FREyA (Feedback, Refinement and Extended VocabularY Aggregation) 2016


  • Question answer
  • Question answering


  • freya .. displays ontology contents to the end user in a tree structure
  • poweraqua .. a multi-ontology-based question answering system
  • .. question answering wikiframework-based system
  • tbsl .. template-based question answering over rdf data


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Towards a message-driven vocabulary for promoting the interoperability of question answering systems
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Hybrid computing using a neural network with dynamic external memory
A Graves, G Wayne, M Reynolds, T Harley, I Danihelka… – Nature, 2016 –
… Synthetic question answering experiments Our first experiments investigated the capacity of the DNC to perform question answering. … Shortest-path Traversal Ian Jodie Tom Charlotte Mat Jo Fergus Alice Steve Simon Freya Natalie Jane Bob Mary Alan Lindsey Liam Nina …

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Benchmarking question answering systems
R Usbeck, R Michael, C Unger, M Hoffmann… – 2016 –
… also to facilitate a strong collaboration among experts. The Open Knowledge Base Question Answering system is thus supports developing a new QA system reusing collaborative and intu- itive ways. … FREyA [10] — — PowerAqua [22] / U SWIP [8] — — QALD-2 …

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Queriodali: Question answering over dynamic and linked knowledge graphs
V Lopez, P Tommasi, S Kotoulas, J Wu – International Semantic Web …, 2016 – Springer
… In this paper, we present a Question Answering (QA) system that exploits LOD and Knowledge Graphs (KGs) extracted from tabular enterprise data to … One type of mapping is from questions to triples, eg, PowerAqua [19], and FREyA [5]. FreyA leverages users’ feedback for …

A framework for enriching Data Warehouse analysis with Question Answering systems
A Ferrández, A Maté, J Peral, J Trujillo… – Journal of Intelligent …, 2016 – Springer
… With regard to work on the integration of DW and Question Answering (QA) systems, in (Qu et al. … Several work on NL questions to query the Semantic Web have been carried out, like Aqualog (Lopez et al. 2005), SQUALL (Ferré 2012) or FREyA (Damljanovic et al. …

Overcoming challenges of semantic question answering in the semantic web
K Höffner, S Walter, E Marx… – … to Semantic Web …, 2016 –
… Overcoming Challenges of Semantic Question Answering in the Semantic Web … Semantic Question Answering (SQA) removes two major access requirements to the Semantic Web: the mastery of a formal query language like SPARQL and knowledge of a specific vocabulary. …

QAPD: an ontology-based question answering system in the physics domain
A Abdi, N Idris, Z Ahmad – Soft Computing, 2016 – Springer
… Lopez et al. (2007) is an ontology- based question answering system, AquaLog. It processes input questions and categorizes them into 23 groups. … (2010) introduced an ontology-based QA, FREyA. This system combines syntac- tic parsing with an ontological knowledge. …

Where’questions and their responses in Duna (Papua New Guinea)
L San Roque – Open Linguistics, 2016 –
… as well as relevant literature, tells us that where-questions predict place reference in the upcoming turns of a conversation (ie, the question’s answer). … (Freya attempts to ask more about who had the fishing line, but her question is produced in overlap with Tina’s explanation and …

Question Answering over Pattern-Based User Models
G Meditskos, S Dasiopoulou, S Vrochidis… – Proceedings of the 12th …, 2016 –
… FREyA [7] is an interactive Natural Language Interface for querying ontologies, which combines syntac- tic parsing with the ontology … Much the same applies to current evaluation methods, such as the Question Answering over Linked Data (QALD) benchmark initiatives [18 …

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DS de Gracia –
… Author Keywords FREyA, Natural language interface, NLI, ontologies, Closed-domain question answering systems, Linked- Open-Data project, ORAKEL, AquaLog, FrameMapper, PANTO, SPARQL, RDF, QuestIO, Querix, SWAT, Ginseng, GermaNet …

Down the methodological rabbit hole: thinking diffractively with resistant data
G Levy, C Halse, J Wright – Qualitative Research, 2016 –

Towards an ontology-driven adaptive dialogue framework
G Meditskos, S Dasiopoulou, L Pragst, S Ultes… – Proceedings of the 1st …, 2016 –
… roles). 2.2 Ontology-based Question Answering Several approaches have been proposed in the literature [13] to enrich QA with ontologies. … matches. FREyA [9] is an interactive Natural Language In- terface for querying ontologies. …

Asknow: A framework for natural language query formalization in sparql
M Dubey, S Dasgupta, A Sharma, K Höffner… – International Semantic …, 2016 – Springer
… domains. But FREyA requires some level of effort in KB structure understanding to efficiently clarify disambiguation. … matches. QTL [18] is a feedback mechanism for question answering using supervised machine learning on SPARQL. …

REHABROBO-QUERY: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud
Z Dogmus, E Erdem, V Patoglu –
Page 1. Semantic Web 0 (0) 1 1 IOS Press REHABROBO-QUERY: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud Zeynep Dogmus and Esra Erdem and Volkan Patoglu Faculty of …

Multilanguage natural user interface to database
R Posevkin, I Bessmertny – Application of Information and …, 2016 –
… It doesn’t lead to deep functionality degrading of question- answering system. Limited language is a subset of natural language. … “FREyA: An interactive way of querying Linked Data using natural language”, The Semantic Web: ESWC 2011 Workshops. …

Semantic Q&A System on the Qur’an
A Hakkoum, S Raghay – Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2016 – Springer
… Freya [20] Yes Free input User interaction 80 % 68 % … Stemming is the process of removing any affixes from words, and reducing these words to their roots; it is an important process for many natural NLP fields such as information retrieval, question answering and information …

Using a Dialogue Manager to Improve Semantic Web Search
D Melo, IP Rodrigues, VB Nogueira – International Journal on …, 2016 –
… Question Answering (QA) systems for Natural Language (NL) on the SW besides establishing the correspondence between words in … FREyA (Damljanovic, Agatonovic, & Cunningham, 2010) is a Feedback Refinement and Extended Vocabulary Aggregation system that …

A semantic-based approach for querying linked data using natural language
MA Paredes-Valverde… – Journal of …, 2016 –

Automatic acquisition of adjective lexicalizations of restriction classes: a machine learning approach
S Walter, C Unger, P Cimiano – Journal on Data Semantics, 2016 – Springer
… There is an increasing interest in supporting common Web users in accessing structured knowledge bases such as DBpe- dia or Freebase, for example by means of question answering systems such as PowerAqua [16], TBSL [23], Bela [28], QAKiS [5] and FREyA [7]. An …

Using Natural Language to Search Linked Data
V Rozinajová, P Macko – Semanitic Keyword-based Search on Structured …, 2016 – Springer
… In: 11th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2012 (Posters & Demos) (2012). 5. Damljanovic, D., Agatonovic, M., Cunningham, H.: FREyA: an interactive way of querying linked … Unger, C., Freitas, A., Cimiano, P.: An introduction to question answering over linked data. …

Entity-Relationship Extraction from Wikipedia Unstructured Text
RE Prasojo – 2016 –
… 18 3.3 Ontology-based Question Answering . . . . . … [20] have also separately worked on a compilation of issues and techniques related to ontology and knowledge representation evaluation. 3.3 Ontology-based Question Answering The survey paper by Lopez et al. …

IKEYS: Interactive KEYword Search Dedicated to Corporate Data
K Dramé, G Smits, O Pivert – European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, 2016 – Springer
… the systems that have best performed during the QALD-3 challenge namely FREyA [2] and SWIP [5]. … References. 1. Cimiano, P., Lopez, V., Unger, C., Cabrio, E., Ngonga Ngomo, A.-C., Walter, S.: Multilingual Question Answering over Linked Data (QALD-3): lab overview. …

National Literacy and Numeracy Week-” My Two Blankets”-Teaching notes for foundation
K Bradfield – 2016 –
… Page 3. 3 Literacy Strand • Read the text again and this time, record all of Cartwheel’s feelings as they are identified throughout the book. Consider how the students will need to use QAR (Question-Answer Relationship) strategies in order to determine the different feelings. …

Towards a natural language interface for web based application programming interfaces: An analysis of state-of-the-art methods
L Araneda Freccero, J Munoz Caceres – 2016 –
… Another system that claims to be completely portable is FREyA, presented in [13]. FREyA is an NLI over ontologies that enriches the names of entities and attributes in the ontology by associating synonyms to them using WordNet. …

Management of Complex Product Ontologies Using a Web-Based Natural Language Processing Interface
ABM Junaed –
… intuitiveness and expressivity. Several question answering systems have been proposed in the past to work with OWL ontologies or RDF data, for example, Aqualog [LM04], NLP-Reduce [KBF07], FREyA [LB11] and AutoSparql [LB11]. …

Automatic Integration and Querying of Semantic Rich Heterogeneous Data
MR Saeed, C Chelmis, VK Prasanna –
Page 1. i i “Book” — 2016/10/6 — 13:17 — page 1 — #1 i i i i i i Automatic Integration and Querying of Semantic Rich Heterogeneous Data Laying the Foundations for Semantic Web of Things Muhammad Rizwan Saeed,a,?, Charalampos …

A multi-agent conversational system with heterogeneous data sources access
EM Eisman, M Navarro, JL Castro – Expert Systems with Applications, 2016 – Elsevier
… FREyA (Feedback, Refinement and Extended vocabularY Aggregation) (Damljanovic, Agatonovic, & Cunningham, 2012) was an interactive natural language interface for querying ontologies and the Linked Open Data (LOD). …

QULOSUS: Querying Linked Open Data using Pseudo-SPARQL Queries
R Ghawi, S Elbassuoni –
… We evaluate our system using two benchmarks, the Question Answering over Linked Data (QALD-4) which is based on three biomedical datasets, and another benchmark based on three general-purpose datasets, namely DBpedia, YAGO, and LinkedMDB. …

A Survey of Semantic Keyword Search Approaches
SSL Lau, PM Dew – … Journal of Applied Computer Technology and …, 2016 –
… For example, the FREyA system [2] uses natural language processing technologies to reformulate a natural language query into a SPARQL query. … Aqualog also includes the learning component for performance improvement similar to the FREyA’s approach. …

The Impact of Graphical Choices on the Perception of Euler Diagrams
A Blake – 2016 –
… 173 A.4 Type 1, no subset. ‘Who’ style training question, answer Zara. . . . . 175 X Page 11. A.5 Type 1, with subset. ‘Who’ style training question, answer Lily. . . . . 176 A.6 Type 2, no subset. ‘Which’ style training question, answer GAMES PROGRAMMING. . . . . …

Natural language interface to relational database: a simplified customization approach
T Mvumbi – 2016 –

Examination of chemsistry graduate students’ instruction and factors influencing their teaching
JB Velasco – 2016 –
… She gave me several lessons in being patient and self-caring throughout my graduate career, including caring for our three cats: Isis (who is no longer with us), Freya, and Lucy. For so much its almost everything, thank you, Jasel, and I love you. vii. GRANT INFORMATION. …

Methodologies for infographics retrieval
Z Li – 2016 –
… data [83]. Other research provides methodologies to improve upon traditional OCR technologies and transform raw raster infographics into semi-structured textual representations for Question Answering (QA) purposes [47]. The …

Ritual, Perception, Structure: Sonic Realizations of Buddhist Principles
KH Kaplan – 2016 –
Ritual, Perception, Structure: Sonic Realizations of Buddhist Principles. Abstract. This thesis seeks to understand connections between Buddhist philosophy and sound art in terms of history, theory and praxis. The first portion …

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