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“machine learning” [100x Aug 2014]

  • rasbt/pattern_classification .. A collection of tutorials and examples for solving and understanding machine learning and pattern classification tasks
  • arizvisa/ataf .. The advanced traffic analysis framework is capable of extracting metadata from network traffic or a byte-stream. This allows one to perform analysis or apply techniques such as machine learning to any information inferred from a network sensor. The framework is multiprocess capable and platform…
  • kskk02/Fraud_Detector .. Fraud Detection using ensemble of Statistical, Network analysis and Machine learning approach.
  • danielyule/hearthbreaker .. A Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft Simulator for the purposes of Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • OryxProject/oryx .. Oryx 2 (incubating): Lambda architecture on Spark for real-time large scale machine learning
  • myui/hivemall .. Scalable machine learning library for Hive/Hadoop
  • pftq/QLearner .. A practical, generalized application of various machine learning algorithms for C# programming.
  • wmac/jshark .. Java Adaptation of Shark Machine Learning Library
  • mtraynham/ml .. Machine learning algorithms for JavaScript
  • ype/MLRSS .. Machine Learning RSS News Aggregator
  • 0xdata/h2o .. h2o = fast statistical, machine learning & math runtime for bigdata
  • musicakc/MLCoursera .. Solutions of programming exercises of Stanford’s Machine Learning online course taught by Andrew Ng
  • s-tian/Q-Learning-EV3 .. Q machine learning algorithm implemented in a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot utilizing touch sensors to give the robot feedback.
  • teammcr192/spherical-k-means .. Spherical k-means implementation in Matlab, Python (work-in-progress), and C++ (with multithreading). The spherical k-means algorithm is used to automatically group text documents into a set of k clusters. Machine learning, data mining.
  • rmfarber/farbopt .. A TF/s to PF/s numerical optimization and machine-learning framework as discussed in my Dr. Dobbs and techEnablement.com tutorials
  • alllw/ML .. Machine Learning Course (Stanford > Coursera)
  • sgould/drwn .. Darwin: A Framework for Machine Learning Research and Development
  • abarker2/REU-Summer_2014 .. A public repository for my work on machine learning applications for optimization of CUDA stencil codes.
  • charanpald/wallhack .. This is a repository of new algorithms and experiments in Python, mostly in machine learning.
  • vothane/cognition-ignition .. Machine Learning exercises in Clojure. Mostly ported Python exercises from the excellent book “Programming Collective Intelligence”.
  • jdwittenauer/insight-net .. Insight .NET is a C# library that provides APIs for a number of common machine learning tasks.
  • avasbr/nnet .. My custom implementations of neural networks, with concepts taken from Andrew Ng and Geoffrey Hinton’s machine learning classes
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