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[BOOK] Emerging Applications of Natural Language Processing: Concepts and New Research S Bandyopadhyay, SK Naskar, A Ekbal, IGI Global – 2013 – … of natural language content. They cover text analytics, machine translation, advanced question answering systems, multilingual information access, digital content management, and speech processing. Among the topics are … Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

Answering Questions from Multiple Documents-the Role of Multi-Document Summarization. P Bhaskar – RANLP, 2013 – … 2012f. Question Answering System for QA4MRE@CLEF 2012. In: Question Answering for Machine Reading Evaluation (QA4MRE) at Conference and Labs of the Evalua- tion Forum (CLEF) 2012, Rome, Italy. … 2012g. Comparative & Evaluative QA System in Tourism Domain. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

When the answer comes into question in question-answering: survey and open issues AC Mendes, L Coheur – Natural Language Engineering, 2013 – Cambridge Univ Press … As an example, consider the question: Where is the famous La Scala opera house?. The answers Europe, Italy, Milan, and 45o 28′ 4” N, 9o 11′ 19” E are correct, but while the first one is probably not useful, the last one might only be useful for a (lost) tourist with a GPS. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 2 versions

TourMISLOD: A tourism linked data set M Sabou, I Arsal, AMP Bra?oveanu – Semantic Web, 2013 – IOS Press … Although several tourism ontologies exist their focus is on sup- porting tourist-centric applications (eg, recommenda- tion and question answering systems to be used by tourists) and their vocabulary is restricted by those applications’ scope [1]. For example, QALL-ME pro- vides … Cited by 4 Related articles All 7 versions

Interactive Question Answering N Konstantinova, C Orasan – Emerging Applications of Natural …, 2013 – … For this reason, we can consider interactive question answering systems a step forward from simple question answering systems by offering users a more … project (Sacaleanu et al., 2008) has developed a prototype of an interactive QA system that works in the domain of tourism. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Chinese question classification based on question property kernel L Liu, Z Yu, J Guo, C Mao, X Hong – International Journal of Machine …, 2013 – Springer … extraction strategy and accurately locating answer, and the accuracy of question classification directly impact on the performance of the question answering system. … data using the Co-training algorithm and the 78.2 % of classification accuracy was obtained in the tourism domain … Cited by 2 Related articles

A Case Study of Question Answering in Automatic Tourism Service Packaging L Wang, L Liao, K Yang, H Tan – Cybernetics and Information …, 2013 – … to an appropriate Web Service will be packaged into a tourist composition service to … The tourism companies could use these packaged travelling products to broaden markets and … We have described the architecture of question answering system using Web services, which is … Related articles All 2 versions

The Design and Completion of Jiangsu Tourism Q&A System L Zhang – Chinese Lexical Semantics, 2013 – Springer … Peking University, Beijing (2004) Page 8. The Design and Completion of Jiangsu Tourism Q&A System 349 4. Zhang, G., Liu, T., Zheng, SF, Che, WX, Qin, B., Li, S.: Research on Open-domain Chinese Question-Answering System. … Related articles All 2 versions

Advanced Question-Answering and Discourse Semantics P Saint-Dizier – … of Natural Language Processing: Concepts and New …, 2013 – … The first phase, starting as early as 1961, is characterized by small prototypes, running on very restricted domains and interacting with databases. In this first generation of question answering systems fall, for example, Baseball, LUNAR, QUALM, and STUDENT. … All 2 versions

Practical Information about Sustainable Mobility for Smart Cities. PM Araújo, PM Tendeiro, PP Filipe – SMARTGREENS, 2013 – … allows the creation of mobile systems oriented for tourisms purposes, other main goal of START project, where “low budget tourism” can be … This question answering system allows trans- parent integration into an existing solution so users don’t have to use a different interface or … Related articles

Automatic Labeling of Chinese Frame Semantic Roles Based on Dependency Features Z WANG, R LI, Z YIN, H LIU, S LI – Journal of Chinese Information …, 2013 – … 6, WANG Wen-jing LI Ru SONG Xiao-xiang (School of Computer & Information Technology,Shanxi University,Taiyuan,Shanxi 030006);Design of Tourism Question Answering System Based on the ChineseFrameNet knowledge database[A];[C];2008. …

Chinese Frame Disambiguation Based on the Semantic Feature of Lexical Units G LI, L ZHANG, R LI, H LIU, J SHI – Journal of Chinese Information …, 2013 – … 6, WANG Wen-jing LI Ru SONG Xiao-xiang (School of Computer & Information Technology,Shanxi University,Taiyuan,Shanxi 030006);Design of Tourism Question Answering System Based on the ChineseFrameNet knowledge database[A];[C];2008. …

Multimedia question answering NIE LIQIANG – 2013 – … Full jounral paper. 2. Yi-Liang Zhao, Liqiang Nie, Xiangyu Wang, Tat-Seng Chua. Personalized Recommendations of Locally Interesting Venues to Tourists via Cross Re- gion Community Matching. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 2013. … Related articles All 3 versions

An Entity Answer Ranking Method Based on MLNs F Chen, Z Yu, J Guo, T Shen, Y Xian – Proceedings of 2013 Chinese …, 2013 – Springer … Markov logic network is applied to combine a variety of relationships to solve the ranking problem in the question answering system, and builds … For the field of tourism in Yunnan, we have separately collected 150 factoid questions and list questions for attractions name, place … Related articles All 4 versions

Improving Accuracy of SMS Based FAQ Retrieval System AD Shaikh, M Jain, M Rawat, RR Shah… – … Information Access in …, 2013 – Springer … The proposed system was a SMS based question answering system in which user is allowed to enter the question in the SMS texting language. … Tab Task English-Monolingual culture, Banking, Career, General Knowledge, Hea eservation, Sports, Telecom and Tourism. … Related articles All 3 versions

Domain knowledge enriched framework for restricted domain question answering system N Malik, A Sharan, P Biswas – Computational Intelligence and …, 2013 – … ii) Question classification is one of the most important module in any question answering system. … Now a days, many domains which highly focused research (biomedical, tourism etc.) is going on, plenty of resources are already available in the form of gazetteer lists, dictionaries … Related articles

[BOOK] Principles and Applications of Business Intelligence Research RT Herschel, IGI Global – 2013 – … Sample PDF. Intelligent Analytics: Integrating Business Intelligence and Web Analytics. $37.50. Chapter 13. Strategies for Improving the Efficacy of Fusion Question Answering Systems (pages 181-198). José Antonio Robles-Flores, Gregory Schymik, Julie Smith-David, Robert St … All 2 versions

The Advantages of Using SK–languages for Designing Semantic-Syntactic Analyzers of Recommender Systems//Kurt J. Engemann and George E. Lasker (Eds. … VA Fomichov – … Besides, this approach was used for the design of the question-answering system ORAKEL (Cimiano et al, 2007, 2008). … 1. Berger, H., Dittenbach, M. and D. Merkl (2004); An Adaptive Multilingual Interface for Tourism Information; International Journal of Electronic Business, V. … Related articles

Flower Voice: Virtual Assistant For Open Data T Kawamura, A Ohsuga – International Journal of Web & Semantic …, 2013 – … because it can pinpoint the necessary data, neither the URL nor the whole page (in fact, the famous question answering system, IBM Watson … Applications of the voice assistant or the QA system include IVR (Interactive Voice Response), guiding system for tourist and facility, car … Related articles All 4 versions

Evolutionary optimization for ranking how-to questions based on user-generated contents J Atkinson, A Figueroa, C Andrade – Expert Systems with Applications, 2013 – Elsevier … methods. Keywords. Community question-answering; Question-answering systems; Concept clustering; Evolutionary computation; HPSG parsing. 1. Introduction. Traditionally … summer. What are tourist attractions there?”). (2) QA … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

An illustrated methodology for evaluating ASR systems M González, J Moreno, JL Martínez… – … Multimedia Retrieval. Large …, 2013 – Springer … For instance, if the ASR system is used with voice queries in a question answering system, if it is speaker-dependent, etc. … This work has been partially supported by the Spanish Center for Industry Technological Development (CDTI, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade … Related articles All 3 versions

An ontology-based architecture for natural language access to relational databases L Muchemi, F Popowich – … Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design …, 2013 – Springer … In: ENTER, 10th Int. Conference on IT in Tourism, pp. … 361–375. Springer, Heidelberg (2008) 18. Lopez, V., Pasin, M., Motta, E.: AquaLog: An Ontology-Portable Question Answering System for the Semantic Web. In: Gómez-Pérez, A., Euzenat, J. (eds.) ESWC 2005. LNCS, vol. … Related articles All 8 versions

Identification and Classification of Named Entities in Indian Languages S Morwal, D Chopra – … Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC) …, 2013 – … Various applications of NER include – Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Text Summarization, Machine Translation, question answering system etc. … The details are mentioned in TABLE 1. For Hindi, we considered Tourism Domain Corpus which was developed at … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Elderly care cost control using observation, assessment and decision-making P Eklund – Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centered … – Municipal and regional best practices for strategic planning and management of ageing is achieved by developing accurate socio-economic modelling tools based. Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

SWSNL: Semantic Web Search Using Natural Language I Habernal, M Konopík – Expert Systems with Applications, 2013 – Elsevier … Whereas a question answering system tries to answer a user’s NL questions, the purpose of our … The ontology thoroughly models the tourist domain but it is not populated with instances of … ontologies are nowadays used by some companies as a backbone in tourism portals and … Cited by 6 Related articles All 6 versions

Towards Computational Fronesis: Verifying Contextual Appropriateness of Emotions M Ptaszynski, P Dybala, M Mazur, R Rzepka… – International Journal of …, 2013 – … Transformative Learning and Technology in Adult and… © 2013, 12 pp. Trend of E-Learning © 2010, 20 pp. A Multi-Agent Question-Answering System for… © 2011, 17 pp. Media Naturalness Reduction and Compensatory Channel… © 2011, 12 pp. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

New Trends in Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) Integration K Koumaditis, M Themistocleous… – Handbook of Research …, 2013 – The aim of this chapter is to introduce Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance as a paradigm to integrate Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) and. Cited by 1 Related articles

Language modeling approach to retrieval for SMS and FAQ matching A Mogadala, R Kothwal, V Varma – Multilingual Information Access in …, 2013 – Springer … For example, usage of “bookin” for “booking“ in tourism domain etc … Annual Meeting of the Association for Com- putation Linguistics (2009) 3. Sneiders, E.: Automated FAQ Answering: Continued Experience with Shallow Lan- guage Understanding Question Answering Systems. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 3 versions

Applying latent semantic analysis to optimize second-order co-occurrence vectors for semantic relatedness measurement A Pesaranghader, A Pesaranghader… – Mining Intelligence and …, 2013 – Springer … [2] employed them to enhance a question answering system in the tourism domain; and Chen et al. [3] applied these measures in machine translation. For the biomedical Page 2. Applying Latent Semantic Analysis to Optimize Second-order Co-occurrence Vectors 589 … Cited by 1 Related articles

Towards the Use of Dialog Systems to Facilitate Inclusive Education D Griol, Z Callejas, JM Molina, A Sanchis – 2013 – … of the most wide-spread is providing information on a specific topic, such as flight/railway and book- ing information, tourist and travel … Other question-answering systems have in- cluded a student discussion board (Feng et al., 2006) where the dialog system mines a corpus to … All 3 versions

Penguins in sweaters, or serendipitous entity search on user-generated content I Bordino, Y Mejova, M Lalmas – Proceedings of the 22nd ACM …, 2013 – … Answers is nowadays one of the largest community question/answering systems, with millions of users posting millions of questions and … & Environment Politics & Government Real Estate Science Society & Culture Technology & Electronics Transportation Travel & Tourism … Cited by 8 Related articles All 6 versions

Ontology Based Meaningful Search Using Semantic Web And Natural Language Processing Techniques K Palaniammal, S Vijayalakshmi – … 377–393, 2010. [4] K. Palaniammal, M. Indra Devi and S. Vijayalakshmi, “An Unfangled approach to semantic search for e-tourism domain”, Proceedings of … [8] V. Lopez, V. Uren, E. Motta and M. Pasin, “AquaLog: An ontology-driven question answering system for organizational … Related articles

Improving Gloss Vector Semantic Relatedness Measure by Integrating Pointwise Mutual Information: Optimizing Second-Order Co-occurrence Vectors Computed from … A Pesaranghader, S Muthaiyah… – Informatics and …, 2013 – … Pekar et al. [2] applied these functions to the QALL-ME ontology to improve a question answering system in the tourism domain. Patwardhan et al. [3] implemented semantic relatedness measures in the task of word sense disambiguation (WSD) and Chen et al. … Cited by 2 Related articles

Concept Discovery and Automatic Semantic Annotation for Language Understanding in an Information-Query Dialogue System Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and … N Camelin, B Detienne, S Huet, D Quadri… – Knowledge Discovery, …, 2013 – Springer … 6] it is shown that CRFs obtain the best performance on a tourist infor- mation … worked on unsupervised language model adaptation; [4] ranked candidate passages in a question-answering system; [15 … MEDIA is a French corpus related to the domain of tourism infor- mation and … Related articles All 2 versions

Just.Chat-a platform for processing information to be used in chatbots MJ Pereira, L Coheur – 2013 – … 2.4. Edgar Edgar is a virtual butler designed for answering nat- ural language questions, posed either verbally or written, about Monserrates Palace, developed by L2f under the project FalaComigo – Enhance the Cultural Tourism through the Interaction with Vir- tual Characters. … Related articles All 2 versions

Transfer learning of syntactic structures for building taxonomies for search engines BA Galitsky – Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2013 – Elsevier We apply a paradigm of transfer learning to build a taxonomy of entities intended to improve search engine relevance in a vertical domain. The taxonomy construc. Related articles All 4 versions

Analyzing the capabilities of crowdsourcing services for text summarization E Lloret, L Plaza, A Aker – Language resources and evaluation, 2013 – Springer … if a gold-standard is available, for instance, to evaluate if a question answering system is able … which sentences from a set of documents related to a particular tourist place shown … summary which presents interesting and useful information about the place for tourism purposes (eg … Cited by 2 Related articles All 8 versions

Playing for better or for worse? Health and Social outcomes with electronic gaming P Arriaga, S Fernandes, F Esteves – 2013 – Of the many of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products, electronic games are considered as having great potential for improving health and. Cited by 1 All 3 versions

Design of an ICT Tool for Decision Making in Social and Health Policies F Grimaldo, F Ródenas, M Lozano… – … of Research on ICTs …, 2013 – The governance requires technical support regarding the complexity in deciding health policies to assist people who require long-term care. Long-term care. Cited by 2 Related articles

Assistive Technology for Cognition: Enabling Activities of Daily Living C Best, B O’Neill, A Gillespie – 2013 – Assistive Technology for Cognition (ATC) is the use of technology to extend human mental capacity. The present chapter reviews the use of assistive technology. All 2 versions

Malayalam Clause Boundary Identifier: Annotation and Evaluation LD Sobha, S Lakshmi – WSSANLP-2013 – … The clausal sentences were collected from tourism and health do- main available in the Web. … boundary identification enhances the per- formance of various applications such as ma- chine translation, text-to-speech, information extraction, question answering system since it … Related articles All 4 versions

[BOOK] Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer … HC Liu, WP Sung, Y Wenli – 2013 – … secrecy transmission system based on DSP5416 SQ Gao & Z. Zhang The design of restricted domain automatic question answering system based on … of highly specific human capital XL Wang Analysis to the influence factors of consumption behaviors of cruise tourism in China …

On the Development of a Multi-Modal Autonomous Wheelchair A Bonarini, S Ceriani, G Fontana… – … Science Reference (an …, 2013 – The purpose of this chapter is twofold: on one hand, it aims at defining a clear framework for the design and implementation of autonomous wheelchairs. Cited by 1 Related articles

Exhaustive simulation of consecutive mental states of human agents B Galitsky – Knowledge-Based Systems, 2013 – Elsevier We develop a generic software component for computing consecutive plausible mental states of human agents. The simulation approach to reasoning about mental wor. Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

The Influence of User Customer Value and Corporate Image on the Continuous Usage Intention-Using Corporate Blog characteristic as an Example C Hsieh – 2013 – … Echtner, CM, and Ritchie, JRB “The Meaning and Measurement of Destination Image,” Journal of Tourism Studies (14:1) 2003, pp 37 … Ong, CS, Day, MY, and Hsu, WL “The measurement of user satisfaction with question answering systems,” Information and Management (46:7 … All 2 versions

A framework for detecting and removing knowledge overlaps in a collaborative environment: case of study a computer configuration problem M Vargas-Vera, M Nagy, PO De Pablos – Journal of Web Engineering, 2013 – … MOMIS is focused a data integration from scientific data sources but it also been applied to other domains like building a tourism information provider [5]. The … Nagy, M., Vargas-Vera, M., Motta, E.: Multi agent ontology mapping framework in the aqua question answering system. … Related articles All 3 versions

Human Computation in Mobile Cooperative Learning: A Museum Tour Case Study H Flores, D Maciuszek – Transactions on Edutainment X, 2013 – Springer … Playing the game Webpardy [5], users collaborate on a Web-based natural language question answering system. … However, these texts are often displayed only in the local language, while typical visitors are foreign tourists who do not speak that language (and might not be … Related articles All 2 versions

Processing temporal information in unstructured documents FNQMC Costa – 2013 – … 257 References 259 ix Page 14. Page 15. List of Figures 1.1 Example documents accessible to a question-answering system . . . 6 … cations mentioned in the beginning of this text. For instance, it can be useful to question-answering systems (Prager et al., 2000). … Cited by 5 Related articles All 4 versions

Language Transliteration In Indian Languages–A Lexicon Parsing Approach J TE – … transliterated text. This way, a tourist who does not speak Greek can at least say the word of the thing they are looking for, rather than having to point to it … analysis of quantification in the NL sentences. There are question – answering systems which, given a story in a specified … Related articles

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on IS Management and Evaluation: ICIME 2013 N Leung, M Nkhoma, B John – 2013 – … Her research interest is in the area of Search Engines, Question Answering systems and Social Media. … Prior to academic back- ground, Narumon had 7 years of working experience from IT and Tourism & Hospitality industries. …

Improving Retrieval of Information from the Internet R Zhao – 2013 – … of 23.62% to 29.91% which was better than the original one did. In paper [9], a new Question Answering System which is named as Question Answering … In paper [12], the writers introduce a special ontology called QALL-ME ontology which is about the tourism domain. … Related articles

Infrastructure and Algorithms for Information Retrieval Based On Social Network Analysis/Mining. MR BOUADJENEK – Page 1. Département d’informatique École doctorale Sciences et Technologies de Versailles UFR de Sciences Title Infrastructure and Algorithms for Information Retrieval Based On Social Network Analysis/Mining. Titre Infrastructure et Algorithmes pour la … Related articles

[BOOK] Information access G Chowdhury, S Foo, G In Chowdhury, S Foo – … information access in that: many new and powerful search engines like Google, online question-answering systems like Ask, visual search engines … and collaboration, seeking information in the medical world, and the use of collaborative filtering in the tourism industry, clearly … Related articles All 2 versions

Multimedia Information Systems for Social, Cross-Cultural and Environmental Computing P Vojtas – Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXIV, 2013 – … Using [32] A. Blass developed a category of question answering system in [3]. Having two binary relations (expressing eg correct answers in … The applications of this system hold enormous potential for promoting regional economic development or innovative tourist business by … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

The Multilingual Semantic Web (Dagstuhl Seminar 12362) P Buitelaar, KS Choi, P Cimiano, EH Hovy – Dagstuhl Reports, 2013 – Page 1. Report from Dagstuhl Seminar 12362 The Multilingual Semantic Web Edited by Paul Buitelaar1, Key-Sun Choi2, Philipp Cimiano3, and Eduard H. Hovy4 1 National University of Ireland – Galway, IE, paul.buitelaar@deri … Cited by 9 Related articles All 4 versions

“With a Little Help from My Friends”: Context Aware Help and Guidance Using the Social Network N Mahmud, K Luyten, K Coninx – Semantic Hyper/Multimedia Adaptation, 2013 – Springer … Mobile people are exposed to newer situations where they need more contex- tual information (eg, a tourist may need help and direction from … of well-known concepts can provide a platform for a new kind of cooperative work application in form of a question answering system. … Related articles All 5 versions

Providing crowd-sourced and real-time media services through a NDN-based platform G Piro, V Ciancaglini, R Loti, LA Grieco… – … AND PROCEESING FOR …, 2013 – … real-time broadcasting of social events when users capture media contents from different point of views and by using different technologies, encoding schemes, and resolutions; – virtual tourism with which users visiting monuments (or other kind of tourist attraction) would … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

A new benchmark dataset with production methodology for short text semantic similarity algorithms J O’shea, Z Bandar, K Crockett – ACM Transactions on Speech and …, 2013 – Page 1. 19 A New Benchmark Dataset with Production Methodology for Short Text Semantic Similarity Algorithms JAMES O’SHEA, ZUHAIR BANDAR, and KEELEY CROCKETT, Manchester Metropolitan University This research … Cited by 3 Related articles

On the applicability of word sense discrimination on 201 years of modern english N Tahmasebi, K Niklas, G Zenz, T Risse – International Journal on Digital …, 2013 – Springer … the collection of The Times Archive. Word sense discrimination algorithms are used in many applications such as information retrieval, automatic machine translation and question answering systems. The aim of word sense … Related articles All 2 versions

Exploiting the category structure of Wikipedia for entity ranking R Kaptein, J Kamps – Artificial Intelligence, 2013 – Elsevier The Web has not only grown in size, but also changed its character, due to collaborative content creation and an increasing amount of structure. Current Search. Cited by 7 Related articles All 9 versions

Yeah no, I agree? J Hoek – 2013 – Page 1. Yeah no, I agree? The Interpretation of Yes and No in Dutch Jet Hoek 0736562 Master General Linguistics Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen 31 August 2013 Prof. dr. Helen de Hoop Dr. Ad Foolen Page 2. 1 Acknowledgments … Related articles

A Survey of Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Classification K Shaalan – 2013 – MIT Press … Moreover, Question Answering systems could benefit substantially from NER, because the answer to many factoid questions involve NEs (Trigui et al. … They refer to areas of interest that are typically of significance to, among others, tourists, visitors, and rescuers, allowing the … Cited by 3 Related articles

issues in arabic computational linguistics E Ditters – The Oxford Handbook of Arabic Linguistics, 2013 – … issues in arabic computational linguistics 221 (PATB) S NP-TPC1 VP ARG0 NP NOUNNUM NP NOUNNUM NP VERB NP-SBJ1 NP-OBJ PP-TMP ‘fifty’PRED ARG0 ARG1 ARGM-TMP NOUN ‘thousand’NONE ‘visited’ ‘tourist’* T* NOUNPROP CONJ NOUNPROP PREP NP …

[BOOK] Man-machine Dialogue: Design and Challenges F Landragin – 2013 – … getting targeted information, and this could be for any type of information: transportation [LAM 00], various stores, tourist or recreational … The ?rst ?eld of application of MMD that includes question—answering systems (QAS) is sometimes de?ned as information- seeking dialogue. … Related articles All 4 versions

Ontologies and languages for representing mathematical knowledge on the semantic web C Lange – Semantic Web, 2013 – IOS Press Page 1. Semantic Web 4 (2013) 119–158 119 DOI 10.3233/SW-2012-0059 IOS Press Ontologies and languages for representing mathematical knowledge on the Semantic Web Editor(s): Aldo Gangemi, ISTC-CNR Rome, Italy … Cited by 20 Related articles All 8 versions