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SILVIA stands for “Symbolically Isolated, Linguistically Variable, Intelligence Algorithms”.



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SILVIACognitiveCode [3x Jun 2014]

  • SILVIA for Healthcare

    SILVIA for Healthcare Learn how SILVIA can be used in your Healthcare applications. From: SILVIACognitiveCode Views: 307 4 ratings Time: 01:44 More in Science & Technology

  • Cognitive Code

    Cognitive Code From: SILVIACognitiveCode Views: 1763 10 ratings Time: 02:23 More in People & Blogs

  • Demonstration of SILVIA on the Nexus 7

    Demonstration of SILVIA on the Nexus 7 Cognitive Code’s conversational AI technology SILVIA capabilities are demonstrated on an Android tablet. From: SILVIACognitiveCode Views: 711 3 ratings Time: 07:05 More in People & Blogs