Travel Industry Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Semantic Web & Web 3.0 in Travel & Tourism


By 2020 the carbon footprint of the computers that run the internet will be larger than that of air travel. (@muradahmed)




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Feed Bots: Green-Travel | Feed Bots: Infotec-Travel | Feed Bots: Meta-Guide | RealTravelSecond Life Travel Guide | Tom Gruber

Airline Conversational Agents:

Airline Twitter Bots:

Airport Conversational Agents:

  • Video: Paris airport tests ‘virtual’ boarding agents .. holographic avatars made by @Tensator for @AeroportsParis

Tourism Guide Systems:

  • .. connects travelers with travel specialists .. @tripology {hot links removed by request}

Tourism Industry Portals:

Tourism Twitter Bots:

Tourism Virtual Worlds:

  • Uberexplorer .. “An uberexplorer is a very awesome and rare person who’s prolifically traveled around Second Life….”

Travel Conversational Agents:

  • Evature .. “Expert Virtual Agent (EVA), enabling free-text search for online travel” .. @EvatureNews
  • Tourism Malaysia launched in 2007 an IM chatbot, a Windows Live Agent for Windows Live Messenger at sitimalaysia[at]

Travel Conversational Agents APIs:

Travel Question Answering Systems:

Travel Recommender Systems:

  • .. Francesco Ricci’s fascinating web pages on his travel recommender systems research .. by @fmr59

Travel Search Apps:

Travel Social Apps:

  • @Twigmore .. new Facebook travel app groups your friends geographically



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