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Microsoft aims to use AI to revolutionize everyday life
Clippy Is Not a Robot – Yet
Coursera, Google Brain co-founder launches new venture with Foxconn to bring AI to factories
The Next Frontier Of Artificial Intelligence: Building Machines That Read Your Emotions
Sony boosts offerings with artificial intelligence and robotics
Should Artificial Intelligence Learn How to Show and Read Emotions?
This year the world woke up to the society-shifting power of artificial intelligence
The biggest AI stories of 2017
As Artificial Intelligence Advances, Here Are Five Tough Projects for 2018
2017: Going all in with AI
Will artificial intelligence end the world as we know it? Why tech's sharpest minds can't agree
DeepMind's Co-founder Thinks AI Should Get Ethical in 2018
Microsoft Stresses Security, Responsible AI in Cloud Policy Updates
Microsoft Says AI Advances Will Require New Laws, Regulations
Intel taking Artificial Intelligence to Motorsports, Hollywood
PCs made everyone more productive at home, school, and at work — and artificial intelligence ...
Doing things intelligently
AI Day to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on NZers
I, COBOT: The Rise of Industrial Robotics and the Need for Employee Safeguarding
MIT IQ Quest Launched
AI is changing the world, but will it end in utopia or dystopia?
Google to Invest in Science "Made in Germany" and Become a "TUM Partner of Excellence"
Danger: High-voltage AI tech needs ethics, safety regs, expert warns
Brothers look to harness artificial intelligence for greater good
Is She a Superhero for Artificial Intelligence?
The pros and cons of AI
Pentagon Wants Silicon Valley's Help on AI
AI is already learning how to discriminate
The new Sputnik moment: Pentagon wants Silicon Valley's help on AI
Washington Finally Takes AI Seriously
How AI Has Already Changed Your Life
United States: Mitigating Product Liability For Artificial Intelligence
Why MIT-born Affectiva thinks AI should watch your face while you drive
AI Weekly: For the sake of us all, AI practitioners need a Hippocratic oath
Ethical innovation in AI: Why is it so elusive?
For better AI, diversify the people building it
What Is Apple Up To By Hiring Google's AI Chief
Apple Hires Google's Former AI Boss
Google's head of artificial intelligence defects to Apple
Elon Musk, Jonathan Nolan Warn of Artificial Intelligence in New Film
Tackling how new technologies can help the world's poorest
Asia has learnt to love robots — the west should, too
Apple Expands Its Machine Learning Hub in Downtown Seattle
Assessing the impact of algorithms
Changing paradigms in the ad tech industry
Apple expands Machine Learning Hub in Seattle
Terah Lyons on fashioning the AI future
Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Warns of AI's Dark Side
Should the Government Regulate Artificial Intelligence?
Google cofounder Sergey Brin warns the AI boom isn't all good
Commentary on the AI Forum's latest report
Global leaders in artificial intelligence and humanitarian action set to convene
Fake news is Bing's golden opportunity to take on Google
Will AI take our jobs? That's up to us!
Brave new world: some legal considerations in using AI and IoT Systems
Can AI Learn to Understand Emotions?
Making AI Users Accountable For Their Algorithms
New Alliance Aims to Decentralize AI With Blockchain
Op-ed: What are the ethical possibilities of artificial intelligence?
Google pledges not to develop AI weapons, but says it will still work with the military
Google pledges not to use AI for weapons or surveillance
Google pledges not to use AI for weapons or surveillance
Can Google keep its promises on building ethical AI?
Google pledges not to use AI for weapons or surveillance
Accenture wants to beat unfair AI with a professional toolkit
The Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee
AI's lack of transparency triggers a debate over ethics
AI Weekly: The growing importance of clear AI ethics policies
Top Non-Profit Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Institutes That Are Working On Making AI ...
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Launches AI Rooms in China
Why Ethics Must Be At The Heart Of AI
IBM, VA Continue Work Under Partnership on AI-Based Cancer Treatment Identification
Why South Africa is not ready for an AI-powered future
IHG launches AI-powered rooms in Greater China
UNDP joins Tech Giants in Partnership on AI
Big Names Join Group Aiming To 'Responsibly Realise The Promise Of AI'
UNDP Joins Consortium to Develop Safe AI for SDGs
Austin Group Joins Other Tech Efforts to Promote Responsible AI Use
It's time to address artificial intelligence's ethical problems
What is Ethical AI?: EU to study the ethical development of AI
An AI solution to AI bias
Artificial intelligence must avoid a backlash
Under fire, Google says it's 'not close' on China launch
eBay iPhone X App Receives HeadGaze Head Tracking Technology
eBay Develops Technology to Use Head Motion for Shopping Online
Hack Google's AI for cash, DeepMind gets cancerous, new Lobe for Redmond – and more
A boardroom of our own: Why Julia Rhodes Davis of created an all-female board
East vs West in a race for AI supremacy
Microsoft and Grab form strategic partnership on AI and big data projects
AI to boost Middle East GDPs, but must be used ethically, says Microsoft
Baidu joins US-led AI consortium as inaugural Chinese member
Search engine Baidu becomes first China firm to join US AI ethics group
Search engine Baidu becomes first China firm to join US AI ethics group
Search engine Baidu becomes China's first firm to join US AI ethics group
Baidu joins 'Partnership on AI', becomes the first Chinese tech firm to do so
Baidu becomes first Chinese firm to join AI supergroup
US consortium for safe AI development welcomes Baidu as first Chinese member
Baidu becomes first Chinese firm to join US-led safe AI consortium
Silicon Valley is working with China to ease fears about AI
Baidu Becomes the First Chinese Company to Join US-Led AI Ethnic Group
Chinese search firm Baidu joins global AI ethics body
Baidu becomes the first Chinese firm to join US-led AI body
Top tech startup news stories you need to know this Wednesday, October 17
Chinese search giant Baidu says it cares about what AI does to society
Baidu joins global ethics partnership for AI technology
China: Search Company Joins US Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Ethics
Baidu just showed that China and the US can collaborate on AI

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