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google-voice [100x Jul 2014]

  • DIYhacking/VoiceRecognition .. A voice recognition software that responds to your voice commands. It uses Google voice and speech APIs.
  • tsbarnes/chrome-sipml5 .. A Google Chrome extension that adds a simple voice-only SIP client to the toolbar.
  • polatolu/POVoiceHUD .. POVoiceHUD is a HUD for voice recording on iOS devices with Google Translate Voice Input like interface.
  • tilius/pocket-paramedic .. A first-aid app using hacked-up Android voice recognition – the winner of Google European Android Camp 2013
  • jcarrus/GVSMS .. A python based command line tool for sending SMS messages through Google Voice
  • negativetwelve/ding .. Chat in realtime with all of your Google Chat buddies and Facebook friends. Also supports sending SMS using Google Voice.
  • GAuthify/GAuthify-PHP .. GAuthify PHP Client Library – two factor authentication via SMS/Voice/Email/Google Authenticator
  • Aferrara3/Google-Voice-Utilities .. Provides clean organization for and accurate search functionality for locally stored google voice data downloaded using google takeout (https://www.google.com/settings/takeout)
  • TeardropInc/coppernet .. A Sinatra app for Twilio meant to replace my Google Voice account (eventually).
  • IndigoDomotics/google-voice-sms .. A plugin that allows users to send and receive SMS messages using a Google Voice account. Abandoned by the original developer.
  • csiwek/googletts-phpagi .. A simple class that can be used with phpagi to generate tts voices using google translate API
  • binarygeek/google-voice-archive .. Small Ruby site built using the Padrino Framework that allows a user to import Google Voice data that has been exported.
  • hbattat/GeeVeeSMS .. Sends SMS messages to any phone number using Google Voice account
  • Starblade42/pyGoogleVoiceCommands .. A python program that uses pygooglevoice to receive SMS commands and carry out command line actions in Unix (probably works in Windows though)
  • 5ilver/playsomething .. Script to use julius, google, reddit, and vlc to play media via voice command
  • NolanChan/GrowlVoiceWorkflow .. An Alfred Workflow that pulls Google Contacts from your online account and connects with Growl Voice to push Google Voice messages
  • mreidsma/CallMe .. An HTML/JS widget for letting users call you on Google Voice without disclosing your number
  • rxcomm/weeText .. Text messaging script for Weechat using Google Voice
  • alisovets/AndroidHelloTranslate .. A Simple Helloworld Android project which allows to translate a short text phrases and voice them using Google translate web service.
  • jdbeightol/pmd-blaster .. Communication application that utilizes email and Google Voice to broadcast announcements.
  • aychen0110/hellogg .. A practice program built for Google Glass. The program can be launched by a voice trigger, take in user voice input, and returning swipe-able cards according to the words spoken by the usr.
  • erronjason/newtab .. Google’s new tab page didn’t have enough slots for me. Or voice activation.
  • clink15/TheMuzzBot .. TheMuzzBot is an enablement of phones without dataplans, but with texting and possibly mms. The goal of this project is to be able to perform basic utilities on “dumbphones” through text messaging to a central server. The server operates with a combo of Google Voice and Gmail to perform…
  • Bots/HiGoogle .. XPosed Mod – Launches Google Now instead of S-Voice on Samsung “always listening” devices.
  • KyleMit/FriendlyVoice .. A way to make Google Voice a little more friendly and a little less snarky when you type more than 320 characters
  • mdturner/smslove .. Some quick code to send randomly generated love notes as SMS messages via Google Voice
  • jgimbel/ClubMessenger .. program to send messages to club members from a mysql database in python. It will use the python opensource extension for google voice.
  • alok-sm/OCR-Translator .. Translates Voice or written text from English to Hindi with speech output in Hindi. Uses Google Spreadsheet API for the translation and Google’s Servers for Hindi speech synthesis
  • ianonavy/sms-fixer .. Simple recovery script and Web service to convert Google Voice HTML logs into the Android app SMS Backup & Restore.
  • cloudnull/gvtroll .. Send SMS Messages from the CLI using your Google Voice Account
  • jluellen/sms_ip .. Send a sms using google voice to your phone when device (raspberry pi) boots and is assigned an ip address.
  • zsimjee/-vote-cheating .. Use pinger, google voice, and google takeout to create a simple, effective, and (most importantly) free text-voting system.
  • abhishek-kharche/Google-Maps-of-University-Buildings–Android- .. This is a simple android app developed by me as a project in Android Programming course in the University. This app stored the University of Delaware’s buildings in SQLite database with their longitude and latitude. It allows to choose the building name and plots the directions using google…
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