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Paraphrase DatabaseSPG (Statistical Paraphrase Generation)

Crowdsourcing language generation templates for dialogue systems M Mitchell, WA Redmond, D Bohus… – INLG and SIGDIAL …, 2014 – … question greater than 50%(ie, the majority of the crowd thought the paraphrase had the … paradigm to automatically identify crowd templates that can be directly added to the dialogue system. We would also like to extend be- yond paraphrasing single templates to entire sys- tem … Cited by 1 Related articles All 12 versions

Micro-Counseling Dialog System based on Semantic Content S Han, Y Kim, GG Lee – … You feel bad because he didn’t remember your birthday. Paraphrase User That’s right – … Attending You feel . Paraphrasing because . Paraphrasing You feel because . … Page 8. 5.5 Chat-Oriented Dialog System … Related articles

Recursive Neural Network Paraphrase Identification for Example-based Dialog Retrieval L Nio, S Sakti, G Neubig, T Toda, S Nakamura – … Figure 1 depicts an overview of our dialog system. … We overcome this condition by using the paraphrase retrieval to retrieve the appropriate response from the example database … An overview of the paraphrased based retrieval is depicted in Figure 2. Adopting the work of [20], we … Related articles All 2 versions

Toward a deeper understanding of branching dialogue systems LC Taylor-Giles – 2014 – Page 1. TOWARD A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF BRANCHING DIALOGUE SYSTEMS LEANNE C. TAYLOR-GILES BFA (Creative Writing Production) … Page 2. Leanne C. Taylor-Giles — Understanding Branching Dialogue Systems 2 – Creative Industries, QUT Keywords … Related articles

Improving The Robustness Of Example-Based Dialog Retrieval Using Recursive Neural Network Paraphrase Identification L Nio, S Sakti, G Neubig, T Toda, S Nakamura – … increasing interest as lightweight methods to create broad-coverage chat-oriented dialog systems [1, 2 … and a softmax classifier to decide weather the sentence is paraphrased or not. … to the RAE, (2) recursive autoencoders, and (3) dy- namic pooling and paraphrase classification … Related articles

Robust Example-based Dialog Retrieval using Distributed Word Representations and Recursive Autoencoders L Nio, S Sakti, G Neubig, T Toda, S Nakamura – … is depicted in Figure 1. To decide weather the sen- tence is paraphrased or not … AY Ng, and CD Manning, “Dynamic pooling and unfolding recursive autoencoders for paraphrase detection,” in … T. Toda, M. Adriani, and S. Nakamura, “Developing non-goal dialog system based on … Related articles

A Chatbot Dialogue Manager-Chatbots and Dialogue Systems: A Hybrid Approach A Woudenberg – 2014 – Page 1. A Chatbot Dialogue Manager Chatbots and Dialogue Systems: A Hybrid Approach AF van Woudenberg, 850272823 June 17, 2014 Page 2. Page 3. … 14 Page 24. Chapter 3 Dialogue systems The sub-questions that are addressed in this chapter are: … Related articles All 3 versions

Spoken dialogue grammar induction from crowdsourced data E Palogiannidi, I Klasinas… – Acoustics, Speech and …, 2014 – … Index Terms— Crowdsourcing, Spoken Dialogue Systems, Grammar Induction … Tasks Open-ended (Op-en) 0-4 All Politeness (Pol.) 0-5 All #Words (#Wor.) ? 1 All #Concepts-requested (#Con-req.) ? 1 All #Words-paraphrase (#Wor-par.) ? 2 Paraphrasing Position in … Related articles All 3 versions

Linguistic Individuality Transformation for Spoken Language M Mizukami, G Neubig, S Sakti, T Toda, S Nakamura – … by focusing not on personality, but individuality, we are able to cover applications such as the previously-mentioned dialogue system mimicking a … Learning to paraphrase: an unsupervised approach using multiple-sequence alignment … Paraphrasing with bilingual parallel corpora … Related articles All 2 versions

Stochastic Language Generation in Dialogue Using Factored Language Models F Mairesse, S Young – 2014 – MIT Press … from modeling the paraphrasal variation found in human language (eg, by reducing the repetitiveness of dialogue system utterances or … 5.1 n-best Selection Beam for Paraphrasing … Figure 7(a) shows the BLEU score of paraphrase sets generated using different n-best selection … Related articles All 9 versions

Sprinter: Language Technologies for Interactive and Multimedia Language Learning S Gasber, P Gienandt – … re-writing methods and lexical resources is planned to extend the system to other paraphrase types, such … Lastly, the dialogue system generates a response, which is sent back to the game client and there presented to … The parse and generate method for paraphrasing heav- ily … Related articles

An emotional word focused counseling agent and its evaluation T Shinozaki, Y Yamamoto, S Tsuruta… – Systems, Man and …, 2014 – … Paraphrase and prompt generation for digging … Eventually, in 2) mentioned above, our agent responds using only paraphrasing that catches the words expressing events … the topic using related but different words, 2) unlike such as the 5W1H counseling dialog system [13], which … Related articles

Does Personality Matter? Expressive Generation for Dialogue Interaction MA Walker, J Sawyer, G Lin, S Wing – Natural Interaction with Robots, …, 2014 – Springer … In sum, our work on task-oriented dialogue systems demonstrated (1) that we can develop trainable methods that are as good or better than … information possibly relevant to making the decision of which restaurant to choose, and it includes a bit of wordy paraphrasing (food is … Related articles All 3 versions

In pursuit of decidable ‘logical form’ M Minock – … These decidable queries may be reasoned with, and, at the time of paraphrasing, based on … < ? 1?California?, ?Nevada?, …l)l generates exactly the same paraphrase(s) as … of NLIs to databases, we are considering an extension of the work to dialogue systems. … Related articles

Joint Semantic Utterance Classification and Slot Filling with Recursive Neural Networks DZ Guo, G Tur, W Yih, G Zweig – … In recent years, continuous space models have proven to be highly effective at language processing tasks ranging from paraphrase detection to … RecNNs can be used to perform the core spo- ken language understanding (SLU) tasks in a spoken dialog system, more specifically … Related articles All 6 versions

Out-of-vocabulary word detection in a speech-to-speech translation system HK Kuo, EE Kislal, L Mangu, H Soltau… – Acoustics, Speech and …, 2014 – … system with confirmation or error cor- rection, especially when playing back audio snippets to the user, ac- curate boundary information is key because the ability to clearly in- dicate which portion of the user’s original utterance is failing, rather than asking for a paraphrase of the … Related articles All 2 versions

A Natural Language Instructor for pedestrian navigation based in generation by selection S Avalos, L Benotti – EACL 2014, 2014 – … to accomplish this task, range from giving complete route directions (all route information in a single instruction), to full interactive dialogue systems which give … Reaction then C? C? U end if end for All the utterances that pass this test are consid- ered paraphrases and hence … Related articles All 4 versions

A Comparative Evaluation Methodology for NLG in Interactive Systems H Hastie, A Belz – … For example, the overall goal of a dialogue system eval- uation may be to assess ‘Dialogue Performance’. … With regard to text-to-text applications, these include machine translation, summarisation, paraphrasing and text improvement. … Related articles

Final city search SpaceBook prototype M Fredriksson, J Konigsmann, P Bartie, J Boye… – … the client also places a phone call using which the user communicates with the dialogue system. … It shows a paraphrase of the utterances after contextual interpretation and the utterances of the … The SP’s understanding of the utterance could be paraphrased as “Is it possible for … Related articles

History of Conversational System Development T Nishida, A Nakazawa, Y Ohmoto… – Conversational …, 2014 – Springer … In the 1980s, speech dialogue systems were extended to multimodal interfaces. … For example, “eat” and “drink” were paraphrased as “ingest food” and “ingest liq- uid … They used conceptual dependency to answer questions, paraphrase given sentences, or generate stories. … Related articles All 3 versions

Automatic detection of psychological distress indicators and severity assessment in crisis hotline conversations M Pacula, T Meltzer, M Crystal… – … , Speech and Signal …, 2014 – … b) model spea/er identity by extracting features separately for the different spea/ers in each turn and (c) cluster utterances to reduce dimensionality and better capture paraphrases. … Bayesian update of dialogue state: A POMDP framework for spoken dialogue systems. … Related articles All 2 versions

Luke, I am your father: dealing with out-of-domain requests by using movies subtitles D Ameixa, L Coheur, P Fialho, P Quaresma – Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2014 – Springer … Recently, the work presented in [3] describes a chat-oriented dialogue system, which has in its … Do not contain offensive language; – From the 9 questions paraphrasing How are … formed turns are discarded, and the organisation of the corpus, so that paraphrases are detected … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Relations World: A Possibilistic Graphical Model CJC Burges, E Renshaw, A Pastusiak – arXiv preprint arXiv:1411.4618, 2014 – … of using a possibilistic graphical model as the basis for a world model that drives a dialog system. … recover from upstream coreference resolution errors and ambiguities, and to learn context-dependent paraphrase models … Similar ideas can be used to learn common paraphrases. … Related articles All 3 versions

Interlingual Map Task Corpus Collection H Akira, N Campbell, S Luz – Fifteenth Annual Conference of the …, 2014 – … nicative acts to the technology, repair strategies, play, and other factors that might have implications for the design of dialogue systems and, in … Speak- ers attempted to adapt to ASR problems by paraphrasing (eg a participant replaced “youth hostel” with “YMCA”), and to per … Related articles All 9 versions

Reranked aligners for interactive transcript correction B Favre, M Rouvier, F Bechet – Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2014 – … with cost functions tailored to the specifics of the task and accounting for ASR errors and paraphrasing through phonetic and … The task of improving automatic transcripts with interactions has mainly been pursued through confirmation in dialog systems and edition commands in … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Language Generation from Class Diagrams H Burden, R Heldal – A Scholarship Approach to Model-Driven …, 2014 – … textual descriptions of the structure of the class diagram that not only paraphrase the diagrams … in the MOLTO-project12 and has previously been used for multi-modal dialogue systems [3] and in … formed model is difficult to understand, thus the need for textual paraphrasing of its … Related articles

INLG 2014 M Mitchell, K McCoy, D McDonald, A Cahill – 2014 – … and answers to questions from narrative representations; and Chris Callison-Burch (UPenn), who will talk about large-scale paraphrasing for natural … 162 Crowdsourcing Language Generation Templates for Dialogue Systems Margaret Mitchell, Dan Bohus and Ece Kamar … All 5 versions

A Comprehensive Study on Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Interface to Databases U Shafique, H Qaiser – International Journal of Innovation and …, 2014 – … and Automatic Translation, Information Retrieval (IR), Information Extraction (IE), Dialogue Systems and Question … In this system, special emphasis given on query paraphrasing and in engaging … This system use bidirectional grammar to paraphrases queries back to the natural … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Better Surface Realization through Psycholinguistics R Rajkumar, M White – Language and Linguistics Compass, 2014 – Wiley Online Library … 2013), thereby making them more suitable for integration into real-time incremental dialog systems (Schlangen and Skantze 2011; Dethlefs et al. 2013). … 3.2 INCREMENTAL GRAMMAR FORMALISMS FOR DIALOG SYSTEMS. … Related articles

Training a statistical surface realiser from automatic slot labelling H Cuayáhuitl, N Dethlefs, H Hastie, X Liu – 2014 – … ABSTRACT Training a statistical surface realiser typically relies on la- belled training data or parallel data sets, such as corpora of paraphrases. … Annotations need to be re- liable enough to be utilised within a spoken dialogue system. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Discovering latent structure in task-oriented dialogues K Zhai, JD Williams – Proceedings of the Association for Computational …, 2014 – … BusTime This corpus consists of logs of tele- phone calls between a spoken dialogue system and real bus users in Pittsburgh, USA (Black et al., 2010). … Only the most common di- alogue flows are displayed. System prompts shown are example paraphrases. Edge cases ar Cited by 2 Related articles All 11 versions

A Bibliography of the TSD 2014 Proceedings P Sojka – … In Sojka et al. [SHKP14], pages 579–586. [JDPŽ14] Filip Jur?í?ek, Ond?ej Dušek, Ond?ej Plátek, and Lukáš Žilka. Alex: a Statistical Dialogue Systems Framework. In Sojka et al. … [Nev14] Zuzana Nev??ilová. Paraphrase and Textual Entailment Generation. In Sojka et al. … Related articles

Adaptive operator switching and solution space probability structure based genetic algorithm for information retrieval through pattern recognition J Dalai, SZ Hasan, B Sarkar… – Circuit, Power and …, 2014 – … Large-scale retrieval systems like Lockheed Dialogue system also came into picture during that decade … Later on, an Evolutionary approach for building efficient Paraphrase Recognizers was studied by … Paraphrasing is defined as the restatement of a given text to convey the …

Click or Type: An Analysis of Wizard’s Interaction for Future Wizard Interface Design S Janarthanam, R Hill, A Dickinson, M Fredriksson – EACL 2014, 2014 – … 90s in order to collect human-computer dialogue data to help design dialogue systems (Fraser and … Buttons In addition, Wizards use free text to generate utterances that are paraphrases of hot … of which 3 were button-presses and one (“Walk straight on”) paraphrased an existing … Related articles All 7 versions

Questions, pictures, answers M Theune, B van Schooten, R Op den Akker, W Bosma… – … A dialogue system might react by (further) extending the answer so that the correctness can be verified appropriately, see section 3.1. … is a difficult type of question to handle properly, but might simply be answered by producing a suitable figure caption paraphrasing the entire … Related articles

Parameterizing mental model ascription across intelligent agents M McShane – Interaction Studies, 2014 – … 1. Although these paraphrases convey different semantic nuances to human readers, this level of distinction is not relevant to the functioning of our intelligent agents at this time and … (2) Collaborative dialog involves determining how to phrase, and paraphrase, information so that …

Foundations for the Logic of Questions and Commands RA Girle, J McKeown-Green – Inventive Approaches for …, 2014 – … I can ask about whether George Washington is a capital city in various ways: by uttering (4), by paraphrasing it, by translating it into French … capital city of the United States is, the most elegant way to divide force from content would seem to require that we paraphrase my question … All 2 versions

Tapping into the Power of Automatic Question Generation IE Fattoh, AE Aboutabl, M Hassan – … Simultaneously, there has been a strand of research on advisory dialogue systems [2]. All the previous systems were … NLP transformations exploited in this stage, including extractive summarization, sentence compression, sentence splitting, paraphrasing, textual entailment … Related articles

A New Corpus and Imitation Learning Framework for Context-Dependent Semantic Parsing A Vlachos, S Clark – Transactions of the Association for …, 2014 – Page 1. A New Corpus and Imitation Learning Framework for Context-Dependent Semantic Parsing Andreas Vlachos Computer Science Department University College London Stephen Clark Computer … Related articles All 5 versions

The EEE corpus: socio-affective” glue” cues in elderly-robot interactions in a Smart Home with the EmOz platform V Aubergé, Y Sasa, N Bonnefond… – … & LINKED OPEN …, 2014 – … as features of the “glue” building increasing steps: (1) declarative commands without paraphrasing; (2) the … at the end of the sentences, with a breathy voice); (3) commands paraphrased variations (used … This will carry on a minimal dialog system for elderly in smart home that will … Related articles All 9 versions

SAWDUST: a Semi-Automated Wizard Dialogue Utterance Selection Tool for domain-independent large-domain dialogue S Gandhe, D Traum – 15th Annual Meeting of the Special …, 2014 – … A wizard can generate such resources by performing two types of tasks. First is the traditional Wizard- of-Oz dialogue collection, where a wizard inter- acts with a user of the dialogue system. … This allows wizards to easily find paraphrases of already selected response utterances. … Related articles All 7 versions

Question answering system: A heuristic approach V Bhoir, MA Potey – Applications of Digital Information and Web …, 2014 – … II. RELATED WORK Since 1960s, a variety of natural language database frontends, dialog systems and language understanding systems were created. Most … etc. The paraphrasing of the questions is also taken into consideration. … Related articles

A Brief State of the Art of CNLs for Ontology Authoring H Safwat, B Davis – Controlled Natural Language, 2014 – Springer … GF applications range from mathematical proofing, dialog systems, patent translation [19], multilin- gual wikis and multilingual generation in the culture … evaluations into (1) task-based, whereby users are provided with a specific task to complete, and (2) paraphrase-based which … Cited by 2 Related articles All 7 versions

Crowdsourced monolingual translation C Hu, P Resnik, BB Bederson – ACM Transactions on Computer-Human …, 2014 – … paraphrased source sentence is then translated using machine translation and given to the target language speakers. Paraphrasing the original sentence helps to add redundancy to the translation process, and using the words of the back-translation makes the paraphrase … Cited by 1 Related articles All 7 versions

Swoozy-An Innovative Design of a Distributed and Gesture-based Semantic Television System M Deru, S Bergweiler – … 2014, The Eighth International Conference on …, 2014 – … approach follows the “no presentation without semantic representation” paradigm [40][41][42] in usage in numerous multimodal dialog systems [37 … based on dependency tree skeletons,” in Proceedings of the ACL-PASCAL Workshop on Textual Entailment and Paraphrasing, ser … Related articles All 2 versions

[BOOK] Text, Speech and Dialogue: 17th International Conference, TSD 2014, Brno, Czech Republic, September 8-12, 2014, Proceedings P Sojka, A Horák, I Kope?ek, K Pala – 2014 – … One of the ambitions of the conference is, as its title says, not only to deal with dialog systems as such, but also to contribute to improving dialog between researchers in the … 285 Anna Lisa Gentile, Ziqi Zhang, and Fabio Ciravegna Paraphrase and Textual Entailment Generation … Cited by 5 Related articles All 11 versions

Tutor Dialogue Planning with Contextual Information and Discourse Structure R Fisher, R Simmons – … Examples include causation, attribution, and paraphrase relations. … 3 Planning with Contextual Knowledge Bases A Contextual Knowledge Base is a set of facts about a user and the environ- ment [9]. In dialogue systems, examples of entries in a CKB may include the Page 4. …

Surface Realisation from Knowledge-Bases B Gyawali, C Gardent – the 52nd Annual Meeting of the …, 2014 – … 1996) presents an extension of the chart based gen- eration algorithm presented in (Kay, 1996) which supports the generation of multiple paraphrases from underspecified … DeVault et al., 2008) describes an approach for generating from the frames produced by a dialog system. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 14 versions

Interpreting Natural Language Instructions Using Language, Vision, and Behavior L Benotti, T Lau, M Villalba – ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent …, 2014 – … Since all instructions in a group are associated with the same reaction, they must, by our definition of paraphrase, be paraphrases of each other. The third step of our algorithm is to select the group whose reaction is the intended by the IG’s instruction. … Cited by 1 Related articles

Mining human interactions to construct a virtual guide for a virtual fair A Luna, L Benotti – EACL 2014, 2014 – … As paraphrase instructions, while performing a task, occur in a same decision point, then we wanted close instructions to be in the same cluster, and therefore our criteria of … In IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems, Hyderabad, India. … All 4 versions

An Evaluation of Self-explanation in a Programming Tutor AN Kumar – Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2014 – Springer … 1. Aleven, V., Ogan, A., Popescu, O., Torrey, C., Koedinger, K.: Evaluating the effectiveness of a tutorial dialogue system for self … McNamara, DS, Boonthum, C., Kurby, CA, Magliano, J., Pillarisetti, S., Bellissens, C.: Interactive paraphrase training: The development and testing of … Related articles All 3 versions

[BOOK] Natural Language Processing of Semitic Languages I Zitouni – 2014 – Springer … 130 4.3 Meaning, Semantic Distance, Paraphrasing and LexiconGeneration … Prior to IBM, Imed was a researcher at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, for almost half dozen years working on language modeling, speech recognition, spoken dialog systems, and speech … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

Making Biographical Data in Wikipedia Readable: A Pattern-based Multilingual Approach I Gonzalez-Dios, MJ Aranzabe, AD de Ilarraza – COLING 2014, 2014 – … technologies (intelligent tutoring systems, inquiry-based environments, and game-based learning environments), virtual environments and dialogue systems among others. … 2012) or c) paren- theticals have been added to explain the meaning by short paraphrases (Hallett and … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

QAS SD Joshi – … Keywords: QAS, 1. INTRODUCTION Since 1960s, a variety of natural language database frontends, dialog systems and language understanding systems were created. … The paraphrasing of the questions is also taken into consideration. … Related articles

Creating the Intelligent Novice: Supporting Self-Regulated Learning and Metacognition in Educational Technology B Goldberg, R Spain – Design Recommendations for Intelligent …, 2014 – … explaining while studying or solving problems have been investigated by a number of researchers, starting with the work of Chi and VanLehn (2010) who found successful learners tended to explain or engage in more generative processes (elaboration, paraphrasing, etc.) than … Related articles All 6 versions

Adjective-Based Estimation of Short Sentence’s Impression NTT An, M Hagiwara – … It has a large range of applications, such as word sense disambiguation (Linlin Li, Benjamin Roth, and Caroline, 2010), information retrieval (Saini, & Sharma, & Gupta, 2011), paraphrase recognition (Prodromos, 2009), text summarization and annotation (Ramiz, 2009), and … Related articles

Speech recognition in Alzheimer’s disease with personal assistive robots F Rudzicz, R Wang, M Begum, A Mihailidis – ACL 2014, 2014 – … Guinn and Habash (2012) showed, through an analysis of conversational dialogs, that repetition, incomplete words, and paraphrasing were significant indicators of Alzheimer’s dis- ease relative but several expected … Benefits of social intelligence in home dialogue systems. … Related articles All 7 versions

Taking Antonymy Mask off in Vector Space E Santus, Q Lu, A Lenci, CR Huang – … Translation (MT), Sentiment Analysis (SA) and Dialogue Systems (Roth and Schulte im Walde, 2014; Mohammad et al., 2013). In particular, the automatic identification of semantic opposition is a crucial component for the detection and generation of paraphrases (Marton et al … Related articles

Agile Facilitation for Collaborative Learning D Adamson – 2014 – … The set of Academically Productive Talk moves includes paraphrasing a student statement: “So let me see if I’ve got your thinking right. You’re saying XXX?”, which encourages students to reformulate or transform the articulation of their reasoning in order to clarify their meaning. … Related articles All 2 versions

Heterogeneous networks and their applications: Scientometrics, name disambiguation, and topic modeling B King, R Jha, DR Radev – Transactions of the …, 2014 – … MaxEnt models entropy maximum approach based attachment model models phrase prepositional disambiguation Dialogue systems dialogue spoken … Filtering Antonymous, Trend- Contrasting, and Polarity-Dissimilar Distributional Paraphrases for Improving Statistical Machine … Cited by 1 Related articles All 12 versions

SemEval-2014 Task 6: Supervised Semantic Parsing of Robotic Spatial Commands K Dukes – SemEval 2014, 2014 – … Recently, state-of-the-art semantic pars- ing methods have used for a variety of applica- tions, including question answering (Kwiat- kowski et al., 2013; Krishnamurthy and Mitchell, 2012), dialog systems (Artzi and Zettlemoyer, 2011), entity … Semantic parsing via paraphrasing. … Related articles All 7 versions

Summer Internship Report O Kilic – … 2010), instruction-demonstration pairs observed from a virtual world (Chen and Mooney, 2011), conversation logs via dialog systems (Artz and Zettlemoyer, 2011), and visual sensors (Matuszek et al., … Semantic Parsing via Paraphrasing. In Proceedings of the ACL 2014. … Related articles

Serious Games in Education Towards the standardization of the teaching-learning process N HAMDAOUI, MK IDRISSI… – ADVANCES in …, 2014 – … Comprehension Understand the meaning, paraphrase a concept. Summarize, convert, defend, paraphrase, interpret, give examples. … 2006. Sofia, Bulgaria. [23] Rich, E., Stereotypes and User Modeling. User Models in Dialog Systems, 1989: p. 35-51. … Related articles All 3 versions

Bringing machine learning and compositional semantics together P Liang, C Potts – Annual Reviews of Linguistics (submitted), 0, 2014 – Page 1. Bringing machine learning and compositional semantics together Percy Liang and Christopher Potts Abstract Computational semantics has long been seen as a field divided between logical and statistical approaches … Cited by 5 Related articles All 2 versions

Form and Meaning in Dialog-Based Computer-Assisted Language Learning S Wilske – … ICALL was provided in the form of a task-based dialog system that gives corrective feedback. We investigated how different parameters of the interaction affect the learning progress. … 24 3.1.2 Dialog systems . . . . . …

A Complete Bibliography of ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing (TSLP) NHF Beebe – 2014 – … parameter [Van07]. parameters [JTY11]. paraphrases [NH13]. parsing [CLS13a, CLS13b]. … Evaluating dis- course understanding in spoken dialogue systems. ACM Trans- actions on Speech and Language Processing (TSLP), 1(1):1–20, November 2004. CODEN ???? … Related articles All 10 versions

Language Learning via Unsupervised Corpus Analysis B Goertzel, C Pennachin, N Geisweiller – Engineering General Intelligence …, 2014 – Springer … A formalism for expressing semantic relationships is assumed. – A semantic relationship generalizes the notion of a lexical entry to allow for changes of word order, paraphrasing, tense, number, the presence or absence of modifiers, etc. …

Automatic scoring for answers to Arabic test questions WH Gomaa, AA Fahmy – Computer Speech & Language, 2014 – Elsevier … The LIMSIILES (Gleize and Grau, 2013) system was modeled as a paraphrase identification problem, based on … Basic English paraphrases were acquired from the Simple English Wiktionary. … It has been used in the tutorial dialog system Why2-Atlas (VanLehn et al., 2002). … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

Speech Synthesis and Uncanny Valley J Romportl – Text, Speech and Dialogue, 2014 – Springer … simply, the experimenter mimicked the stereotypes that most contemporary spoken dialogue systems meet and that … background easily identified the technical shortcomings of Voice A and that their psychologically default modus operandi can be informally paraphrased as “the … Related articles All 6 versions

Statistical post-editing and quality estimation for machine translation systems H Bechara – 2014 – Page 1. Statistical Post-editing and Quality Estimation for Machine Translation Systems Hanna Bechara B.Sc., BA A dissertation submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Masters by Research (M.Sc.) to the Dublin City University School of Computing … Related articles

Natural language generation in the context of the semantic web N Bouayad-Agha, G Casamayor, L Wanner – Semantic Web, 2014 – IOS Press Page 1. UNCORRECTED PROOF Semantic Web 00 (20xx) 1–21 1 DOI 10.3233/SW-130125 IOS Press 1 52 2 53 3 54 4 55 5 56 6 57 7 58 8 59 9 60 10 61 11 62 12 63 13 64 14 65 15 66 16 67 17 68 18 69 19 70 20 71 21 72 22 73 23 74 24 75 25 76 26 77 27 78 28 79 29 80 30 … Cited by 7 Related articles All 4 versions

Domain-sensitive topic management in a modular conversational agent framework D Macias Galindo – 2014 – … In IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Practical Dialogue Systems (KRPDS), pages 16–23, Barcelona, Spain … Initial approaches for CA dialogue applied input paraphrasing [Weizenbaum, 1966] or handcrafted associations between inputs and … Related articles All 2 versions

An Introduction to Question Answering over Linked Data C Unger, A Freitas, P Cimiano – Reasoning Web. Reasoning on the Web …, 2014 – Springer Page 1. An Introduction to Question Answering over Linked Data Christina Unger 1 , André Freitas 2 , and Philipp Cimiano 1 1 CITEC, Bielefeld University, Inspiration 1, 33615 Bielefeld 2 Insight, National University of Galway (NUIG), Galway Abstract. … Related articles All 4 versions

Social Agency in an Interactive Training System N Reithinger, B Hennig – … The distribution wrt. age, gender and education is as follows: 10 In this section we use and/or paraphrase graphical results and texts from the English report the website generates without special quoting. … SmartKom: Foundations of Multimodal Dialogue Systems. … Related articles

A Complete Bibliography of ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing NHF Beebe – 2014 – … Paragraphs [202]. parallel [85]. Paraphrasing [210]. Parsed [136]. … [37] Harksoo Kim and Jungyun Seo. Resolution of referring expressions in a Korean multimodal dialogue system. ACM Transactions on Asian Lan- guage Information Processing, 2(4):324–337, December 2003. … Related articles All 9 versions

Dialogue Modeling and Response Generation in CFID, a Robust Man-Machine Interface System P Jorrand, V Sgurev – Artificial Intelligence IV: Methodology, …, 2014 – … Patrick’s College Drumcondra–Dublin–Ireland This paper will describe a demonstration dialogue system, developed within the ESPRIT Project# 527 CFID. … 333 (gender p1 male)(person p1) (indef/sing p1)))) A simplified paraphrase of this interpretation is:” It is shared that the … Related articles

Open Question Answering A Fader – 2014 – … answer by chaining together a sequence of operators. These operators include paraphrasing the input question, parsing the question into a query, and rewriting the query to match the … Paraphrase 5 million mined operators Parse … includes spoken dialogue systems. For example. … Related articles All 2 versions

Uptake, Clarification and Argumentation JJ Schlöder – 2014 – … reversed roles. These signals can take vastly different forms, and may be specific to some level. For example, B can signal contact by holding eye contact, perception by repetition, and understanding by paraphrasing. A special … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Conceptual Dependency Scripts for Business Intelligence V Damjanovic – … system according to four dimensions: ? the type of questions (input): eg systems capable of processing factual questions (facto-ids), systems enabling reasoning mechanisms, systems that fuse answers from different sources, interactive (dialog) systems, analogical reasoning … Related articles

Deep stochastic sentence generation S Mille – Page 1. Deep stochastic sentence generation Resources and strategies Simon Mille TESI DOCTORAL UPF / 2014 Director de la tesi Prof. Leo Wanner Department of Information and Communication Technologies Page 2. By … Related articles

CALL-SLT Lite: A Minimal Framework for Building Interactive Speech-Enabled CALL Applications E Rayner, C Baur, N Tsourakis – 2014 – … If the student responds to the prompt with a close paraphrase of the original L2 utterance, it will be unhelpful for the system to reject them. … [7] M. Fuchs, N. Tsourakis, and M. Rayner, “A scalable architecture for web deployment of spoken dialogue systems,” in Proceedings of … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions

Deep stochastic sentence generation: resources and strategies S Mille – 2014 – Page 1. Deep stochastic sentence generation Resources and strategies Simon Mille TESI DOCTORAL UPF / 2014 Director de la tesi Prof. Leo Wanner Department of Information and Communication Technologies Page 2. By … Related articles All 14 versions

Perspectives on Ozlab in the cloud: A literature review of tools supporting Wizard-of-Oz experimentation, including an historical overview of 1971-2013 and notes on … JS Pettersson, M Wik – 2014 – … Here they could also have referred to Leiser (1989), who demonstrated how participants adapted their queries to paraphrases made by the system before presenting search results (as NLP was immature when Leiser conducted the experiment, the study relied on the Wizard-of … Related articles

A Survey of Intelligent Language Tutoring Systems MA Emran, K Shaalan – Advances in Computing, …, 2014 – … 6. Beetle II System Beetle II system is a tutorial dialogue system that has been implemented to accept input from the learner without restrictions … parse any input from the student as well as to extract an applicable semantics from each statement and identify paraphrases that could … Related articles All 2 versions

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Unifying interaction across distributed controls in a smart environment using anthropology-based computing to make human-computer interaction “Calm” JNA Brown – 2014 – Page 1. John NA Brown, BA(Hons), BA, BEd, MSc Unifying Interaction Across Distributed Controls In A Smart Environment Using Anthropology-Based Computing To Make Human-Computer Interaction “Calm” DISSERTATION to gain the Joint Doctoral Degree …