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An approach to automatic text summarization using WordNet AR Pal, D Saha – Advance Computing Conference (IACC), …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Text Summarization is the procedure by which the significant portions of a text are retrieved. Most of the approaches perform the summarization based on some hand tagged rules, such as format of the writing of a sentence, position of a sentence in the text, … Cited by 3 Related articles

Text summarization through entailment-based minimum vertex cover A Gupta, M Kaur, A Singh, A Goel… – … Semantics (* SEM 2014 …, 2014 – anthology.aclweb.org Abstract Sentence Connectivity is a textual characteristic that may be incorporated intelligently for the selection of sentences of a well meaning summary. However, the existing summarization methods do not utilize its potential fully. The present paper introduces a … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

Syntactic and Sentence Feature Based Hybrid Approach for Text Summarization DY Sakhare, R Kumar – International Journal of Information …, 2014 – mecs-press.org Abstract Recently, there has been a significant research in automatic text summarization using feature-based techniques in which most of them utilized any one of the soft computing techniques. But, making use of syntactic structure of the sentences for text summarization … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

Text summarization using Wikipedia Y Sankarasubramaniam, K Ramanathan… – Information Processing & …, 2014 – Elsevier Abstract Automatic text summarization has been an active field of research for many years. Several approaches have been proposed, ranging from simple position and word-frequency methods, to learning and graph based algorithms. The advent of human-generated … Cited by 2 Related articles

An Automatic Text Summarization Using Lexical Cohesion And Correlation Of Sentences AR Kulkarni, SS Apte – IJRET: International Journal of Research in … – ijret.org Abstract Due to substantial increase in the amount of information on the Internet, it has become extremely difficult to search for relevant documents needed by the users. To solve this problem, Text summarization is used which produces the summary of documents such … Cited by 1 Related articles

Text Summarization as Feature Selection for Arabic Text Classification E Al-Thwaib – World of Computer Science and Information … – oaji.net Abstract—Text classification (TC) or text categorization task is assigning a document to one or more predefined classes or categories. A common problem in TC is the high number of terms or features in document (s) to be classified (the curse of dimensionality). This … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

An Efficient Training Dataset Generation Method for Extractive Text Summarization E Hannah, S Mukherjee – … of the Second International Conference on Soft …, 2014 – Springer Abstract The work presents a method to automatically generate a training dataset for the purpose of summarizing text documents with the help of feature extraction technique. The goal of this approach is to design a dataset which will help to perform the task of … Cited by 1 Related articles

Rhetorical Figuration as a Metric in Text Summarization M Alliheedi, C Di Marco – Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 2014 – Springer Abstract We show that surface-level markers of pragmatic intent can be used to recognize the important sentences in text and can thereby improve the performance of text summarization systems. In particular, we focus on using automated detection of rhetorical … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

An Optimization Text Summarization Method Based on Naïve Bayes and Topic Word for Single Syllable Language HNT Thu – Applied Mathematical Sciences, 2014 – m-hikari.com Abstract Text summarization since the late 50’s of the 20th century by the simple technical based on term frequency and it applied for technical text summarization at IBM institute. During more than 50 years of development, text summarization is still a hot topic that … Cited by 1 Related articles

A Survey of Unstructured Text Summarization Techniques S Elfayoumy, J Thoppil – … Journal of Advanced Computer Science and …, 2014 – thesai.org Abstract: Due to the explosive amounts of text data being created and organizations increased desire to leverage their data corpora, especially with the availability of Big Data platforms, there is not usually enough time to read and understand each document and … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

A Bayesian Method to Incorporate Background Knowledge during Automatic Text Summarization A Louis – Proceedings of ACL: Short Papers, 2014 – ling.uni-potsdam.de Abstract In order to summarize a document, it is often useful to have a background set of documents from the domain to serve as a reference for determining new and important information in the input document. We present a model based on Bayesian surprise which … Cited by 1 Related articles All 7 versions

Automated text summarization: An overview M Ramezani, MR Feizi-Derakhshi – Applied Artificial Intelligence, 2014 – Taylor & Francis ? This paper is a review of automated text summarization, which is concerned with a subfield of natural language processing (NLP). With the daily increase of available information on the Internet, the need for systems that are able to automatically summarize text is greater than … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

Multi-document Summarization by Extended Graph Text Representation and Importance Refinement U Mirchev, M Last – Innovative Document Summarization …, 2014 – books.google.com … Text summarization is challenging because of its cognitive nature and interesting because of its practical applications. … The automated text summarization area has been extensively explored during the last decade, mostly due to DUC and TAC annual competitions. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

Hot Topic Sensing, Text Analysis, and Summarization G Bouchard, S Clinchant… – Handbook of Research on …, 2014 – books.google.com … Text Summarization Automatic text summarization is the task of generating a summary texts that is based on one or more input texts t where the length of s is less than the length of t, and s contains the most salient information prevalent int. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Graph Models For Query Focused Text Summarization And Assessment Of Machine Translation Using Stopwords B Rama – 2014 – etd.ncsi.iisc.ernet.in Text summarization is the task of generating a shortened version of the original text where core ideas of the original text are retained. In this work, we focus on query focused summarization. The task is to generate the summary from a set of documents which …

[BOOK] Automatic Text Summarization: Some Important Concepts JM Torres?Moreno – 2014 – Wiley Online Library Summary This chapter provides an overview of automatic text summarization: preprocessing, types of summary, their uses and generation algorithms. It also provides an introduction to the problems related to the evaluation of summaries. Automatic text … All 3 versions

Enforcing Text Summarization using Fuzzy Logic RD Shinde, SH Routela, SS Jadhav, SR Sagare – ijcsit.com Abstract—In today’s modern era of information revolution, e-business expands rapidly with a large volume of document. In order to analyze the importance data from the document “Text Summarization” will be useful in serving the need of user. There are two main … Related articles

Discrete Differential Evolution for Text Summarization S Karwa, N Chatterjee – Information Technology (ICIT), 2014 …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—The paper proposes a modified version of Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm and optimization criterion function for extractive text summarization applications. Cosine Similarity measure has been used to cluster similar sentences based on a proposed …

A Hybrid Method for Automatic Text Summarization using Fuzzy Inference M Javanmard, H Samardar – topnumber.ir Abstract Due to the daily growth of information and electronically documents, and converting these documents to the main medium for the transmission of information, large amount of data are produced every day. Considering the massive amount of data, it is almost … Related articles

Text summarization in Indonesian language using Fuzzy Logic Based Method RAS GERBAWANI, J Adisantoso – Skripsi Mahasiswa Ekstensi, 2014 – apps.cs.ipb.ac.id Text summarization is required to help interpreting the large volumes of information in documents. Automatic text summarization is a process of creating a shorter version of document from the source document by using a machine. The goal is to present the most …

Survey on Graph and Cluster Based approaches in Multi-document Text Summarization YK Meena, A Jain, D Gopalani – Recent Advances and …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract- In today’s era of World Wide Web, on-line information is increasing exponentially day by day. So there is a need to condense corpus of documents into useful information automatically. Automatic Text summarization plays an important role to extract salient … Related articles

Improved MMR Technique for Extractive Text Summarization M Kiabod, MN Dehkordi, SM Sharafi – aeuso.org Abstract Text summarization is a process that reduces the length of the original text and saves time by preparing the concept of text for reader. Two kinds of text summarization approaches are extractive and abstractive techniques. Our technique is based on … Related articles

Extractive Based Single Document Text Summarization Using Clustering Approach PK Bhole, AJ Agrawal – … Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJ-AI), 2014 – iaesjournal.com Abstract Text summarization is an old challenge in text mining but in dire need of researcher’s attention in the areas of computational intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. We extract a set of features from each sentence that helps … All 2 versions

A Review of Text Summarization FM Kundi, MZ Asghar, SR Zahra, S Ahmad, A Khan – language – brisjast.com Abstract The excessive use of internet and online technologies has caused a rapid growth of electronic data. When a data is being accessed from such a huge repository of e-documents, hundreds and thousands of documents are retrieved. For a user, it is impossible to read all … Related articles

A Keyphrase-Based Approach to Text Summarization for English and Bengali Documents K Sarkar – International Journal of Technology Diffusion (IJTD), 2014 – igi-global.com Abstract With the rapid growth of the World Wide Web, information overload is becoming a problem for an increasingly large number of people. Since summarization helps human to digest the main contents of a text document very rapidly, there is a need for an effective … Related articles All 2 versions

A conceptual model for text summarisation based on reader requirements JL Hou, YJ Chen – Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial …, 2014 – Taylor & Francis This research establishes a document summarisation model to generate summaries on the basis of reader requirements. To establish this summarisation model, the document summarisation problem is transformed into a mathematical problem by the analysis of the … Related articles

Appendix 2: Automatic Text Summarization Resources JM Torres?Moreno – Automatic Text Summarization – Wiley Online Library … How to Get Online Access. FOR CONTRIBUTORS. For Authors. Advertisement. You have free access to this content Appendix 2: Automatic Text Summarization Resources. Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno. … Book Title. Automatic Text Summarization. Additional Information. How to Cite …

Automatic text summarization with statistical and linguistic features using successive thresholds E PadmaLahari, DVN Kumar… – … Control and Computing …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract–Text summarization is an emerging technique for finding out the summary of the text document. Text summarization is nothing but summarizing the content of given text document. Text summarization has got so uses such as Due to the massive amount of …

Improving Text Summarization using Fuzzy Logic & Latent Semantic Analysis MSA Babar, SA Thorat – 2014 – ijirae.com Abstract—In this new generation, where the tremendous information is available on the internet, it is difficult to extract the information quickly and most efficiently. There are so many text materials available on the internet, in order to extract the most relevant information … Related articles

Text summarization using enhanced MMR technique R Kurmi, P Jain – Computer Communication and Informatics ( …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Now a day when huge amount of documents and web contents are available, so reading of full content is somewhat difficult. Summarization is a way to give abstract form of large document so that the moral of the document can be communicated easily. Current … Related articles

Text summarization for Malayalam documents—An experience R Kabeer, SM Idicula – Data Science & Engineering (ICDSE), …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org The amount of data available in the internet is increasing at a very high speed. Text summarization has helped in making a better use of the information available online. Various methods were adopted to automate text summarization. However there is no …

A Survey on Text Summarization JJ Jagtap, HH Patel – ijsr.net Abstract: Various methodologies for distinguishing essential content for text summarization have been produced to date. Topic representation approaches first infer a halfway representation of the content that catches the themes talked about in the information. … Related articles

Research about Automatic Text Summarization Based on Discourse Structure of Chinese MN Zhang, W Fu – Advanced Materials Research, 2014 – Trans Tech Publ A new automatic text summarization based on discourse structure of Chinese is proposed and build a summarization system. System has 3 steps: first, generates contributing the text physical structure tree; after that, it analyses the content of original texts by fusing the … All 2 versions

Multi-Document Arabic Summarization Using Text Clustering to Reduce Redundancy SA Waheeb, H Husni – sciencepublication.org … We also describe the cluster approach for multi-document summarization. The problem with multi-document text summarization is redundancy of sentences, and thus, redundancy must be eliminated to ensure coherence, and improve readability. … Related articles

Extraction based approach for text summarization using k-means clustering A Agrawal, U Gupta – ijsrp.org Abstract-This paper describes an algorithm that incorporates k-means clustering, term- frequency inverse-document-frequency and tokenization to perform extraction based text summarization. Index Terms-Information retrieval, k-means clustering, Natural Language … Related articles

A Lemma Based Evaluator for Semitic Language Text Summarization Systems T El-Shishtawy, F El-Ghannam – arXiv preprint arXiv:1403.5596, 2014 – arxiv.org Abstract: Matching texts in highly inflected languages such as Arabic by simple stemming strategy is unlikely to perform well. In this paper, we present a strategy for automatic text matching technique for for inflectional languages, using Arabic as the test case. The … Related articles All 2 versions

The Inner Workings of Text Summarization Systems H Cotton – 2014 – works.gc.cuny.edu Abstract This paper investigates automatic text summarization systems (ATS). To begin, a general description of how some ATS systems operate is provided. Following is a report on the testing of two summarization systems, Mead and SweSum. News articles from online …

A Survey on Automatic Text Summarization CS Saranyamol, L Sindhu – ijcsit.com Abstract-With the proliferation of online information, text summarization has become essential to provide enhanced mechanisms to perceive and present effective textual information. It is very difficult for human beings to manually summarize large documents of … Related articles

Pre-Processing Phase of Text Summarization Based on Gujarati Language P Patel – 2014 – researchgate.net ABSTRACT: Text Summarization is condensing the source text into a shorter version preserving its information content and overall meaning. It is very difficult for human beings to manually summarize large documents of text. Text Summarization methods can be … Related articles

Seeded text auto-summarization: An experience with simplified statistical and fuzzy ranking algorithm VE Balas, S Banerjee – Computational Intelligence and …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … The first and the last statement of the paragraph are usually included in the summary [11], [12]. In addition to the existing models, they also envisage fuzzy -latent semantic analysis, Extraction based text summarization has been extensively done by Kyhoomaris et. …

Automatic text summarization T Kumar – 2014 – ethesis.nitrkl.ac.in Automatic summarization is the procedure of decreasing the content of a document with a machine (computer) program so as to make a summary that holds the most critical sentences of the text file (document). Extracting summary from the document is a difficult … Related articles All 2 versions

TextSum: An Automatic Text Summarization Tool using Bayesian Classification G Rohini, PKS Rao, C Avinash – Recent Trends in …, 2014 – computers.stmjournals.com Abstract Automatic text summarization is the process of summarizing text from one or more documents in order to help the reader to determine if [s] he has to read the document (s) in full. Although automatic summarization is around for many years, there is a renewed … Related articles

A Survey on Methods of Abstractive Text Summarization NR Kasture, N Yargal, NN Singh, N Kulkarni, V Mathur… – ijrest.net ABSTRACT Text summarization is the process of extracting the important information which gives us the overall idea of the entire document. It is a tedious task for human beings to generate an abstract manually since it requires a rigorous analysis of the document. In … Related articles All 2 versions

The Role Of Text Summarization In Digital Libraries M Róbert, M BIELIKOVÁ – tradice.fiit.stuba.sk Abstract. Automatic text summarization plays important role in helping users to assess relevancy of the documents on the Web, or more specifically in the domain of digital libraries. We proposed a method of personalized text summarization which improves the … Related articles

Text Summarization in Android Mobile Devices OM Foong, SP Yong, AL Lee – … of the First International Conference on …, 2014 – Springer Abstract This paper presents a text summarization in Android mobile devices. With the proliferation of small screen devices and advancement of mobile technology, the text summarization research has been inspired by the new paradigm shift in accessing … Related articles

Extractive Text Summarization N Mittal, B Agarwal, H Mantri, RK Goyal, MK Jain – 2014 – inpressco.com Abstract Text summarization helps in reducing the size of a text while preserving its information content. In this paper, a text summarization approach is proposed based on removal of redundant sentences. Initially, each sentence from original text (input) is scored … Related articles

An Approach to Single Documnent Text Summarization & Simplification SC Tirpude – iosrjournals.org Abstract: The amount of information available on the internet is increasing day by day which is leading to information overload. For more information than can realistically be digested is available on the World-Wide Web and in other electronic forms. News information, … Related articles All 3 versions

Text Feature Weighting for Summarization of Documents Bahasa Indonesia by Using Binary Logistic Regression Algorithm W Aristoteles, ED Wibowo – ijcst.org … Volume 9, Issue 3, 1-6. ISSN 1694-0814. [2]. Mani,I., Maybury,M., 1999, Advances in Automatic Text Summarization, MIT Press, ISBN:0262133598, Cambridge, MA. … 2008. Automatic text summarization (The state of the art 2007 and new challenges). Vaclav Snasel (Ed): Znalosti. … Related articles

Survey on Extractive Text Summarization Approaches MS Patil, MS Bewoor, SH Patil – nci2tm.sinhgad.edu Abstract—Due to increasing use of internet and online technologies or online data, there is vast increase in the electronic documents. When a data is being retrieved from such a huge collection of electronic documents, hundreds and thousands of documents are retrieved. … Related articles

Effect of Weighting Factors and Unit-Selection Factors on Text Summarization N Ketui, T Theeramunkong – PRICAI 2014: Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 2014 – Springer Abstract In abstraction-based summarization, term weighting and unit selection plays an important role to affect summary quality. Towards implementation of Thai news summarization, we propose unit segmentation using Thai elementary discourse units ( … Related articles

Text Summarization using Sports Ontology with Graphical Representation MRV Argiddi, SS Apte, LR Salgare – ipasj.org Abstract Now a day, we see news contains small sentence on screen related to particular topic like example sports. But when if news contains multiple sentences, at that time difficult to display whole document each time on screen. For that purpose we are using sports … Related articles

A Language Independent Hybrid Approach for Text Summarization V Gupta – Emerging Trends in Computing and Communication, 2014 – Springer Abstract This paper discusses an algorithm for language independent hybrid text summarization. There are seven features used in this text summarizer:(1) words form similarity with title line (2) n-gram similarity with title (3) Normalized NTF-PSF feature (4) … Related articles All 3 versions

A Novel Approach towards Multi-Document Text Summarization SNZ HOD, A Gautam, S Nashte, P Khanuja – ijspr.com Abstract–With an increase in the size of documents, the task of searching the important and relevant information has become very tedious. Hence, a summarizer would prove vital towards reducing human efforts. Text summarization is an important activity in the analysis … Related articles

Automatic Summarization of Text-Based Documents on Corpus for Generating an Effective Summary MK Shanmugapriya, MM Saratha – sites.ijrit.com … Keywords – Lexical association, Text summarization, Lexical link, Indexing weight, Ranking algorithm, Similarity sentence. I.INTRODUCTION … Text summarization is an attractive and useful task which produce summary from large document. … Related articles All 2 versions

Application of Text Rank Algorithm for Context Based Indexing in Text Summarization DD Pawar, MS Bewoor, SH Patil – International Journal of Engineering …, 2014 – ijert.org Abstract Today immeasurable information present on an internet. It often contains high quality information in the form of web pages. But it is not easy job to manually find out significant information and to pick the topmost collection of information for a particular …

Text Summarization Using Fuzzy Logic MPD Patil, NJ Kulkarni – Paragraph, 2014 – ijirae.com Abstract—In this new generation, where the tremendous information is available on the internet, it is difficult to extract the information quickly and most efficiently. There are so many text materials available on the internet, in order to extract the most relevant information … Related articles

Provide a method for automatic text summarization based on Ontology-Medicine and Support Vector machine A Mohagheghi, EK Khah, SRK Tabakh – Scientia Guaianae, 2014 – scientiaguaianae.org Abstract Automatic text summarization attempts to generate a concise version of the original document so that the main point of the original document is preserved. In according to increase amount of medical texts and not having enough time to read all the texts; … All 2 versions

Automatic Medical Text Summarisation to Support Evidence-based Medicine A SARKER – science.mq.edu.au Abstract Clinical guidelines urge medical practitioners to perform Evidence-based Medicine: a practice that requires practitioners to incorporate the best available evidence from published research, when making clinical decisions. Due to the abundance of published … Related articles

Analysis of Sentence Scoring Methods for Extractive Automatic Text Summarization YK Meena, D Gopalani – … of the 2014 International Conference on …, 2014 – dl.acm.org Abstract Automatic text summarization is a major area of research in the domain of information systems. Most of the methods requires domain knowledge in order to produce a coherent and meaningful summary. In Extractive text summarization, sentences are …

Too Long-Didn’t Read: A Practical Web Based Approach towards Text Summarization AD Sharma, S Deep – Applied Algorithms, 2014 – Springer Abstract In today’s digital epoch, people share and read a motley of never ending electronic information, thus either a lot of time is wasted in deciphering all this information, or only a tiny amount of it is actually read. Therefore, it is imperative to contrive a generic text … Related articles All 2 versions

Automatic text summarization based on multi-agent particle swarm optimization H Asgari, B Masoumi… – Intelligent Systems (ICIS), …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Text summarization is the objective extraction of some parts of the text, such as sentence and paragraph, as the document abstract. If there are documents with a large amount of information, extractive text summarization would be arisen as an NP-complete … Related articles

Automated Text Summarization: A Case Study for Marathi Language U Dakulge, SC Dharmadhikari – Data Mining and Knowledge …, 2014 – ciitresearch.org Abstract The amount of information on the Internet/Web is growing day by day, which has caused information overload. To find relevant useful information is becoming crucial task. This growth has created a huge demand for automatic methods and tools for text … Related articles All 2 versions

Automated method for extracting “citation sentences” from online biomedical articles using SVM-based text summarization technique IC Kim, DX Le, GR Thoma – Systems, Man and Cybernetics ( …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Comment-on (CON), a MEDLINE citation field, indicates previously published articles commented on by authors of a given article expressing possibly complimentary or contradictory opinions. Our idea of identifying the CON list for a given article is to first … Related articles

Text Summarization Based on Several Natural Language Techniques AK Ahmad – uotechnology.edu.iq ABSTRACT Because of the great amount of information that provided by internet technologies, the automatic text summarization have become more important. This paper describes a method for summarizing English text. It depends on extractive summarization. … Related articles All 4 versions

Multi-document Hyperedge-based Ranking for Text Summarization A Bellaachia, M Al-Dhelaan – Proceedings of the 23rd ACM International …, 2014 – dl.acm.org Abstract In a multi-document settings, graph-based extractive summarization approaches build a similarity graph out of sentences in each cluster of documents then use graph centrality approaches to measure the importance of sentences. The similarity is computed … Related articles

Automatic Multiple Document Text Summarization Using Wordnet and Agility Tool D Kumar, N Rajender Nath – Global Journal of Computer …, 2014 – computerresearch.org Abstract The number of web pages on the World Wide Web is increasing very rapidly. Consequently, search engines like Google, AltaVista, Bing etc. provides a long list of URLs to the end user. So, it becomes very difficult to review and analyze each web page … All 2 versions

TREADS: A Safe Route Recommender Using Social Media Mining and Text Summarization K Fu, YC Lu, CT Lu – 2014 – europa.nvc.cs.vt.edu ABSTRACT This paper presents TREADS, a novel travel route recommendation system that suggests safe travel itineraries in real time by incorporating social media data resources and points of interest review summarization techniques. The system consists of an efficient … Related articles All 2 versions

Importance of Surface Methods in Human and Automatic Text Summarization NM Preradovi?, D Boras, M Vlaini? – naun.org Abstract—Both human and automatic summaries enable a concise display of the most important information from the original text. Summaries written by the author of the document, expert in the field, professional summarizer or generated by the automatic … Related articles

Enhancing The Performance Of Cluster Based Text Summarization Using Support Vector Machine MS Patil, MS Bewoor, SH Patil – ijret.org Abstract Technology is evolving day by day and this increase in technology is nothing but is the efforts to reduce human work and to have systems as automatic as possible. Same thing is true in terms of existence of digital information. Due to enormous increase in the use of … Related articles

Novel Text Summarization Techniques for Contextual Advertising G Armano, A Giuliani – Innovative Document Summarization …, 2014 – books.google.com ABSTRACT Recently, there has been a renewed interest on automatic text summarization techniques. The Internet has caused a continuous growth of information overload, focusing the attention on retrieval and filtering needs. Since digitally stored information is more and … All 2 versions

Text Summarization for Compressed Inverted Indexes and Snippets M Dahale – 2014 – scholarworks.sjsu.edu Search engines are often the first source of information when we want to do any research. To get this information, a search engine should understand our query and give results relevant to the query. Summarization is one of the key steps for obtaining these relevant … Related articles All 3 versions

An Algebraic Approach for Sentence Based Feature Extraction Applied for Automatic Text Summarization NK Batcha, NA Aziz – Advanced Science Letters, 2014 – ingentaconnect.com In the existing approaches of Automatic Text Summarization (ATS) which uses the algebraic reduction method Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF), the approximation process is more concerned towards convergence and feature selection from the original text into W … Related articles

Graph Ranking on Maximal Frequent Sequences for Single Extractive Text Summarization Y Ledeneva, RA García-Hernández… – … Linguistics and Intelligent …, 2014 – Springer Abstract We suggest a new method for the task of extractive text summarization using graph- based ranking algorithms. The main idea of this paper is to rank Maximal Frequent Sequences (MFS) in order to identify the most important information in a text. MFS are … Related articles All 10 versions

Text summarization in the biomedical domain: A systematic review of recent research R Mishra, J Bian, M Fiszman, CR Weir… – Journal of biomedical …, 2014 – Elsevier Objective The amount of information for clinicians and clinical researchers is growing exponentially. Text summarization reduces information as an attempt to enable users to find and understand relevant source texts more quickly and effortlessly. In recent years, … Related articles All 4 versions

Automatic Summarization of Text Documents Written in Hindi Language D Kaur, R Kaur – 2014 – ijcsmc.com … Accuracy of the system is varies from 81% to 92 %. [2] Ng Choon-Ching & Ali Selamat Text Summarization Review In this paper author describe an existing need for text summarizers that small devices like PDA has emerged the development of text summarization of web pages. … Related articles All 2 versions

Ontology-based text summarization. The case of Texminer P Hípola, J A. Senso, A Leiva-Mederos… – Library Hi …, 2014 – emeraldinsight.com Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to look into the latest advances in ontology-based text summarization systems, with emphasis on the methodologies of a socio-cognitive approach, the structural discourse models and the ontology-based text summarization systems. … Related articles All 5 versions

A Context Based Text Summarization System R Ferreira, F Freitas, LS Cabral, RD Lins… – … (DAS), 2014 11th …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Text summarization is the process of creating a shorter version of one or more text documents. Automatic text summarization has become an important way of finding relevant information in large text libraries or in the Internet. Extractive text summarization … Related articles All 2 versions

Extractive Text Summarisation using Graph Triangle Counting Approach: Proposed Method YA AL-Khassawneh, N Salim, OA Isiaka – ysrgst.org Abstract Currently, with a growing quantity of automated text data, the necessity for the construction of Summarisation systems turns out to be vital. Summarisation systems confine and condense the mainly vital ideas of the papers and assist the user to find and … Related articles

Arabic Text Summarization Using Aggregate Similarity QA Al-Radaideh, M Afif – researchgate.net ABSTRACT This paper proposes an Arabic text summarization approach based on an aggregate similarity method which is originally proposed for the Korean language text. The proposed approach depends mainly on nouns as indicators of the importance of the … Related articles

An interpretable method for text summarization based on simplicial non-negative matrix factorization NK Anh, NK Toi, NV Linh – Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on …, 2014 – dl.acm.org Abstract Automatic text summarization plays an important role in information retrieval and text mining. Furthermore, it provides an useful solution to the information overload problem. In this paper, we propose a simplicial NMF-based unsupervised generic document … Related articles

Generating Object-Oriented Semantic Graph for Text Summarisation M Joshi, H Wang, S McClean – Mining Intelligence and Knowledge …, 2014 – Springer Abstract In this research paper we propose to extend the semantic graph representation of natural language text to object-oriented semantic graph representation and generate a summary of the original text from this graph. We have provided rules to construct the … Related articles All 3 versions

Study on Multi-document Summarization Based on Text Segmentation M Wang, X Tang, X Wang – Journal of Computers, 2014 – ojs.academypublisher.com … on the Internet almost doubled every year in numbers [1]. For instance, in January 2012, the number of hosts advertised in DNS is 888,239,420 [2]. To help people cope with the ever-increasing text documents, advanced technologies facilitating text summarization have been … Related articles All 3 versions

An Extractive Graph-based Arabic Text Summarization Approach AT Al-Taani, MM Al-Omour – acit2k.org Abstract: In this study, we proposed an Arabic text summarization approach based on extractive graph-based approaches. In order to measure the efficiency of the proposed approach, several basic units such as stem, word, and n-gram are applied in the … Related articles

Improving Text Summarization Using Fuzzy Logic MSA Babar – 2014 – researchgate.net ABSTRACT Text summarization technique deals with the compression of large document into shorter version of text. Text summarization takes care of choosing the most significant portions of text and generates coherent summaries that express the main intent of the … Related articles All 2 versions

A combinational method of fuzzy, particle swarm optimization and cellular learning automata for text summarization RA Ghalehtaki, H Khotanlou… – … Systems (ICIS), 2014 …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—a high quality summary is a main goal and challenge for any automatic text summarization. In this paper, a new method is introduced for automatic text summarization problem. We use cellular learning automata for calculating similarity of sentences, particle … Related articles

A Survey on Existing Extractive Text Summarization Techniques N Arackal, PM Dhanya – 2014 – csidl.org This paper presents a survey on different extractive techniques of text summarization. Text Summarization is a challenging problem these days. The rapid development of emerging technologies poses new challenges to this research field. A summary can give an … Related articles

A classification-based summarisation model for summarising text documents ME Hannah, S Mukherjee – International Journal of Information and …, 2014 – Inderscience … The CBS model is evaluated by two metrics: 1) compression ratios 2) ROUGE metrics. The results obtained by the framework on testing the CBS model reveal that it works to the optimality with respect to the other systems, and hence is a novel solution to text summarisation. … Related articles All 2 versions

Improving Unstructured Text Summarization Using An Ensemble Approach S Elfayoumy, J Thoppil – Journal on Computing (JoC), 2014 – dl6.globalstf.org Abstract Due to the explosive amounts of text data being created and organizations increased desire to leverage their data corpora, especially with the availability of Big Data platforms, there is not usually enough time to read and understand each document and … Related articles All 2 versions

A Novel Features Based Automated Gurmukhi Text Summarization System G Singh – 2014 – dspace.thapar.edu Abstract: Today it is very di?cult, laborious and time consuming task to extract information manually from large amount of data available. A need of Automatic Text Summarization Tool is growing which will create complete and understandable summarized text of input text … Related articles

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Visual Text Summarization in Supervised and Unsupervised Constraints Using CITCC SM Gandhi, TS Kumar – ijircce.com Abstract: In this work clustering performance has been increased by proposes an algorithm called constrained informationtheoretic co-clustering (CITCC). In this work mainly focus on co-clustering and constrained clustering. Co-clustering method is differing from clustering … Related articles All 2 versions

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Appendix 1: Information Retrieval, NLP and Automatic Text Summarization JM Torres?Moreno – Automatic Text Summarization, 2014 – Wiley Online Library In order to understand the issues and algorithms used in NLP and ATS, readers should have prior knowledge of basic IR techniques. For information about IR please consult works by [VAN 79],[BAE 99] and [MAN 08] 2 and for information about statistical NLP and IE consult All 2 versions

A Comprehensive Review on Fuzzy Logic & Latent Semantic Analysis Techniques for Improving the Performance of Text Summarization PM Mane – 2014 – ijarcsms.com Abstract: In this new generation, the quantity of information on the web is rising day by day, a significant quantity of time is exhausted in searching for related documents, it is tricky to drag out the information rapidly and most efficiently. There are so many text materials available … Related articles

[BOOK] Automatic Text Summarization JMT Moreno – 2014 – books.google.com Textual information in the form of digital documents quickly accumulates to create huge amounts of data. The majority of these documents are unstructured: it is unrestricted text and has not been organized into traditional databases. Processing documents is therefore a … Related articles

Contextual Text Summarization for Content Processing in Mobile Learning G YANG – epublications.uef.fi ABSTRACT Mobile learning benefits from rapidly growing mobile technologies, but mobile content adaptation and development for mobile devices is still a significant problem. Due to the costs of data download with mobile devices and the problem of the oft-decried … Related articles

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Semantic Analysis for Improved Multi-document Summarization of Text QL Israel – 2014 – idea.library.drexel.edu … 3. AUTOMATIC FOCUSED MULTI-DOCUMENT SUMMARIZATION Text summarization is concerned with condensing a body of text down to its most salient parts, usually whole, extracted sentences. Then, adding multiple documents to the … Related articles All 2 versions

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Natural language summarization of text and videos using topic models P Das – 2014 – dl.acm.org … The guided summarization task, as laid out in recent text summarization competitions, aims to cover information needs by asking questions like “who did what when and where?” We also have successfully applied multi-modal topic models to summarize domain specific videos … All 2 versions