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“chatbot” [100x Apr 2015]

  • lvklabs/chatbot .. Chatbot is an open source platform to create Facebook and Gtalk/Gmail chatbots
  • primaryobjects/Gmail-Jabber-Chatbot .. C# .NET Jabber Chatbot that Talks on Gmail with XMPP, AIML. Allows execution of custom commands, similar to an IRC bot, and conversation with the ALICE AIML SDK. Chat bot communicates with users through Gmail / GTalk via XMPP.
  • juranki/chatbot .. Learning AMQP/RabbitMQ. A bot for rabbitmq-http2 chat demo that answers to your messages.
  • rexmac/chatbot .. A demonstration of a very rudimentary chatbot implemented in Node.JS using Socket.IO
  • Eagull/chatbot-java .. A general purpose extensible MUC bot written in Java with support for XMPP
  • codeanticode/chatbots-library .. Chatbots is a library for the Processing programming language and environment that provides classes implementing a variety of chatter-bot algorithms: the classic Eliza, AIML-based ones like Rebecca and Alice, etc.
  • gbin/err .. err is a plugin based chatbot designed to be easily deployable, extensible and maintainable.
  • liveashish/chatbot .. This is an AI bot which can chat with the user using AIML based contexts.
  • llimllib/limbo .. A simple, clean, easy to modify Slack chatbot (used to be called slask)
  • pteichman/cobe .. A Markov chain based text generation library and MegaHAL style chatbot
  • Program-O/Program-O .. PHP MySQL AIML Chatbot – One click installation. Fully loaded admin area to admin your chatbot. Set up multiple chatbots. Foreign language support. XML/JSON responses or just plain HTML. Massive community of users. Twitter Plugins and lots and lots more
  • ProgramFOX/SE-Chatbot .. A chatbot for the Stack Exchange chat rooms, called FOX 9000. Mainly for the chat.meta.stackexchange.com chat room Shadow’s Den, but can also be used in other rooms.
  • brynkng/ChatBot .. Chat bot in python using the XMPP library. Supports customizable plugins to change bot’s behavior. Currently supports advanced Help Desk-type functionality as well as more basic broadcast and message forwarding functionality.
  • Sukasa/Chatbot .. MegaHAL-derived chatbot with additional features planned
  • cfong57/chatbot .. basic “ELIZA”-style chatbot, as outlined in chapter 12 of Peter Cooper’s “Beginning Ruby”
  • TridentWolfz/ChatBot .. // Generated by CoffeeScript 1.6.3 (function() { var Command, RoomHelper, User, addCommand, afkCheck, afksCommand, allAfksCommand, announceCurate, antispam, apiHooks, avgVoteRatioCommand, badQualityCommand, beggar, chatCommandDispatcher, chatUniversals, cmds, commandsCommand, cookieCommand, data,…
  • vmcafee/chatbot .. group project for NLP class. created a basic chatbot that can extract named entities and do math calculations.
  • natgabb/ChatBot .. A Java ChatBot coded at the 1st and 2nd years Competition 2013 at Concordia, over a 24 hour period.