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This 100 item list represents a search of github for “artificial intelligence”, April 2014.

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artificial-intelligence [100x Apr 2014]

  • opencog/opencog A framework for integrated Artificial Intelligence & Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • RaminHAL9001/dao The Dao System, a Haskell package providing an interpreted AWK-like scripting language, knowledge base, designed for understanding natural language and artificial intelligence.
  • dobots/aim Artificial Intelligence Modules repository version that uses subtree merging
  • Zulko/easyAI Simple Python artificial intelligence framework for games
  • mlepage/ai-class Lua programs for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course (Fall 2011)
  • primaryobjects/colorbot A neural network color bot that uses machine learning (artificial intelligence) to categorize pictures as red, green, or blue overall. Uses node.js and mongodb.
  • manituan/Artificial-Intelligence A Artificial Intelligence System for an Online Strategy Game made by me for the game “King of Kingdoms” in Axxus Entertainment.
  • josephwilk/iwfms A Intelligent Workflow Management System using Prolog and PHP that uses artificial intelligence planning methodologies and Event Calculus workflow specifications.
  • SergioFierens/ai4r Artificial Intelligence for Ruby – A Ruby playground for AI researchers
  • namin/paip Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp
  • fabriceleal/Paradigms-AI Code listings and some exercises for the book “Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming”.
  • sebhtml/ruby_chess Ruby Chess is a chess game implemented in Ruby using GTK2. It has a good artificial intelligence that is heuristic-based and stochastic.
  • BioGeek/aima Python implementation of algorithms from Russell and Norvig’s Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.
  • thebigdb/akiva Akiva is a simple natural-language-processing, question-answering, artificial intelligence.
  • EnMAS/EnMAS-Framework EnMAS is an environment and simulation framework for multi-agent and team-based artificial intelligence research. Guided by current research in multi-agent machine learning, particularly the DEC-POMDP and POSG models.
  • EvanBurchard/pawnfarm Automated Twitter bots, run by the artificial artificial intelligence of Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • pushkar/ABAGAIL The library contains a number of interconnected Java packages that implement machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. These are artificial intelligence algorithms implemented for the kind of people that like to implement algorithms themselves.
  • idmillington/aicore The artificial intelligence code accompanying the book “Artificial Intelligence for Games”
  • joelmartinez/nBayes nBayes (based on Paul Graham’s spam filter) makes it easy to introduce statistics based decision making into your application. Whether it’s spam filtering, or something else like artificial intelligence learning … this tool can do it. The project is written in C#
  • koryk/java_dann dANN is an Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Genetics library targeted at employing conventional techniques as well as acting as a platform for research & development of novel techniques. As new techniques are developed and proven to be effective they will be integrated into the core…
  • andelf/PyAIML PyAIML is an interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). cloned from sf.net.
  • kzyma/blocksWorld_AgentJ Central location for a KU Artificial Intelligence project. Creating an intelligent agent for traversal in Blocks World n, stored in a Neo4J database.
  • primaryobjects/AI-Programmer Using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to automatically write a program, in the BrainF programming language. The resulting program prints a target phrase to the console. Read the tutorial at http://primaryobjects.com/CMS/Article149.aspx
  • AAAI/AINews This is the NewsFinder software, designed to automatically crawl the web for news related to artificial intelligence, filter, categorize, and rank the news, and publish to a wiki, mailing list, and RSS feeds.
  • quackle/quackle Quackle crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool
  • clarle/ai-class Code collection for the Stanford Online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence class
  • olabini/paipr Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming (in Ruby)
  • rplevy/muajaja As an optimistic tinkerer, I want to engineer artificial general intelligence, in order to immanentize the eschaton.
  • klutometis/aima Solutions to AIMA (Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach)
  • claudiob/phdthesis LaTeX sources for the Ph.D. thesis in Artificial Intelligence that I wrote and designed
  • hoijui/dANN An Artificial Intelligence Library written in Java
  • irock/sokoban-client A client for the game sokoban, developed in a course on artificial intelligence.
  • gnufs/aima-java Java implementation of algorithms from Norvig and Russell’s Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach 3rd Edition
  • danrot/ChessAI Semester Project at DTU Diplom in 2013 for Artificial Intelligence
  • jbowles/artifact Artifiact is a collection of code relevant to general Artificial Intelligence in Clojure
  • jimmikaelkael/simbad Simbad is a Java 3d robot simulator for scientific and educationnal purposes. It is mainly dedicated to researchers/programmers who want a simple basis for studying Situated Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more generally AI algorithms, in the context of Autonomous Robotics and…
  • PaulMineau/AIMA.Net C# Port of the Java code for Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach by Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell.
  • cradle/rain Ruby Artificial Intelligence Network – A cool acronym and my experiments in neural networks, genetic algorithms, and AI (in ruby)
  • youwenda/HTML5-Game A New HTML5 Web Game which implemented by JavaScript and combined with AI(Artificial Intelligence) algorithms including 1. Collision detection and response 2. A Star Pathfinding 3. NPC Collaborative cluster
  • triglian/le-ai-js This project aspires to be the first generic Learning/Educational Artificial Intelligence library for Javascript
  • rouge8/20questions Artificial Intelligence final project. 20 questions player/simple webapp.
  • cpowell/fuzzy-associative-memory Fuzzy Logic “Fuzzy Associative Memory” (FAM) for fuzzy control systems, decision-making, artificial intelligence / AI, game agents & bots, etc.
  • kjellwinblad/HandReco Handwriting Recognition Using a Hidden Markov Model (A Project in the course Artificial Intelligence Using Statistical Methods http://www.it.uu.se/edu/course/homepage/aism/st11/ )
  • leiluspocus/monopoly Projet Monopoly IA04 P2012 – Simulation d’un jeu de monopoly avec plusieurs IA aux stratégies différentes // School project – Simulation of a monopoly game involving bots player with artificial intelligence and different strategy to win the game
  • eneko89/GAIL Graphics for Artificial Intelligence Learning
  • bondehagen/Submerged-Temple Simulator for running artificial intelligence from different programming languages. This is the source code for a simulator used in the “Hardcore programming” compo at The Gathering 2010.
  • afein/AI Artificial Intelligence homework
  • aempirei/FriendSort An application to help you organize your friends on facebook that uses real graph theory and artificial intelligence (Lame, I know).
  • tucif/Biokterii Artificial Intelligence project – simulation of biological environments of the immunological system
  • Arkainium/MetroUtil This library was created for the MetroBotics project at CUNY. Its purpose is to provide a framework of commonly used classes and functions that aid in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics applications.