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[DOC] … is handled with the in-world currency, the Linden dollar, which can be converted to US dollars at several thriving online currency exchanges.(http://secondlife. … [DOC] from gcbe.usS Nicovich, G Miaoulis Jr… – … Second Life itself is built around email and its own chat client. Vivox also allows one to call out of Second Life to one who has a voip capable computer or phone. … 24 (3), 321-343. Second Life Guide to Second Life, …  Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Development of server and system for the second life F Iseki, MW Kim… – TENCON 2009-2009 IEEE Region …, 2009 – … AfterLife/ Second_Life_could_sexually_exploit_children.html, [8] AfterLife [9] 20.pdf [10] F.Iseki, ” Construction of Proxy Server System for the Second Life ,” Journal of … 

[HTML] What is second life [HTML] from secondlifedownload.orgSLT Tricks – 2009 – … What is Second Life. As taken from Wikipedia…..this should help you understand what Second Life is, and what it is all about. This section is courtesy of WIKIPEDIA. … Second Life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Second Life. Second Life logo.svg …  Cited by 26 – Related articles – Cached – All 30 versions

[PDF] A Second look at Second Life: Virtual role-play as a motivational factor in higher education [PDF] from editlib.orgP Edwards, E Dominguez… – TECHNOLOGY AND TEACHER …, 2008 – … Media Consortium A recent development by Linden Lab in collaboration with Vivox includes a voice recognition system and has been integrated onto SL’s standard client platform. … Second Life Education Wiki Linden Lab’s Official …  Cited by 8 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 2 versions

[CITATION] Using Multi-User Virtual Environments as Virtual Classrooms: Examples from Second Life (SL) N Schultz Related articles

Virtual Worlds Viewer Using Unity 3d N Katz, T Cook… – Internet Computing, IEEE, 2011 – … Vivox produces a browser plugin that can be used to connect to the same servers and channels where other Second Life Avatars are speaking. … 7. Second Life – System Requirements, 8. Biography …  Related articles – All 2 versions

Learning archetypes as tools of Cybergogy for a 3D educational landscape: a structure for eTeaching in Second Life [PDF] from Scopes – 2009 – … 3D Educational Landscape: A structure for eTeaching in Second Life By: Lesley JM Scopes BSc (Hons) PGCE Page 3. Page 4. Page i … Professor Karl Kapp, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (aka Abbott Bundy, Second Life(r)) For personalised access to your work Ken Hudson, …  Cited by 8 – Related articles – All 4 versions

[PDF] COMMUNICATION IN AN IMMERSIVE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT: TEACHING AND LEARNING IN SECOND LIFE [PDF] from imparafacile.itR SAVERA – … business. This virtual commerce takes place in-world, that means in the virtual world, 2 Total number of registered residents in Second Life [taken from Second Life, 26th September 2007] 3 SL: abbreviation of Second Life 4 – – 7 Page 7. …  Related articles – View as HTML – All 5 versions

[PDF] Imagine the real in the virtual: Experience your Second Life [PDF] from uwex.eduB Carter… – 22nd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and …, 2006 – … takes place using textual chat (visual cue that an avatar is talking is that the hands move as if typing the chat), scripted note cards or external audio communication programs such as Skype, Gizmo, Ventrillio and Vivox Servers or other VoIP programs, outside of Second Life. …  Cited by 8 – Related articles

Second life as a platform for creating intelligent virtual agents L Hodges, A Ulinski, T Bloodworth, A Hayes… – Digital Human …, 2011 – Springer … At the time of our project, SL used a proprietary tool, VIVOX, for both voice chat and lip-synching. The system can be set up to lip-synch audio coming through a SL voice chat cannel. … Science 317(5837), 472-476 (2007) 12. Second Life, 13. …  Related articles – All 3 versions

Overcoming the entry barriers to Second Life in higher education [PDF] from sharif.eduG Dudeney… – … : teaching and learning in Second Life, 2009 – … 1.8. 3. Voice The inclusion of synchronous VOIP services in 2007 (through a partnership with Vivox) has also occasioned a set of problems that will be familiar to users of other 10. … A full list of current viewers can be found on the Second Life wiki at http://wiki. secondlife. …  Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Instructional Design Frameworks for Second Life(r) Virtual Learning SJ Warren… – Transforming Virtual World …, 2011 – … Second Life has several components in common with what has separately been suggested as supportive of CoPs (Lave & Wenger, 1991; Riel & Polin, 2004 … The built-in synchronous voice tool in SL is powered by Vivox, and is used by 52% of SL residents as per Monty Sharma …  Related articles – All 3 versions

An embedded P2P-based positional audio system in virtual environments [PDF] from Seo, R Zimmermann, MM Htoon… – Multimedia and Expo ( …, 2010 – … Traditional client/server-based positional audio systems like Vivox and Mumble provide users who possess very limited re- sources with positional audio, at the expense of server resources such as … Fig. 2. A screenshot of the 3D audio engine embedded in a Second Life viewer. …  Related articles – All 4 versions

Cross-tree adjustment for spatialized audio streaming over networked virtual environments [PDF] from Liang… – … of the 18th international workshop on …, 2009 – … To re- move the bottleneck at the central server, some proxy-based solutions [7] have been proposed to balance the bandwidth and processing load [3]. The 3D voice provider of Second Life, Vivox, employs a client-server infrastructure. …  Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 5 versions

[PDF] Technologically enhanced learning environments with a Constructivist approach [PDF] from underwolfchild.comN Shido – 2007 – … worldwide. It enables users to implement audio communication software such as VIVOX and VOIP. Functionality and purposes of these two applications – … Second Life. (nd). Retrieved March 21, 2007, from Shute, VJ, & Psotka, J. (1996). …  Related articles – View as HTML

[PDF] Clemson University REU Program, 2009 [PDF] from clemson.eduJM Smotherman – … The Mythical Man-Month. Addison-Wesley. USER SCRIPT DRAGON SECONDLIFE VOICE SQL DATABASE SOUNDS KEYBOARD EMULATOR ANIMATIONS SL VOICE/VIVOX AUDIO ENVIRONMENT SPEECH VISUALS Figure 1: Cara’s Designed Architecture  Related articles – View as HTML

[PDF] Second Life, entorno virtual, aprendizaje real [PDF] from Grané… – Actas Electrónicas del III Congreso ONLINE …, 2006 – … entremos a SL, seremos un residente más. Inicio de Second Life. El primer contacto con SL, se produce en un entorno controlado dónde aprendemos a utilizar las … Entire Region 65,536 m2 US$195 … La empresa de telefonía Vivox, …  Cited by 2 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 3 versions

Spatializer: a web-based positional audio toolkit [PDF] from Seo, MM Htoon, R Zimmermann… – Proceedings of the 7th …, 2010 – … For example, we measured the end-to-end delay of the Vivox voice solu- tion in the Second Life virtual world, using the measure- ment method described by Hao Huang [1]. Even excluding the transmission delay, the measured processing delay was lengthy at a consistent 350 …  Related articles – All 2 versions

A Conversational Academic Assistant for the Interaction in Virtual Worlds D Griol, E Rojo, A Arroyo, M Patricio… – Distributed Computing and …, 2010 – Springer … 3 … signal provided by the text to speech synthesizer is captured and trans- mitted to the voice server module in Second Life (SLVoice) using … module is external to the client program used to display the virtual world and is based on the Vivox technology, which …  Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Utilizing Open Source Virtual World Platforms for Business and Serious Games D Krause, M Strickler… – … Management for Open …, 2010 – … It can also connect to VoIP soft phones. In this project it is used as the server counterpart to the Vivox client application that is bundled with the Second Life viewer applica- tion and its descendants. … org/wiki/Grid _List. 7. Second life. http://www. secondlife. com. 8. Web3D Blog. …  Related articles

Second Life,¿ qué hay detrás? [PDF] from upc.eduA García Rodríguez – 2011 – … were interested in knowing more about Second Life tried to connect to and … En el futuro, Second Life desea mejorar la comunicación entre usuarios a través de la voz … La empresa de tecnología de voz Vivox [5] ha anunciado que integrará próximamente esta …  Related articles – All 6 versions

[BOOK] Second Life, SL, SecondLife F Pivari – 2007 – Second Life, SL, SecondLife I migliori articoli di uno dei primi blog interamente dedicati a Second Life Versione 1.0 12/8/2007 (per Francesca, Irene, Agnese e Livia) Fabrizio Pivari Editore: PIVARI ISBN 978-88-902370-9-6 LICENZA … 

A communications-enabled collaboration platform: work in progress J Buford, K Dhara, V Krishnaswamy, X Wu… – Principles, Systems and …, 2010 – … Voice over IP (VoIP) based services provided by companies like Vivox [13] offer communication within virtual worlds, but are … Figure 6 Collaboration Space in Virtual Worlds [20] Figure 6 captures two avatars interacting in Second Life in the … [5] SecondLife. …  Related articles – All 2 versions

Aplicación del procesamiento del lenguaje natural y las tecnologías del habla en mundos virtuales [PDF] from ua.esD Griol Barres, E Rojo Sánchez, Z Callejas Carrión… – 2010 – … de audio para capturar la se˜nal proporcionada por el sintetizador texto a voz y transmitirla al módulo servidor de voz en Second Life (SLVoice). Este módulo es externo al programa cliente para visualizar el mundo virtual y está basado en la tecnologia Vivox, que utiliza los … 

Aplicación del Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural y las Tecnologías del Habla en Mundos Virtuales [PDF] from sepln.orgD Griol, E Rojo, Z Callejas, N Ábalos… – … de Lenguaje Natural, 2010 – … de audio para capturar la se˜nal proporcionada por el sintetizador texto a voz y transmitirla al módulo servidor de voz en Second Life (SLVoice). Este módulo es externo al programa cliente para visualizar el mundo virtual y está basado en la tecnologia Vivox, que utiliza los …  All 5 versions

Virtual worlds as a tool for enterprise services [PDF] from Vijaykar, MS Kadavasal, KK Dhara… – … , 2009. CCNC 2009. …, 2009 – … REFERENCES [1] Second life. [2] There 3d online virtual world. [3] Virtual world of kaneva. [4] Vivox. [5] Whyville educational virtual world. [6] Xml rpc. …  Cited by 5 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Composition, computer games, and the absence of writing K Moberly – Computers and Composition, 2008 – Elsevier … Vivox, the company contracted to provide integrated VOIP capability for Eve Online and Second Life, employs a similar strategy to promote its services. On a “Tear Sheet” (2007a) available from its website, Vivox promises that …  Cited by 5 – Related articles

[PDF] Integración de los Sistemas de Diálogo para la Interacción en Redes Sociales [PDF] from sepln.orgD Griol, MA Patricio, JM Molina, A Arroyo… – … del lenguaje natural, 2010 – … externo al programa cliente para visualizar el mundo virtual (Second Life Viewer) y está basado en la tecnologia Vivox, que utiliza los protocolos RTP, SIP, OpenAL, TinyXPath, OpenSSL y LibCurl para la transmisión de los datos de voz. …  Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 8 versions

Integración de los sistemas de diálogo para la interacción en redes sociales [PDF] from ua.esD Griol Barres, MÁ Patricio Guisado… – 2010 – … externo al programa cliente para visualizar el mundo virtual (Second Life Viewer) y está basado en la tecnologia Vivox, que utiliza los protocolos RTP, SIP, OpenAL, TinyXPath, OpenSSL y LibCurl para la transmisión de los datos de voz. … 

[PDF] Virtually Centralized, Globally Dispersed: A Sametime 3D Analysis [PDF] from dfki.deARS Valadares… – … 3D was implemented on top of OpenSimulator, a multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server that began as a Second Life open source … virtual world, Sametime 3D provides the regular text- chat feature, as well as an optional spatial 3D voice capability (developed by Vivox). …  Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

[PDF] A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF USING 3-D VIRTUAL WORLD ENVIRONMENTS IN E-COMMERCE STRATEGY [PDF] from iacis.orgDR Moscato… – Issues in Information Systems, 2009 – … of Second Life to expand their presence and to explore creative ways to use the 3-D environment for their business goals. Other vendors that have provided software for virtual world implementation also include the following: Forterra Systems, Qwaq, Unisfair, Vivox and Icarus …  Cited by 1 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 4 versions

Implementação de OpenSimulator com funcionalidade de voz em ambiente empresarial [PDF] from utad.ptJLC Pereira – 2010 – … desta plataforma para outros mundos que não o Second Life estava em fase alfa, a ser testada em … tecnologia especificamente desenvolvida pela Vivox, não permitindo o desenvolvimento de soluções ou tecnologias próprias com outras tecnologias. 2.3 – Croquet …  Related articles – All 2 versions

From whereware to whence-and whitherware: Augmented audio reality for position-aware services M Cohen… – VR Innovation (ISVRI), 2011 IEEE …, 2011 – … Asterisk ( PBX. Client/server 3D Voice engines include Vivox ( (used in Second Life), Dolby Axon (, and Mumble ( [37]. Differentiated spatialization is indicated [37 …  Related articles

La plataforma EDUCAGENT: Agentes Conversacionales Inteligentes y Entornos Virtuales aplicados a la Docencia [PDF] from Griol Barres, JM Molina, Z Callejas… – Informatica Educativa …, 2011 – … la interacción y consulta de los contenidos desarrollados a través de mundos virtuales 3D como Second Life ( o … Este módulo es externo al programa cliente para visualizar el mundo virtual (Second Life Viewer) y está basado en la tecnología Vivox, que utiliza …  Related articles

Using ASR for Transcription of Teleconferences in IM Systems I Forman, T Brunet, P Luther… – Universal Access in Human- …, 2009 – Springer … References 1. 2. Eilers-Crandall, K., Gustina, DE, Campbell, SS: Is Automatic Speech Recognition Ready for Direct Use by Classroom Teachers? …  Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

ALVIC-NG: state management and immersive communication for massively multiplayer online games and communities P Quax, B Cornelissen, J Dierckx… – Multimedia Tools and …, 2009 – Springer … Technically, this is realized by interfacing with a SIP-based Vivox softphone installed on a PC. Another example is the use of Skype [24] within Second Life. Residents can buy a virtual headset in Second Life through which they are able to make Skype calls. …  Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 8 versions

[PDF] Voice over IP and the Modern Web [PDF] from tum.deV Lazarov – 2006 – … workarounds, like TeamSpeak. Vivox has an interesting concept whereby they are building “phone booths” into the Second Life virtual world that allow residents to call out to any telephones from them. They are also building …  Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Effective Acquisition of Virtual Worlds; Ensuring Return on Investment JF Graser – The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & …, 2009 – NTSA … Some will advertise that they have a system of commerce (ie, Second Life(r) use Lindens as their currency). … There are different approaches to VOIP. Some virtual worlds provide their own VOIP and others use a third party, such as Vivox ( …  Related articles – All 2 versions

Controlling communications with proximate avatars in virtual world environment SV Murphy – US Patent 8,026,918, 2011 – Google Patents … “White Paper: Online Games andVirtuaI Worlds: Service Integration & Operation.” VIVOX, Dec. 2007, 23 pages. … DETAILED DESCRIPTION Users of virtual world (VW) enviromnent systems, such as “Second Life,” operate avatars inside the virtual world envi- romnent. …  Related articles – All 2 versions

[PDF] AdventNet, 594 Advergaming, 403 AdverPlay, 337 Advertisers, Madison Avenue, 126 [PDF] from wiley.comA Worlds, J Adelson, A Adham, O Adler… – …, 674 American Cancer Society, 315, 316, 317 Second Life and, 557 American Public Media Group (APMG), 458 American Red Cross, 273 American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), early wireless phones from, 393 America Online (AOL), 121, 571, 574-575. …  View as HTML – All 5 versions

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Spatialized audio streaming for networked virtual environments [PDF] from clemson.eduR Zimmermann… – Proceeding of the 16th ACM international …, 2008 – … the most well-known examples of an NVE is Second Life ( … an add-on component for popular virtual worlds and games (for example Second Life and World … 3D) Audio Audio Client-Server or Proxy Ventrilo, TeamSpeak DiamondWare (used by Vivox), DICE [3 …  Cited by 5 – Related articles – All 4 versions

[PDF] Teaching and Learning in a MUVE. A social constructivist and game based model for learning in a 3D virtual learning environment [PDF] from uni-ulm.deJ Bennett – … Since Second Life was constructed with this principle of social networking at the forefront of the 3D interaction, communication is very easy. … At present it is also possible to use a simultaneous technology such as Skype or Vivox to run voice communications at the same time as …  Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

Deploying a massively multiplayer online game with a low-latency server infrastructure Y Sun… – Information Technology and Management, 2011 – Springer … While others such as EVE Online and Second Life deployed only one instance of the game world to support the entire player population, we focus … For example, the MMORPG, Fallen Earth by Icarus Studios and Vivox includes real-time in-game voice so that a player can talk to …  Related articles – All 4 versions

[PDF] AKADEMSKE ZAJEDNICE U UMREŽENIM VIRTUALNIM OKRUŽENJIMA [PDF] from ieee.hrB Spremo – … 20 m, “vikanje” za korisnike udaljene do 96 m, instant messaging koji je neovisan o udaljenosti i, naravno, glasovna komunikacija korištenjem licencirane Vivox tehnologije). … komunikaciji 3rd party softvera sa Second Life poslužiteljima. …  Related articles – View as HTML – All 7 versions

Empathy in virtual learning environments J Molka-Danielsen, BW Carter… – International Journal of …, 2009 – Inderscience … University College (Sweden) and the Central Missouri State University (USA) using the virtual technology environment of Second Life (SL).4 … using textual chat, scripted note cards or external audio communication programs such as Skype, Gizmo, Ventrillio and Vivox Servers or …  Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 6 versions

[PDF] Sistemas para la colaboración [PDF] from googlecode.comRA Melero… – … a un 36% mensual. Second Life tiene hasta moneda propia, un mapamundi, medios de transporte, tiendas y hasta eventos culturales. … Algunos ejemplos de voz sobre IP son Gizmo, Skype, VBuzzer o Vivox. 6.2. Archivos de audio en la web …  View as HTML

Comunidades virtuais e as corporações [PDF] from fgv.brCEC Ferreira – 2008 – … Desenvolvimento Teórico 4.2. Second Life 4.3. Innovation Jam da IBM 4.4. … 96 ANEXOS Anexo A – Empresas com presença no Second Life. Anexo B – KZERO Research – Virtual World marketing activity. Anexo C – Dwell on It – Empresas mais visitadas no Second Life. 104 …  Related articles – All 2 versions

SELF-CONSTRUAL, PERSONALIZATION, USER EXPERIENCE, AND WILLINGNESS TO USE CODESIGN FOR ONLINE GAMES CS Liao – 2011 – Taylor & Francis … avatar-based innovation platform. Virtual game worlds, such as Second Life, also encourage users to acquire virtual products that express their personal selves, choosing from among several options. Personalization is intimately …  Related articles

[BOOK] API Design for C++ M Reddy – 2011 – Page 1. .–“” _L_* _,__..” “~ ?|]|m§I ii’ 7″! mtmm W!W1,]’k [WI i W2 ‘ ~; – E55 F11 ll J’ % ///2 _ Y .1! I ///4 W” ARTINREDDY I 1 AP|0|esign 1[orC’|”|’ Page 2. -3-‘*’*F* f ->¢- -__,,Z-1″ _…– I” -a. ‘fLju’|?*’ 5 _—“‘j- Ia’&%- “‘ ‘ply I-‘|_L§’;’JH’| –| EL. _|–at-1*’ I !.,..n_. …  Related articles – Library Search – All 2 versions


A Communication Framework for Collaborative Defense [PDF] from dtic.milK Anagnostakis – 2009 – DTIC Document Page 1. Final Report Title: A Communication Framework for Collaborative Defense AFOSR/AOARD Reference Number: AOARD-084042 AFOSR/AOARD Program Manager: Hiroshi Motoda, Ph.D. Period of Performance: March 1st, 2008 – February 28th, 2009 …  Related articles – All 2 versions

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