Digital Puppetry 2015


  • Animatronic puppetry
  • Automated puppetry
  • Avatar puppeteering
  • Puppet (puppets)
  • Puppetry
  • Puppeteer (puppeteers)
  • Puppeteering
  • Robotic puppets
  • Speaking puppet
  • Talking book
  • Telepractice
  • Virtual puppetry




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One screen, many fingers: Young children’s collaborative literacy play with digital puppetry apps and touchscreen technologies KE Wohlwend – Theory Into Practice, 2015 – Taylor & Francis This article examines the digital literacy practices that emerge when young children play together with digital apps on touchscreen devices. Children’s collaborative composing with a digital puppetry app on a touchscreen—with many hands all busy dragging, resizing, and Cited by 4 Related articles All 7 versions

Exploitation of novel multiplayer gesture-based interaction and virtual puppetry for digital storytelling to develop children’s narrative skills H Liang, J Chang, S Deng, C Chen, R Tong… – Proceedings of the 14th …, 2015 – Abstract In recent years, digital storytelling has demonstrated powerful pedagogical functions by improving creativity, collaboration and intimacy among young children. Saturated with digital media technologies in their daily lives, the young generation demands Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

Children learning to use technologies through play: A Digital Play Framework J Bird, S Edwards – British Journal of Educational Technology, 2015 – Wiley Online Library … At this point, “mastery” of the tool from a Vygotskian perspective changes the object of activity to ludic or “true” play, and enables children to use the technology in symbolic ways and to innovate their play (creating movies, developing digital puppet shows). … Cited by 13 Related articles All 3 versions

Puppet Narrator: utilizing motion sensing technology in storytelling for young children H Liang, J Chang, IK Kazmi, JJ Zhang… – Games and Virtual …, 2015 – … In this paper, we design and develop a novel digital puppetry storytelling system – Puppet Narrator for young children, utilizing depth motion sensing technology as the HCI method. More than merely allowing children to narrate … Cited by 3 Related articles All 3 versions

A case study to track teacher gestures and performance in a virtual learning environment R Barmaki, CE Hughes – … of the Fifth International Conference on …, 2015 – … delivery skills. TeachLivE is based on digital puppetry software that controls five student avatars in a virtual classroom setting [12]. A single human- in-the-loop (inter-actor) orchestrates the actions of the student avatars. For practitioners … Cited by 5 Related articles

Inertial sensor-based touch and shake metaphor for expressive control of 3D virtual avatars S Patil, HR Chintalapalli, D Kim, Y Chai – Sensors, 2015 – In this paper, we present an inertial sensor-based touch and shake metaphor for expressive control of a 3D virtual avatar in a virtual environment. An intuitive six degrees-of-freedom wireless inertial motion sensor is used as a gesture and motion control input device with a sensor … Cited by 3 Related articles All 10 versions

HCI in performance arts and the case of illimitable space system’s multimodal interaction and visualization M Song, SA Mokhov, P Grogono… – SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 Art …, 2015 – … and real-color image, and a “stick- man” skeleton (see Figure 8). All are founding core techniques that can be augmented and wrapped with various extra features available in today’s technologies such as “avateering” [kin 2012] (let’s call it digital puppetry), depth and skeleton … Cited by 2 Related articles

Interaction as performance: performative strategies in designing interactive experiences G Jacucci – … Computing, Complexity, and Culture. Routledge, New …, 2015 – … Case: Spect-actors and Multimodal Synthetic Puppeting Euclide is a virtual puppet (see Figure 3 to 5) that has an engaging role in the visit of a … The system offers a multimodal interface to the puppeteer in order to animate a virtual puppet and entice the audience. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

[BOOK] The Egyptian Oracle Project: Ancient Ceremony in Augmented Reality R Gillam, J Jacobson – 2015 – … Digital input device (DID) used to control a digital puppet, Scooby Doo. The front of the virtual temple. … Friedrich Kirchner did the programming; his extensive background in film and previous experience with digital puppetry was crucial and very welcome. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Mirror Puppeteering: Animating Toy Robots in Front of a Webcam R Slyper, G Hoffman, A Shamir – Proceedings of the Ninth International …, 2015 – … robot’s limbs. We use markers consisting of dark circles on a light background. We chose these markers not only for their traceability, but also because they can be easily incorporated into a robotic puppet, eg as eyes. We identify … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

Providing Real-time Feedback for Student Teachers in a Virtual Rehearsal Environment R Barmaki, CE Hughes – Proceedings of the 2015 ACM on International …, 2015 – … visions for online feedback. We used an interactive teaching rehearsal software, TeachLivETM, as our basic research en- vironment. TeachLivE employs a digital puppetry paradigm as its core technology. Individuals walk into this … Cited by 13 Related articles

Exploring the body and head kinematics of laughter, filled pauses and breaths S Kousidis, J Hough, D Schlangen – Proceedings of the 4th …, 2015 – … such episodes. [10] found that human raters were highly confident in distingushing laughter from non-laughter, when observing a 3D virtual puppet performing body animations derived from raw hu- man motion capture data. [5 … Cited by 2 Related articles All 5 versions

In-Browser XML Document Streaming C Concolato, E Potetsianakis – XML Prague 2015, 2015 – … Synchronized In-Browser XML streaming can be applied to a plethora of use cases. Fromcommonscenariossuchassubtitlingandvectorgraphicenhancements, to more exotic, such as distributed Kinect-based applications for multimedia control [2] or digital puppetry [3]. In Section … Cited by 2 Related articles

Human Avatar Robotic Puppeteering (HARP) C Martinez, C MacDonald – International Conference on Human-Computer …, 2015 – Springer Abstract The Human Avatar Robotic Puppeteering (HARP) project is focused on studying whether homologous puppeteering (controlling via mimicry) is an effective control principle for robots, given minimal user training. This project aims to develop a practical Related articles

An Editorial Platform Forscreenplay Of Interactive Robotic Puppet Shows Y KUO, WEIC JIANG – … of the 18th International Conference on …, 2015 – In recent years, due to the development of computers and the Internet, the robotics industry has steadily grown. Besides academic applications, entertainment robots can also be programed to bring us unprecedented performances that many people can enjoy. Robotic Related articles

Marioneta: Virtual puppeteer experience H Byun, E Chang, MA Montenegro… – 2015 IEEE Virtual …, 2015 – ABSTRACT Marioneta is an installation for the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh which uses the Microsoft Kinect v2 to allow guests to embody a collection of antique puppets in a virtual environment. Final installation in the museum is shown in Fig 1. The focus is on creating an Related articles All 2 versions

Virtual shadow puppet play with intelligent instructional tool and interactive real-time animation S Piman, AZ Talib, MA Osman – International Journal of …, 2015 – … In this paper, we present the architecture of a software tool that allows people to experience shadow puppet play in the virtual world. Normally, a virtual puppet show is controlled automatically by the application. … Keywords: shadow puppet play; virtual puppet; virtual storytelling. … Related articles

The Virtual Puppet Master: Adaptive Streaming on Top of an SDN-Enabled Virtual Infrastructure R Canonico, E De Maio, P Di Rienzo… – European Conference on …, 2015 – Springer Abstract In this paper we present the Virtual Puppet Master, an orchestration framework for the dynamic deployment of real-time services. We show how to leverage both virtualization and Software Defined Networking in order to seamlessly implement a scalable live Related articles

Lessons from Digital Puppetry: Updating a Design Framework for a Perceptual User Interface J Ferguson – … ; Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (CIT/IUCC/ …, 2015 – Abstract—While digital puppeteering is largely used just to augment full body motion capture in digital production, its technology and traditional concepts could inform a more naturalized multi-modal human computer interaction than is currently used with the new perceptual Related articles All 3 versions

Developing and benchmarking show & tell robotic puppet for preschool education A Causo, GT Vo, E Toh, IM Chen… – … on Robotics and …, 2015 – Abstract—Robots have been shown to assist in education and development of social skills in children. However, there has been no study yet that benchmarks the effectiveness of robots with respect to traditional playtools found inside a classroom, such as pretend play Related articles All 2 versions

Integrating digital literacy in the early childhood classroom A Amorsen – … Young Children: Learning and Teaching in …, 2015 – … apps onto iPads for a range of uses from modelled reading through to independent construction of a range of texts eg Story kit (edit and customise familiar stories), Felt board (manipulate felt cut-outs for storytelling), Sock Puppets (create your own digital puppet show), Scribble … Related articles All 2 versions

Integrating Microsoft Kinect with Arduino: Real-Time Skeleton Human Tracking on Android Puppet IPD Lesmana, B Widiawan – Proceeding of the Electrical …, 2015 – … In response to the user’s skeleton movement, the user data will be mapped to servo angles and transmitted via serial and network communication to a remote receiver program, which will in turn send them to the Arduino board controlling the servos of the robotic puppet. … Related articles All 2 versions

Puppetry for all Times GS Yousof – … 248 DIGITAL PUPPETRY AND MEDIA …………… Peter Wilson Traditional Forms-Modern Techniques …………… 255 … 1. INTRODUCTION Digital puppetry refers to the puppetry in digital media that undergoes a process of “mediatisation” or “remediation”. … Related articles

A Collaborative Authoring Workspace and Script-Based Control Platform for Heterogeneous Robots JL Lin, KS Hwang – International Journal of Automation and Smart …, 2015 – … The architecture of the local controller is composed of an embedded system for controlling the movement of robotic puppets, and a management server for the synchronization of live shows. … Web Based Robotic Puppet Authoring Platform. … Related articles

Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar N Rubin – Afterimage, 2015 – … To orient and engage oneself with the show involves succumbing to these parameters, not only by allowing one’s image to be captured and used, but by activating various triggers along the way, stimulating fictional or digital puppets into action. …

Physical model of virtual human response motion captured in the taekwondo G Quan – … Available technologies includes concurrent route composition based on taekwondo motion graph optimization, computer virtual puppet animation created by exploration of capturing motion, concurrent interactive control based on motion graph optimization and response … Related articles All 2 versions

Searching for a Digital Performing Art C Bardainne, A Mondot – Imagine Math 3, 2015 – Springer … The use of capture devices from the world of video games (for their calculation speed and reactivity power) combined with virtual puppetry (for its fantasy and human improvisation vitality) makes a sensual experience possible for the audience. … Cited by 2 All 2 versions

Your own Kevin Spacey P Marks – New Scientist, 2015 – Elsevier … As well as being able to manipulate the digital puppets any way they wanted, the team found they could realistically switch an actor’s face with that of another – allowing them to be replaced throughout an entire TV show or movie, for example. …

Puppetree: a remediation of theatre, from spectatorship to co-authoring P Borar – … ideas of co-authorship. Puppetree, a digital puppetry platform, has been developed as means to develop the ideas of co-authorship, taking inspiration from the position and agency of a traditional puppeteer. The plat- form is … Related articles All 2 versions

A method of shadow puppet figure modeling and animation X Huang, S Sun, K Zhang, T Xu, J Wu, B Zhu – Frontiers of Information …, 2015 – Springer Page 1. Huang et al. / Front Inform Technol Electron Eng 2015 16(5):367-379 367 Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering;; ISSN 2095-9184 … Related articles All 9 versions

A Full-Body Interaction Game for Children with Hearing Disabilities to Gain the Immersive Experience in a Puppet Show R Egusa, T Nakadai, T Nakayama, F Kusunoki… – … Workshop on Social …, 2015 – Springer … We developed a virtual puppet show system called “Interactive Puppet Theater,” which is designed to increase the appreciation of children with hearing disabilities toward puppet shows [2]. The Interactive Puppet Theater has two functions. … Related articles All 3 versions

Robot Futures: Using Theatre To Influence Acceptance Of Care Robots A Chistoffersen, SG Nielsen, E Jochum, ZH Tan – … Robotics: Science and Systems Workshop on Human-Robot Interaction. [4] Jochum, ES (2014). Robotic Puppets and the Eningeering of Autonomous Theater. In AE Laviers, Controls and Art: Inquiries at the Intersection of the Subjective and the Objective (pp. 107-128). … Cited by 1 Related articles

Automated Puppetry—Robo-Puppet© MA Aravind, NS Dinesh, NC Rao… – ICoRD’15–Research into …, 2015 – Springer … Comput. Vis. Image Underst. 81, 231–268 (2001)CrossRefMATH. 3. Nguyen, KD, Chen, IM, Yeo, SH, Duh, BL: Motion control of a robotic puppet through a hybrid motion capture device. In: IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering Scottsdale, pp. … Related articles All 2 versions

Sketches on natural interactions with virtual scenes L Velho – … corners at the frame capture moment. B. Virtual finger puppeteering Once the camera tracker is fully implemented, we can sketch even more interesting interactions, such as virtual puppeteering. A very common way to describe … Related articles All 2 versions

The analogue and the digital head-death M Constable – Visual Studies, 2015 – Taylor & Francis … A key difference between the analogue and digital puppet is in the distance that is maintained between the puppeteer and their charge. … The digital puppet is ‘hot-swappable’ with live action footage and can be blended into it with ease. … Related articles All 3 versions

Deployment of a Robotic Fish Platform in Informal Science Learning P Phamduy, C Milne, M Leou… – ASME 2015 …, 2015 – … … effective tool to elicit visitor interest, as it offers several novel elements that have the potential to enhance science learning [7]. Past exhibits incorporating robotic elements such as the exploratory rover [8], environmental mapping vehicles [9], and soft robotic puppets [10] have … Related articles All 4 versions

Interactive Shadow Play Animation System B Wan, X Wen, L An, X Ding – World Academy of Science, Engineering and … – … Publication/10000231 Page 2. fully-functional system. Seth Hunter et al. [8] present a digital puppetry project that people give a puppet show in front of Kinect to control the digital puppetry in the screen. Robert et al. [9] proposed … Related articles All 4 versions

2015 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR 2015) F Arles-Camargue-Provence – 2015 – … Page 9. x Videos Marioneta: Virtual Puppeteer Experience …..367 Hyunghwan Byun, Emily Chang, Maria Alejandra Montenegro, Alexander Moser, Christina Tarn, Shirley Saldamarco, Ruth Comley …

Painting Machinima in Second Life: Emerging Aesthetics in Virtual Filmmaking P Johnson – New Opportunities for Artistic Practice in Virtual …, 2015 – Page 49. 23 Chapter 2 Painting Machinima in Second Life: Emerging Aesthetics in Virtual Filmmaking Phylis Johnson Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA ABSTRACT This chapter explores the technological and … Related articles All 3 versions

Marionette Control System using Gesture Mode Change KM Cheon, SH Kwak, KH Rew – Journal of Institute of Control, …, 2015 – … 1, pp. 509-514, Oct. 2004. 12. KD Nguyen, IM Chen, SH Yeo, and BL Duh, “Motion control of a robotic puppet through a hybrid motion capture device,” Proc. of IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, AZ, USA, pp. 753-758, Sep. 2007. 13. …

The Power to Play When There is No Power Y Chisik, M Chen, J Ibanez – More Playful User Interfaces, 2015 – Springer … In: Proceedings of IDC ’14, pp. 313–316 (2014). Mazalek, A, Nitsche, M., Rebola, C., Wu, A., Clifton, P., Peer, F., Drake M.: Pictures at an exhibition: a physical/digital puppetry performance piece. In: Proceedings of C&C ’11, pp. 441–442. … Related articles All 3 versions

Perceptually captured gesture interaction with immersive information retrieval environments: An experimental framework for testing and rapid iteration M Mentzelopoulos, J Ferguson… – … and Learning (IMCL), …, 2015 – … The idea is to not overwhelm the senses or tire the user, but instead find optimal, efficient, and natural interfaces for immersive environments. Some of this can come from past lessons in digital puppeteering, HCI taxonomy, and cognitive and perceptual motor interaction. … Related articles All 3 versions

Karakuri: Subtle Trickery in Device Art and Robotics Demonstrations at Miraikan M Shea – Leonardo, 2015 – MIT Press … In this case what is essentially a robotic puppet can, given the right circumstances, effectively con- vey the illusion of life. An element of showmanship is per- haps necessary for all robotics demonstrations, even those directed at experts. … Related articles All 4 versions

Giving Voice to Orality in Theological Education: Responses and Recommendations C Chong – … PRACTICES: Continuing Conversations in Orality and – … While animation clips as well as film clips involving real actors are costly and laborious to produce, dramatic dialogues can be created with relative ease using digital puppetry. Sock Puppets™ will serve to illustrate the ease of use that now characterizes digital media creation. … Related articles All 3 versions

Creature Teacher: A Performance-Based Animation System for Creating Cyclic Movements A Fender, J Müller, D Lindlbauer – … of the 3rd ACM Symposium on Spatial …, 2015 – … Furthermore, only animations that are physi- cally possible can be created directly. Digital puppetry [32], another performance-based approach, aims at overcoming these limitations by not using a 1:1 mapping. … [29] created a digital puppetry plugin for Maya. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 9 versions

Technical Report: Exploring Human Surrogate Characteristics A Nagendran, G Welch, C Hughes, R Pillat – Virtual Realities, 2015 – Springer … Technology, pp. 143–152. ACM (2013). 17. Hughes, C., Dieker, L., Nagendran, A., Hynes, M.: Semi automated digital puppetry control (2013) US Provisional Patent, SL: 61/790,467, Date Filed: 15 March, 2013. 18. Dieker, LA … Cited by 1 Related articles

Toward an intuitive sign language animation authoring system for the deaf A Heloir, F Nunnari – Universal Access in the Information Society, 2015 – Springer … However, recent consumer-range technology such as the one pre- sented by Sanna et al. [26] has proved to be capable of enabling inexperienced users authoring animations of hu- man-like bodies and interactively controlling physical or digital puppets. … Cited by 3 Related articles

Between the Bottle Cap and the Battery: An Investigation of Interrupted Gameplay J Ibáñez, Y Chisik, M Chen – Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGCHI …, 2015 – … of IDC ’14, 313-316. 6. Inventame (2015). 7. Mazalek, A., Nitsche, M., Rebola, C., Wu, A., Clifton, P., Peer, F. & Drake, M. (2011). Pictures at an exhibition: a physical/digital puppetry performance piece. In Proc. of C&C ’11, 441-442. ACM. 8. Osmo (2015). … Related articles

PhyloPen: Phylogenetic tree browsing using a pen and touch interface A Wehrer, A Yee, C Lisle, C Hughes – PLoS currents, 2015 – … He is co-director of the UCF Synthetic Reality Laboratory ( His research is in augmented reality environments with a specialization in networked digital puppetry (the remote control by humans of surrogates in the form of virtual or physical-virtual avatars). … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

Premo: DreamWorks Animation’s New Approach to Animation PC DiLorenzo – IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2015 – … of controls for the character so animation can pose every part of this digital puppet and bring it to life. … Before animators can create character perfor- mances, our character rigging department builds the skeletal structure of a digital puppet, called a rig. … Related articles All 4 versions

Multimodal Assessment of Teachers in Immersive Learning Environment R Barmaki – … communication and content delivery skills. It is digital puppetry software that consists of five student avatars in a virtual classroom setting [17]. Figure 1 shows more details of this avatar-mediated system. In the TeachLivE environment … Related articles All 2 versions

Sustainable Innovations: Bringing Digital Media and Emerging Technologies to the Classroom D Herro – Theory Into Practice, 2015 – Taylor & Francis Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions

Frederick Arthur McKenzie on the Japanese Seizure of Korea DA MÉTRAUX – … warm water ports. Japan’s first goal after its victory in China was to seize control over the Korean government which in effect meant making the Korean Emperor a virtual puppet of the Japanese. Empress Myeongseong (1851 … Related articles

Design and evaluation of an avatar-mediated system for child interview training D Johansson – 2015 – … setting. The purpose is to let the users of the system practice the situation of being a teacher in front of a class while addressing different types of student behavior. The developed system builds on the notion of digital puppetry. The … Related articles

[BOOK] Assistive Robotics: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on CLAWAR 2015 H Su, T Wang, MO Tokhi, GS Virk – 2015 – … 43 H. Zhou, L. Sun, J. Li, W. Li, X. Cai and L. Lu An editorial platform for screenplay of interactive robotic puppet shows….. 51 K.-S. Hwang, Y.-C. Kuo and W.-C. Jiang Design of EXO-LEGS exoskeletons….. …

Exploring the Impact of TeachME™ Lab Virtual Classroom Teaching Simulation on Early Childhood Education Majors’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs NU Bautista, WJ Boone – Journal of Science Teacher Education, 2015 – Springer … In TML, PSTs (real) enter into a virtual classroom of five realistic looking avatars (virtual) representing a group of typical middle school students in an urban school. TML uses digital puppetry, which refers to interactive control of virtual characters, in order to create avatars. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 10 versions

Autonomous Virtual Human Agents for Healthcare Information Support and Clinical Interviewing A Rizzo, R Shilling, E Forbell, S Scherer… – … in Behavioral and …, 2015 – … system was required. The WoZ interaction allowed human operators to choose the spoken and gestural responses of a VH character (similar to digital puppetry) that interacted with a live research partici- pant. The final step … Cited by 3 Related articles

The KNOOKS Project Place Based Learning and Inquiry in a Digital Culture: Honouring Student Voice Through Digital Storytelling M Sauerborn – 2015 – Page 1. The KNOOKS Project Place Based Learning and Inquiry in a Digital Culture: Honouring Student Voice Through Digital Storytelling By Mardelle Sauerborn Bachelor of Education, University of Winnipeg, 1987 A Project … Related articles All 2 versions

Open Sourcing Social Robotics: Humanoid Artifacts from the Viewpoint of Designers D Fornari, S Cangiano – Social Robots from a Human Perspective, 2015 – Springer … 8.3). It consists of a robotic puppet made of speakers and servo motors. The robotic head is controlled through the use of servo motors, easy to use and accessible electronic motors that are commonly available in the market for modeling hobbyists. … Related articles All 3 versions

Talking Books: the development of an interactive, educational, digital application E Drescher – 2015 – Page 1. ! 1! ! Talking!Books:! The!Development!of!an!Interactive,!Educational,! Digital!Application! ! ! ! ! Emile!Drescher! ! ! ! ! This!exegesis!is!submitted!to!the! Auckland!University!of!Technology!in!partial!fulfilment! of!the … All 2 versions

Podcasting as Transformative Work VM Vasquez – Theory Into Practice, 2015 – Taylor & Francis … Jennifer Rowsell, et al. Volume 54, Issue 2, 2015. One Screen, Many Fingers: Young Children’s Collaborative Literacy Play With Digital Puppetry Apps and Touchscreen Technologies Karen E. Wohlwend Volume 54, Issue 2 … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Resells Dreams and Shattered Memories: Psychoanalysis and Silent Hill E Kirkland – Brumal. Revista de investigación sobre lo Fantástico, 2015 – … The strange relationship between player and avatar, as an inanimate digital puppet becomes imbued with life and, in a cybernetic exchange with the game apparatus, the player becomes increasingly machine life in their identification with the world of the computer or console. … Related articles All 7 versions

Students as photo activists: Using cameras in the classroom for social change L Sánchez – Theory Into Practice, 2015 – Taylor & Francis Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

Interactivity in Desire AD Knochel – … be understood as a symptom of the unconscious poking through, as desire’s surplus is continually denied. The population of avatars serves as virtual puppets of the Other, both the mindless droids of single player games where the user encounters AI- … Related articles

“Let It Go”: Exploring the Image of the Child as a Producer, Consumer, and Inventor J Rowsell, D Harwood – Theory Into Practice, 2015 – Taylor & Francis Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions

Elderly user experience to improve a Kinect-based game playability Z Sáenz-de-Urturi, B García Zapirain… – Behaviour & …, 2015 – Taylor & Francis … from here a 3D virtual avatar is generated. The joints that are used during movement are mapped directly onto the values placed on the avatar puppet within the game world. Furthermore, Unity 3D, a professional 3D game engine … Cited by 3 Related articles All 3 versions

Projecting Presence: A Media Design Manifesto DM Murakami – 2015 – Page 1. … Related articles All 3 versions

TR-2015001: A survey and critique of facial expression synthesis in sign language animation H Kacorri – 2015 – Page 1. City University of New York (CUNY) CUNY Academic Works Computer Science Technical Reports Graduate Center 2015 TR-2015001: A Survey and Critique of Facial Expression Synthesis in Sign Language Animation Hernisa Kacorri CUNY Graduate Center … Cited by 5 Related articles All 5 versions

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Pop Up Play Final Research Report March 2015 C Vear, L McConnon – 2015 – Page 1. 1 Pop Up Play Final Research Report March 2015 De Montfort University Research Team Dr Craig Vear Dr Linda McConnon Authors Linda McConnon, Craig Vear Contributors Adel Al-Salloum°, Luke Woodbury?, Jayne Williams°, Ben Edwards* … All 3 versions

My Online Me: Why Gamers Should Turn to California’s Right of Publicity Laws in Protecting Their Online Avatars B Hoke – Intell. Prop. Brief, 2015 – HeinOnline … to communicate to each other). But cf JJ Ventrella, Direct Manipulation of Avatar for Expression and Animation Editing, AVATAR PUPPETEERING, http://www. avatarpuppeteering.coml (last visited Oct. 11, 2013) (arguing that … Related articles All 4 versions

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A survey of technologies on the rise for emotion-enhanced interaction D Cernea, A Kerren – Journal of Visual Languages & Computing, 2015 – Elsevier Emotions are a major part of the human existence and social interactions. Some might say that emotions are one of the aspects that make us truly human. However,. Cited by 6 Related articles All 3 versions

A Framework For Promoting Teacher Self-Efficacy With Mobile Reusable Learning Objects BY ROBERT POWER … Related articles All 3 versions

The status and function of Inanimate ‘object-actors’ in cyborg theatre G Acaroglu – 2015 – Page 1. THE STATUS AND FUNCTION OF INANIMATE ‘OBJECT-ACTORS’ IN CYBORG THEATRE by Gorkem Acaroglu MA Media Arts, MA Interactive Media Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Deakin University July 2015 Page 2. … Related articles

Proposal for Teaching Evolutionary Biology: A bridge between research and educational practice EA Pérez, RR Gutiérrez – 2015 – … reproduction. With a digital puppet of Darwin explained via the model of evolution through variation and natural selection which trait is favourable in each scenario. Read the text for students developed for this study. Observed …

UB Knightlines Summer 2015 L Geary, C Sadowski, R Salonen, L Orman, K Shoji… – 2015 – Page 1. 1 ALSO INSIDE • Bravo Graduates! • Begin with a Question • Schine Down! A PUBLICATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT SUMMER 2015 Off to Work! Graduation one day. A full-time job the next. Members from the Class of 2015 wasted little time … All 4 versions

Developing the 21st Century Skills of Creativity, Collaboration and Information Fluency in a Kindergarten Classroom CM Schmidt – 2015 – Page 1. Hamline University DigitalCommons@Hamline … Related articles

Performative Authoring: Nurturing Children’s Creativity and Creative Self-Efficacy through Digitally-Augmented Enactment-Based Storytelling SLCY Yee – 2015 – Page 1. PERFORMATIVE AUTHORING: NURTURING CHILDREN’S CREATIVITY AND CREATIVE SELF-EFFICACY THROUGH DIGITALLY-AUGMENTED ENACTMENT-BASED STORYTELLING A Dissertation by SHARON LYNN CHU YEW YEE … Related articles All 3 versions

Developing a recommender mechanism for supporting mobile content reuse S Shevtsov – 2015 – … (2004), shift storytelling to virtual spaces where kids can produce digital stories together. Recently developed ShadowStory (Lu et al., 2011) provides all the necessary tools for children to make their own digital puppets acting as main characters in a story. … Related articles

The Human and Technology: Power, Life, and Cyborg in Dan Simmons’s Hyperion CW Lin? ??? – 2015 – … dominate its subjects. In other words, the Hegemony employs its military forces to cultivate its people/subjects to become robotic puppets. I will primarily explore the structure of the Hegemony in order to discuss the problems of political domination in its power system. … Related articles

Reform and Revolution in Egypt and Iran T Povey – Social Movements in Egypt and Iran, 2015 – Springer … a different course in each country. Having been transformed into a virtual ‘puppet-regime’ by Sadat, Egypt, alongside Chile, was the first country to undergo the ‘experiment’ of economic reform. However, it was slowly and unevenly … Related articles

[BOOK] HCI International 2015-Posters’ Extended Abstracts: International Conference, HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2-7, 2015. Proceedings C Stephanidis – 2015 – Page 1. Constantine Stephanidis (Ed.) Communications in Computer and Information Science 529 HCI International 2015 – Posters’ Extended Abstracts International Conference, HCI International 2015 Los Angeles, CA, USA … Related articles All 2 versions

Capturing Motor Competencies. People with Disabilities as Actors in Motion Capture Sessions J Stasienko, N Kami?ska, M Rumlova, E Zi?ba, J Gajda… – 2015 – … In the same year, it was also possible to operate in real time a digital puppet called Waldo C. Graphic constructed by Pacific Data Images for Jim Henson by means of a special mechatronic glove used by an animator to move character’s head and mouth. … Related articles All 2 versions

Models of ICT Innovation PJ Benghozi, E Salvador, JP Simon – 2015 – Page 1. Authors: Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Elisa Salvador, and Jean Paul Simon. Editor: Marc Bogdanowicz Models of ICT Innovation A Focus on the Cinema Sector 2015 Report EUR 27234 EN Page 2. European Commission … Related articles All 4 versions

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An investigation of music and screen media in the lives of young children WL Brooks – 2015 – Page 1. Copyright and use of this thesis This thesis must be used in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968. Reproduction of material protected by copyright may be an infringement of copyright and copyright … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

[BOOK] Surveillance Cinema C Zimmer – 2015 – Page 1. Surveillance Cinema Page 2. Postmillennial Pop General Editors: Karen Tongson and Henry Jenkins Puro Arte: Filipinos on the Stages of Empire Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning … Cited by 8 Related articles All 3 versions