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neural-network [100x Jul 2014]

  • encog-java – Encog Artificial Intelligence Framework for Java Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 193 Encog has moved to GitHub Encog is an advanced neural network and bot programming library. Encog can be used independently either to create neural networks or HTTP bot programs. Encog … java, spider, bot, neuralnetwork, ai
  • neurolab – Simple and powerfull neural network library for python Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 83 Neurolab is a simple and powerful Neural Network Library for Python. Contains based neural networks, train algorithms and flexible framework to create and explore other networks Pure … neural-network, python, neural-network-toolbox, numpy, scipy, Machinelearning, feedforward, lvq, perceptron, Kohonen, Elman, Hopfield, Hemming
  • dataparksearch – An open source search engine for Internet and Intranet sites Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 41 Key features: Support for http, https, ftp, nntp and news URL schemes. htdb virtual URL scheme for indexing SQL databases. Indexes text/html, text/xml, text/plain, audio/mpeg (MP3) and image/… C, searchengine, unix, freebsd, linux, search, opensource, bsd, fulltextsearch, indexing, web
  • phonetisaurus – A WFST-driven Phoneticizer Updated: Yesterday – Stars: 32 Google code seems to have ended the ability to create new downloadable releases, so for the final, semi-stable release on googlecode, I’m hosting the tarball via Dropbox: Update (2014-06-18): Thi… wfst, g2p, python, alignment, aligner, CPlusPlus, LMBR
  • encog-cs – Encog Artificial Intelligence Framework for DotNet Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 41 Encog has moved to GitHub Encog is an advanced neural network and bot programming library. Encog can be used independently either to create neural networks or HTTP bot programs. Encog also… c, spider, bot, neuralnetwork, ai
  • scalalab – An efficient and user friendly, MATLAB like, scientific programming en… Updated: Yesterday – Stars: 171 Since Google disabled creating new downloads, new downloads can be available from: The ScalaLabAll.zip download contains both the sources and all the relevant libraries to build Sca… Scala, Java, Mathematics, Engineering, MATLAB, FunctionalProgramming, NumericalAlgorithms, ScientificVisualization, Scripting, ComputationalIntelligence, DataMining, IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments, Cuda, ParallelComputing
  • gesture-recognition-toolkit – Gesture Recognition Toolkit (GRT) Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 18 The Gesture Recognition Toolkit (GRT) is a cross-platform, open-source, C++ machine-learning library designed for real-time gesture recognition. NEWS: The GRT source has now moved to The project … Machinelearning, gesturerecognition, RandomForests, HMM, DynamicTimeWarping, SupportVectorMachine, KNearestNeighbor, ArtificialNeuralNetwork, MultiLayerPerceptron, LowPassFilter, DecisionTree, MovingAverageFilter, AdaBoost, LogisticRegression, FFT
  • nll – Numerical Learning Library Updated: Last 7 days – Stars: 26 NLL is a multi-platform open source project entirely written in C++. Its goal is to propose generic and efficient algorithms for machine learning and more specifically computer vision. It is inten… optimization, learning, feature, selection, extraction, machine, svm, knn, hmm, nn, clustering, CplusPlus
  • connectome-pwr – Engineering issues of connectome Updated: Jan 25, 2013 – Stars: 1 It is an attempt to make a neural network model according to connectomics principles. Project has started on Software Engineering classes at Wroclaw University of Technology. Our team wants to make a… Academic, Matlab, Modeling
  • ele778-nns-dan-chris – Artificial Neural Network project Updated: Aug 08, 2012 Academic Artificial Neural Network project University : École de technologie supérieure Course : ELE778 Intelligence artificielle : réseaux neuroniques et systèmes experts Team members : … Academic, PHP
  • mnetlib – MultiLayer Neural Network Library in C++ Updated: Jun 10, 2012 This project would be to develop a framework to aid user to use neural network, through a XML-driver mechanism to define network interface. Also, library tries to take advantage from C++ dynamic class… Artificial, Intelligence, Neural, Network, gradientdescendent, Feedforward, backpropagation
  • qoe-rnn – Quality of Experience Estimation using Random Neural Networks Updated: Feb 11, 2013 In the study of multimedia Quality of Experience domain (see our project’s page on this topic), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are increasingly used as tools to evaluate end-user perceptions, thanks… QualityofExperienceEstimation, RandomNeuralNetworks, Pseudo-SubjeciveQualityAssessment
  • networkparse – 3D projection of C language projects Updated: Jan 01, 2013 Project focuses on the 3Dimentional projection of the sample projects. Parsing them and give the relationship among the various project file in a 3D space. Implemented using the C library and O… OpenGL, C, Algorithm
  • brainp5 – A simple neural networks library for Processing. Updated: Nov 26, 2012 BrainP5 is an easy to use Neural Networks library for Processing. The aim of this library is to abstract the complex workings on NNs and expose some readily usable functions for training and using neu… Processing, Java, Academic
  • wikipedia-redirect – Extract and use Wikipedia’s redirect link Updated: Dec 06, 2013 – Stars: 4 Using this software, you can extract pairs of a title and a redirected title (e.g. “USA” -> “United States”) in Wikipedia. JDK 6 or later. Wikipedia Language: any Wikipedia-supported … Academic, wikipedia, research, nlp, redirect
  • annetgpgpu – Network processing library Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 11 If someone has left some piece of a bitcoin: 15YR45hEhm2Adb9e1Za1Hatm2Uw3DvYy7B ANNet is a small library to create neural nets. A hallmark of the project are implementations of several neural… CUDA, Hopfield, Kohonen, Python, NeuralNet, SelfOrganizingMap, ClusterAnalysis, Thrust, GPGPU, GPU, CPlusPlus, MachineLearning, Qt, C, FeedForward
  • errare – Errare is a 3D MORPG written in Java. Updated: Feb 19, 2012 The project is called Errare (in connection with its scenario), it’s an RPG which will be an MORPG (Multiplayer Online RPG). Errare is in 3D (OpenGL) and programmed in JAVA The development started … Java, 3D, RPG
  • sfann – Simple and Fast Artificial Neural Networks Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 6 This software is not usable for now, I just pushed the raw source code of a quick tool that I made for my experiments. I plane to reengineer it soon. This program is a command-line tool tha… C, FANN, ArtificialNeuralNetwork, CommandLine, CrossValidation
  • self-driving-rccar – Self-driving radio-controlled car project Updated: Apr 22, 2012 – Stars: 3 This project is my attempt at building a small (mini? micro? nano? pico?) version of Google’s or Stanford’s self-driving car, based on a cheap radio-controlled toy. This work is inspired mainly by… Python, Android, KalmanFilter, Java, Arduino, RadioControl, AI, PID, Control
  • ginger-siri – Siri like capability for desk top Updated: Apr 22, 2013 Siri like capability for desktop using google speech to text api and Maluuba NAPI, supplemented with Neural network for better classification (Work in progress) ginger, siri, java, merck
  • catalano-framework – The Catalano Framework Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 14 Current version: 1.2 The Catalano Framework is a framework for scientific computing for Java and Android. The project started as an initial port of the many features of the AForge.NET and Acc… Framework, Machinelearning, Mathematics, Statistics, Fuzzy, ImageProcessing, ComputerVision, Library, Java, Android, Academic
  • neuralparse – 3D projection of C language projects Updated: Apr 01, 2013 Project focuses on the 3Dimentional projection of the sample projects. Parsing them and give the relationship among the various project file in a 3D space. Project now also available in github … C, Algorithm, Parsing, OpenGL
  • gmtk-toolkit – Graphical Models Toolkit Updated: Earlier this year The Graphical Models Toolkit (GMTK) is a toolkit for rapidly prototyping statistical models using dynamic graphical models (DGMs) and dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs). GMTK can be used for application… Statistics, Analytics, GMTK
  • neuralnetworkcuda – Neural Network for Image in CUDA Updated: Nov 19, 2013 – Stars: 2 This project is a approach for read images in CUDA and a train of a Multi Layer Perceptron in language C++ and CUDA. Extracting the characteristics using Color Histogram Training the neura… NeuralNetwork, Cuda, GPGPU, ImageProcessing, C
  • dart-neuquant – Neural network image quantization Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 3 Port to Dart of NeuQuant algorithm by Anthony Dekker, 1994. To the left a 32 bits RGBA image with 68,289 unique colors. To the right the same image with just 256 colors after quanti… dartlang, dart, neuralnetwork, imageprocessing, javascript
  • serenna – SoftwarE for REsearch on Neural Networks Architectures Updated: Feb 20, 2012 – Stars: 2 The goal of the project is to provide a generic Java library to manipulate neural networks. The main reason, facing the many existing libraries is the impossibility to find one being generic, modular … Java, neuralnetworks, DSL
  • tnnlib – Neural Network Template library Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 7 We have moved to github -> There is a 3rd version of this library now you can define the layers as following: typedef nn::Perceptron< float, nn::NeuralLayer, nn::NeuralLayer, … Library, Academic, Algorithm, OOP, Design
  • neural-network-epilepsy – Model of small cortical area Updated: Dec 11, 2013 See the related publications: STRACK, BEATA, KIMBERLE M. JACOBS, and KRZYSZTOF J. CIOS. “SIMULATING VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL INHIBITION WITH SHORT-TERM DYNAMICS IN A MULTI-COLUMN MULTI-LAYER MODEL O… Academic
  • monda – MONitoring System Data Analysis Updated: Earlier this year We have lot of informations inside each monitoring server. It is possible to delete old history and do not take care of it or to analyze it. This project tries second issue. There can be very ni… Monitoring, Mathematics, Statistics, Neuralnetworks, Networking, Academic
  • nnql – Neural Network Query Language Updated: Jun 05, 2012 – Stars: 3 Quick and easy neural network simulation scripting using an intuitive query language Academic, Scala, Query, Networks, NeuralNetworks
  • rbf-pnn – RBF and PNN Neural Network Updated: May 16, 2013 – Stars: 1 Implementation of RBF (Radial Basis Function) and PNN (Probabilistic Neural Network) for classification using C Author: muhammad.abrari@gmail.com Machinelearning, CSharp
  • neurlab – Artificial Neural Network Framework Updated: Earlier this year Java framework for the study of evolved artificial neural networks. Java, Images, Dataset, Neural, Classification, Mathematics, Network, Pattern, Recognition, Artificial, Laboratory, Science, Machinelearning, Training, Framework
  • vitoshatrade – VitoshaTrade is project for prediction of Forex. Updated: Last 30 days VitoshaTrade is Distributed Artificial Neural Network trained by Differential Evolution for prediction of Forex. Project development is in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vitosha is a mountain massif, on the outskir… Forex, ANN, DE, ArtificialNeuralNetworks, DifferentialEvolution, FinancialForecasting, Sofia, Bulgaria