Template Grammars & Dialog Systems

Template Grammars & Dialog Systems

A plug and play spoken dialogue interface for smart environments [PDF] from uam.es G Montoro, X Alamán… – Computational Linguistics and Intelligent …, 2004 – Springer … be called after its linguistic information is completed and the name of its associated template grammar. … number of possible inputs expected by the recognizer [9]. Our spoken dialogue system creates a … If so, it gets the name of its corresponding grammar template and checks if a … Cited by 15 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 14 versions

Talking to machines (statistically speaking) [PDF] from cam.ac.uk S Young – Seventh International Conference on Spoken …, 2002 – isca-speech.org … they trained a user simulation model using data obtained with a prototype dialogue system. … limited domain SDS typ- ically depend on a semantic template grammar and some … An alternative to using automatically inferred grammar templates to provide the needed constraints, is … Cited by 104 – Related articles – All 13 versions

The design and implementation of dialogue control in voice operated database inquiry systems SJ Young… – Computer Speech & Language, 1989 – Elsevier … In VODIS, a semantic template grammar (HayesRoth, 1980) is used, and hence these reply frames are effectively just phrase structure trees with … we started the project with the strong belief that the key problems in providing a robust and habitable dialogue system would centre … Cited by 61 – Related articles

Robust speech recognition directed by extended template matching in dialogue system [PDF] from tsinghua.edu.cn G Zhang, H Sun, F Zheng… – Intelligent Control and …, 2004 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … is based on the idea that the dialogue system can probably guess what the user intend to say depending on the context information and the background knowledge of the dialogue system each time the user is about to utterance. In this strategy, a grammar template including all … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 4 versions

Implementing modular dialogue systems: A case of study [PDF] from upm.es Z Callejas… – … Final Workshop and ITRW on Applied …, 2005 – isca-speech.org … The grammar templates will decide the grammar rules (ie vocabulary) to update due changes in a particular database field … we can find in the literature (eg [9] and [10]) is that it is general, and thus, suitable for generating grammars to be used by any dialogue system that extracts … Cited by 15 – Related articles – All 4 versions

[PDF] Spoken interaction in intelligent environments: a working system [PDF] from uam.es G Montoro, X Alamán… – Advances in Pervasive …, 2004 – odisea.ii.uam.es … Odisea is a spoken dialogue system that allows interaction between users and intelligent environments. … information, entities should store the name of their related template grammar (an action … the same grammar) and they will be based on their associated grammar template. … Cited by 7 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 9 versions

Designing a conversational speech interface SJ Young – … and Digital Techniques, IEE Proceedings E, 1986 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … This approach, in conjunction with the automatic generation of syntactic con- straints and a simple semantic template grammar parser, is shown to … An important feature of any dialogue system used in conjunction with a speech recogniser is the ability to detect and handle errors. … Cited by 4 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Grammar learning for spoken language understanding [PDF] from psu.edu YY Wang… – … and Understanding, 2001. ASRU’01. IEEE …, 2001 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … This generalization often does not cover any unseen data and it often results in ambiguities. 2. The template grammar. … 29, 1996. J. Glass and E. Weinstein, “SPEECHBUILDER: Facilitating Spoken Dialogue System Development,” Eurospeech 2001, Aalborg, Denmark, 2001. … Cited by 26 – Related articles – All 12 versions

A proposal for an XML definition of a dynamic spoken interface for ambient intelligence [PDF] from ugr.es G Montoro, P Haya, X Alamán… – Computational …, 2006 – Springer … The generated dialogue system is based on a tree structure, where linguistic parts are represented by nodes. … This is the linguistic information for the interaction, the methods employed for the automation of the system and, optionally, new grammar templates. … Cited by 3 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 6 versions

[PDF] Facts and challenges in a dialogue system for Smart Environments [PDF] from uam.es G Montoro, X Alamán… – 2008 – arantxa.ii.uam.es … As a result, a new dialogue system, denominated Odisea II, is under construction. … The system also counts with a grammar template for all the grammars of the kind “light_*” and dictionaries of synonym and verb conjugations for the object and verb parts. With all this informa- … View as HTML – All 8 versions

[CITATION] A Natural Language Interface to a Database System A Panja, R Reddy, N Reddy… – Journal of Intelligent …, 2007 – De Gruyter Related articles – BL Direct

Interactive tool for semi-automatic creation of a natural language grammar from a domain model DW Russell – US Patent App. 20,020/156,616, 2001 – freepatentsonline.com … of their level of grammar creation expertise to create a grammar from a grammar template. … [0019] Applications using Spoken Language Dialog Systems primarily fall … anticipated linguistic forms can be expressed in a domain-independent formulation called a template grammar. … Cached

[PDF] Natural Language Processing In Speech Understanding Systems [PDF] from waikato.ac.nz G Holmes – 1992 – cs.waikato.ac.nz … 1985] (for an example of a typical SUS dialogue see [Levinson, 1985, pp 269]) perform semantic analysis through a dialogue system. To a large extent, the meaning of words and sentences within a SUS is defined a priori, certainly in the case of semantic template grammars. … Related articles

Interactive tool for semi-automatic creation of a natural language grammar from a domain model DW Russell – US Patent App. 09/785,719, 2001 – Google Patents … regardless of their level of grammar creation expertise to create a grammar from a grammar template. … 1. A method of creating a grammar for a natural language dialog system from a … of: i) creating an initially empty new grammar; ii) opening a template grammar, said template …

SmartKom-Home: The interface to home entertainment T Portele, S Goronzy, M Emele, A Kellner… – … dialogue systems, 2006 – Springer … Feedback is an important issue in a complex dialogue system (Brennan and Hul- teen, 1995). … These examples have been used by the module design- ers to create first versions of their modules and to generate the required knowledge sources (eg, the grammar templates). … Cited by 6 – Related articles

[PDF] A multimodal interface for access to content in the home [PDF] from upenn.edu M Johnston, LF D Haro, M Levine… – ANNUAL MEETING- …, 2007 – acl.ldc.upenn.edu … These are used in conjunction with a pre- defined multimodal grammar template and any available corpus training data to build a multimo- dal understanding model and speech recognition language model. … 2002. Multimodal Dialogue Systems for Interactive TV Applications. … Cited by 17 – Related articles – View as HTML – BL Direct – All 29 versions

Grammar authoring system YY Wang… – US Patent 7,080,004, 2006 – Google Patents … Speechbuilder: Facilitating Spoken Dialogue System Devel- opment By: James Glass et al., MIT Laboratory for Com- puter Science … 21 Claims, 9 Drawing Sheets 200 WRITE SCHEMA n SCHEMA 204 / TEMPLATE GRAMMAR GENERATOR 1 TEMPLATE GRAMMAR XT 206 … Cited by 6 – Related articles – All 4 versions

[PDF] Role-plays for CALL: System Architecture and Resources [PDF] from uni-saarland.de S Wilske… – 2008 – coli.uni-saarland.de … Dialogue system for roleplay-like dialogues • Use insights from dialogue systems technology to build an architecture for language learning dialogues … strings that can realize them • Implemented as context-free grammar ?Templates with slots for `fillers’ from the domain model … Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Interlingua-based English-Korean Two-way Speech Translation of Doctor-Patient Dialogues with CCLINC YS Lee, DJ Sinder… – Machine Translation, 2002 – Springer … in at least two different languages poses a problem not present for a monolingual spoken language dialogue system, where no MT … gen- eration module produces the translation output from the meaning representation utilizing the target-language grammar templates and the … Cited by 7 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 6 versions

Interactive tool for semi-automatic generation of a natural language grammar from a device descriptor DW Russell – US Patent 7,725,308, 2010 – Google Patents … 25,2010 Sheet 3 of 7 US 7,725,308 B2 ,104 TEMPLATE GRAMMAR A02 __ … Presently, developers write soft- ware for Natural Language Dialog systems without general knowledge of … diagram describing the generation of a new grammar from a grammar template in accordance … Related articles – All 5 versions

Engineering an intelligent voice dialogue controller I Bruce – Computer-aided engineering journal, 1987 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Use of a semantic template grammar permits semantic and pragma- tic information to be incorporated with syntax rules in a single stage. … In the USA, CUS (Ref. 7) was a text-based dialogue system using a frame system, and in France KEAL (Ref. 8) included speech recognition. … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 3 versions

A Software Framework to Create 3D Browser-Based Speech Enabled Applications [PDF] from ufrgs.br EB Pizzolato, DD Duarte… – Revista de Informática …, 2009 – seer.ufrgs.br … A general framework for building integrated natural-language and multimodal dialog systems is presented in [16]. … Reuse grammar templates for system-defined recognition operations; • Automatic generation of grammar files for user-defined recognition operations; … Related articles – All 3 versions

[PDF] Language synthesis using image placement [PDF] from uva.nl S DE KONINK – 2008 – fon.hum.uva.nl … Using the processed concepts as input the output will result in morphological corrections. The grammatically correctness and structure realisation is forced upon the input using the grammar template file. … Hjalmarsson, A. (2006). Utterance generation in spoken dialog systems. … Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Method and an apparatus to disambiguate requests R Agarwal, D Ardman, M Master… – US Patent App. 11/ …, 2007 – Google Patents … Ambiguous Data (6) Update Frame DB Access And Object Adaptation Module 132 (4) Store Data (3) Get Data Listing Database 131 Local File System 139 Model 130 Rendering Template Processor 121 (9) Gen Prompts (10) Gen Grammars Grammar Template Processor 129 … All 2 versions

ASSIGNMENT OF SEMANTIC TAGS TO PHRASES FOR GRAMMAR GENERATION S MARTIN – EP Patent 1,685,555, 2009 – freepatentsonline.com … Therefore, for each type of automatic dialogue system a special grammar has to be manually constructed. … The template grammar models the language of a user used to command a machine to do a specific task with a command path followed by properties. … Cached

Speaking with hands: Creating animated conversational characters from recordings of human performance [PDF] from rutgers.edu M Stone, D DeCarlo, I Oh, C Rodriguez… – ACM Transactions on …, 2004 – dl.acm.org … Figure 3: A small template grammar describing possible utterances such as, on that run, you still were too quick to grab the board and you waited too long to jump off. … Figure 3 is a template grammar. Its conditions test features of the variable cxt, the current application state. … Cited by 88 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 18 versions

SpeechEval: A Domain-Independent User Simulation Platform for Spoken Dialog System Evaluation T Scheffler, R Roller… – … in Spoken Dialogue Systems …, 2011 – Springer … The recognition grammar templates also extracted from the corpus, based on the domain of the dialog system. Best results can obviously be obtained if the system prompts are previously known. Page 3. SpeechEval User Simulation Platform 297 … Related articles – All 2 versions

Language-oriented user interfaces for voice activated services MJ Yuschik – US Patent App. 20,030/004,731, 2002 – freepatentsonline.com … 20050158214, Hand-held pipettor, July, 2005, Cote et al. 20070136067, Audio dialogue system and voice browsing method, June, 2007, Scholl. … [0121] FIG. 7A illustrates a preferred prompt grammar template 700 as provided by the invention. … Cached

A novel framework of training hidden markov support vector machines from lightly-annotated data D Zhou… – Proceedings of the 20th ACM international conference …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … or first-order logic [6, 2]. However these systems either require a hand-built, ambiguous combinatory categorial grammar template to learn … 1http://www.bltek.com/spoken-dialog-systems/ cu-communicator.html 2http://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/tj/svm_light/ svm_hmm.html 2027 …

Automatic dialogue generator creates user defined applications [PDF] from mirlab.org A Pargellis, HKJ Kuo… – Sixth European Conference on …, 1999 – isca-speech.org … Therefore, a user’s expectations are not matched well with the dialogue system’s capabilities, resulting in a poor user experience … In our present study we use deterministic finite state representations for the language model where a set of sub-grammar templates is combined with … Cited by 16 – Related articles – All 9 versions

SmartKom-English: From Robust Recognition to Felicitous Interaction [PDF] from berkeley.edu D Gelbart, J Bryant, A Stolcke, R Porzel… – … Dialogue Systems, 2006 – Springer … the BERP dialogue system project (Jurafsky et al., 1994 … The speech analyzer (which parses the recognized speech) and text generator (which creates the system’s output sentences) required only a change in their template (grammar) files and otherwise used the same software … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 8 versions

Efficient Enumeration of Sentence Hypotheses in Connected Word Recognition VM Jimenez, A Marzal… – Third European Conference on …, 1993 – isca-speech.org … The Beam Search JV-BSH algorithm was run taking into account a simple template grammar that allows for a quite flexible query syntax. … means of the One-Stage algorithm) several sentence hypotheses can be obtained in real time, making its integration in dialog systems or its … Cited by 4 – Related articles

Device for projecting an object in a space inside a vehicle T Lich… – US Patent App. 20,050/251,395, 2003 – freepatentsonline.com … MEDIUM THEREOF FOR PROCESSING AND RECOGNIZING A SOUND SIGNAL Ding – May, 2009 – 20090132258 Configurable grammar templates Wang et al … 6,236,968 describes an automatic dialog system which helps a driver remain alert by conducting a conversation with … Cached

Interaction Modeling in the SmartKom system [PDF] from pitt.edu T Portele – … on Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems, 2003 – isca-speech.org … ITRW on Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems Château d’Oex, Vaud, Switzerland August 28 31, 2003 ISCA Archive http://www.isca speech.org/archive Page 2. 90 … The ratio of unanalyzable words (words not featured in the grammar templates) is taken as an in- dicator. … Cited by 6 – Related articles – All 4 versions

Natural Language Generation for dialogue: system survey [PDF] from utwente.nl M Theune – 2003 – doc.utwente.nl … 38 11 Conclusion 39 ii Page 3. Introduction Many natural language dialogue systems make use of ‘canned text’ for output generation. … This report discusses some of the possibilities for the sophisticated genera- tion of system utterances in a dialogue system. … Cited by 12 – Related articles – All 12 versions

Speech and language processing for multimodal human-computer interaction [PDF] from microsoft.com L Deng, Y Wang, K Wang, A Acero, H Hon… – The Journal of VLSI …, 2004 – Springer Page 1. Journal of VLSI Signal Processing 36, 161-187, 2004 c? 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Manufactured in The Netherlands. Speech and Language Processing for Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction * L. DENG … Cited by 6 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 10 versions

The multimodal presentation dashboard [PDF] from upenn.edu M Johnston, P Ehlen, D Gibbon… – … of the Workshop on Bridging the …, 2007 – dl.acm.org … Index Server Index Server SLM for ASR SLM for ASR NLU MODEL NLU MODEL GUI Menu GUI Menu Grammar Template Class-tagged Corpus Grammar Words … 2002. MATCH: An Ar- chitecture for Multimodal Dialogue Systems. In Pro- ceedings of the 40th ACL. … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 19 versions

[BOOK] Conversation machines for transaction processing [PDF] from toronto.edu W Zadrozny, C Wolf, N Kambhatla… – 1998 – aaai.org … It is also easier to develop semantic grammar templates for new domains (eg stock trading) because tools (eg, a grammar workbench … This may eventually allow us to move back to using construction grammars for language understanding in commercially viable dialog systems. … Cited by 11 – Related articles – Library Search – BL Direct – All 32 versions

Hands-free voice dialing for portable and remote devices J Junqua, L Rigazio… – US Patent App. 20,060/009,974, 2004 – freepatentsonline.com … Based on the implementation, the N-best list may be loosely constrained to correspond to phone number template grammars and/or other … Previous Patent: Multi-slot dialog systems and methods Next Patent: System and method for text-to-speech processing in a portable device. … Cached

The effectiveness of corpus-induced dependency grammars for post-processing speech [PDF] from aclweb.org MP Harper, CM White, W Wang… – Proceedings of the 1st …, 2000 – dl.acm.org … become increasingly more chal- lenging and as speech recognizers are used in hu- man/computer interfaces and dialog systems (Block, 1997 … extracted either directly from the 2,845 sentences or from the 2,845 sentences expanded with our sub-grammar templates, appear in … Cited by 15 – Related articles – All 30 versions

Linguistic analysis system G Parry… – US Patent App. 20,040/249,630, 2004 – freepatentsonline.com … SYNTHESIZED SPEECH INTERACTIONS OF A SPOKEN DIALOG SYSTEM, April, 2009, Syrdal et al. 20080208584, Pausing A VoiceXML Dialog Of A Multimodal Application, August, 2008, Ativanichayaphong et al. 20070055492, Configurable grammar templates, March, 2007, … Cached

Spoken language understanding [PDF] from sri.com R De Mori, F Bechet, D Hakkani-Tur… – Signal Processing …, 2008 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Spoken dialog systems need advanced SLU models in order to implement dialog applications that go beyond call routing or form filling. … The transition probabilities for each n are learned from the corpus or from the grammar templates. … Cited by 37 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 16 versions

Method and device for the rapid, pattern-recognition-supported transcription of spoken and written utterances E Thelen, D Klakow, HR Scholl… – US Patent App. …, 2003 – freepatentsonline.com … 20090171657, Hybrid Approach in Voice Conversion, July, 2009, Tian et al. 20070255566, Multi-slot dialog systems and methods, November, 2007, Nguyen et al. … 20070055492, Configurable grammar templates, March, 2007, Wang et al. … Cached

Dialog control for dialog systems M Oerder – US Patent App. 20,070/021,962, 2004 – freepatentsonline.com … Related US Applications: Method of automatic payment of a software license fee Hoi et al. – September, 2002 – 20020128842 Configurable grammar templates Wang et al. … 20090112599, MULTI-STATE BARGE-IN MODELS FOR SPOKEN DIALOG SYSTEMS, April, 2009, Ljolje. … Cached

Automated Run-Time Mission and Dialog Generation [PDF] from dtic.mil JD Kelly – 2007 – DTIC Document … Figure 1. Grammar Template Example…..10 Figure 2. Basic Architecture Line Diagram …..13 Figure 3. Influence Matrices …..16 Figure 4. Weighting … Related articles – Library Search – All 4 versions

Introducing interactive story creators to conversation modelling U Spierling – Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … They applied it to TRAINS, a human-computer dialogue system for cooperatively solving tasks. … to be able to flexibly restructure pre-written dialogue utterances without employing further automation that would require authors to give up creative writing and fill grammar templates. …

SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DEVICES THAT ARE CONNECTED TO A NETWORK JM Sommer – US Patent App. 20,090/112,602, 2007 – freepatentsonline.com … 20070055492, Configurable grammar templates, March, 2007, Wang et al. … In some implementations of system 200 , communication interface 180 may not be included in processing system 100 when natural spoken dialog system 200 is implemented completely within a single … Cached

Selection of alternative word sequences for discriminative adaptation C Meyer – US Patent App. 20,040/215,457, 2001 – freepatentsonline.com … December, 2005 – 20050267754 Configurable grammar templates Wang et al. … the second best score would accordingly be the second candidate for the recognized word sequence, which could be, for example, used as the next one if the user in a dialogue system should reject … Cached

Pre-translated multi-lingual email system, method, and computer program product AA Schirris – US Patent App. 20,020/193,986, 2002 – freepatentsonline.com … May, 2007 – 20070100635 Method of Trainable Speaker Diarization Aronowitz – December, 2009 – 20090319269 Configurable grammar templates Wang et al. … 20050055205, Intelligent user adaptation in dialog systems, March, 2005, Jersak et al. … Cached

Method and apparatus for federated understanding K Wang – US Patent App. 20,030/233,223, 2002 – freepatentsonline.com … Related US Applications: Method and systems for information retrieval during communication Chou – May, 2008 – 20080126087 Universal type-in line Andrews et al. – July, 2004 – 20040128138 Configurable grammar templates Wang et al. … Cached

An automatic dialogue generation platform for personalized dialogue applications AN Pargellis, HKJ Kuo… – Speech Communication, 2004 – Elsevier … Dialogue Systems Research Dept., Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, 600 Mountain Ave., Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA. Received 14 October 2003; Revised 14 October 2003; accepted 15 October 2003. … We have learned a great deal about how to build spoken dialogue systems. … Cited by 17 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Web-based, speech-enabled games for vocabulary acquisition in a foreign language [PDF] from mit.edu S Seneff, IC McGraw – 2008 – dspace.mit.edu … 17 . . . . 17 . . . . 18 . . . . 20 . . . . 21 3 The Family ISLAND 3.1 Dialogue Systems for Language Learning . . . . . … 38 4-4 Five-column Word War ….. 40 4-5 Word War template grammar ….. 41 4-6 Two-player Word War ….. 43 … Related articles – All 3 versions

REVIEW OF RESEARCH ON SPEECH TECHNOLOGY: MAIN CONTRIBUTIONS FROM SPANISH RESEARCH GROUPS [PDF] from journalofspeechsciences.org R San-Segundo… – Journal of Speech …, 2011 – journalofspeechsciences.org … This section includes spoken language understanding and translation, spoken dialogue systems, voice-activated question answering (QA), and … methodology by taking advantage of multiple information sources, such as automatically generated template grammar from semantic … Related articles – All 3 versions

Spoken language understanding using weakly supervised learning WL Wu, RZ Lu, JY Duan, H Liu, F Gao… – Computer Speech & …, 2010 – Elsevier … Traditionally, the SLU components in most spoken dialogue systems have been based on grammar-based parsers, which translate the … learning methodology by taking advantage of multiple information sources, such as automatically generated template grammar from semantic … Cited by 7 – Related articles – All 5 versions

Promoting extension and reuse in a spoken dialog manager: An evaluation of the queen’s communicator P Hanna, I O’neill, C Wootton… – ACM Transactions on Speech …, 2007 – dl.acm.org … 2.2 VoiceXML VoiceXML (Voice Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language based on XML (extensible Markup Language) for creating spoken dialog systems. … obtaining values from a database at runtime and incorporating these into a grammar template. … Cited by 5 – Related articles – All 5 versions

[PDF] Automated Regression Testing Approach to Expansion and Refinement of Speech Recognition Grammars [PDF] from fcla.edu RA Dookhoo – 2008 – etd.fcla.edu … better results as grammars provide a coding language to specify phrase contents. Instead of having endless possibilities to match within an open domain, the scope has been reduced to just a few words corresponding to the slots in each grammar template. Page 17. 6 … Related articles – View as HTML – Library Search – All 2 versions

Encoding an Information Signal M Schnell, M Schuldt, M Lutzky… – US Patent App. 20,080/ …, 2007 – freepatentsonline.com … Learning Applications Scholz et al. – April, 2009 – 20090112604 Configurable grammar templates Wang et al. – March, 2007 – 20070055492 Error prediction in spoken dialog systems Hakkani-tur et al. – July, 2006 – 20060149544. … Cached

Robust understanding in multimodal interfaces [PDF] from uceresource.org S Bangalore… – Computational Linguistics, 2009 – MIT Press Page 1. Robust Understanding in Multimodal Interfaces Srinivas Bangalore * AT&T Labs – Research Michael Johnston ** AT&T Labs – Research Multimodal grammars provide an effective mechanism for quickly creating integration … Cited by 7 – Related articles – All 15 versions

[PDF] Web-based, Speech-enabled Games for Vocabulary Acquisition in a Foreign Language [PDF] from mit.edu IC McGraw – 2008 – groups.csail.mit.edu … Specific technical contributions to this thesis work in particular include a web-based framework for multimodal dialogue systems developed by Alex Gruenstein and a Mandarin language … 3.1 Dialogue Systems for Language Learning … Related articles – View as HTML – Library Search

Distributed real time speech recognition system IM Bennett, BR Babu… – US Patent App. …, 2003 – freepatentsonline.com … July, 2008 – 20080177544 Method and device of speech recognition and language-understanding analyis and nature-language dialogue system using the same Wang – August, 2006 – 20060190261 … 20070055492, Configurable grammar templates, March, 2007, Wang et al. … Cached

Computational modeling of human language acquisition [PDF] from aclweb.org A Alishahi – Synthesis Lectures on Human Language …, 2010 – morganclaypool.com … Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer 2010 Semantic Role Labeling Martha Palmer, Daniel Gildea, and Nianwen Xue 2010 Spoken Dialogue Systems Kristiina Jokinen and Michael McTear 2009 Page 5. … Related articles – Library Search – All 16 versions

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