Agents and Artificial Intelligence

Agents and Artificial Intelligence (2011) .. ICAART 2010

Table of contents

Creating and Exploiting a Hybrid Knowledge Base for Linked Data
Syed, Zareen (et al.) … Pages 3-21

Language Support to XML Data Mining: A Case Study
Romei, Andrea (et al.) … Pages 25-38

Improved Door Detection Fusing Camera and Laser Rangefinder Data with AdaBoosting
Hensler, Jens (et al.) … Pages 39-48

Combining Color and Spatial Color Distribution Information in a Fuzzy Rule Based Compact Composite Descriptor
Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. (et al.) … Pages 49-60

Towards Min Max Generalization in Reinforcement Learning
Fonteneau, Raphael (et al.) … Pages 61-77

Designing an Epigenetic Approach in Artificial Life: The EpiAL Model
Sousa, Jorge A. B. (et al.) … Pages 78-90

A Spontaneous Topic Change of Dialogue for Conversational Agent Based on Human Cognition and Memory
Lim, Sungsoo (et al.) … Pages 91-100

Clustering Data with Temporal Evolution: Application to Electrophysiological Signals
Medina, Liliana A. S. (et al.) … Pages 101-115

MASITS Methodology Supported Development of Agent Based Intelligent Tutoring System MIPITS
Lavendelis, Egons (et al.) … Pages 119-132

A 3D Indoor Pedestrian Simulator Using an Enhanced Floor Field Model
Jun, Chulmin (et al.) … Pages 133-146

Toward a Self-adaptive Multi-Agent System to Control Dynamic Processes
Videau, Sylvain (et al.) … Pages 147-160

The Provider Rating Agreement Pattern for Solving the Provider Selection Problem
Durán, José Javier (et al.) … Pages 161-172

Advanced Scheduling Techniques with the Pliant System for High-Level Grid Brokering
Dombi, József Dániel (et al.) … Pages 173-185

Predictive Learning from Demonstration
Billing, Erik A. (et al.) … Pages 186-200

ISReal: A Platform for Intelligent Simulated Realities
Nesbigall, Stefan (et al.) … Pages 201-213

Auction Design and Performance: An Agent-Based Simulation with Endogenous Participation
Hailu, Atakelty (et al.) … Pages 214-226

A Framework for the Development and Maintenance of Adaptive, Dynamic, Context-Aware Information Services
Palau, Manel (et al.) … Pages 227-239

Decision Making in Complex Systems with an Interdisciplinary Approach
Sokolova, Marina V. (et al.) … Pages 240-250