Talking Heads (Draft)


Conversational agent embodiment may be virtual or physical.  Virtual embodiment may be referred to as an avatar.  Physical embodiment may be referred to as a robot.  Technically speaking both may be called talking heads.  This webpage is primarily concerned with the physical embodiment of robotic talking heads.  This physical embodiment may also be known as animatronic talking heads.  Hanson Robotics, founded by David Hanson, is very likely the leader in the field of animatronic talking heads.  Talking heads may also be referred to as a “talking face”.  Two-dimensional (2D) talking heads may be called a “virtual head” or “virtual face”.  Three-dimensional (3D) talking heads may also be known as a “robot head” or “robot face”.  The Haskins Laboratory at Yale University (aka Haskins Laboratories @haskinslabs), directed by Philip Rubin, maintains a history of “Talking Heads” and Talking Heads Directory.

Android Head Projects | The best robot heads/faces


  • .. “state-of-the-art in Italian Talking Head” .. an animated MPEG-4 talking face (Facial Animation Engine)
  • .. “fully animated talking head video created from a voice recording and a single image” .. can be sent via MMS
  • ..”open source tools for creation of MPEG-4 and keyframe based 3D talking heads”.. (accepts SMIL-Agent scripts as input)


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  • Alice talking robot .. in different languages (2012) by
  • LightHead robot head – 2011
  • Stephanie talking head .. for home automation .. by @m000z0rz
  • Center for Intelligent Robot NTUST (Prof. Chyi-Yeu Lin)
  • Robotic face mimics human reactions
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