …

Achieving More Coherent Summaries in Automatic Text Summarization; an Ontology-based Approach
M Ramezani, MR Feizi-Derakhshi –
… Coherence was not of much importance in the initial works done in this field. During the years, there has been so much work done in the automatic summarization field, that we can say this branch of Artificial Intelligence has reached maturity [22]. …

A Genetic Clustering Algorithm for Automatic Text Summarization
S Suaréz Benjumea –
… Table (2-1) present a summary. 2.3.2 Rouge ROUGE, or Recall-Oriented Understudy for Gisting Evaluation [67], is a set of metrics and a software package used for evaluating automatic summarization and machine translation software in natural language processing. …

Towards Efficient Model for Automatic Text Summarization.
Y Folajimi, T Obereke – OcRI, 2016 –
… 3, No. 2, pp. 146-158. [14] Osborne, M. (2002). Using maximum entropy for sentence extraction, In Proceedings of the ACL-02 Workshop on Automatic Summarization, Vol. 4, pp. 1-8. Association for Computational Linguistics. [15] Yong, SP, Abidin, AI, & Chen, YY (2005). …

Automatic text summarization and it’s methods-a review
N Bhatia, A Jaiswal – Cloud System and Big Data Engineering …, 2016 –
… a summary text. In numerous topics, automatic summarization systems use clusters to produce an important summary. The documents are signified using termYfrequency inverseY documentYfrequency method. Within ?? ? …

The Automatic Text Summarization Using Semantic Relevance And Hierarchical Structure Of Wordnet
JS Cha, PK Kim – International Conference on Broadband and Wireless …, 2016 – Springer
… sentences and clusters are analyzed with link analysis algorithm and Markov algorithm, and then texts are summarized by giving scores to sentences [6]. Secondly, when it comes to single document summarization, research focuses on automatic summarization of sentences …

R Mol, KP Sabeeha – 2016 –
… of Computer Science& Engineering, MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna, Kerala —– Abstract – Automatic summarization is the process of reducing a document by a …

Enhanced Feature-Based Automatic Text Summarization SystemUsingSupervised Technique
MA Ali, AA Al-Dahoud, BH Hawashin –
… The volumes of topics and information that are available today in the World Wide Web (WWW) become too huge.According to[23] the goal of automatic summarization is “to take an information source, extract content from it, and present the most important content to the user in a …

Sentence Similarity Techniques for Automatic Text Summarization
YA AL-Khassawneh, N Salim, AI Obasae – Journal of Soft Computing and …, 2016 –
… This paper seeks to investigate different techniques of automatic summarization based on the element of sentence resemblance. … Extraction-based text summarization and abstraction- based text summarization are the procedures utilized for automatic summarization. …

Automatic Document Summarization using Sentiment Analysis
S Dabholkar, Y Patadia, P Dsilva – Proceedings of the International …, 2016 –
… In this paper, we propose a model for automatic summarization of text documents based on Sentiment analysis which can identify … 5. CONCLUSION In this paper, a novel idea to further the cause of automatic summarization of documents has been proposed. …

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