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“personal assistant” [100x Aug 2014]

  • KillianKemps/Motio .. Motio is a personal assistant whos job is to motivate you and make your life easier
  • derhuerst/finn .. finn is a Siri-like personal assistant running on node.js.
  • j809/Mwave .. An automated personal assistant bot
  • AlexMDevelopment/droidai .. The Android modules of a distributed AI system. Overall, a personal assistant meant to help the user with tasks such as to-do management, shopping list keeping and reminders, all of which is based on current location, time and other rules set by the user himself.
  • ajminich/Jarvis .. A very simple AI-based personal assistant written in Python.
  • rkram5424/PADME .. Personal Assistant who Does Most Everything. Named after Michael’s love fantasy.
  • kcaluru/Pia .. Pia is a voice controlled personal assistant for Chrome.
  • c0d3rman/Jarvis .. Jarvis is a personal assistant that accepts voice commands.
  • Siva1456/PilotDC .. VoReco is a Personal Assistant for your computer that can open various things on the internet and on your computer!!
  • ruicovelo/mybot .. personal assistant in python that will keep an eye on my information online
  • niiashikwei/NagMe .. personal assistant that analyzes your schedule, habits, and alarms/reminders in order to make sure you never forget to do important things
  • XinGao/TripAssistant .. Your personal assistant. You input your preferences and it will recommend your schedule for the day. The app will also learn based on your past behavior. Also good for recommending things such as nights out, trips, etc.
  • SlightlyCyborg/Jarvis .. This as a personal assistant that keeps track of my daily running, Has a simple to-do list, and counts up how many days since caffiene. It also keeps track of where I have been using my phones gps
  • lulin/captain .. Captain is a personal assistant, which manages your knowledge and tracks your time.
  • felixchr/pas .. Personal Assistant System, a php web app for assist you to manage yourself
  • wstrinz/cogibara .. Modular personal assistant. See the old demo at cogibara.com
  • ortoo/personal-assistant .. A distributed websocket based mechanism for managing queries and pushing updates when the queries change