Artificial Intelligence In Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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LMS is basically software used for online or distance education, such as Moodle. Most of the applications of dialog systems in LMS are related to “intelligent tutoring systems” and/or “pedagogical agents” (see links at bottom). In artificial intelligence, a blackboard system refers to an AI application based on the blackboard architecture, and not to the Blackboard LMS as such.  AI in LMS may also be related to game development, as well as “interactive storytelling” and/or “computational narratology”.


  • .. open source middleware that allows web-based heterogeneous tools to be integrated and interact with an also heterogeneous learning management systems
  • .. artificial intelligence to provide dynamic instructional planning that facilitates collaboration between peers in distance education
  • .. Active World integration with blackboard, including LecturerBot & AIML random walk
  • .. middleware in restful webservice to join moodle with a SIGA (integrated system of administrative management)
  • .. a plagiarism prevention service, offered by Blackboard for its Blackboard Learning System




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