2011 Proceedings Afeka-AVIOS Speech Processing Conference

2011 Proceedings Afeka-AVIOS Speech Processing Conference, Tel Aviv, June 22 ..

2011 Conference Proceedings
Acoustic Spatiotemporal Modeling using Deep Machine Learning for Robust Phoneme Recognition
Itamar Arel – The University of Tennessee, USA
Shay Berant and Tsvi Slonim – Binatix, USA
Ami Moyal – Afeka Academic College of Engineering
Advances in Spectral Parameterization for Statistical (HMM-Based) TTS
Slava Shechtman – IBM, Haifa Research Lab
Age Group Classification Based on Introduction Sentences
Ron M. Hecht, Aharon Bar Hillel, Dan Levi, Ute Winter, Ran Y. Gazit,
Omer Tsimhoni – General Motors, Advanced Technical Center, Israel
Building a Dynamic Corpus for Hebrew: Observations, Challenges & Solutions
Ron Hasson – Aharon Speech Technologies
Cepstral and Wavelets Methods for Pitch Tracking in Speech Processing of Tonal Languages
Victor Katsnelson, Eduard Polityko – Speech Modules
Detecting Goats in Speaker Verification Systems
Orith Toledo-Ronen – IBM, Haifa Research Lab
Future Challenges in Speaker Diarization
Itshak Lapidot – Sami Shamoon College
Hugo Guterman – Ben Gurion University
Glottal Inverse Filtering: a New Road-Map and First Results
Sandra Dias, Ricardo Sousa, Anibal Ferreira – University of Porto, School of Engineering, Portugal
Hands Free Technical Manual
Dina Goren-Bar – Afeka Academic College of Engineering and Optimum Group
Tal Sasson – Afeka Academic College of Engineering
Horror as Never Before! The First Interactive Cine Film
Detlev Artelt – Aixvox, Germany
Nava Shaked – Brit Business Technologies
Identifying Cultural Aspects in Use of In-Vehicle Speech Applications
Ute Winter, Omer Tsimhoni – General Motors, Advanced Technical Center, Israel
Implementation of Speech Recognition Technology in Smart-Home Applications
Zohar Dvir – Zohar Dvir Yazamut
Multimodal Interfaces for Micro User Actions
Eran Aharonson – Intuitive User Interfaces
Vered Aharonson – Afeka Academic College of Engineering
Natural Speech Interface in Domain-Specific Dialogue
Dikla Shechnik, Noam Lotner, Michal Gishri, Ami Moyal, Vered Aharonson –
ACLP, Afeka Academic College of Engineering
Non–Stationary Analysis of Speech Applied to Perceptual Linear Prediction
Oron Gamliel – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben Gurion University
Ilan D. Shallom – NSC Natural Speech Communication
On Feature Extraction for Voice Pathology Detection from Speech Signals
Aharon Satt, Zvi Kons, Ron Hoory – IBM, Haifa Research Lab
Real-Time Speech Analytics
Moshe Wasserblat, Oren Pereg, Tzach Ashkenazi, Shimrit Artzi, Ronen Lapardon Merav Ben-Asher – NICE Systems
Robust Speech Recognition using an Auxiliary Laser-Diode
Yekutiel Avargel, Tal Bakish, Gabi Horovitz, Yechiel Kurtz – Audiozoom
Selecting Training Data for Cross-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition: Prototypicality vs. Generalization
Bjoern Schuller, Zixing Zhang, and Gerhard Rigoll – Institute for Human-Machine Communication, Germany
Speaker Diarization using Unsupervised Compensation of Within-Speaker Variability
Hagai Aronowitz – IBM, Haifa Research Lab
Speaker Normalization in Detecting Angry Speech
Noam Amir – Department of Communication Disorders, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University
The Power of Fusing Speech Recognition & Voice Biometrics Technologies
Almog Aley-Raz – Nuance Communications
Unsupervised Speaker Separation for Contact Center Interactions
Tzach Ashkenazi, Shimrit Artzi, Ronen Lapardon, Merav Ben-Asher, Gil Dobry, Moshe Wasserblat, Oren Pereg – NICE Systems