Text Segmentation 2015


Text segmentation is the process of dividing written text into meaningful units, such as words, sentences, or topics.


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Scale and orientation invariant text segmentation for born-digital compound images H Yang, S Wu, C Deng, W Lin – IEEE transactions on …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Many recent applications require text segmentation for born-digital compound images. To this end, we propose a coarse-to-fine framework for segmenting texts of arbitrary scales and orientations in born-digital compound images. In the coarse stage, the local … Cited by 3 Related articles All 3 versions

Paragraph text segmentation into lines with Recurrent Neural Networks B Moysset, C Kermorvant, C Wolf… – … (ICDAR), 2015 13th …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-The detection of text lines, as a first processing step, is critical in all text recognition systems. State-of-the-art methods to locate lines of text are based on handcrafted heuristics fine tuned by the image processing community’s experience. They succeed under certain … Cited by 2 Related articles All 5 versions

Robust text segmentation using graph cut S Tian, S Lu, B Su, CL Tan – Document Analysis and …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-Text segmentation provides important clues for the accurate identification of character locations and the analysis of character properties such as shape estimation and texture synthesis. In this paper, we propose a robust text segmentation method that … Cited by 2 Related articles All 9 versions

CoMiC: Exploring Text Segmentation and Similarity in the English Entrance Exams Task R Ziai, B Rudzewitz – CLEF 2015 Working Notes, 2015 – ceur-ws.org Abstract. This paper describes our contribution to the English Entrance Exams task of CLEF 2015, which requires participating systems to automatically solve multiple choice reading comprehension tasks. We use a combination of text segmentation and different similarity … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions

OntoSeg: a Novel Approach to Text Segmentation using Ontological Similarity M Bayomi, K Levacher… – 2015 IEEE International …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Text segmentation (TS) aims at dividing long text into coherent segments which reflect the subtopic structure of the text. It is beneficial to many natural language processing tasks, such as Information Retrieval (IR) and document summarisation. Current … Cited by 3 Related articles All 8 versions

Rough-fuzzy clustering and multiresolution image analysis for text-graphics segmentation P Maji, S Roy – Applied Soft Computing, 2015 – Elsevier Abstract This paper presents a segmentation method, integrating judiciously the merits of rough-fuzzy computing and multiresolution image analysis technique, for documents having both text and graphics regions. It assumes that the text and non-text or graphics regions of … Cited by 5 Related articles All 2 versions

Segmentation-free handwritten Chinese text recognition with LSTM-RNN R Messina, J Louradour – Document Analysis and Recognition ( …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Most systems that recognize Chinese Text use some pre segmentation of the text line [1],[2],[3],[4] before identifying the detected characters with a classifier. In this paper, we present some initial results on the recognition of Chinese Characters (CC) without explicit … Cited by 8 Related articles All 5 versions

Efficient text localization in born-digital images by local contrast-based segmentation K Chen, F Yin, A Hussain, CL Liu – Document Analysis and …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-Text localization in born-digital images is usually performed using methods designed for scene text images. Based on the observation that text strokes in born-digital images mostly have complete contours and the pixels on the contours have high contrast … Cited by 3 Related articles All 3 versions

Syllable Level Segmentation between Myanmar Text and Phonetics Transcriptions KK Maung – 2015 – iieng.org Abstract—To translate between Myanmar text and phonetics transcriptions, the system needs a segmentation system to break the sequence of text to tokens. Each token represents consonants, consonant clusters and vowels symbols defined in Myanmar … Cited by 1 Related articles

Segmentation and recognition of text written in 3d using leap motion interface C Agarwal, DP Dogra, R Saini… – … (ACPR), 2015 3rd IAPR …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract: In this paper, we present a word extraction and recognition methodology from online cursive handwritten text-lines recorded by Leap motion controller The online text, drawn by 3D gesture in air, is distinct from usual online pen-based strokes. The 3D … Cited by 1

Chinese word segmentation method for short Chinese text based on conditional random fields LIU Zewen, D Dong… – Journal of Tsinghua …, 2015 – jst.tsinghuajournals.com Abstract Chinese word segmentation is a prerequisite for information retrieval. With the arrival of big data, information retrieval needs more precise word segmentation and recall. This paper presents a Chinese word segmentation method for short Chinese texts. The … Cited by 1 Related articles

Segmentation of touching modifiers and consonants in middle region of handwritten Hindi text NK Garg, L Kaur, MK Jindal – Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 2015 – Springer Abstract Character segmentation is a major problem in any text recognition system. The most common problem in the recognition of handwritten text is the presence of touching of left modifier with the consonant in the middle region of the word. In Optical Character … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions

A histogram-based two-stage adaptive character segmentation for transcription of inter-point Hindi Braille to text T Shreekanth, V Udayashankara – International Journal of Image …, 2015 – World Scientific Problem statement: The optical Braille character recognition (OBR) system is in substantial need in order to preserve the Braille documents to make them available in future for the large section of visually impaired people. The recognition and transcribing of the double … Cited by 1 Related articles

An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Persian Text Segmentation N Shirali, M Abdeyazdan – Ciencia & Natura, 2015 – periodicos.ufsm.br Abstract Segmentation has been used in different natural language processing tasks, such as information retrieval and text summarization. In this paper a novel Persian text segmentation algorithm is proposed. Our proposed algorithm applies the imperialist … Related articles All 3 versions

A Review On Various Techniques For Character Segmentation Of Handwritten Text … A Chanana, C Jain – ijesrt.com ABSTRACT Character Segmentation is the process of separating characters from words. Character Segmentation of handwritten text is a challengenging task in OCR because of its features and varied writing styles of different writers. Handwritten text is also prone to the … Related articles All 2 versions

Text and non-text segmentation based on connected component features VP Le, N Nayef, M Visani, JM Ogier… – … (ICDAR), 2015 13th …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-Document image segmentation is crucial to OCR and other digitization processes. In this paper, we present a learning-based approach for text and non-text separation in document images. The training features are extracted at the level of connected … Related articles All 4 versions

Segmentation of Arabic Handwritten Text to Lines M Younes, Y Abdellah – Procedia Computer Science, 2015 – Elsevier Abstract Automatic recognition of writing is among the most important axes in the NLP (Natural language processing). Several entities of different areas demonstrated the need in recognition of handwritten Arabic characters; particularly banks check processing, post … All 2 versions

Developments in the Field of Text Segmentation of Handwritten Script in OCR S Das, MK Sharma, CJ Kumar – krishisanskriti.org ABSTRACT OCR (Optical Character Recognition) deals with converting scanned images of either handwritten or printed text into machine encoded texts. It is a type of offline character recognition where the texts are recognized after they have been written. The text … Related articles

A novel Iterative algorithm to text segmentation for web born-digital images Z Xu, Y Zhu, Z Sun, Z Liu – Seventh …, 2015 – proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org abstract Since web born-digital images have low resolution and dense text atoms, text region over-merging and miss detection are still two open issues to be addressed. In this paper a novel iterative algorithm is proposed to locate and segment text regions. In each … Related articles All 3 versions

Script independent scene text segmentation using fast stroke width transform and GrabCut JH Bosamiya, P Agrawal, PP Roy… – … (ACPR), 2015 3rd …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract: In this paper, a novel script independent scene text segmentation method is presented. The proposed method introduces an approach for character segmentation which combines the advantages of connected component analysis, stroke width analysis and …

Text Segmentation based on Semantic Word Embeddings AA Alemi, P Ginsparg – arXiv preprint arXiv:1503.05543, 2015 – arxiv.org Abstract: We explore the use of semantic word embeddings in text segmentation algorithms, including the C99 segmentation algorithm and new algorithms inspired by the distributed word vector representation. By developing a general framework for discussing a class of … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions

Text segmentation using named entity recognition and co-reference resolution in greek texts ? ???????, P Fragkou – 2015 – hypatia.teiath.gr The information explosion of the web aggravates the problem of effective information retrieval. To address this, various techniques such as text segmentation and information extraction provide partial solutions to the problem. More specifically, text segmentation … Related articles All 3 versions

A comparison of the effects of mobile device display size and orientation, and text segmentation on learning, cognitive load, and user perception in a higher education … AM Karam – 2015 – utexas-ir.tdl.org This study aimed to understand the relationship between mobile device screen display size (laptops and smartphones) and text segmentation (continuous text, medium text segments, and small text segments) on learning outcomes, cognitive load, and user perception. This … Related articles All 3 versions

An effective graph-cut scene text localization with embedded text segmentation X Liu, W Wang – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2015 – Springer Abstract This paper presents an effective and efficient approach to extracting scene text from images. The approach first extracts the edge information by the local maximum difference filter (LMDF), and at the same time a given image is decomposed into a group of image … Related articles All 6 versions

Text segmentation in ancient topographic maps and floor plans with support vector data description SCS Machado, CAB Mello – 2015 International Joint …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-Images of ancient maps and floor plans can present a great challenge for common character recognition tools. Besides the damage caused by time and handling, these documents have an important part of their information described graphically. In most examples, drawings … Related articles

Text Line Segmentation With Water Flow Algorithm Based on Power Function D Brodi? – Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2015 – degruyter.com This manuscript proposes an extension to the water flow algorithm for text line segmentation. Basic algorithm assumes hypothetical water flows under few specified angles of the document image frame from left to right and vice versa. As a result, unwetted image … Related articles All 4 versions

Sealing Clay Text Segmentation Based on Radon-Like Features and Adaptive Enhancement Filters X Zheng, W Wei, H Song, W Li – Mathematical Problems in …, 2015 – hindawi.com Text extraction is a key issue in sealing clay research. The traditional method based on rubbings increases the risk of sealing clay damage and is unfavorable to sealing clay protection. Therefore, using digital image of sealing clay, a new method for text … Related articles All 4 versions

Gabor-based kernel self-optimization Fisher discriminant for optical character segmentation from text-image-mixed document JB Li, M Li, JS Pan, SC Chu, JF Roddick – Optik-International Journal for …, 2015 – Elsevier Abstract Recognizing optical character from document image of text mixed by figure has its wide applications such as document auto-reading. Segmenting the document region from text-mixed is a crucial step of this system. The segmentation procedure includes two … Related articles All 3 versions

Segmentation and Detection of Text in Natural Scene Images NR Meghana Thodaskar, PR Devi – International Journal of Engineering …, 2015 – ijert.org Abstract Any text data present in natural scene images contains useful information like text based landmark etc. Extraction of text from scene images involves many stages. Each every stage is equally important to get efficient results. Detecting the text, localising the text, and …

Segmentation of Chinese Web Text Based on Spark J Xu – 2015 8th International Symposium on Computational …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Massive amounts of data generated by network to be analysed and processed on a computer takes plenty of time. It can not meet people’s needs. In order to break through the bottleneck of the speed of segmentation, this paper uses the spark cluster, and applies the … Related articles

Stepped-Line Text Layout with Phrased Segmentation for Readability Improvement of Japanese Electronic Text J Kobayashi, T Sekiguchi, E Shinbori… – … on Multimedia (ISM), 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—We propose a new electronic text format with a stepped-line layout to optimize viewing position and to improve the efficiency of reading Japanese text. Generally, the reader’s eyes try to fixate on every phrase while reading Japanese text. To date, no … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A kind of characters segmentation method for text-based CAPTCHA attacking Z Wang, X Li – … Technology and Applications: Proceedings of the …, 2015 – books.google.com ABSTRACT: The most widely deployed CAPTCHAs are text-based schemes. Attacking on the CAPTCHA can be used to find design flaws and weaknesses of CAPTCHA, and to improve the safety of CAPTCHA. The generation of text-based CAPTCHA typically uses … Related articles

Adaptive Heuristic Colorful Text Image Segmentation Using Soft Computing, Enhanced Density-Based Scan Algorithm and HSV Color Model A Musia? – New Research in Multimedia and Internet Systems, 2015 – Springer Abstract This chapter describes intelligent multilayer image segmentation algorithm for Optical Character Recognition system. The additional algorithm brings new ability of recognizing colorful texts. Presented solution allows to successfully recognize texts with … Related articles All 3 versions

Line and Word Segmentation of handwritten text documents written in Gurmukhi Script using mid point detection technique P Jindal, B Jindal – … on Recent Advances in Engineering & …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org In this paper, a new method is proposed for line and word segmentation analysis of handwritten script. The main aim of this paper is Line and Word Segmentation of text document written in script using mid-point detection technique. Accuracy of line … Related articles All 2 versions

Script independent text pre-processing and segmentation for OCR AS Sawant, DG Chougule – Electrical, Electronics, Signals, …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems have been numerously developed for the recognition of printed script in many languages. Multiple approaches to pre- processing and segmentation exist for various scripts where OCR accuracy mainly … Related articles

Comparative Study of Text Line Segmentation on Handwritten Kannada Documents HT Chethana, HR Mamatha – Citeseer Abstract—Optical Character Recognition is the process of transforming printed or handwritten text in to a form in which computer can understand and manipulate. An important task of any Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is segmentation. …

Extraction of Wa-dang text based on curvature segmentation Y MENG, M ZHOU, W SHUI, Z WU… – Sciences of Conservation …, 2015 – en.cnki.com.cn The Zhuan-style text carved on Wa-dang (eaves tiles) is a significant element of Chinese culture. These texts are important objects for research on Chinese characters. A three dimensional segmenting method is developed based on curvature theory to extract …

Recognizing Cursive Typewritten Text Using Segmentation-Free System MS Khorsheed – The Scientific World Journal, 2015 – hindawi.com Feature extraction plays an important role in text recognition as it aims to capture essential characteristics of the text image. Feature extraction algorithms widely range between robust and hard to extract features and noise sensitive and easy to extract features. Among those … Related articles All 8 versions

Influence of text line segmentation in Handwritten Text Recognition V Romero, JA Sanchez, V Bosch… – … (ICDAR), 2015 13th …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Text line segmentation is the process by which text lines are localized and extracted. It is an important stage for many tasks in Document Image Analysis of textual documents [1]-[3], such as off-line Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)[4]. The input of these systems is the … Related articles All 3 versions

Hybrid Segmentation Prototype for Arabic Text-Based Documents: Towards Plagiarism Detection S Alouane-Ksouri, MS Hidri – International Journal of Service …, 2015 – igi-global.com Abstract The contribution of this work relates to the field of Arabic text-based document analysis for the detection of plagiarism. This analysis will be carried out according to the triadic computation model of document similarity. The authors propose a hybrid …

Natural scene text detection with multi-layer segmentation and higher order conditional random field based analysis X Wang, Y Song, Y Zhang, J Xin – Pattern Recognition Letters, 2015 – Elsevier Abstract Text detection in natural scene images is a hot and challenging problem in pattern recognition and computer vision. Considering the complex situations in natural scene images, we propose a robust two-steps method in this paper based on multi-layer … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Effect of word segmentation on Arabic text classification A Al-Thubaity, A Al-Subaie – 2015 International Conference on …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-The preprocessing stage in text classification is one of the factors affecting the accuracy of text classification. Text preprocessing involves several steps such as removing stop words, punctuation, and numerals. For Arabic text classification, stemming and root … Related articles

Segmentation Framework for Multi-Oriented Text Detection and Recognition S Kant, S Shibu – 2015 – ijedr.org Abstract-Here in this paper a new and efficient technique for the text detection from natural scenes is implemented. The proposed methodology is based on the concept of Otsu’s segmentation method which segments the higher intensity texts from the natural scenes. … Related articles All 2 versions

A new wavelet-Laplacian method for arbitrarily-oriented character segmentation in video text lines G Liang, P Shivakumara, T Lu… – Document Analysis and …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract-Character segmentation is an important topic to improve the overall performance of text recognition methods due to low resolution, complex background and lots of visual variations in video. This paper presents a novel idea for segmenting characters from … Cited by 2 Related articles All 8 versions

Line And Word Segmentation Of Handwritten Gurumukhi Text Document: A Review P Jindal, B Jindal – 2015 – Citeseer The process of segmentation is having an immense importance in handwritten script recognition and widely used field of OCR. This research area is focused on the line segmentation of Gurumukhi script to get proper recognition as an output. Segmentation is …

Neural network based over-segmentation for scene text recognition X He, YC Wu, K Chen, F Yin… – … Recognition (ACPR), 2015 …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract: Over-segmentation is often used in text recognition to generate candidate characters. In this paper, we propose a neural network-based over-segmentation method for cropped scene text recognition. On binarized text line image, a segmentation window …

An Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Logic For Text-Independent Fongbe Speech Segmentation C Motamed – 2015 11th International Conference on Signal- …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract—In this paper, we present an algorithm using fuzzy logic approach to perform the continuous speech segmentation task from non-linear speech analysis. The proposed algorithm is based on time domain features. These features are the short-term energy, … Related articles All 2 versions

An Improved Segmentation of Online English Handwritten Text Using Recurrent Neural Networks CT Nguyen, M Nakagawa – tuat.ac.jp Abstract Segmentation of online handwritten text recognition is better to employ the dependency on context of strokes written before and after it. This paper shows an application of Bidirectional Long Short-term Memory recurrent neural networks for … Related articles

Text Extraction from Scene Images Through Local Binary Pattern and Business Features Based Color Image Segmentation R Ghoshal, A Roy, BC Dhara, SK Parui – Information Systems Design and …, 2015 – Springer Abstract This article proposes a scheme for automatic extraction of text from scene images. First, we apply a color image segmentation algorithm to a scene image. To improve the color image segmentation performance, we incorporate local binary pattern (LBP) and business … Related articles All 2 versions

Efficient Methodology for Segmentation of Speech Signals in Text to Speech NS Raut, VM Thakare, SS Sherekar – Citeseer ABSTRACT This paper proposes a method for tuning the weights of unit selection cost functions in syllable based text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis system, two-stage feedforward neural network (FFNN) based approach for modeling fundamental frequency (F0) values …

Analysis Of Canonical Character Segmentation Technique For Ancient Telugu Text Documents NV Rao, A Sastry, ASN Chakravarthy… – Journal of Theoretical …, 2015 – search.proquest.com Abstract Character Recognition in ancient document images remains a challenging task. Initial scanning process deforms the document image, while aging process of document render it ancient which turns it to posses unwanted background noise. Segmentation … Related articles All 4 versions

Detection and segmentation of text in handwritten Hindi documents R Mittal – 2015 – dspace.thapar.edu Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the most important applications of Computer Science. The accuracy of Character Recognition in the case of machine printed characters has improved, but in case of Handwritten documents researchers are still working on … Related articles

Automatic Segmentation of Spoken Word Signals into Letters Based on Amplitude Variation for Speech to Text Transcription A Roy, S Phadikar – Information Systems Design and Intelligent …, 2015 – Springer Abstract In this paper a technique for automatic segmentation of spoken word signals is presented for identifying letters for transcription into textual form. Signal patterns for each letter present in different words have been used for the purpose. Voice signals are … Related articles

Distorted Document Image Correction Based on Text Field Segmentation and Text Line Detection Z ZHANG, L TONG, J ZHAN, C SHEN – Computer and Information …, 2015 – en.cnki.com.cn Document image distortion often appears when captured by the camera, which may induce recognition mistakes by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, it becomes more and more necessary to study correction process of distorted image. In this paper, the text …

Research about text image segmentation based on the algorithm of LLT LY Guo, JP Li, X Chen, Y Yang – Wavelet Active Media …, 2015 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Abstract: Character segmentation is the area of image segmentation, which is the classical problem. Different researchers put forward different resolution algorithms, but mainly concentrate on whether the segmentation result is good or not. As for the distinct …