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“virtual assistant” [32x Aug 2014]

  • arikalfus/Jeeves .. Virtual assistant for morning routines using speech commands.
  • btag/huepy .. A python-developed virtual assistant
  • xordux/VAX .. A virtual assistant similar to JARVIS of Ironman
  • interpritation/Digital-Life-Assistant .. An application that acts as a digital virtual assistant. Using human communication mediums (IM, IRC, email, etc), the DLA will aid in any number of tasks from alarms to finding the weather, to adding movies to your Netflix queue, etc.
  • durango/virtual-assistant .. A web interface to send messages to employees when someone is waiting for them at the front desk.
  • abishekk92/jarvis .. A Virtual Assistant that works on the web. Showing off WebSpeech API and a bit of NLP/ML.
  • devangb/jarvis .. Virtual assistant (Chatbot, speech, scheduling, computer interaction, gesture recognition)
  • djustice/Jay .. A simple AIML2 interpreter for android, describing a virtual assistant type chatbot personality.
  • ceefour/program-ab .. Fork of Program AB, the reference implementation of the AIML 2.0 draft specification. AIML is a widely adopted standard for creating chat bots and mobile virtual assistants like ALICE, Mitsuku, English Tutor, The Professor, S.U.P.E.R. and many more.
  • bl4de/SimpleVirtualAssistant .. A little more user-friendly tooltips implementation. Allows to implememnt on Your own website popup with informations about hovered elements (for example, [?] icons).
  • princemachi/Solomon .. An application for demonstrating real-time virtual assistant algorithms.
  • hirevirtualstaff/virtual-assistant .. Hirevirtualstaff help you to hire full-time dedicated virtual employee, virtual assistant, virtual staff according to the level of experience and expertise you need. We provide dedicated professional who will be directly managed by you and will work as needed for 160 hours each month.