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Deep Learning

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This 100 item list represents a search of github for “deep-learning”, Apr 2015.  As of 2015, this is the most popular webpage on the Meta-Guide.com website.



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“deep-learning” [100x Apr 2015]

  • BVLC/caffe .. Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.
  • dmlc/cxxnet .. fast, concise, distributed deep learning framework
  • gonzojive/deep-learning .. Deep learning algorithms: A sparse autoencoder (and someday more algorithms), implemented in Common Lisp.
  • ty4z2008/Qix .. Node.Js?Golang?Machine Learning?PostgreSQL?Deep Learning
  • zewemli/DeepLearning .. An OpenCL implementation of Deep Belief Networks and Restricted Boltzmann Machines
  • nyanp/tiny-cnn .. deep learning(convolutional neural networks) in C++11/TBB
  • amaas/stanford_dl_ex .. Programming exercises for the Stanford Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning Tutorial
  • karpathy/convnetjs .. Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser.
  • nyanp/tiny-cnn .. deep learning(convolutional neural networks) in C++11/TBB
  • rasmusbergpalm/DeepLearnToolbox .. Matlab/Octave toolbox for deep learning. Includes Deep Belief Nets, Stacked Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Nets, Convolutional Autoencoders and vanilla Neural Nets. Each method has examples to get you started.
  • jdeng/rbm-mnist .. C++ 11 implementation of Geoff Hinton’s Deep Learning matlab code
  • priyaank/deep-learning .. Deep Learning Reading List of some of the materials i found on the web for Deep Learning beginners.
  • SnippyHolloW/DL4H .. Deep learning for hackers: a hands-on approach to machine learning and deep learning.
  • erikbern/deep-pink .. Deep Pink is a chess AI that learns to play chess using deep learning.
  • nicholas-leonard/dp .. A deep learning library for streamlining research and development using the Torch7 distribution.
  • baojie/senna .. a fork of Ronan Collobert’s senna deep learning based NLP tools
  • primaryobjects/deep-learning .. Simple example of using the Accord .NET C# library to implement a deep-learning neural network (deep belief network) with machine learning. Solves XOR and an ASCII digit dataset.
  • yajiemiao/pdnn .. PDNN: A Python Toolkit for Deep Learning. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ymiao/pdnntk.html