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Lexical Semantic Analysis in Natural Language Text N Schneider – 2014 – cs.cmu.edu … language be- havior in computers is a primary dream of artificial intelligence. The field of natural language processing (NLP) tackles the language au- 2 tomation problem by decomposing it into subproblems, or tasks; NLP tasks … Cited by 2 Related articles All 6 versions

Investigating an open methodology for designing domain-specific language collections A Fitzgerald, S Wu, M Barge – CALL Design: Principles and …, 2014 – books.google.com … FLAX offers a powerful suite of interactive text-mining tools, using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence designs, to enable novice … Salient lexico-grammatical patterns are easily identified and retrieved by corpus tools when corpora are derived from genres and … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Natural Language Generation and Semantic Technologies K Staykova – Cybernetics and Information Technologies, 2014 – degruyter.com … this information can never constrain the lexico-grammatical options of expression sufficiently. A distinguishing feature of NLG is the necessity for considering much more varieties of meaning types than those traditionally addressed in Natural Language Processing. … Related articles All 2 versions

Slovene Lexical Database: lexicographical process P Gantar, I Kosem, S Krek – elexicography.eu … of the way the data is organized in the database. Secondly, parts of lexico- grammatical information are enhanced with formalizations to be used by natural language processing tools and language technologies for Slovene. … Related articles

Remix With Flax A Fitzgerald – Month, 2014 – alannahfitzgerald.org … Natural Language Processing Software Designs. … Linking in lexico-grammatical phrases from the British National Corpus (BNC) of 100 million words, the British Academic Written English corpus (BAWE) of 2500 pieces of assessed university student writing from across the … Related articles All 2 versions

Lexicogrammatical characterization of discourse genres used in four academic disciplines in Spanish DR RENÉVENEGAS – … = Language analysis in cross-cultural and …, 2014 – books.google.com … of megacorpora and more recently, the study of specialised corpora (Parodi 2007b, c). These advances have shown the lexicogrammatical patterns which … All these findings might be relevant to disciplines such as computational linguistics and natural language processing. … Related articles All 3 versions

Between lexis and grammar: towards a systemic functional approach to phraseology. Continuing Discourse on Language-A Functional Perspective, Volumes One … G Tucker – equinoxpub.com … al., 2002; Sag et al., 2002), but also in terms of the range of grammatical theories that underpin natural language processing systems, both … suggest that it is well placed to incorporate phraseology, as it does with lexical phenomena, into the overall lexicogrammatical description. …

Flexible Open Language Education for a Multilingual World A Fitzgerald – cdlh7.free.fr … FLAX is primarily concerned with developing interactive language learning support at the lexico-grammatical level and can work in … it represents a giant multilingual database of concepts and semantic relations, a potential resource for natural language processing and many … Related articles All 4 versions

Supervised ranking of co-occurrence profiles for acquisition of continuous lexical attributes J Brooke, G Hirst – Proceedings of The 25th International Conference …, 2014 – cs.utoronto.ca … easily derive attribute values for n-grams, collocations, or full lexico-grammatical con- structions … could easily be applied to a much larger set of lexicogrammatical units, though … In Proceedings of the 6th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP ’13 … Cited by 4 Related articles All 29 versions

Towards a Description of Symbolic Maps DC Vale, E Vales, R Izgalieva – INLG 2014, 2014 – aclweb.org … Continuum, London/New York. John A. Bateman, Joana Hois, Robert Ross, and Thora Tenbrink. 2010. A linguistic ontology of space for natural language processing. Artificial Intelligence, 174 (14): 1027–1071. Cem Boz?ahin, Geert-Jan Kruijff, and Michael White. 2005. … Related articles All 8 versions

Comparabilty of Corpora in Human and Machine Translation E Lapshinova-Koltunski, S Pal – comparable.limsi.fr … eg to compare phenomena across languages or to acquire parallel resources for training in sta- tistical Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, eg … of a cultural category, about a register when we view a text as language, its lexico-grammatical characterisations, con … Related articles All 2 versions

[BOOK] Teaching and language corpora A Wichmann, S Fligelstone – 2014 – books.google.com … and Using a Corpus of Spoken German Randall L. jones The Role of Corpora in Studying and Promoting Welsh Khurshid Ahmad and Andrea Davies Section C Teaching Linguistics 12 13 14 15 16 17 Micro— and Macrolinguistics for Natural Language Processing Pam Peters … Cited by 177 Related articles All 2 versions

Corpora and language assessment: The State of the art K Park – Language Assessment Quarterly, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … In Towards adaptive call: Natural language processing for diagnostic language assessment, Edited by: Chapelle , CA , Chung , Y.-R. and Xu , J. 197 … Test developers can draw on corpora in order to become well versed in terms of the lexico-grammatical characteristics of native … Cited by 2 Related articles

Spatial Language in Brazilian Portuguese as Perceived by the General Upper Model R de Oliveira – Spatial Cognition IX, 2014 – Springer … In this section, we present evidence of other lexicogrammatical conceptualisations of space, to which GUM does not provide all … of Implemented Ontologies (1995) 6. Bateman, J., Hois, J., Ross, R., Tenbrink, T.: A linguistic ontology of space for natural language processing. … Related articles All 3 versions

The Halliday Centre Tagger: An Online Platform for Semi-automatic Text Annotation and Analysis BTM Wong, IC Chow, JJ Webster, H Yan – lrec-conf.org … is implicitly present, that becomes a resource reusable for tasks such as language study and development of natural language processing (NLP) technology … Taking the clause as the most basic lexico-grammatical unit, clause constituents include a process, possibly one or more … Related articles

Lexico-grammatical patterns, pragmatic associations and discourse frequency1 HJ Schmid – Constructions Collocations Patterns, 2014 – books.google.com Page 245. Lexico-grammatical patterns, pragmatic associations and discourse frequency1 Hans-Jörg Schmid The virtue of a thing is related to its proper function. … Lexico-grammatical patterns, pragmatic associations, discourse frequency 255 which serve an identifiable function. … Cited by 8 Related articles

The Role of Large Monolingual Corpora in Improving Machine Translation Quality TM Miangah – mosavit.ir … Monolingual corpora have recently been used in solving various linguistic problems including natural language processing, statistical machine translation, language teaching and the like. … approaches in natural language processing has been arising to an increasing degree. … Related articles All 2 versions

Computer-Automated Scoring of Written Responses NT Carr – The Companion to Language Assessment, 2014 – Wiley Online Library … The automated scoring of extended production responses is performed using various types of natural language processing (NLP) techniques, which are “the … of NLP systems to decipher meaning can cause them to miss a variety of lexical and lexicogrammatical errors (which … Related articles

From Corpus To Grammar: Automatic Extraction Of Grammatical Relations From Annotated Corpus Chu-Ren Huang JF Hong, WY Ma, P Šimon – researchgate.net … The SkE approach requires both giga-word size corpora and comprehensive lexico-grammatical information of the language in question. … On the other hand, lexico-grammatical information is crucial to the identification of potential relational pairs based on local context. …

Registerial cartography: context-based mapping of text types and their rhetorical-relational organization CMIM Matthiessen – 2014 – anthology.aclweb.org … of activity) to semantics (logico-semantic relations), and from semantics (logico-semantic relations) to lexicogrammatical realizations (with … probabilistic linguistics”, as formulated in Bod, Hay & Jannedy, 2003, and used within “statistical natural language processing”, Manning & … Related articles All 5 versions

Focused Information Retrieval & English Language Instruction: A New Text Complexity Algorithm for Automatic Text Classification T Liontou – Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration, 2014 – Springer … the practical standpoint of comparability, it was important to establish whether the presence of particular lexicogrammatical features in … In: McCarthy, P., Boonthum, C. (eds.) Applied natural language processing and content analysis: Identification, investigation, and resolution, pp … Related articles All 3 versions

Technologies for foreign language learning: a review of technology types and their effectiveness EM Golonka, AR Bowles, VM Frank… – Computer Assisted …, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … Other technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), are still maturing. … View all references) and believed that the use of corpora enhanced their language awareness, improved their command of lexicogrammatical rules and patterns, increased their awareness of … Cited by 65 Related articles All 2 versions

The effects of using corpora on revision tasks in L2 writing with coded error feedback Y Tono, Y Satake, A Miura – ReCALL, 2014 – Cambridge Univ Press … To this end, error identification was conducted semi-automatically using natural language processing (NLP) techniques called edit distance (Section 3 … In so doing, we investigated how and to what extent corpus evidence helped learners correct their lexico-grammatical errors in … Cited by 6 Related articles All 4 versions

Part-of-speech Tagset and Corpus Development for Igbo, an African Language IE Onyenwe, C Uchechukwu, M Hepple – LAW VIII, 2014 – anthology.aclweb.org … strike an appropriate balance for practical purposes regarding granularity, capturing what we believe will be the key lexico-grammatical distinctions of … Our project aims to build linguistic computational resources to support research in natural language processing (NLP) for Igbo. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 6 versions

Measuring the style of chick lit and literature K Jautze – 2014 – pure.knaw.nl … dialogues. Egbert (2012) argues something similar and shows that lexicogrammatical features can be captured in three dimensions of discourse presentation. … Novels. In Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing, Seattle. …

[BOOK] Extension and its Limits G Dro?d?, A ?yda – 2014 – books.google.com … 214 Meaning Potential of a Lexical Unit in Natural Language Processing Aleksandra ?áobi?ska-Nowak Chapter Twelve … metaphor and metonymy, have an influence on both the semantic interpretation of verb- particle constructions and the lexico-grammatical behaviour of … Related articles

Polish and English wordnets–statistical analysis of interconnected networks M Bujok, P Fronczak, A Fronczak – arXiv preprint arXiv:1404.1890, 2014 – arxiv.org … Its importance for natural language processing is already acknowledged through hundreds of projects and tools that relay on it [1]. The most … Problems with the mapping of PolWN onto PWN arise from both the differences in the conceptual and lexico-grammatical structure of … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

The effects of paper-based DDL on the acquisition of lexico-grammatical patterns in L2 writing Z Huang – ReCALL, 2014 – Cambridge Univ Press … The effects of paper-based DDL on the acquisition of lexico-grammatical patterns in L2 writing … Abstract This paper examines whether and to what extent data-driven learning (DDL) activities can improve the lexico-grammatical use of abstract nouns in L2 writing. … Cited by 7 Related articles All 4 versions

The work of concepts: context and metafunction in the systemic functional model. Continuing Discourse on Language-A Functional Perspective, Volumes One & … D Butt, R Wegener – equinoxpub.com … The nub of theory here is as follows: probabilistic or fuzzy statements on each of four strata, when brought into alignment for instances of a specific context, can produce (for that specific social context) the order of prediction needed for natural language processing (as discussed …

The ‘architecture’ of language according to systemic functional theory: developments since the 1970s. Continuing Discourse on Language-A Functional … C Matthiessen – equinoxpub.com … This is brought out very clearly in the function-rank matrix introduced as an overview map of the lexicogrammatical system of English by Halliday (1970b). Such matrices show how lexicogrammatical or semantic system of a …

Lexical Semantics of English Loanwords in Japanese K Barrs – Learning, Working and Communicating in a …, 2014 – martinedwardes.webplus.net … 2004), their influence on the culture of Japan (Kay, 1995), their importance in English education (Daulton, 2008), and the modifications that are made into order to mould the words to the lexico-grammatical structure of … In Journal of Natural Language Processing, 15 (2), 137-159. …

Meaning-based Scoring: A Systemic Functional Linguistics Model for Automated Test Tasks J Gleason – Hispania, 2014 – muse.jhu.edu … is to represent experience, meanings about the world as reflected by discourse are present in the lexicogrammatical choices that … Automated speech recognition (ASR) systems, which make use of natural language processing technology, detect erroneous forms in non-native … Related articles All 2 versions

The nature and scope of student search strategies in using a web derived corpus for writing M Franken – The Language Learning Journal, 2014 – Taylor & Francis … The strength of corpus-based activities is that they can provide learners with rich lexico-grammatical information, all too important in L2 writing. … Then, the raw n-grams were parsed by a natural language processing tool (OpenNLP) for grammar checking. … Related articles All 2 versions

Exploring mega-corpora: Google Ngram Viewer and the Corpus of Historical American English E FRIGINAL, M WALKER, JB RANDALL – 2014 – e-journall.org … American Englishes. These descriptive data on lexico-?grammatical variation have also been used in the design of classroom activities for English language teaching, especially for non-?native speakers of English. Exponential … Related articles

Corpora in Translation F Zanettin – Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach, 2014 – books.google.com … Some scholars suggest that corpus-based translation studies should find a more robust grounding in natural language processing (NLP) techniques (eg … taken to sup- port the explicitation hypothesis can in fact be explained as originating in lexicogrammatical and pragmatic … Cited by 2 Related articles

The Linguistic Ontology of Space: General Methods and the Role of Comparative Linguistic Evidence J Bateman, S Lestrade – Space in Mind: Concepts for Spatial …, 2014 – books.google.com … Essentially it is necessary to examine lexico-grammatical patterns in a given language and their use in context. … This is very similar to the methodology adopted for mapping out the semantic import of a lexico-grammatical system that we employ here. … Related articles All 3 versions

Extending the description of process type within the system of transitivity in delicacy based on Levinian verb classes CMIM Matthiessen – Functions of Language, 2014 – ingentaconnect.com … but the situation has now changed rather dramatically as researchers in linguis- tics, computational linguistics (or Natural Language Processing), and Artificial … in the 1960s (eg Halliday 1967/8). This system is located at the least delicate end of the lexicogrammatical cline from … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Automation of Lexicographic Work Using General and Specialized Corpora: Two Case Studies I Kosem, P Gantar, N Logar, S Krek – euralex.org … Secondly, it will be used for the enhancement of natural language processing tools for Slovene. The database is conceptu- alized as a network of interrelated lexico-grammatical information on six hierarchical levels with the … Related articles

Evidence of de-metaphorization in target text unfolding F Alves, A Pagano, IAL da Silva – Caught in the Middle– …, 2014 – universaar.uni-saarland.de … as shown by Hansen-Schirra, Neumann and Steiner (2007), explicitness is a property of lexicogrammatical or cohesive … in Translation: Insights from Effortful Text Production.” In Proceedings of the 8th International NLPCS Workshop (Natural Language Processing and … Related articles

Contrastive corpus annotation in the CONTRANOT project J Lavid, J Arús, M Carretero, L Moratón… – … on Language and …, 2014 – books.google.com … or human-coded) corpus annotation is currently the object of extensive research in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community … elements which may appear in the Thematic field in English declarative clauses and their lexicogrammatical (morphosyntactic) realisations. … Related articles

Twenty Years of Learner Corpus Research-Looking Back, Moving Ahead S Degaye – 2014 – uclouvain.be … The corpus will serve as an empirical basis to produce detailed case studies that examine linguistic determinants of lexico-grammatical variation, ie semantic, structural, discourse-motivated and processing-related factors that influence constituent order and the choice of …

A semi-supervised multivariate approach to the study of language variation S Diwersy, S Evert, S Neumann – Linguistic Variation in Text and Speech, …, 2014 – purl.org … The 29 features comprise lexico-grammatical features as diverse as number of nouns per all tokens, number of imperatives per all sentences, number of subjects in sentence-initial, ie thematic position per all themes, contractions per all tokens, the type-token ratio for lexical … Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions

Disunity in Cohesion: How Purpose Affects Methods and Results When Analyzing Lexical Cohesion SG Towns, RW Todd – 2014 – anthology.aclweb.org … These lexico-grammatical relationships are called cohesive ties as they connect one sentence to an- other. … In Proceedings of Interna- tional Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, EMNLP 2013. Sinclair, John. (2004a). … Related articles All 7 versions

Inclusion, contrast and polysemy in dictionaries: The relationship between theory, language use and lexicographic practice A Koskela – Research in Language, 2014 – degruyter.com Page 1. • Research in Language, 2014, vol. 12:4 • DOI: 10.1515/rela-2015-0001 319 INCLUSION, CONTRAST AND POLYSEMY IN DICTIONARIES: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THEORY, LANGUAGE USE AND LEXICOGRAPHIC PRACTICE …

Computational Analysis Of Turn-Taking Patterns In Interdisciplinary Research Meetings SEONGSOOK CHOI AND KEITH … S CHOI – Best Practices for Spoken Corpora in Linguistic …, 2014 – books.google.com … The same applies to the final category, “corpus-induced”, which covers the domain of natural language processing. … might claim that the optimal size of a corpus is reached only when “the collection of more texts does not shed any more light on its lexicogrammatical or discourse … Related articles

Meta-evaluation of comparability metrics using parallel corpora B Babych, A Hartley – arXiv preprint arXiv:1404.3759, 2014 – arxiv.org … al., 2006 [22]) ? comparability of sub-sentential units – between clauses, phrases, multiword expressions, lexico-grammatical constructions (2 … mean that measuring comparability increasingly becomes a core technological challenge in Natural Language Processing that needs … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Summary and Outlook X Lu – Computational Methods for Corpus Annotation and …, 2014 – Springer … continue to develop our understanding of learner errors, their effect on the reliability of existing natural language processing technology, and … SFL formalism, such as the KPML development environment (Bateman 1997 ), or for assisting manual lexico-grammatical text analysis … Related articles

Plain English and legal writing: Comparing expert and novice writers AJ Hartig, X Lu – English for Specific Purposes, 2014 – Elsevier … The ‘language lab’ sessions taught by the author dealt with confusing vocabulary, lexicogrammatical explanations of genre moves in the memo, and review of student samples for issues of grammar and overall clarity. Plain English style was not addressed in the language … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

A framework for the classification and annotation of multiword expressions in dialectal arabic A Hawwari, M Attia, M Diab – ANLP 2014, 2014 – aclweb.org … 4.10 Morpho-lexico-grammatical flexibility A scale of three levels is used to measure the de- gree of morphological, lexical and grammatical flexibility of a MWE, adopted from Sag et al. (2002). … In T. Salakoski et al.(Eds.): Advances in Natural Language Processing. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 7 versions

Evidence and circularity in multimodal discourse analysis M Thomas – Visual Communication, 2014 – vcj.sagepub.com … there is weak consensus on the nature of segments and the criteria for recognizing or generating them in a natural language processing system … of a corpus] can be reached only when the collection of more texts does not shed any more light on its lexicogrammatical or discourse … Cited by 3 Related articles

Expressing Surprise A Cross-Linguistic Description of Mirativity R Mocini – Altre Modernità, 2014 – riviste.unimi.it … In order to investigate how mirativity is lexically construed in TC tourist guides and in their corresponding translations in English, I shall outline the lexico- grammatical patterns associated with the semantic elements involved in the expression of surprise: Emoter, Emotion and … Related articles All 2 versions

Cohesive conjunctions in English and German: systemic contrasts and textual differences K Kunz, E Lapshinova-Koltunski – Language and Computers, 2014 – ingentaconnect.com … It has to integrate different aspects of cohesion such as the resources available in each language under investigation, their lexicogrammatical as well as functional properties and the semantic/ conceptual relations prevalent in different registers. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

Can Language Be Useful In Detecting Deception? The Linguistic Markers Of Deception In The Jodi Arias Interview F Choudhury – Diffusion-The UCLan Journal of Undergraduate …, 2014 – bcur.org … examining both the lexico-grammatical resources of the language system as well as the functions of … ‘The linguistic correlates of conversational deception: Comparing natural language processing technologies’, Applied Psycholinguisitics 31, 439-462. … Related articles

The linguistic accuracy of chatbots: usability from an ESL perspective D Coniam – Text & Talk, 2014 – degruyter.com … grams invoking some manner of natural language-processing strategies, pro- grams still at times invoke pattern matching as a strategy for generating answers, as two of Dave’s replies indicate … They did not simply work through a lexicogrammatical checklist; rather, they chatted … Related articles All 3 versions

Patterns of Emotive Lexis and Discourse Organization in Short Stories by James Joyce M Stubbs – Les émotions dans le discours-Emotions in Discourse, 2014 – books.google.com … 238 Michael Stubbs both corpus and text analysis. A corpus analysis typically studies recurrent colloca- tions and lexico-grammatical patterns in a sample of many unrelated texts, produced by many different speakers. … Foundations ofStatistical Natural Language Processing. … Related articles

The Impact Of Data-Driven Learning Instruction On Malaysian Law Undergraduates’ Colligational Competence K Yunus – Kajian Malaysia, 2014 – search.proquest.com … the speaker (Sinclair, 1987: 320), or “a psychological association between words” (Hoey, 2005: 5). Meanwhile, Hunston (2009) views grammatical collocations as textual patterning (lexico-grammatical patterns). … In Natural language processing: The semantics of prepositions ( … Related articles All 2 versions

Exploring the Psycholinguistic Validity of Extended Collocations JA Morgan – 2014 – pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu … (2002) review of frequency effects on language acquisition, while simultaneously learning about the tools corpus linguists use to conduct empirical investigations of lexicogrammatical structure. I read the results of studies conducted by Ellis and … Cited by 1 Related articles

Topic-marking prepositions in Swedish: A corpus-based analysis of adpositional synonymy A Granvik, S Taimitarha – Nordic Journal of Linguistics, 2014 – Cambridge Univ Press … By excluding the potentially differentiating factor of genre and limiting the analysis to the use of angående, beträffande, gällande and rörande within a single genre, our main interest lies on specific lexicogrammatical differences between them. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Natural Language Processing Techniques for Improved User-friendliness of Electronic Dictionaries U Heid – International Congress: The User in Focus – euralex2014.eurac.edu … 3 Natural Language Processing Tools in Support of User Orientation In our discussion, so far, Natural Language Processing (= NLP) tools have not … 2 Lexico-grammatical Guidance With the above mentioned provision of example sentences for a given lexical property of an item … Related articles All 2 versions

Language and Cognition V TANTUCCI – 2014 – researchgate.net Page 1. Language and Cognition http://journals.cambridge.org/LCO Additional services for Language and Cognition: Email alerts: Click here Subscriptions: Click here Commercial reprints: Click here Terms of use : Click here … Related articles

The construal of space in different registers: an exploratory study CMIM Matthiessen, AK Kashyap – Language Sciences, 2014 – Elsevier … registers. We focus in particular on variation in the lexicogrammatical construal of space across texts belonging to different registers, offering a report based on our exploration of samples of texts operating in different contexts. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions

Evaluation and Certainty in Analyst Reports: A Linguistic Analysis in the Polish Language M Dynel, KM Klimczak – Available at SSRN 2487907, 2014 – papers.ssrn.com … of pragmatics, a sub- discipline of linguistics, rather than follow extant research in the field of finance and accounting which relies on natural language processing methods. … Martín (2003) classifies hedges at a lexico-grammatical and syntactic level in the following way: … Related articles All 2 versions

Processing Malaysian Indigenous Languages: A Focus on Phonology and Grammar AH Omar – Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 2014 – file.scirp.org … In natural language processing (NLP), it is only after the corpus has been cleaned up can the process such as tagging be done at … Table 3 does not include complex affixation where the lexico-grammatical derivation of certain categories of words requires the use of two or three … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Attaching Translations to Proper Lexical Senses in DBnary A Tchechmedjiev, G Sérasset… – … Natural Language …, 2014 – hal.archives-ouvertes.fr … 3rd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics: Multilingual Knowledge Resources and Natural Language Processing, May 2014, Iceland. … 2. For each etymological origin, the differ- ent lexico-grammatical categories (PoS) (eg cut#V [I cut myself] vs cut#Noun [I want my cut of the … Related articles All 9 versions

[BOOK] Pragmatic competence and relevance E Ifantidou – 2014 – books.google.com Page 1. Pragmatic Competence and Relevance Elly lfantidou John Benjamins Publishing Company Page 2. Pragmatic Competence and Relevance Page 3. Pragmatics & Beyond New Series (P&BNS) Pragmatics & Beyond New … Cited by 1 Related articles

[BOOK] Translation-driven corpora: Corpus resources for descriptive and applied translation studies F Zanettin – 2014 – books.google.com … These tasks can be carried out using freely available text analysis software (copies on the DVD) or commercial software. More advanced computational tools are tried out in order to investigate lexicogrammatical rela- tions through the analysis of word clusters and word profiles. … Cited by 20 Related articles All 2 versions

Is this a paraphrase? what kind? paraphrase boundaries and typology M Vila, MA Martí, H Rodríguez – Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 2014 – file.scirp.org … In this scenario, our aim is to go a step forward in paraphrase linguistic characterization in order to provide Natural Language Processing (NLP) with more … Generation of Single-Sentence Paraphrases from Predicate/Argument Structure Using Lexico-Grammatical Resources. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 5 versions

[BOOK] Learner Corpus Profiles: The Case of Romanian Learner English M Chitez – 2014 – books.google.com … contribut- ing to the final RLE profile: Lexical Frequency Profile, Grammati- cal Frequency Profile, Lexico-Grammatical Frequency profiles … from the development of corpus linguistics, often associated with fields like electronic text analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) or … Related articles

Words As Constructions: Some Reflections In The Light Of Constructionist Approaches* FRANCISCO GONZÁLVEZ-GARCÍA F GONZÁLVEZ-GARCÍA – To be or not to be a Word: New …, 2014 – books.google.com … Therefore, it is argued that all types of lexico-grammatical units, from the morpheme to more complex units such as the conditional … Thus, in the light of results from experimental work as well as of investigations into natural language processing, aphasia or language acquisition … Related articles

The Per-Fide corpus: A new resource for corpus-based terminology, contrastive linguistics and translation studies JJ Almeida, S Araújo, N Carvalho, I Dias… – Working with …, 2014 – books.google.com … 178 Working with Portuguese Corpora 2. The Per-Fide corpus in the context of Natural Language Processing In discussing the current status of the computational processing of the Portuguese language, particular mention must be made of the work developed by the Language … Cited by 4 Related articles All 5 versions

The many faces and phases of evaluation L Alba-Juez, G Thompson – Evaluation in Context, 2014 – books.google.com … of the aspects that has been widely studied so far is the relationship between evaluation and the lexico-grammatical systems of … In Chapter 6,“The implementation of the axiological parameter in a verbal subontology for natural language processing”, Felices-Lago and Cortés de … Cited by 6 Related articles All 2 versions

[BOOK] Idiom Translation in the Financial Press: A Corpus-based Study D Panou – 2014 – books.google.com … pass the salt?. Furthermore, he claims that some lexico-grammatical strings such as let’s and why don’t you are processed as idioms since they have a different meaning from the sum of their semantic components. Given the … Cited by 2 Related articles

[BOOK] Genre-based Automated Writing Evaluation for L2 Research Writing: From Design to Evaluation and Enhancement E Cotos – 2014 – books.google.com … Computer-Assisted Language Learning Intelligent Essay Assessor International English Language Testing System Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion Intelligent Tutoring Systems Latent Semantic Analysis New Literacy Natural Language Processing New Rhetoric … Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions

Rule Based Approach for the Transition of Tagsets to Build the POS Annotated Corpus PS Dholakia, MM Yoonus – ijarcce.com … Harnessing morphological analysis in pos tagging task. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON 05), December. … Automatic Mapping among Lexico-grammatical annotation Models, Internal Paper, CCALAS, Leeds University, Aug. … Related articles All 2 versions

[BOOK] The Pragmatics of Discourse Coherence: Theories and Applications H Gruber, G Redeker – 2014 – books.google.com … This focus has been continued in discourse- analytic research (to be discussed in a later section) and in some computational corpus annotation and natural-language processing initiatives (see Webber, Egg and Kordoni 2012 for an overview of recent and current initiatives). … Cited by 1 Related articles

[BOOK] Lexis and Creativity in Translation: A Corpus Based Approach D Kenny – 2014 – books.google.com Page 1. Lexis and Creativity in Translation A Corpusabased Study Dorothy Kenny Page 2. Lexis and Creativity in Translation A Corpus-based Study Dorothy Kenny Page 3. First published by St. Ierome Publishing Published 2014 … Cited by 324 Related articles All 2 versions

Learner Corpus Bibliography M Paquot – 2014 – uclouvain.be … Retrieved from http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-94-007-6250-3_2 Callies, M. (2013b). Agentivity as a determinant of lexico-grammatical variation in L2 academic writing. … In Applied Natural Language Processing: Identification, Investigation and Resolution (pp. …

From input to output: the potential of parallel corpora for CALL MM Perez, H Paulussen, L Macken… – Language Resources and …, 2014 – Springer … 3) refers to a lexico-grammatical problem and concerns the construction of the verb to wait: French: attendre—Dutch: wachten. … of the correct translation of a polysemous word in a given context) is widely accepted in the NLP (Natural Language Processing) community (Ide et al. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 8 versions

Etymothesis, fallacy, and ontologies: An illustration from phytonymy E Nissan – Language, Culture, Computation. Computational …, 2014 – Springer … mots. Éditions Klincksieck, Paris (1968–1980); Chao, YR: Popular Chinese Plant Words: A Descriptive Lexico-Grammatical Study. … Attacks. In: Lehnert, W., Ringle, M. (eds.) Strategies for Natural Language Processing, pp. 275–294. … Cited by 7 Related articles

[BOOK] Technology-mediated TBLT: Researching technology and tasks M González-Lloret, L Ortega – 2014 – books.google.com Page 1. Researching Technology and Tasks Edited by Marta GonzéleZ-Lloret Lourdes Ortega Eugqaeai a?en?ueq PQSE?-HSEL Iohn Benjamins Publishing Company Page 2. Technology-mediated TBLT Page 3. Task-Based … Cited by 7 Related articles

An Automatic Reference Aid for Improving EFL Learners’ Formulaic Expressions in Productive Language Use MH Chen, CC Huang, ST Huang… – Learning …, 2014 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … Index Terms— formulaic expression/sequence, productive competence, reference tool, natural language processing, multi- word input, data-driven learning … StringNet 1.0 [40] is a lexico-grammatical knowledge base consisting of a massive archive of hybrid n-grams for the … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

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