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This 98 item list represents a search of github for “aiml”, April 2014.

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aiml [98x Apr 2014]

  • alexanderbazo/urtalking elies is an ongoing approach and sample to link aiml with a prolog fact base using php and web interface.
  • Program-O/Program-O PHP MySQL AIML Chatbot – One click installation. Fully loaded admin area to admin your chatbot. Set up multiple chatbots. Foreign language support. XML/JSON responses or just plain HTML. Massive community of users. Twitter Plugins and lots and lots more
  • hannon235/libAIMLX An AIML Interpreter built in C++ targeting portability and embedded systems
  • miguelff/program-ab A Fork of the Reference AIML 2.0 Interpreter – https://code.google.com/p/program-ab/
  • djustice/Jay A simple AIML2 interpreter for android, describing a virtual assistant type chatbot personality.
  • muraj/AIMLPy Ongoing python implementation of the AIML 1.0.1 specification
  • souri/Rey Rey is a pseudo intelligent chat-bot, based on AIML. It supports XMPP and Hangouts for now.
  • ceefour/program-ab Fork of Program AB, the reference implementation of the AIML 2.0 draft specification. AIML is a widely adopted standard for creating chat bots and mobile virtual assistants like ALICE, Mitsuku, English Tutor, The Professor, S.U.P.E.R. and many more.
  • cmayes/aimless Python script for running aimless shooting with Amber
  • andelf/PyAIML PyAIML is an interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). cloned from sf.net.
  • einyx/twitBOT little project for a twitter bot using ALICE aiml and python twitter api
  • liveashish/chatbot This is an AI bot which can chat with the user using AIML based contexts.
  • renatopp/aerolito An AIML alternative, YAML based. Aerolito works like a simulation of natural language processing.
  • futurechris/AIML-Exercises Code for various artificial intelligence/machine learning exercises, from books, tutorials, etc. When possible I will include sample data and expected results.
  • primaryobjects/Gmail-Jabber-Chatbot C# .NET Jabber Chatbot that Talks on Gmail with XMPP, AIML. Allows execution of custom commands, similar to an IRC bot, and conversation with the ALICE AIML SDK. Chat bot communicates with users through Gmail / GTalk via XMPP.
  • luhuiguo/program-ab A Fork of the Reference AIML 2.0 Interpreter – https://code.google.com/p/program-ab/
  • akapribot/kutkut-aiml KutKut AIML is the brain of KutKut ChatBot, a chatterbot based on Alice. KutKut ChatBot is available for all platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and *BSD.
  • codeanticode/chatbots-library Chatbots is a library for the Processing programming language and environment that provides classes implementing a variety of chatter-bot algorithms: the classic Eliza, AIML-based ones like Rebecca and Alice, etc.
  • beldar/ProgramE Attempt to continue with Program E development and update to the latest AIML standards.
  • ShawnQitian/chatbot_linmu a chatbot named Linmu,who murdered his roommate in Fudan university,you can talk with him to get the information of the crime and the motional changes,using aiml and programd