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[PDF] Achieving artificial general intelligence through peewee granularity [PDF] from KR Thórisson… – … Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, 2009 – Citeseer … systems – architectures with very small-grain components – and why we see this as a promising direction for artificial general intelligence. … used to build several relatively large systems including a multimodal realtime interactive character, a realtime dialogue system [2] and a … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 11 versions

[PDF] Combining self-motivation with logical planning and inference in a reward-seeking agent [PDF] from D Liu… – Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Agents and Artificial …, 2010 – … Table 1: Domain-independent Capabilities [column – ME agent, DS: dialog systems, GDP: goal-directed planners, RLA: RL agents, CVR: cognitive (virtual) robots, GA: game agents] … In Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI 2009). 10 Page 11. … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 13 versions

Applying Artificial Intelligence in CRM: Case Studies of Intelligent Virtual Agents and Pegasystems TF Chen – Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2012 – Trans Tech Publ … Strong AI is also referred to as “artificial general intelligence”[30] or as the ability to perform “general intelligent action”. … Such an assistant may basically consist of a dialog system, an avatar, as well an expert system to provide specific expertise to the user [20]. …

Evaluating multimodal human-robot interaction: A case study of an early humanoid prototype [PDF] from GK Jonsson… – … of the 7th International Conference on …, 2010 – … on 8 networked workstations; more recent incarnations of Ymir have been used in increasingly complex dialogue systems [4] and … Noort, MWML, Cannas, SA, Bosch, MPC, Jonsson, GK, & Magnusson, MS The missing neurocognitive and artificial general intelligence bases of … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

[PDF] A Modular System Oriented to the Design of Versatile Knowledge Bases for Chatbots [PDF] from G Pilato, A Augello… – ISRN Artificial Intelligence, 2012 – … Research on intelligent systems in last years has been char- acterized by the growth of the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) paradigm [1]. This … The simplest way to implement a conversational agent is to use chatbots [4], which are dialogue systems based on a pattern … Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Towards Situated, Interactive, Instructable Agents in a Cognitive Architecture S Mohan… – 2011 AAAI Fall Symposium Series, 2011 – … The Interaction Problem How to communicate while act- ing in the environment? How to maintain a dialog? We are interested in agents that are more than a dialog system, we are looking at agents that can maintain a dialog as they act and learn in the environment. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

A Modular Architecture for Adaptive ChatBots G Pilato, A Augello… – Semantic Computing (ICSC), …, 2011 – … [1] B. Goertzel and C. Pennachin, Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies). … [7] S. Larsson, “Dialogue systems: Simulations or interfaces?” in In Gardent and Gaiffe (eds.): Proceedings of the ninth workshop on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue, 2005. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 3 versions

[PDF] Parsing PCFG within a general probabilistic inference framework [PDF] from A Murugesan… – Proc. AGI, 2009 – … Abstract One of the aims of Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) is to use the same methods to reason over a large num- ber of problems spanning different domains. … Mixed-Initiative Dialogue Systems for Collaborative Problem-Solving. AI Magazine 28(2):23-32. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 7 versions

Cognitive Architectures and Autonomy: A Comparative Review [PDF] from KR Thórisson… – Journal of Artificial General Intelligence, 2012 – Versita … The selection has also been made partly with the aim of highlighting issues that we consider key for the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI), but that have been largely … Ng-Thow-Hing et al., 2009) and dialogue systems with human-like adaptive capabilities (cf. …

[PDF] AI-Complete, AI-Hard, or AI-Easy: Classification of Problems in Artificial [PDF] from RV Yampolskiy – 2011 – … and AJO Cruz, A Theoretical Framework to Formalize AGI-Hard Problems, The Third Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, Lugano, Switzerland … [16] E. Horvitz and T. Paek, Complementary Computing: Policies for Transferring Callers from Dialog Systems to Human … Related articles – View as HTML

[PDF] Fusing symbolic and decision-theoretic problem solving+ perception in a graphical cognitive architecture [PDF] from J CHEN, A DEMSKI, T HAN… – Proceedings of the …, 2011 – … References [1] JE Laird. Extending the Soar cognitive architecture. In Artificial General Intelligence 2008: Proceedings of the First AGI Conference, Memphis, Tennessee, March 2008. IOS Press. … In Proceedings of the AI-ED 2001 Workshop on Tutorial Dialogue Systems, 2001. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Comparison of technical filter mechanisms and defense mechanisms of the human mind F Gelbard, C Brandstatter, K Doblhammer… – AFRICON, …, 2011 – … [12] B. Goertzel, Opencogprime: A cognitive synergy based architecture for artificial general intelligence, Proceedings of the … the emotion dynamics of a multimodal conversational agent, In Proceedings Tutorial and Research Workshop on Affective Dialogue Systems (ADS-04 … Related articles

[BOOK] Artificial intelligence in education: building technology rich learning contexts that work R Luckin, KR Koedinger… – 2007 – … B. Goertzel and P. Wang (Eds.), Advances in Artificial General Intelligence: Concepts, Architectures and Algorithms–Proceedings of the AGI … Reasoning Technology 727 Tutorial Organizers: Bert Bredeweg and Paulo Salles Rapidly Creating a Tutorial Dialogue System Using the … Cited by 9 – Related articles – Library Search – All 4 versions

[PDF] First ideas on the use of affective cues in an empathic computer-based companion [PDF] from N Bee, E André, T Vogt… – Proc. of 8th Int. Conf. …, 2008 – … In Proceedings of the First Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-08), 2008. [4] P. Ekman and W. Friesen. Unmasking the Face. … In In Proceedings Tutorial and Research Workshop on Affective Dialogue Systems, LNAI 3068, pages 53–64, 2004. [19] M. Sagar. … Cited by 3 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 7 versions

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[PDF] How limited is the Limit? [PDF] from P Mondal – Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent …, 2009 – … In addition, parallel progress has been made in machine translation systems and spoken dialog systems as well [11], [12], [13]. … In Proceedings of the First Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, University of Memphis, 2008. [9] Mark G. Core and Johanna D. Moore. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 17 versions

[PDF] Bootstrap Dialog: A Conversational English Text Parsing and Generation System [PDF] from SL Reed – 2008 – Citeseer … Construction Grammar is well suited for a precise and robust dialog system due to its emphasis on pairing utterance form with exact … simulates a child’s mind, and then to subject it to an appropriate course of education thus achieving an artificial general intelligence capable of … View as HTML – All 8 versions

[PDF] Context based Programming-Learning of Robots [PDF] from xn--h1aagicis.xn--p1ai AV Gavrilov – … Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI 2009 …, 2009 – xn--h1aagicis.xn--p1ai … 9, November, 2005. [9] AV Gavrilov, “Dialog system for preparing of programs for robot,” Automatyka, vol.99, Glivice, Poland, pp. … Springer, pp. 47-52, 2007. [22] AV Gavrilov, “Emotions and a priori Knowledge Representation in Artificial General Intelligence,” In Proc. of Int. Conf. … Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Straight thinking straight from the net-on the web-based intelligent talking toy development [PDF] from R Rzepka, S Higuchi… – Systems, Man and …, 2008 – … Hard Problem of Consciousness Proceedings of AGI-08 Workshop on the Sociocultural, Ethical and Futurological Implications of Artificial General Intelligence. … Dialog System Using Modality and Associations Retrieved From The Web (in Japanese) Proceeedings of the NLP’08 … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Robust design and control of call centers with flexible IVR systems [PDF] from B Behzad… – 2011 – … serve”. One of the main technologies developed for this purpose in call centers is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. These systems are also known as spoken dialogue systems, voice user interfaces or speech applications. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

The synthetic teammate project [PDF] from J Ball, C Myers, A Heiberg, NJ Cooke… – Computational & …, 2010 – Springer … scale model of a complex task. In developing a large-scale model of multiple cognitive capacities, this research aligns with research aimed at the development of Artificial General Intelligence. However, most AI research adopts … Cited by 14 – Related articles – Library Search – All 12 versions

[BOOK] Logical and relational learning L De Raedt – 2008 – … German XX, 513 pages. 2006 W. Wahlster (Ed.) SmartKom: Foundations of Multimodal Dialogue Systems XVIII, 644 pages. 2006 B. Goertzel, C. Pennachin (Eds.) Arti?cial General Intelligence XVI, 509 pages. 2007 O. Stock … Cited by 139 – Related articles – Library Search – All 9 versions

Affect detection: An interdisciplinary review of models, methods, and their applications [HTML] from RA Calvo… – Affective Computing, IEEE Transactions …, 2010 – Page 1. Affect Detection: An Interdisciplinary Review of Models, Methods, and Their Applications Rafael A. Calvo, Senior Member, IEEE, and Sidney D’Mello, Member, IEEE Computer Society Abstract—This survey describes … Cited by 94 – Related articles – All 12 versions

Robust Design and Control of Call Centers with Flexible Interactive Voice Response Systems [PDF] from T Tezcan… – Manufacturing & Service …, 2012 – … These systems are also known as spoken dialogue systems, voice user interfaces, or speech applications. An IVR system is the front end of a call center that is a com- puterized system enabling customers to interact with the company without the assistance of human agents. …

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