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Beyond talking heads: multimedia artifact creation, use, and sharing in distributed meetings
J Marlow, S Carter, N Good, JW Chen – … of the 19th ACM Conference on …, 2016 –
Abstract Distributed meetings can be messy, particularly when the task requires collaboration around multimedia artifacts. Teams must not only share a variety of materials related to the work in real time, but also need to refer back to information after a meeting

A deep bidirectional LSTM approach for video-realistic talking head
B Fan, L Xie, S Yang, L Wang, FK Soong – Multimedia Tools and …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract This paper proposes a deep bidirectional long short-term memory approach in modeling the long contextual, nonlinear mapping between audio and visual streams for video-realistic talking head. In training stage, an audio-visual stereo database is firstly

Low level descriptors based DBLSTM bottleneck feature for speech driven talking avatar
X Lan, X Li, Y Ning, Z Wu, H Meng… – Acoustics, Speech and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Speech is bimodal in nature. There are close correlations between the acoustic speech signals and the visual gestures such as lip movements, facial expressions and head motions. For speech driven talking avatar, how to derive more representative acoustic

Teaching psychology to student nurses: the use of ‘Talking Head’videos
S Snelgrove, DJR Tait, M Tait – Research in Learning Technology, 2016 – Taylor & Francis
Psychology is a central part of undergraduate nursing curricula in the UK. However, student nurses report difficulties recognising the relevance and value of psychology. We sought to strengthen first-year student nurses’ application of psychology by developing a set of digital

Expressive Speech Driven Talking Avatar Synthesis with DBLSTM Using Limited Amount of Emotional Bimodal Data.
X Li, Z Wu, HM Meng, J Jia, X Lou… – INTERSPEECH, 2016 –
Abstract One of the essential problems in synthesizing expressive talking avatar is how to model the interactions between emotional facial expressions and lip movements. Traditional methods either simplify such interactions through separately modeling lip movements and

Better Talking Heads: Concerning Fuller” Experience” in Environmental Philosophy
C Bovinette – 2016 –
Abstract Through this project, I demonstrate how professional environmental ethics is constrained by, what I call, a rationalist bias and I offer a different approach to environmental questions in the face of this observation. Intellectual life depends on material conditions and

The Metalinguistics of Subjectivity: Benjamin Lee’s Talking Heads
C Anton – The American Journal of Semiotics, 2016 –
Consider the scope and range of his concerns: he brings lines of analytic philosophy—including the works of Frege, Austin, Kripke, Putnam, Nozick, and Wittgenstein—into dialogue with Derridian deconstructionism, Saussurean linguistics, Peircean semiotics,

St. Edmund’s Talking Head
E Walley – 2016 –
Abstract The talking severed head is a phenomenon that appears in two staggeringly different genres of medieval writing: Celtic folklore and writings concerning saints, known as hagiography. This strange shared motif has sometimes been interpreted by scholars as an

Lip Synchronisation for the iCub Talking Head
I Keller, KS Lohan –
Class MaryTTSPhonemes Up Down Left/Right 1 p, b,., f, v, w, m 0% 0% 50% 2 OI 0% 25% 25% 3 u 0% 50% 25% 4 aU 0% 50% 50% 5 A, h 0% 100% 50% 6 r 25% 0% 25% 7{, U 25% 75% 75% 8@ U 25% 100% 50% 9 tS, dZ 50% 25% 50% 10 i, I, AI, EI, t, g, T, 50% 25%

Talking Heads: Quantitative analysis of morphological variation in the human mandible during the Medieval and post-Medieval periods in the Netherlands using three …
AM Bosman – 2016 –
The mandible is one of the many structures of the human skeleton that can be characterized by large amounts of inter (between)-individual morphological variation. The primary aim of this thesis is to provide the one of the first large-scale systematic investigations upon which

Prosodic Head Motion Generation from Text for a Chinese Talking Avatar
Y Sun, Y Wang – … Intelligence and Security (CIS), 2016 12th …, 2016 –
Abstract: This paper designs a prediction model based on a Chinese talking avatar and aims to analyze the relationship between the text-based prosodic features and the nodding of head movements. To get a better predicted effect, we extracted more relevant prosodic

Talking heads: communication, embodiment, and interaction
P Rubin – The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2016 –
The desire to create robotic speech, including talking human heads, stems back at least several hundred years. This quest continues and presently combines approaches that are computational, cognitive, biological, mechanical, and acoustic, cutting across a wide variety

Talking heads
E Christopher – Simulation-Gaming: On the Improvement of …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT: The purpose of the game is to make players more aware of the range of factors that affect the conduct of a business meeting of people from different cultures. It is intended to take several hours and debriefing runs throughout the game. The number of players may

Talking Heads: On the Repatriation of M?ori Toi Moko
C Murphy – 2016 –
I would like to sincerely thank my faculty advisor Dr. David Doris for his indispensable guidance during this process. He continuously found time in his busy schedule to help me with my research, and I am incredibly grateful for his generosity, sense of humor and

Phoneme Embedding and its Application to Speech Driven Talking Avatar Synthesis.
X Li, Z Wu, HM Meng, J Jia, X Lou, L Cai – INTERSPEECH, 2016 –
Abstract Word embedding has made great achievements in many natural language processing tasks. However, the attempt to apply word embedding to the field of speech got few breakthroughs. The reason is that word vectors mainly contain semantic and syntactic

Return of the talking heads
KR Hansen, P Bro, R Andersson – Nordicom Review, 2016 –
Abstract The present article suggests that the brief history of Western television news dramaturgy can be expounded as three major waves: from the early days of the talking heads in the studio, over the narrativization of the field report to a (re-) current studio-and

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