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Talking heads: Detecting humans and recognizing their interactions M Hoai, A Zisserman – Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on …, 2014 – Abstract The objective of this work is to accurately and efficiently detect configurations of one or more people in edited TV material. Such configurations often appear in standard arrangements due to cinematic style, and we take advantage of this to provide scene … Cited by 27 Related articles All 11 versions

Usability and user satisfaction of 3D talking-head mobile assisted language learning (MALL) app for non-native speakers K Segaran, AZM Ali, TW Hoe – Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2014 – Elsevier Abstract One of the serious issues affecting learning English as second language effectively is pronunciation, which consequently contributes to learners’ poor communicative power. This condition is moreover critical among non-native speakers. Therefore, numerous … Cited by 6 Related articles All 4 versions

Speech driven talking head from estimated articulatory features A Ben-Youssef, H Shimodaira… – 2014 IEEE International …, 2014 – ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a talking head in which the lips and head motion are controlled using articulatory movements estimated from speech. A phone-size HMM-based inversion mapping is employed and trained in a semi-supervised fashion. The advantage … Cited by 6 Related articles All 16 versions

Moving from talking heads to newlyweds: exploring video chat use during major life events M Massimi, C Neustaedter – Proceedings of the 2014 conference on …, 2014 – Abstract Video chat programs for home and personal use (eg, Skype) are becoming increasingly popular for doing more than simply conversing with a remote friend or family member. This creates a need to understand the broader use of video chat that moves” … Cited by 8 Related articles All 5 versions

Motherese by eye and ear: infants perceive visual prosody in point-line displays of talking heads C Kitamura, B Guellaï, J Kim – PloS one, 2014 – Abstract Infant-directed (ID) speech provides exaggerated auditory and visual prosodic cues. Here we investigated if infants were sensitive to the match between the auditory and visual correlates of ID speech prosody. We presented 8-month-old infants with two silent … Cited by 3 Related articles All 10 versions

Head and facial gestures synthesis using PAD model for an expressive talking avatar J Jia, Z Wu, S Zhang, HM Meng, L Cai – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2014 – Springer Cited by 11 Related articles All 15 versions

On the use of an articulatory talking head for second language pronunciation training: the case of Chinese learners of French X Wang, T Hueber, P Badin – … of 10th International Seminar on Speech …, 2014 – Abstract This study investigates the usefulness of a French Articulatory Talking Head (ATH) to train Mandarin Chinese speakers to produce French vowels that do not exist in their phonetic repertoire. Two groups of Mandarin Chinese speakers were trained using either … Cited by 1 Related articles All 10 versions

Communication is more than a Talking Head: An overview of context, history, social and power relationships in Community Engagement P Iwasaki – 142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition ( …, 2014 – This presentation will provide participants with overview of the day. It will also provide an orientation of the course content from the perceptive of a community member who is also a long time community activist. The goal is to situate the importance of communication in …

Mob Rule Learning: Camps, Unconferences, and Trashing the Talking Head AR Horsman – … Health Libraries Association/Journal de l …, 2014 – Mob Rule Learning: Camps, Unconferences, and Trashing the Talking Head is written by Michelle Boule, who is selfproclaimed on her website as a ”Geek Librarian living in Houston, TX”(http://wanderingeyre. com/about/). Mob Rule Learning is a well-organized book that is … All 2 versions

Talking Head Detection by Likelihood-Ratio Test C Quillen, K Greenfield, W Campbell – 2014 – Abstract Detecting accurately when a person whose face is visible in an audio-visual medium is the audible speaker is an enabling technology with a number of useful applications. These include fused audio/visual speaker recognition, AV (audio/visual) … Related articles All 3 versions

LuciawebGL: a new WebGL-Based talking head. A Benin, P Cosi, GR Leone, G Paci – INTERSPEECH, 2014 – In this DEMO we present the first worldwide WebGL implementation of a talking head (LuciaWebGL), and also the first WebGL talking head running on iOS mobile devices (Apple iPhone and iPad). … Face-to-face communication is the main element of human- human … Related articles All 6 versions

Talking Heads D Serjeantson – Dublin Review of Books, 2014 – A review essay on perceptions of Ireland in the early-modern period, discussing The Severed Head and the Grafted Tongue: Literature, Translation and Violence in Early Modern Ireland, by Patricia Palmer, Cambridge University Press, 193 pp,£ 50, ISBN: 978- …

Eric Rohmer’s Talking Heads: Listening to the Classical Text in La Bruyère M Cohen – The Films of Eric Rohmer, 2014 – Springer Abstract R ohmer’s career from 1959 to the early 1970s had three facets: film criticism, fiction film, and short nonfiction films, incorporating documentaries made for Les Films du Losange 1 and 28 for television. Until recently the latter were the least known part of his oeuvre. It … Related articles

Talking Head: Literature Review P Chikersal, P Sukheja, CE Siong – Citeseer In recent years, the development in the field of computer graphics and animation has made it easier to interact with computers. For example, education and learning has become an easy and interactive process with improvement in computer animation. Another essential … Related articles All 3 versions

‘Talking heads’ or the naturalisation of language at the end of the 18th century J Gessinger – Das Verfahren unseres Geistes, besonders in seinen geheimnisvolleren Wirkungen, kann nur durch tiefes Nachdenken und anhaltende Beobachtung seiner selbst ergründet werden. Aber es ist selbst damit noch wenig geschehen, wenn man nicht zugleich auf die … Related articles All 2 versions

Voice, Liveness, Digital Video: The Talking Head in Contemporary Independent Chinese Documentary L Robinson – positions, 2014 – Duke Univ Press Abstract This article addresses the use of the human voice in contemporary Chinese independent documentary in relation to xianchang. Broadly analogous to the Anglophone concept of “liveness,” xianchang is a shooting practice that interrogates questions of … Related articles All 3 versions