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jarvis [100x Aug 2014]

  • kuc/Convex-hull-algorithms .. Implementation of Graham Scan, Jarvis March, and QuickHull algorithms that compute the convex hull of a finite set of points
  • P-Space/Jarvis .. Named after Edwin Jarvis, this project acts as our personal butler, and is responsible for opening the door for us.
  • mallochine/jarvis2 .. Expedient travel around the filesystem using user-created bookmarks
  • lowlight/Jarvis_Targeting_System .. This project will run sensors on steel targets that detect when the target is hit by a firearm, A base station will bridge the Zigbee target network to a Bluetooth network, An app for smart devices that records stats and selects/starts different game types
  • jongamble/jarvis .. Home automation utilizing Node.js on a network of Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcontrollers.
  • AssertTrue/Jarvis .. An application to run commands using a hotkey to bring up a mini command window
  • nsom/Jarvis .. Smart House with Raspberry Pi (Eventually…)
  • maloneyfrank/Jarvis .. Jarvisy thing I worked on in ninth grade with James Yang. Pretty bad coding (BEWARE).
  • omn0mn0m/JARVIS .. A second attempt to recreate JARVIS from the Iron Man series written in C# for my graduation project. This version has a focus on interpreting natural conversational language, as well as much more customisation and adaptation than the previous.
  • Vivalize/Jarvis-HUD .. Basic HUD interface inspired from the Mark II HUD seen in the Iron Man Films
  • RoPython/jarvis .. Multi-purpose processing framework with frequently used utilities