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This 100 item list represents a search of github for “chat-bot”, Apr 2015.

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“chat-bot” [100x Apr 2015]

  • adewale/Buzz-Chat-Bot .. A jaiku-style chat bot for Buzz using the new discovery-based client libraries
  • cainy393/DogeChat-Bot .. This module can be used to make a chat bot for the website DogeChat using Node.JS and it simplifies the process a great deal.
  • Netflix/brutal .. A multi-network asynchronous chat bot framework using twisted
  • ibid/ibid .. Ibid is a multi-protocol general purpose chat bot written in Python. Bugs tracked on launchpad.
  • nmoroze/SimpleChatBot .. To learn more Python, I decided to implement a simple chatbot. It’s inspired by ELIZA, and tries to form your input as a question by matching it to various patterns.
  • tansaku/faqbot .. JavaScript chat bot to answer frequently asked questions (faq)
  • Unihedro/JavaBot .. Java based chat bot that runs in Java room of Stack Overflow Chat.
  • svetlyak40wt/thebot .. General purpose chat bot, written in orthodox Python. Die Hubot, die! 🙂
  • NeoBlack/T3Bot .. T3Bot is a chat bot which reacts on typo3.slack.com to several commands