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The 3.0 project is concerned with creating interactive “talking books”, or rather making books talk, and secondarily with dialogs generated from transcripts, screenplays, and “social media” interactions. This involves the conversion of books, or text, into knowledge, or knowledgebases, most commonly mediated today using semantic technologies. The challenges lie in interfacing the semantic technologies with dialog systems, and in turn with both speech and avatar technologies.



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  • {related:} .. Curious Cat is an intelligent assistant that is based on deep knowledge representation and reasoning (it uses Cyc in part).

Video: Curious Cat: Assistive, Inquisitive, Addictive

  • {related:} .. Expert Virtual Agent (EVA), enabling free-text search for online travel, Python based API.

Video: Concur Demo of Evature Based Technology at TIS2013

Video: Tutorial for Happy Cyborg: Upload Your Personality to Twitter

  • {related:} .. Add Conversational Voice Interfaces to Mobile & Web Apps with Leova

Video: Watch LeovaTravel in action

  • {related:} .. Luka uses AI to find and book the best places to eat through a chat interface

Video: IO Has Recommendations For You

  • Pandorabots SpellBinder {related:} .. Pandorabots SpellBinder is an in-house technology aimed at rapidly creating content for a pandorabot (a Pandorabots’ chat bot).

Video: Chatbots 3.1 – Richard Wallace – Unsupervised Learning for AIML Bots (2of2)

  • (HaloBook) {related:} .. Project Halo is more or less Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s quest to build a ‘Digital Aristotle’ that can ingest textbooks and pass university exams. [As of 2015, Project Halo is]

Video1: HaloBook and Progress Towards Digital Aristotle

Video2: An Introduction to Project Halo

  • {related:} .. involves plugging one’s Twitter and or Facebook into an interactive chatbot, which then supposedly re-creates a “personality” based on one’s own.

Video: – how it works

  • {related:} .. With the talkigy chatbot you can dialogue with content authors via artificial intelligence.

Blog: [David Lovatt, London]

  • {related:} .. According to cofounder Oren Jacob, ToyTalk’s platform is the first authoring environment for creating and crafting two-way conversations with an audience.

Video: Hello Barbie, Mattel’s Wi-Fi Barbie Doll That Chats With Kids, First Look Toy Fair 2015

Video: Brands That Travel – Terry Jones of WayBlazer


Video: Planning a family vacation? Try Desti

Video: Sporttechie Exclusive Interview with Skyphrase


Video: Digital Personas – English Content Europe

Video: Cloning the God Lobster: Weavrs, a Post-User Service